Hot to Trot

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: An overlooked story found hidden in files. If it is liked I will be sure to add to it.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

Serena was on fire with lust and passion. All she knew was that she had to have it and she had to have it now.

Right now!

Her boyfriend Teddy was late. That didn't matter just so long as he finally arrived bringing his delicious hot erection with him. The need for him was overwhelming and she knew the pulsating waves of anticipation were making her knees weak and trembling for his attention.

The knock on the door spurred her into a frenzy of activity and she knew that finally he had arrived. She checked herself quickly. Her lips were slightly wet with the lipstick gloss. Her teeth were clean and she had used the breath spray to make her seem fresh as a slice of peppermint. She had tweaked her nipples to make them stand out. Her pussy mound was dry with a little bit of baby powder that smelled so fresh and sweet. She had cleaned her pucker hole not once or twice but three times using the cleansing wipes and the little swabs that her Aunt Jessica had told her,

"This makes the boys ready to shove it up your bum dearie. All you have to do is bend over and let them do all the work."

She almost ran to the front door to greet him. When she saw him standing there with his long lean legs and his happy sensitive smile, she jumped into his arms and wrapped her 18 year old legs around his hips rubbing on his crotch with pretense fucking motions.

Teddy bent his face down to kiss her lips with his divine wet penetrating tongue. She opened her jaw as wide as possible so his tongue could tickle her tonsils. Her lips were crushed by his masculine power. He dominated her just the way she loved it. The family from across the street was on their stoop watching him ravish her teenaged body. She didn't care even if they thought she was a tease and a slut of the worst sort.

They moved inside the hallway and Serena kicked the front door shut with her "Steampunk" boots.

He was kissing her something fierce now and cupped her ass cheeks with his strong long fingers. Her tongue was all discombobulated trying to escape his probing frenzy but she knew she wanted it badly.

Her need was brimming over now and she knew he probably wanted to put his business in her mouth instead of his talented tongue. She also had the need of replacing his tongue with something bigger, something thicker, something that would fill her desire to be used like a receptacle for his passion. She moved her legs down to the floor and he pushed down on her shoulders signaling the time for her to drop to her knees was right now.

Serena fell to her knees being careful not to run her flesh-colored tights. She remembered her Auntie's instructions and made sure she kept eye-to-eye contact with him the entire time he was freeing his huge thing from inside his trousers. She reached inside his opening and pulled his lovely balls out as well so she would be able to lick and kiss them at the same time. With one hand, she started to stroke his thick cock just the way she knew he liked it. Her other hand was busy cuddling and lightly squeezing his cum-churning balls. The entire time she continued to kiss and lick the head of his shaft making sure her tongue lightly teased his little pee hole. From past experience, she knew it would make his pre-cum start to leak out onto her tongue and she would have the sweet taste of his juice inside her mouth. She licked tenderly. Just hard enough to make him on edge and ready to shove his thing deep inside her mouth and lightly enough to not make him wild with unbridled emotion. She moved her tongue in short, sharp circular motions causing his prostate to vibrate with that trigger sensation just before he had to shoot his load.

Serena slowly allowed more and more of his beautiful cock to enter her mouth and even go down into her throat. He grew impatient and held the back of her head steady holding his pulsating cock motionless inside her mouth. She looked up at him and saw his eyes were closed. Momentarily, she wondered what thoughts were lurking in his mind as he got swept up into the whirlwind of ultimate release. A release that would shoot forceful spurts of his precious bodily fluids into her waiting mouth and throat. When it hit, she trembled with the sheer beauty of it. The heat from the copious load shot right down into her tummy and she tried her very best to swallow it all down without losing a single drop.

Teddy had hold of her hair now and he whipsawed her face in every direction on his still hardened cock. She sucked the remaining liquid traces out of his shaft draining him with expert ministrations.

Suddenly, he pulled her up and looked her straight in the face. He had to bend down to do this because he was so much taller than her. He picked her up in his sturdy arms making her think that she was a light as a feather even though she knew that was certainly far from the truth.

They moved into the inside laundry room where they would not be disturbed and Teddy deposited her still quaking body on top of the washing machine like she was yesterday's laundry waiting to be cleaned. He lifted her short skirt up and tucked it inside her waist band. Quickly, he yanked down her sheer pantyhose and threw them on top of the dryer. Now all he had between him and paradise was the skimpy knickers that she wore loosely so boys could see parts of her good bits if they were inclined to peek.

A short moment later, Teddy was moving his pointed tongue back and forth across her clitoris teasing her with devious intentions. It was something he knew she like him to do as a foreplay to the heavy stuff later.

Serena was starting to seep liquids now. Her flimsy knickers were already slick with her own juices and she knew it wouldn't be long before she had to squirt right out onto the cool tile floor if he kept it up any longer. She was glad they were in the laundry room and not in the living room where her sticky stuff would get all over her mom's beloved Persian carpet.

She was aware that Teddy had changed his focus now. He was spreading her vaginal lips and sliding his probing middle finger deep inside her vagina. At the same time, his other hand was playing with her clitoris making her gasp with frustration wanting something bigger and harder inside.

She thought he was getting ready to fuck her now good and proper but he bent down again and started to lick her clit with measured slowness driving her to the verge of insanity. He hadn't even touched her with his cock yet down there and she was already having a satisfactory orgasm like a silly little slut with her brains in her pussy.

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