Aunt Beulah's Soup

by Janno Jones

Copyright© 2014 by Janno Jones

Sex Story: Joe's girlfriend Toni is a skinny librarian. Joe's Aunt Beulah makes a special soup that turns her into a horny MILF.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Magic   Heterosexual   Fiction   BBW   Body Modification   .

"She's too skinny, your girlfriend," Joe's Aunt Beulah said. "She needs to eat more, put some meat on her bones."

Aunt Beulah was from the old country, and even though she'd lived in America for 30 years, she still talked like she just got off the boat. She was a voluptuous woman with big curves, an ample chest and thick legs. She wore thick makeup all the time, and her hair was dyed bright red even though she was in her 60s. She clinked when she walked because of all the jewelry she wore, and she was never seen in anything but a dress and high heels. She was all woman, and she didn't like the way young girls in America walked around in jeans and t-shirts all the time, with their hair tied up sloppily, and hard-ly any makeup on.

"That is not a woman," she'd say, pointing to one of them on the street. "I don't know what it is, but it is no woman."

Joe's girlfriend Toni was a case in point. From her name, which Aunt Beulah swore was a man's name, to her style of dress, to her skinny body, Aunt Beulah joked that Toni was really a man in drag.

Very unglamorous drag at that.

Joe liked Toni, but he was inclined to agree with Aunt Beulah that Toni could have looked more feminine. Aunt Beulah had lived with Joe's mother all his life (his father had left years ago), and her big, brassy style probably rubbed off on him, because he had a soft spot for women who looked like Las Vegas showgirls, with scads of makeup, big breasts, and a look in their eye that said they were up for some sexy fun anytime you wanted.

Joe's mother Anna was a younger version of Aunt Beulah, and the two sisters often dis-cussed how skinny and unattractive Toni was.

"It's no wonder she's a librarian," Aunt Beulah said. "She looks like she'd rather spend her time with books than a real man."

One night they cornered Joe after he came home from a date with Toni.

"You need a real woman, Joseph," Aunt Beulah said. "That skinny little ragamuffin you bring around here is no woman. Why, she has no boobies at all! Your chest is bigger than hers!"

Joe smiled ruefully, because he had just had another frustrating night of trying to make out with Toni in his car, and once again she wouldn't let him touch her chest. She acted like she was allergic to any kind of touching.

"It's true," Joe's mother Anna said. "She has no chest. A girl should have a chest." She wasn't quite as big as Beulah in the chest department, but her breasts were womanly and round, and she stuck them out proudly.

Joe was so frustrated right now, his cock ached with the desire to have sex with Toni, but once again he knew he was going to go to bed frustrated.

"Aw, why don't we just stop talking about this," he said. "It's just getting me upset."

The two women looked at him with compassion in their eyes. "Beulah," Joe's mother said, finally. "Can't you do something for him? He looks so sad tonight."

Beulah smiled. "Of course. I don't like to see my nephew sad. I know just what to do. Invite that skinny little thing to dinner tomorrow night, Joseph. I will make dinner, and I guarantee you she will like my cooking."

Aunt Beulah was a rather mysterious woman, and Joe's mother had hinted that Beulah had learned some tricks from a witch back in the old country. Joe was so frustrated at this point he didn't care if there was witchcraft involved – he had to get some sexual re-lief or he thought he'd go mad.

He decided to go along with her plan, because, to be honest, if it didn't work he was go-ing to break up with Toni. He was sick and tired of coming home from dates with his cock swollen from excitement, but never getting a release. If Aunt Beulah said she could help him, he was willing to give her a shot.

The next night he brought Toni for dinner. He told her Aunt Beulah had a special recipe she wanted to try out, and Toni came, although reluctantly. It was no wonder she was so skinny, because she barely ate anything. She claimed she was watching her weight, although Joe didn't think there was much weight to watch.

She was wearing her usual shapeless jeans and plain white shirt with a navy blue sweater on top. She was a pretty girl, with black hair cut in a short bob, and green eyes, but she looked so serious, and she had the thinnest lips ever, which were a major turn off for Joe. He liked girls with big lips, although so far he'd never had the good fortune to kiss a girl with big, pillowy lips.

When it was time to eat, Joe was truly amazed at the feast Aunt Beulah put out. There were dumplings in gravy, mashed potatoes, several plates of vegetables in various creamy sauces, a platter in the center of the table with a large ham on it, big, puffy rolls hot from the oven, and even a tray of sweet candies to munch on.

