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: Just a little silly flash story about cheating and divorce and how things never are but you wish they could be that way at least once in a while.

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It was a big deal for the family. Every five years the entire clan got together and had a huge party. There were almost two hundred people there. Every year someone had to set up a special game for everyone to play. After fifteen years of marriage the chore finally fell to me and I had to provide the entertainment.

I did not want to play, I hated the gatherings and the fucking games. But my wife and her family were not to be denied.

My wife had six sisters. They were always close and because of that I was close to them too. We saw each other every week and we socialized with them all the time. There was also Martha, the mother; she was part of the happy little group. There were also a few cousins that lived out of state but close enough to make me feel that they were always here; and they were.

I did not actually like my brother's in law, they were pompous assholes and when you got right down to it; my wife's sisters were all cheap tramps. I am not sure about good old mom but the acorn does not fall far from the tree. I mean they were tramps before they got married and I had my doubts about them after they got married.

I did not have any worries about Jenny though, she was only mine. Even when she was out, she was only with her family, including her mother.

Jenny and I had three children. William was twelve, Jane was ten and then there was the baby, Melissa, who was eight.

Add to that mix the other six wives and husbands, all with three or four children each, and we had a day camp for any local family event. Then you add in the cousins and damn! Hell the family almost lived at our house, as it was the biggest and had the largest pool.

Well I decided to have a really fun game. It was going to be a real surprise and the contestants could make a lot of money and if there was anything that my wife's family liked it was money, easy money.

We had a large hall rented and I told the kids that this was a question and answer game and if they got the right answer they would make one hundred dollars.

I brought one of the little darlings up and asked her who was in the picture I showed her and she said it was her grandmother and then I told her to go and touch grandma and she immediately ran to my wife's mother and touched her. The little darling had a big smile on her face. Then she came running back to me and I handed her a one hundred dollar bill and she beamed and everyone clapped and laughed.

Then I had envelopes made for each of the children of the six sisters as well as my own children. There was even an envelope for grandpa too. I told the assembled that this was only the first group and the rest would get their envelopes later; everyone would get to play.

The instructions were simple. Inside of every envelope was a picture; actually two pictures on one page. It was a picture of the children and a picture of one of the sister's or cousin's husband. To good old grandpa I gave a picture of himself with all seven of his daughters on the same page. There was also an envelope but I told them not to open that yet. To enforce that prohibition I told them if they opened it before I said they could, they would not get any money.

As the game started there were waiters milling around and serving but everyone knew that there was going to be a lot of money paid out and even more when the others got involved.

William, Jane and Melissa, all identified uncles or husbands of cousins or someone else as the person in the picture. They not only had to say the name but the relationship. The same went for all of the other children. Even grandpa identified his daughters in the pictures and everyone laughed when he asked if he got one hundred dollars for every correct answer for each daughter.

Being a good sport I told him that every correct answer was worth one hundred dollars. Grandpa beamed and stood up and demanded his seven hundred dollars. Everyone laughed.

I reached into my breast pocket and took out a stack of hundreds and fanned them for their viewing pleasure.

"Before I count out the money for the winners I need everyone to take out the very small envelope inside the larger one where the pictures were, BUT DON'T OPEN IT YET. And for the rest of you out there, taped under your chair is a large envelope with everything we are talking about inside of it." I said as everyone chuckled, still not completely understanding.

"To my contestants, I want you to know that you don't get any money, you failed to properly identify your relationship with any of the people in the pictures." I said.

There was a lot of yelling and claims of cheating and going back on a deal.

I put my hands up and laughed. "Ok, ok, you got me. I have to tell you a secret. The picture of the adult man next to the picture of the child is not who you said it is. IT IS YOUR FATHER! Inside of the envelope is the DNA testing evidence."

It took me almost a year to gather all of the DNA of the suspected fathers.

"There is one that is not a father though." I said turning to grandpa: "You are not the father of your daughters."

Suddenly all of the waiters started saying things like 'You are served" and I don't mean desert. There was a lot of yelling and screaming.

My wife was served with a divorce action for adultery and a demand for return of community assets spent on another man's child. The fathers of William, Jane and Melissa were also served with lawsuits for repayment of support for THEIR children.

There was also a lawsuit to have my name removed from the birth certificates and have the real father's name inserted.

Janice stood up and screamed at me: "You can't do this to your children."

I just shook my head and said "I don't have any children, you have seen to that. They are not my children, and if this hurts them then they should blame you and your fuck buddies. I never want to see them again, they are nothing to me. You and your cheating whore sisters and mother are nothing to me. I don't even want the children you passed off as mine to thank me for all of the years I devoted to them."

I did have to pay out some of those hundreds, because I paid them to the process servers.

My alleged brothers in law, cousins in law and father in law were so busy fucking other men's wives that they did not bother to pay attention to their own.

At that little get together I had documented, thirty two children who were not related to the person they called dad; that included grandpa's seven girls. There were probably more when the other family members started doing their own DNA based on the information I gave them.

It started a little less than a year before with my being downstairs in the basement when my wife and her sisters came over to talk, as they frequently did. My car was not there, I had left it to have new tires installed and a brake job done and had walked home. They were having a great time laughing at their husbands not knowing that none of them had children with their wives.

At first I was sorry for the men, but almost immediately again realized that they were the fathers of the other sister's children. All of the men thought it was funny to cuck their brothers in law. My father in law thought it was great to fuck his daughters and make his own grandchildren. The joke was on him, he did not have any daughters. The sisters pulled a fast one as they were fucking all of them and making sure that none of the wife's had her own husband's kids.

My own beloved said that I was just a fool and that I was not allowed to know or fuck anyone else and I would never have my own children. Evidently she and her sisters not only fucked their brothers in law but more than a few strange cocks when they got the urge. Now it disgusts me to think I ever fuck the slut I married.

I started gathering DNA because none of the sluts knew who was actually responsible for which kid, including my wife. They just knew that they did not do their own husband when they were fertile.

I also quit sleeping with my wife. I did not piss and moan, I did not complain about a health problem. I just moved into another bedroom that day after buying a new bed and quit sleeping with her.

When she asked me why I would not sleep with her I just told her I did not want to. No phony story or excuse. I was still being "loving" to the children, but I was not their father anymore. We all still did all the same things but the feelings, well they were different.

My wife complained to her sisters about me moving out of the bedroom but not the lack of sex, she was getting more than she needed from other members of the family and other guys. She was not actually wasting much of her time fucking me anyway so it was no big loss for either of us.

By this time I had the house wired for sound. I did not need video as I had DNA and that was enough. I did hear that my wife fucked a few guys on my new bed and had them wipe their cocks on my pillow but I did not sleep on the bed or use a pillow after that. I tossed it out and told her I did not like it anymore. I did not get another bed, I slept on the floor. This time I did lie and told her I was having back problems.

The bitch did not like fucking on the floor. What the hell, I always put down a few blankets anyway. I took the blankets with me every day.

So I got the DNA, and I got the audio, and I got all the evidence.

It started with a test of my kids for one of those DNA data bases. Then I got the results and began to check around. Getting the other kids was easy. I sent them in and got a profile on them. A few were half siblings to my alleged kids.

They all had the same grandma though, so that was easy. But as to the daughters, that would be my wife and her sisters, I got theirs too but from hair brushes and spoons and glasses and other table ware, it was easy. Soon I had a complete profile on the wife and her sisters and their kids and their husbands and the cousins that were always around. If any relative showed up I got their too. Yes I got grandma and grandpa too.

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