by jersey_boi

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Incest Sex Story: I just wanted to get some yard work done. My hormones, a hot nephew, and a power outage put an end to that. With an assist from a furry friend.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Aunt   Nephew   Oral Sex   Bestiality   .

I'd just gotten divorced from my husband of 22 years. The marriage had been over for many years before that, but we stayed married until our son graduated college. Rather than move back to the New York area, he stayed in Michigan with his girlfriend. I hadn't been on my own since I was 25 when my husband and I had moved in together. After my divorce I sold my house and moved into the country. The house was a bit of a fixer upper, but I had plenty of time on my hands and needed something to occupy my time. This was the perfect solution, or so I thought.

Within two weeks I knew that I had bitten off a little more than I could chew. I asked my younger sister for some help. She said that she wasn't able to take anytime off, but would ask her son, who was 29, if he could help me. I told her that I would be willing to bribe him with plenty of food and give him a couple hundred dollars if he would help for the week. He agreed, but said that he would take the food and if I paid for his train ticket, we would be even.

It took him a couple of weeks to get time off from work. It wasn't until the second week of July, in a very hot summer that he was able to get free. I was ecstatic to be able to get my new house into shape for so little money. Hiring someone would have cost at least three times as much, and I wouldn't have had any company while the work was getting done. He said that he was going to come up on Friday night after work and help through the next two weekends.

For the next four days we spent the time working on the inside of the house, giving it a deep cleaning and doing basic repair work, patching and painting walls, tearing up bad carpets, and rearranging the furniture. On Tuesday after having finished most of the work inside the house I told Thomas that we should start doing the chores on the outside of the house.

That first day, he cleaned and repaired my gutters and water spouts. After a good dinner, we talked about the remaining projects. I still had weeding and pruning that needed to be done. Plus the big job in the backyard, repairing the deck that had a number of bad timbers. We both went to bed early after all the work we had done over the previous five days, so we could get an early start the next morning before it got too hot.

Tommy spent the early part of the morning replacing the bad planks in the deck. Even though it was only 11 by the time he finished that job, it was already 90 degrees and he was sweating like a pig. I told him to come inside and cool off for an hour before we had lunch and we started the actual yard work. I made a light lunch, which we enjoyed with a couple of cold beers.

After eating Tommy started cleaning out the yard for me. Once I finished the dishes, I joined him, making sure he didn't pull out any plants that I wanted to keep. He was a good boy and hard worker, but I don't think he could have told a rose from a dandelion. A couple of times he almost removed tulips that I wanted to keep. After an hour of kneeling and pulling everything he was starting to get hot again. He took his shirt off trying to keep cool.

I had forgotten how good a sweaty man looked without a shirt. I started to feel a tingle in my crotch. I knew that I shouldn't, he was my nephew. I had changed his diapers many times. I had been in the hospital when he was born. I would have to fight this desire it wasn't right to look at him this way. I made up some lame excuse to go inside and try too cool off my scalding pussy.

As I puttered around the house for a few minutes, the sight of his wiry body with it's rippling muscles kept running through my head. I decided to take a quick shower to try to take the edge off my desire. The bathroom was the only part of the house that the previous owners had seemed to care about. It had been totally redone, with a large stand up shower, with a detachable massaging showerhead. When I pulled it down to clean off my legs, I accidentally sprayed my clit. Instead of calming myself, I had just launched myself to new heights of arousal. I gave up trying to calm down, and decided to take the edge off. Diddling myself, I focused the water on my burning pussy, fantasizing about the few affairs I'd had towards the end of my marriage. As I brought myself higher and higher, images of Tommy started to flash through my frenzied brain. I nearly fell in ecstasy as I imagined him slamming his dick into my greedy pussy.

Panting I leaned against the stall door, trying to recover my composure, unfortunately, my attempts at removing some of the fire had backfired. I was even more ravenous than before. I was woken from my reverie by a knocking at the bathroom door.

"Dana, are you alright. I thought I heard you scream?"

"Oh ... I'm okay ... I just ... dropped my shampoo bottle on my foot."

"Ooookay. Just wanted to make sure you didn't fall, or see a rat or something. I'm going to take a break for a little bit, it's a real scorcher out there today. You want me to get you a beer and an ice pack?"

"Yeah ... that would be ... nice. I'll be out in a couple of minutes."

"Okay, I'll have my head in front of the air conditioner when you need me."

Need him, that really wasn't a turn of phrase I needed to hear right then. The only thing I could think about was how much I needed someone, and Tommy was really the only option. No, I had to stop thinking like that. I couldn't risk my relationships with my family. If my sister found out that I'd seduced her son, she would make sure that everyone in the family cut me off for good. God knows what my son would do.

