Hobby Lobby

by Actavist

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Erotica Sex Story: John exploits the women of Hobby Lobby using one of the far reaching implications of the Supreme Court decision affecting millions of women across the United States. This is a cautionary tale with a political message. It includes violent, sadistic rape and does NOT have a happy ending.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Rough   Sadistic   First   Pregnancy   Violent   Workplace   .

Chapter 1: John

"God Bless the United States and its Honorable Supreme Court," declares John, the newest Vice President at Hobby Lobby. He'd applied for the position immediately after the narrow Supreme Court ruling covered nationwide by the news media. It enables the company to deny insurance for contraception. Most of the women on staff have no practical alternative sources. Housing, transportation, clothes and feeding their families all come before "luxuries" like expensive contraceptives. Once the new corporate policy goes into effect, these women simply stop filling their prescriptions and accept being "unprotected" when their existing supplies run out.

John isn't particularly religious, but knows enough to sound like a zealot. It is a pleasant bonus that the Supreme Court's "narrow ruling" in the Hobby Lobby case has, in reality, opened the floodgates for anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-Obamacare and all manner of ultra-conservative causes. Almost any kind of bigotry and discrimination will now be litigated on the basis of "Corporate Religious Freedom". Over 50 years of civil rights legislation might be overturned like so many dominos.

A distinctive tone sounds indicating someone is using the dispenser in the 2nd floor employee Ladies Room. One of the secret cameras he had installed in every employee Ladies Room show Iris getting a sanitary napkin. John activates a secondary camera which has an angle on all the stalls and shows Iris replacing a bloody napkin with her fresh one. The camera's resolution is good enough for John to see that Iris isn't a natural blonde between her legs no matter her hair color.

John unlocks his desk draw, pulls out the special tablet PC and makes a note with the date next to Iris' name. Checking an earlier date, John sees sufficient time has passed for 5 other employees to move to the top of his list. He remembers Margret whose luscious body gave him a hard-on, the other 4 names he securely emails to 4 of the many managers he has recruited into his "Domination Society". The emails will "self-destruct" in 24-hours leaving no trace behind.

With over 13,000 women in the organization there is no way to do this alone. Working with other like-minded men gives John an extra degree of confidence and security.

It is 4:30 PM, the perfect time to begin. Late in the day when people are tired and thinking mostly about going home.

Chapter 2: Margret

"Margret Owens, please report to meeting room 007 immediately."

"Tim can you please finish with this customer. I've been called into some stupid meeting."

"How long do you think it will take?"

"No idea, but I probably won't be able to meet you for coffee after work."

Margret had never been to the sub-basement before. It smelled moldy and was dimly lit. No one else was around. Room 007 was at the end of a long corridor. "Why have a meeting here?" she wonders.

The light that comes on as she enters the room is blinding. Margret is disoriented. John easily slips a bag over her head that reaches down to her neck. He pulls the embedded ropes that wrap around Margret's throat, cutting off her air. Blind, Margret begins struggling instinctively, but all resistance is quickly choked out of her.

"Obey or die." Growls John, who drags Margret onto a cheap mattress, forcing her down, he binds her wrists to the corners, roughly removes her pants and panties then binds her ankles to the remaining corners.

"What are you doing? Release me immediately! I'll report you to the cops! Stop that!" she squeals.

"Go ahead and scream. I like it and no one will hear you." He crows, shoving his already hard cock into her dry pussy.

"You bastard! I'm not ready!" Margret screams in agony at his violation. 36, divorced, one daughter, I've never experienced anything like this. I've had fantasies of being forced, but nothing like this depraved reality. There is only pain. Most of my seven previous intimate relationships liked rough sex occasionally, but they always made sure that I was aroused and ready. Even my asshole ex-husband at his worst never treated me like this.

"You're raping me!" This is not about pleasure, but above power and control. He is ripping control of my own body away.

"But you love it!" my cries of pain are actually encouraging this shit-head, who thinks I'm getting hot. My pussy is trying to adjust to this invasion, but it's too rough, too fast and too raw. With tears flowing from my eyes, I try to pretend I'm somewhere else, someone else. That works for a while as he continues to abuse me.

When I feel him speed up and his thrusting become jerky. I know he intends to climax inside me.

"No! No! Stop! Use a condom! I'm not protected! I'll get pregnant."

"That's the whole idea honey. I'm gonna put a baby in your belly and here ... it ... comes."

His body stiffens and I feel a burning wetness in my raw, abused pussy.

"Cocksucker! You came in me! Let me up! I have to get it out!"

He slaps me so hard it makes my ears ring. With his full weight on top of me, my hands and wrists tied, I'm helpless to do anything.

