Falyn's First Gloryhole

by Falyn

Copyright© 2014 by Falyn

True Sex Story: So this friend a mine finally convinced me to do a gloryhole. I mean I do a lot bj things but I was all, no, don't think I would do that. But then, I did. It was crazzzzzy.

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Okay so I'm not a writer or anything but I wana try to tell you about my first time ever ever at a glory hole.

I'm 24 and I'm 5 foot 6. I got thick dark hair, blue eyes, nice body, and perrrrfect 36c's. I love them felt up and I do that a lot my own self. I never attended college (like duh, I'm sure you can tell) but I did good in high school and I always minded my conduct & never got in trouble even though I'm a freaky chick two times over & I was into sex things, just not with guys from my high school so then there wouldn't be rumors about me all over. I live in the west and I work & swim & hang with friends & I'm a party rat. So this one guy asked me if I knew how guys talked about party rat girls and I was all, "no" and he was all, "They sneak in the dark, get the "cheese" and go home, lol. I mean, I think that's funny but I'm thinken I'm not so much for the "rat" word as much as before.

Okay so I said I'm a freak two times over. My first freak is that I'm a total vibe girl! Yeah – I mean vibrator. I have one that's smooth & dildo size & two speeds & I get it in place and click it on low & I go total space cadet. It like sends me out of this world and my eyes roll back halfway in my head & I forget to breathe & I shudder & in 5 minutes, I get 3-4 orgasms. I don't make noise like "oh god oh god oh god" because I just don't but also because I always lived with a roommate or my family and also because party rats don't like to be caught doing their party things. But yea, I'm a vibe freak & it like so totally takes me over I can't do anything else.

My other freakage is that I'm a suck freak. I love love love to suck cock! I mean, I like to get fucked sometimes and I do it mostly with one guy but when I'm turned on, I head for the vibe usually. Sucking turns me on. I love the feel of a hard hard cock that I can suck suck suck. I don't like them real long or real thick because I love going all the way down as well as sucking on the end. I also suck becuze I love the attention and because I love to be told I'm the best ever girl doing it so I do it howver a guy wants just so I get told that.

I was 11 first time it was explained to me by an older girl down the street. I always thought the word "cocksucker" was just a word til she told me no no, its what some girls do & what all guys seem to just love. The thought of sucking on one a those hard hard things just made me dizzy. I almost couldn't even think for the longest time. I was afraid to do it tho but then when I just turned 13, we went to visit my cousin like a hour from where we lived & he had a friend who was like 22 I think and he was hot hot & he liked me & he said I had a pretty little mouth which turned me on and one thing led to another and I was on my knees sucking on his cock. Right from the start, it turned on soooo much & I figured if I did it could he would like me & he was popular so I would be popular. But then he grabbed my head which scared me and then he just sorta held it even though I squirmed & then he fucked me in the mouth & came in it. I gagged because it hit at my throat & I didn't think to close off my throat so it partly went to my throat & I choked. He left. 'Nuf said. He never talked to me & I felt like a stupid little girl & I gave up my mouth for cocksucking for nothing so that made me feel so bad about myself, like a whore. It realy twisted my brain up a lot & then I got braces & felt ugly so I never did it again til I was 15 & that's how I got into doing it a lot – like as in – a lot!

I got two fwbs and sense maybe someone out there might not know, that usually means friends with benefits (sex) but to me means fuckers with boners. One of them is the one who fucks me. He's really hot and has lots of girls. I'm not hot enough for anything long-term but he's really good to me & he loves my mouth & we fuck & he watches me vibe freak out sometimes.

The other fwb is a total mouth hunter. He seriously would fuck five girls mouths a day if he could 5 girls to do it. He only wants like a few seconds of sucking then he fucks my mouth. His cock is sooooo fucking hard which I love love & it fits sooo perfect in my throat. We do it different ways but his fav is to have me sit on the sofa and scootch down & then he straddles me and sorta lays over the top of me and goes all the way down & in like less than five minutes, he's pumping hot stuff down my throat. It is so insanely hot. I feel my boobs because in mouthfucking I don't got to use my hands on his cock and my boobies love to be felt up. I don't hardly ever let my fingers go to my pussy because that just soooo distracts. He has a roommate so if their both there then I do them both & usually get throat fucked by the first one a couple of times. Sometimes the roommate has asked if I would do a friend also so I usually say yes.

I go to parties & a lot of times, not always, a guy wants me to suck and if I'm down for it, we sneak off to a dark back room & those guys are almost all quickies. Most don't last more than 4 minutes because we want to get it done & get out before the others know we did it. A LOT of those guys don't go 2 minutes & you might be amazed how many cum in my mouth in a minute or less. Seriously, I won't even lie.

