Revenge Is...

by Baron Munchausen

Copyright© 2014 by Baron Munchausen

Incest Sex Story: Daughter stops her Mother and Brother's plans to rape her. She then finds happiness in the arms of her Father.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Father   Daughter   Pregnancy   Slow   .

Revenge is ... a dish best served cold.

"La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid," Les Liasons Dangereuses (1782); Pierre Ambroise Francois Choderios de LaClos (1741-1803)

I was born in New York, but my parents moved to a small city in southern Ohio, where I grew up an only child.

I got married right out of high school. Laine was beautiful; she was slender with large breasts and great legs.

I fell in love with her in Junior year, and we were married right after graduation, and Laine was pregnant.

It wasn't a shotgun marriage. We both wanted to get married, and neither one of us wanted to end the pregnancy. Although, it was strongly suggested as an option by Laine's mother.

We got a small apartment, and I got a job with a trucking company. I was a night dispatcher, and although the pay wasn't much; it was enough to get us by. About four months after the wedding, Laine's father died of a heart attack. Laine was heart-broken; her father had supported us with respect to getting married and with keeping the child. He had been looking forward to having a grandchild.

A few months later, Laine gave birth to our daughter, Jillian. She was beautiful; I was present during the birth and was absolutely beside myself with joy.

Laine was the perfect mother, doting on her daughter. She insisted on breast feeding, citing all of the studies that indicated that babies who breast-fed were healthier, smarter and all around better off.

Soon after Jillian's birth, I started going to college. I wanted better things for my family, and this seemed the way to go. My parents were happy that I wanted to continue my education, so they paid the tuition. Having a beautiful granddaughter didn't hurt either.

On the other hand, Lane's mother, Greta was not happy. "I'm too young to be a Grandmother ... they could have gotten married without that child," she complained. Greta rather forcibly suggested that we give our daughter Laine's maiden name. As the name would die out if we didn't. Laine thinking about her father's death thought it was a good idea and went along with it.

I reluctantly agreed, so my daughter's surname was Merriweather.

I adopted an attitude about my mother-in-law, agree and ignore. I would nod my head, and then do what I wanted to do.

Those first couple of years were tough. I was going to school full-time and working at night. We didn't take a vacation, or go away for those years. I took summer classes and classes during the winter break. Thus, after four and a half years, I received my Masters Degree in Bio-chemistry.

When Jillian was about two years old, Laine became pregnant again. My parents were happy, as they wanted grandchildren. On the other hand, Greta was furious.

"What the hell is wrong with you two? You can't afford a pot to piss in, and you are dropping brats all over the place. Don't think that I am going to help you two sex crazed animals with anything," She screamed.

As she had never helped us out in any way, this was no real problem, and I told her so.

Whereas Laine's pregnancy with Jillian was rather easy, this time she had a lot of problems. So much so that she spent the last month and a half in bed. My mother took care of Laine, while I was at work.

Just before Laine gave birth, Greta had the audacity to insist that the new baby have the Merriweather name, because when "that one" gets married, she won't have that name anymore.

I looked her straight in the eyes, and said, "NO WAY! This child will be a Wallace."

When she started to argue with me, I said, "Greta, you can go fuck yourself, because this child will have my name."

A few weeks later, after a very difficult labor, Laine gave birth to beautiful boy, Gregory Joseph Wallace. Laine was overjoyed. She had a son, a wonderful, beautiful son.

Ricky, the nickname Laine gave him, was the light of her life. She doted on him, nothing was too good for him, and nothing was too much for him.

Laine was a good mother to both children, but anyone could see that Ricky was the apple of her eye. But, in her defense, she was a wonderful mother to Jilly.

After, I graduated I got a job with a small pharmaceutical company. It paid a lot better than the dispatcher job, and within a year or so, we moved into a house of our own. Things were going good.

I enjoyed the work and really liked the bosses, and more importantly, they liked me. As the years passed, I rose in the company, eventually getting a quarter share in it. As it was a closely held corporation, we considered ourselves to be a partners, rather than shareholders.

However, as the years passed, Laine slowly changed. She ever so gradually became like Greta. She was extremely critical of me and to a lesser degree with Jillian. Nothing I did was good enough, and everything I said was wrong.

She was never satisfied. Even though I was making an incredible salary, it was never enough. Not that she was extravagant, or wasted money, I just didn't make enough. She was not happy that I worked for such a small company.

"Why can't you get a real job with a big corporation, and make real money," she complained.