"Okay, relaxing things, lavender, chamomile tea, massages, satin sheets, waterbe ... no this isn't working," I thought. I quickly dried off, being careful to avoid rubbing my crotch and making the fire even worse. I put my robe on and ran into my bedroom to change. I started to put on some cool summer shorts and a loose T-shirt, but I realized the friction was just making my nipples hard and my pussy itching to be free. So I put the robe back on and decided to just grin and bear it. Tommy true to his word was standing right in front of the big window air conditioner in my living room, still without a shirt.

"Hey, kiddoo, got that beer for me," remembering to limp a little, like I had dropped something heavy onto my barefoot.

"Yeah, it's right here," he said turning away from the air conditioner with a frosty brew in hand. "Take the ice pack too."

He'd had it on the back of his neck obviously trying to cool down as quickly as possible. He walked over to the couch and flopped down taking a long sip from his beer.

"I figure an hour or so more in the backyard and it'll be ready for mowing. Tomorrow I can start on the front yard. After today, I think I should space that over two days. It's supposed to be even hotter than today. So if you have any errands you want me to help you with, I'm all yours."

There it was again, that double entendre that he wasn't even aware of. I swear every time he spoke it was just the words to make me need him even more. I thought that if I was going to have him around for a couple of more days, it wouldn't be a bad idea to do things that required him to keep his shirt on.

"I'm sure there are some things that it would be easier to do with you here. I'll think about it and come up with a list for the next two days."

"Cool. I'm gonna go outside in a few minutes and finish up in the backyard. You want to tell me what else needs to be done. I'll probably need you in about 15 minutes. I'm just finishing with that last little tree you wanted me to prune."

"Sure, sounds good. I'm just going to enjoy the beer and the air conditioner. I'll be out in a bit."

I just sat there trying not to think of anything. Still not feeling cool enough I decided to follow Tommy's lead and stood in front of the air conditioner. Leaning over my robe opened a little. The cool air blowing over my chest felt so good I didn't bother trying to re-close it; in fact I loosened the belt a little and let it open a bit more. I guess I lost track of time, because the next thing I realized, Tommy was in the kitchen calling me. I stood up just before he walked in the room. Forgetting how open the robe was I, turned to see what he wanted, when I saw his eyes go wide, and his face turn even redder than it was from his exertion outdoors.

Looking down, I realized while my breasts were covered, my fire red pubes were exposed to the world, or at least to my nephew. I'm sure I must have turned fire engine red, in half a second as I followed his stare to my fire crotch.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, the air just felt so good I didn't realize my robe opened," I quickly blurted as I scrambled to cover my neat nakedness.

"That's okay, it's much easier for me to cool down without a shirt. Besides, you've been alone so much lately, I'm sure you forget when there are other people around.

As I looked everywhere, except his face, I noticed a bulge forming in his loose shorts. "My god," I thought. "Is he having the same thoughts as me?"

"Tommy, I'm just going to get some clothes on so it won't happen again. I don't want to embarrass you."

"If you're more comfortable in the robe don't worry about it. I just wanted to see what else needs to be done to the rear."

More double entendre, I wondered if this one, and perhaps the others were intentional. Was he thinking the same things as me?

"Well, if it doesn't bother you. Let's go see the backyard. And I'll let you know it you can do anything else for me." I figured if we were going to play at the word games I might as well have some fun with it.

As we headed out to the yard, I made sure my robe was tightly closed. It was one thing to accidentally flash my nephew in private, but I didn't want to expose my self to my new neighbors, especially with Tommy there. I pointed out a couple of things that still needed to be done, and asked him to pick up the debris that was scattered from our earlier work while I went back in to make dinner. It took him thirty or forty minutes to finish with the yard work. By the time he was finished dinner was just about ready for the table. We had a relaxing meal, me in my robe and Tommy in just a tight white T-shirt and his shorts. As soon as dinner was over, he refused to let me help him with the dishes. He told me to relax and see what there was to watch on TV that evening.

Joining me in the living room we sat watching the boob (he-he) tube for an hour or so. It was just getting on 9 when the power went out. Checking my battery-powered radio we found out it was a pretty widespread power outage. I grabbed some candles, while Tommy went to get some cold drinks from the fridge before they got too warm. Even though it was 9 in the evening the temperature was still nearly 90. We debated opening the windows for fresh air and keeping them closed to keep what cool air we still had. We decided to leave them closed until it got too hot, and open them in the hope that it had cooled down. In twenty minutes we were already starting to sweat, Tommy went to the kitchen to grab the rest of the beer and put them into a cooler along with whatever ice was in the freezer. While he did this I went around the house, opening every window then went to my room to change into my coolest silk robe. When I got back he was lounging on the couch, in just his boxers.

"Sorry about this, even those shorts were just too warm."

"That's okay, just give me one of those beers, let's see if they're enough to keep us cool."

We sat around for a while drinking beers. Eventually we had gone through the last 8 cold beers in the house. That's when I had my fateful idea.