I do other things but that's enough to get you knowen a little about me. Besides, this is spose to be about my first time at a glory hole.

So like a little over a month ago, this guy I know (and blow) was all sayen, "Falyn, you really should do a glory hole. You're the perfect girl for it."

I was all, "Naw, I do guys I know or their friends, so like their not complete strangers. It would be freaky to just blow guys I don't even know and can't even see except their dicks.

He was all, "But that's why it's so hot. Just blow random strangers. You would be like the ultimate cocksucker (a word that reallllly turns me on but I don't tell most people that) & it's like you would be the ultimate party rat." Anway, he showed me glory hold videos and some I was like, no way would I do that kind. But then some of them got to me & I was actually turned on so I said I would think about. So he kept working on my for like 2 weeks, maybe it was 3, so then he said he wanted to talk to a guy who paid girls to suck at gloryholes and the least I could do was hear whatever those two had to say so I finally said I would at least listen.

So he talked to the guy & told him there was no cocksucker girl like Falyn & I deep throat easy & swallow & I can suck nonstop for forever. The guy was all into meeting me and talking more so we did a skype thing. He's like this 60 year old dirty talking guy. I didn't really like him but it was more his personality than just being sleazy but still, I wanted to know more about it.

There were lots of parts to trying to set it up. I didn't want no cameras or videos but he wanted to put it on his website after. I told him I wouldn't do that. He said he paid really good but I said I didn't want money bcuz I think that might be prostitution. He said average number of guys the girls sucked was 6 and could I do that. My friend said, "Hell she could three times that" lol. The guy said whatever you do, you have to swallow. This gloryhole thing means nothing if you don't swallow. Would you swallow six strangers semen & I said nooooo problemo. He said he would consider no videos if I was doing it for free but he wasn't sure. He said before he would even begin to set it up, he had to know I was a cocksucker. My friend was all, "Oh yeah, she's a cocksucker. Do you want to see her suck my cock?" which I wouldn't of done on that skype that day but the old guy said, "No, but before it goes any farther, she needs to come in and suck my dick so I know she's a cocksucker. Will you do that Falyn? Will you come suck my dick?" I told him it was all new to me and I wanted to think about things.

So my friend was all excited that I said I would think about it but I told him I didn't feel good about after talking to the old guy. My friend asked what bothered me about it, was it sucking strangers or sucking the old man or what and I was all, "No, just I don't get a good vibe from him. Like, I don't trust him. Feels like something isn't right. He has a website so no matter what he says, I'm sure I will be on some fucking website being shown blowing strangers in a glory hole and like friends or my family will see it. Besides, what if those guys I suck know me or my family. I would soooooo die." So my friend said just to think about it and I told him I would.

Anyway, I didn't feel good about it and I told myself, nope, I'm not a gloryhole chick. I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to take that risk especially the video website risk. My friend was all "bummer". But then, 2 weeks later my friend came over and he was all excited and said he had just the right situation. It was perfect, according to him. I was all thinking, not again. Grrrrr.

But then he told me he found a place in a city 40 miles away where no one would know me & the guy does glory holes but has no videos on any websites and wouldn't take the risk of being sued by his members because none a them wanted to be on websites even if their faces weren't shown. And my friend said the guy was nicer even though he was a dirty old man like the first one, ha. He said he told the guy about me & he was all into it and said his place was perfect for me and at least I should skype talk so I said, "Okay" even though I wasn't all into it.

So we did the skype thing & the old guy said, no website videos or photos ever ever. He would never do that & I could talk to his members or maybe other girls who did it, although he didn't have many who ever did, and they would all say the same. He use video cameras but they only go to screens in his place and before I leave, we can watch him erase everything & my friend can check whatever he wants.

He was a nice guy even tho he talked dirty but he was real & was all, hmmmm maybe this would work. I would be sucking guy not from where I live, no videos, etc etc so I was starting to get into it. He said some things like the first guy said like would I swallow everytime and I was all "yea" and did I mind that some of his members was older older like as in over 50 and I was all "no" and he asked if I was sure and I said "I'm sure" because I already blow a guy in his 50's ever few months. He said I would have to come in and blow him to prove I was a cocksucker & I didn't no problem with that even after he said "three times if you're a hottie at it" – once 2 weeks before the glory to make sure I was a cocksucker girl and wouldn't disappoint men who would come expecting a hot mouth and then once again on the day of the gloryhole and once after. I said "noooo problemo". He asked if ever liked being mouthfucked & I was all, "yea if the cock is the right size & not too fucking big" & he said something I never knew before. He said most guys who get with girls at glory holes just let themselves get sucked off but what 90% of them really would do if they thought the girl would let them is they all want to fuck girls mouths. I said I would but not like my throat could take a lot of that & besides I wanted to do more straight up glory hole sucking first time out.