"Shut up! You're gonna listen while my splooge seeps in and impregnates your fertile little body. If you tell anybody what happened here, you'll be fired and blacklisted in this town. I know that without this job you and your precious daughter will be out on the street in a few weeks. If you try to kill my baby then I'll come and kill you both one dark night when you're alone and you least expect it. However, after the baby is born, I'll make sure you get maternity leave, day care, a raise and a promotion. Remember, I'm always watching."

I feel his weight finally lift and I can breathe again. I hear him get dressed and move around the room. My mind races, "Maybe I'll be lucky and this one time won't make me pregnant. I realize just how trapped I am. How does he know so much about me? How does he know this is my most fertile time, when it's almost certain that I will get pregnant? If I try to get an abortion, I know he'll find out, I believe he'll kill me and my daughter. I always hoped to have another baby someday, but I'm too old now, my daughter is grown and it was never supposed to be like this. How can I carry a rapist's baby and ever respect myself again? How can I even afford it?"

"A raise?" I ask, hopefully.

"Yes, and a promotion. Now, I'm going to cut your left wrist free, but you're forbidden to move for 30 minutes. There's a camera. If you disobey, I'll know and you'll be punished."

I hear the door close behind him. I'm so emotionally and physically drained that I don't feel like disobeying his commands. I lay there crying, feeling a little of his cum drip from my pussy down the crack of my ass. Most of it stays inside me. I remember reading that sperm can stay alive for 7 days inside me, plenty of time to inseminate my egg and make me an incubator for our child.

Chapter 3: Interlude

John gets back to his office in plenty of time to see Margret finally untie herself and try to use her own panties to clean up the mess dripping from her pussy.

"He, he," he murmurs feeling proud, "Look at that bowlegged walk. She'll never forget tonight. From all her moaning, it was her first time being fucked by a real man. Stupid bitch actually believes she'll get a raise and a promotion. The company already has to give maternity leave because that's the law. As for child care, I may advocate for that to management since a bunch of the kids will be mine."

John packs up to leave, using a separate exit to make sure he doesn't run into Margret. On the drive home he muses, "Tomorrow is another day and another fertile cunt waiting to be bred."

"Sally Smith, please report to meeting room 007 immediately."

Sally, sends her mom a text message, "Called 2 mtg prob late. Don't need pickup." Today is mom's day off and she'll worry if she doesn't know about my change of plans. Mom's been worried since the day I got this job two months ago, just before my 15th birthday. It's the only decently paying job I could get part-time, after-school. Since dad left, we need the extra money. I begged, pleaded and finally talked mom into letting me lie about my age on the job application.

Lately, mom's gotten worse, trying to get me to quit, like it's not safe to work here. I tell her I feel safe because it's a religious company, I like working at the same place she does and we need the money. Mom won't say anything more. I know she's hiding something from me.

John is full of adrenaline, practically hopping from foot to foot waiting for the youngest, hottest piece of ass on his list. Barely legal according to her personal form. Her supervisor should have reprimanded her for what she's wearing today, but I'm not complaining. My cock is rock hard remembering seeing her arrive this morning. Her bright-yellow mini-skirt and a neon-orange, spaghetti-strap, lace cropped-top showing the fullness of her voluptuous tits.

At the rate my team is going, I project we'll breed the entire female staff in just under two years. That will be perfect timing to start them all on their second rape babies.

Chapter 4: Sally

When Sally enters she's blinded by the powerful light John shines in her eyes. It's easy to subdue the tiny girl, who usually wears a sexy, but acceptable junior-petite dress to work. She's 5'1", 99 pounds dripping-wet, with an almost boyish figure except for her oversize breasts. John is impressed by the foulness of her mouth, until she's fully secured, spread-eagle on her back. She hasn't repeated herself once yet.

" ... You stupid psycho fucker! I'll fucking kill you. I'll rip off your fucking balls and crush them under my heel. I'll castrate you and feed your puny cock into a meat grinder!"

"Whack! Whack! Whack!" three sharp slaps echo through the room.

"Shut up you stupid foul-mouthed bitch! I need to see those tits." Sally is silent, realizing finally that not only is she powerless, but that her threats are meaningless except to anger him. This man can and will hurt her badly if she fights.

I love Sally's slutty clothes. They prove she wants exactly what I'm gonna give her. It's easy for me to push up the crop-top and unhook her front-opening bra. It's a push-up and heavily padded.

"Your tits are disappointingly small." I complain, while beginning to manhandle them.

"Please, I'm only 15." Sally whimpers, feeling her nipples harden when he pinches them roughly.

"Bullshit. You dress, flirt and look like your 18, which is what your personnel file says. Do you know why you're here slut?"

"You're going to ra ... ra ... rape me."

John flips up Sally's short skirt and rips off her sexy thong exposing the young pussy to his gaze. He lowers himself to lay his painfully hard cock against her slit wedging between her pouting lips. His cock begins sawing up the full length of her slit, including mashing her clit. For once, he tries to warm up a victim while tormenting her.

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