"I'm going to get something stronger. The last time I spent a summer without any A/C I would always get pretty drunk on nights like this. Even if it doesn't keep you cool, at least you can get to sleep. Sound like a plan?"

"Sure, why not? Got any whiskey. That's my favorite."

"Yeah, I should have a bottle of Jack in the credenza, would you mind getting that. Don't worry about hunting for glasses in the dark. I don't want you to knock anything down and cut yourself. We'll just drink from the bottle." That was really the kicker to fate, or desire or whatever you want.

"Okay. You have a flashlight?" We'd already blown out the most of the few candles I had handy, in a desperate attempt to cut down on the heat, and trying to save them for the next night if this was going to be a really bad outage like the great blackout of '05.

"No, let me give you a lighter." I reached into the end table, and dug out a lighter from my stash box. I didn't smoke often, but every once in a while I liked to toke a bowl to numb my brain quickly. As soon as I opened the box, Tommy's head whipped around in my direction and he got a huge smile on his face.

"I didn't know you smoked weed? You think we could smoke some too?"

"Sure, you get the Jack, while I pack a bowl for us."

In my many years of having a weekend house in the country I'd met a few old hippies that grew their own really good pot in the woods, they always gave me a little bit of their special stuff for odd favors I would do for them. Not smoking often, it would last me quite a while. I'd had the last half-ounce they gave me from the previous October when I'd sold the weekend house during the divorce.

As soon as Tommy got back with the bottle and lighter we sparked the bowl and took turns swigging from the bottle. We were hammered pretty quickly, giggling and joking about everything. Soon enough though the situation took a bit of a turn. Leaning across Tommy to grab the bottle for another swig my robe opened again. This time I was too far gone to notice or frankly to care if I had noticed. Tommy got up to go to the bathroom. I assume that he noticed when he came back, because a tent quickly formed in his boxers. Before he was sitting back down, it was poking out the bottom of his shorts. He didn't notice it until he sat down.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry," he said while covering himself as best he could with his hands.

"Don't worry about it. I flashed you before. Besides, any old lady like me would be flattered by your dick's reaction."

Pretty soon we were snuggled up against each other passing the bottle and bowl back and forth. At some point Tommy reached across me. Losing his balance his face fell into my into my bosom completely opening my robe. I felt his penis rub against the outside of my thigh. God did it feel big and hard. Putting his hand down to keep his balance, he brushed up against my pussy drawing a moan from deep inside me. As quickly as he could in his drunken state, he tried to extract himself from the situation. This time he rubbed even harder up my pussy, giving my clit a nice swipe, I sighed again as his face came level with mine. I leaned forward until our lips met in a tentative yet passionate kiss.

In just a second the kiss transformed into energetic frenching as I reached down to massage his turgid cock. Before either of us realized what was happening we were jerking each other off. With every stroke his dick seemed to get bigger and harder, while I was being launched onto my second orgasm of the day. I pushed his head down to my pointy nipples, forcing him to suckle them as he made me come harder than I had in the shower. After I came, he brought his head back up, never relenting his constant assault on my clit. I felt a finger then two slide into my soaking, quivering pussy.

I pushed his head down, further this time till he was leaning into my ravenous pussy. He ate me in this awkward position for a couple of minutes, bringing to the brink of yet another orgasm. He suddenly stopped. I panicked for a second, thinking that he had sobered up and was going to stop. Then his dick suddenly slipped from my grasp as he got down on his knees between my thighs. I hadn't had anyone this good go down on me since I was in college, during my "experimental" days. He made come three times in quick succession, using his tongue and fingers. By my third orgasm he had four fingers pumping in and out of my pussy while he slathered my clit with the spittle from his glorious tongue. He never let up in his ministrations. Finally, after that third orgasm I had to push him away. I was just too sensitive down there.

He moved back up to my mouth, kissing, licking, and nibbling his way up my body. I pushed him back onto the couch and got down on my knees to return the favor. I licked up and down his 8-inch dick. I took the head into my mouth, licking it like an ice cream cone. Worshipping his marvelous dick, I stretched my mouth wide taking as much as I could into my mouth. I tried for all I was worth to get everything in, but he was too long and thick. I sucked and sucked for all I was worth. He had at least helped in four orgasms for me today, even if he didn't know about the first yet, and I wanted to return the favor. Pulling all the way back, I licked up and down the side, taking his swollen balls into my mouth and licking the like they had the cure for cancer.

The entire time I was blowing him I was furiously diddling my clit, wanting yet another orgasm. As I removed my hand from my swollen clit, I felt something rough and wet. I almost jumped, but it felt so good I didn't think about where this new sensation was coming from for a few minutes. Soon enough I realized, it was Max, my lab-collie mix, whom I had forgotten to put in his room for the evening. I was about to push him away when two more quick swipes sent me flying to the moon. I was off on my fifth orgasm of the evening.

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