And soup. There was a big tureen of soup on the table, and the smell coming from it was magical. Joe could smell about a dozen ingredients in it, and it filled his nostrils like a sweet nectar.

"What is that soup?" Toni said. "It smells delicious."

"Oh, it is my secret recipe," Beulah said. "I learned it in the old country. And for you, I have a special treat. I mixed up a batch just for you, different from the others." She went into the kitchen and came back with a bowl that was a different shape than the ones in front of everyone else's plates. It was bigger, and seemed to have twice as much soup as the other bowls. She set it down in front of Toni's plate, and handed a spoon to her. "Here," she said. "You try it first. I want to hear how you like it."

Toni hesitated, but Beulah was a formidable presence, especially since she was stand-ing over Toni holding a soup spoon in front of her face.

"Okay," Toni said, taking the spoon. "I'll try it." She dipped the spoon into the creamy or-ange soup and raised it to her lips. "Smells delicious," she said, closing her eyes for just a second to inhale the smell.

Then she put the spoon in her mouth. She took a sip, then something happened.

Her eyes blinked, she gave a little shudder, and she broke into a smile.

"Wow," she said, giggling. "That's delicious. I've never had anything like that. What's in it?"

"Oh, just some things I threw together," Beulah said. "Actually, it's just a recipe I learned from an old woman in my home country. But, enough of that. Eat some more, darling!"

Toni took another spoonful. Again, she shuddered, and again she giggled.

And then she took another spoonful. And another. And, as Joe watched in disbelief, she ate the whole bowl of soup, in less than a minute.

And then she asked for more. "That was so good," she said, licking her lips. "Can I have more?"

"Of course," Beulah said, clapping her hands. "I am glad you like it." She took the bowl away, went back in the kitchen and then came back right away with another steaming bowl of soup.

And Toni ate that bowl even faster than the other one.

She ate three more bowls of the soup after that, and then ate a hearty dinner, having three portions of everything on the table. When she was finished she sat back in her chair and patted her stomach, and a loud burp escaped from her. "Oops," she said, gig-gling. "Sorry about that. I'm so full, though. That was a delicious meal!"

Joe was amazed at her appetite. He had never seen her eat like that, and he couldn't believe it. He ate Aunt Beulah's soup himself, and it was certainly delicious, but he had no desire to eat more than one bowl. He suspected that Beulah was putting something in Toni's soup out in the kitchen, but he couldn't be sure.

When dinner was finished and it was time to take Toni home, she said, "I'm not usually this forward, but could I have some of that soup to take home? I'd love to have another bowl before bed tonight."

"Of course!" Beulah said. She went into the kitchen and then came back with a large ce-ramic container of the soup, and gave it to Toni. "Enjoy, dear girl!"

When Joe drove Toni home he noticed that she kept looking at the container longingly, like she couldn't wait to get home and eat another bowl of the soup. He also noticed that she seemed to be bigger, although he told himself he must be wrong. Her breasts seemed to be bigger underneath her shapeless shirt, and her jeans seemed tighter. Her lips, too, seemed to have gotten plumper.

At her apartment, Joe kissed her goodbye at the door, like he always did, but this time Toni pulled him tight to her, pressing her breasts up against him, and she kissed him passionately, sticking her tongue in his mouth greedily. She kissed him with such force that it got his heart racing, and she even moved her hand down his hips and around to the front of his jeans, where she fondled his stiff cock lovingly.

"Wow," he said, gasping for breath when their lips parted. "You've never done that be-fore!"

She giggled. "I've never felt this way before," she said. "Thanks for bringing me to din-ner, Joe. I really enjoyed that soup. As a matter of fact, I'm going to have some more. Now, bye!"

She closed the door and Joe went back to his car with a stiff dick and a smile on his face. Somehow he knew the change in Toni had to do with Aunt Beulah's soup.

The next time he saw Toni was a few days later for their weekly Saturday night date. They always went bowling on Saturday nights, and then they went out for pizza. When Joe picked Toni up he could hardly believe his eyes.

She was noticeably plumper. Her face was rounder, and her lips were fuller, with a big-ger top lip.

Her breasts looked at least a size bigger, and they were stretching her blue cotton top to the limit. Her hips were wider, curving outward and meeting her thicker thighs with a beautiful roundness.

But, more than the weight gain, she seemed to have a more mature, confident look on her face. She looked older, somehow, with a randy older woman's playfulness in her eyes.

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