He asked how many I figured I would suck & I said I didn't know so then he asked if I would do five & my friend was all, "Hell, she could do 10 without blinking." So the old guy asked if I really thought I would do 10 and I said "no" and he asked why & I said "Because if I'm going to do it, then I want to do 12." He asked if I was sure I could do that and both me and my friend said I would do that all the way. The old guy said if you suck 12 you have to swallow & I just said, "Fine. Not a problem" and he was all, "Damn girl, you're really into sucking dick. Bye the way, I like your mouth". So that turned me on & made me want to do it even more.

The next weekend we drove to his city & met him in his office and he asked me the same stuff but mostly about swallowing 12 times and I shrugged & said "yea really, no problem. I love to swallow". He was nice but dirty talking. He told me he wanted to check out my sucking skills so I went down to my knees & sucked & he loved what I did. He held my had and went down deep into my throat and he fucked and came there & was just sooooo hot and said I was realllly good which is what I love! He called me different names which he said I have to get used to because it's a glory hole & its hard core so if I don't want to spend some time being called slut or whore or cocksucker then it might not be for me. I didn't tell him that I loved being called a "cocksucker". I just said I been called all those things before when I was sucking cocks.

He showed us around and said how it would all work and that he used one camera he would hold in his hand close to the action and another was mounted on the ceiling. Both cameras would send out to monitors where men were waiting and also one in the booth so men could watch me sucking them off and the camera on the ceiling of the booth was perfect for me if I wanted to look up & show semen in my mouth before swallowing it. Okay I shoulddn't admit this bcuz I'll sound like a very dirty girl, but that turned me on. He showed my friend how all of the video stuff would erase easily with no video record at all after.

He asked if I had done much of having my mouth open when cocks spurted into my mouth because that was something guys loved to see or did I usually get it in my mouth with my lips closed. I told him I didn't do it hardly much with my mouth open so he showed me how to do that to get the best video angle so the men could see the tip of the guy's cock spurting into my mouth. He said it would be good to practice it before I came back to actually do the gloryhole. Ummmm- yoooohoooooo Mr Dirty Talking Gloryhole Man, Falyn "practices" a LOT.

He asked if I would let men fuck me and I was all "Noooooo". Would I let them finger me. "No, I wasn't there to give up pussy, just my mouth." He said would you strip naked and I was first time out I would go topless & they could feel my perfect boobs or lick them & he said "Fair enough for your first time". He asked I would deep throat one or two & I said I would deep throat any of them that was the right size. Would I let one or two fuck my mouth & maybe my throat and I said "Yea" and he said, "Well what you're agreeing to is putting your face up to the glory hole (which are like a foot long rectangles so they aren't just little circle holes) and then keep my mouth there and let them just fuck me in the mouth because with those bigger glory holes, the camera would show the guy fucking & then when he went to close-ups of my mouth getting fucked, the guys watching would be hot as hell. I laughed. Just keep my face up there and just let some strange man fuck me in the mouth – that's a riot. So strange and nasty but I have to admit, it got the baaaad little girl in me going and I said I would do it just that way but like only 2 or 3 for my first time out.

He asked what kind of cocks I like and I was all "hard hard hard" and he laughed & said "I mean what size? Big, small, in between?" and I said normal size more then long or thick ones but really, I get hot when cocks are sooooo fucking hard. Size don't matter that much. Just I love them very very hard. He said that he has like dozens of members & he knew the ones who would be good and once they knew a girl was coming to the glory hole, they would be hard-hard for days-days and would hardly be able to wait to get their dicks in my mouth. Okay so I'm a attention freak I loved hearing that which was also why I loved the idea of other men watching on some video screen. Very hot!

He asked if I had a problem that some of them might be married & I said no as long as I didn't know which ones those were which I didn't think I would know anyway because they would mostly be behind a wall.

He asked if he could take a picture of my face or even just my mouth & send it out on emails to the guys he was inviting & thought well, okay long as its below my eyes so he took a picture of the bottom half of my face with my mouth open, lol. Can you say Freeeeeeaky?

So last weekend, we went to his city & I was so fucking nervous. I admitted it to my friend on the way uup and to the man when we got there. He said he could calm me down and I asked how and he said I told him I would suck his cock before the glory hole & we would both feel better. So I did and – yea – lol we both felt a lot lot better.

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