For all intents and purposes sex with Laine stopped. In the last ten years I could count the number of times we had sex on one hand.

How I had allowed this to happen, I have no idea. It just evolved into a completely unhappy situation.

Ricky was now nineteen and was totally self-centered. He had to be the most selfish person I ever met. All I was good for was providing him with an easy life.

If I so much as attempted to deny him something, he ran to his mother and after berating me, she gave him whatever he wanted. He did no wrong; in her eyes he was the perfect son.

At twenty-one years old, Jilly was in her last semester of grad school and would have her Masters in Elementary Education in May. She already had a teaching job in Chicago and would start there in September.

She was moving to Chicago in July after graduation.

I was going to miss her terribly. She was the only loving thing in my life.

One night in early May, I came home from the office a little early. As I got out of the car, Jilly ran up to me and hugged me.

She said, "I just came out to go for a walk. Come for a walk with me ... Please, Daddy."

"Oh, my baby, I'm tired, all I want to do is go in the house sit and have a drink and relax," I groaned.

"PLEASE, Daddy, Just a short walk, Please," she begged.

How could I say no?

Well, the walk was not short, we were out for about an hour, when I told her I was really tired and we went back home.

Going into her house, Jilly yelled, "Hi. I'm home."

Ricky yelled from upstairs, "So what?"

Laine yelled from the kitchen, "How was your day, sweet heart?"

Before Jilly could answer, I said. "Not too bad. How was your day?"

Laine said, in a voice filled with venom, "I was talking to Jillian, not you."

I laughed and said, "Yea, I know."

I went up stairs to my room, (Yes, we had separate rooms) changed and came down and made myself a drink.

As usual, Laine lit into me about drinking, and that I was an alcoholic.

Just a typical night in the Wallace household. I went up to bed early.

The following Thursday I arrived home around 7:00 pm. Thursday was the usual partner meeting night. We would sit around and discuss the week, any ongoing projects, etc. Most of the time is was casual; we would have a couple of drinks, then leave around 9:30 pm.

As I had just closed on a rather lucrative contract that afternoon, the partners' meeting was canceled.

I went to the front door, and when I opened it I found that the chain was on. Knowing that I didn't want to hear Laine complain that she had to unlock the chain, I walked around to the back door, which was never locked.

As I walked along the side of the house, I passed the living room window. The light was on and I saw my wife, Laine, and my son, Ricky, with their arms around each other. They were kissing, not a mother/son kiss, they were locked in a passionate embrace. But, the thing that completely shocked me was that they were both stark naked.

Ricky's one hand was on his mother's ass, and the other was fondling her breast. Laine had her hand on Ricky's ass and was stroking his erect dick with the other. Their mouths were open, and it was obvious that their tongues were in each other's mouth.

When the kiss broke, Laine said, "Oh god, Ricky! I need you in me. I want your big cock in me, right now."

Ricky moaned and said, "Mom, anything, anything for you."

Laine dropped down onto the couch, pulling Ricky on top of her. She spread her legs. One leg went back onto the back of the couch, and the other was on the floor.

Ricky was lying between his mother's legs.

Laine reached down, grabbed his cock and guided it to her glistening vagina.

When his cock was lined up with his mother's vaginal lips, he lunged forward, impaling his mother with his stiff dick.

Laine screamed and wrapped her legs around her son's waist.

Ricky started to pump his dick into his mother's vagina. Laine was humping her hips in rhythm with her son's

I stood there watching them fuck for what seemed like hours.

Then, Laine started to moan and scream. I knew that she was close to cumming, as I had experienced it when we fucked.

"RICKY ... RICKY ... RICKY, fuck me! Fuck me harder. I'm almost there. Fuck me till I cum. FUCK ME ... FUCK ME," she screamed.

Ricky was humping away at his mother's cunt. He was yelling, "Oh MOM ... MOM ... I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum."

"Yes, my darling, cum. Cum in your Mommy's cunt. I want your cum. I want it in me. Fill me with your wonderful seed. I want it in me. Give me your seed, and make me pregnant. Plant a baby in your mother's womb," Laine moaned.

"Yes Mom, I'll fill you with my cum. I want to get you pregnant. I want you to have my baby. OH GOD, MOM ... OH GOD." He screamed, as he stiffened and started to ejaculate into his mother's cunt.

Laine arched her back and groaned, as she started to orgasm. She was shaking her head from side to side, knowing nothing except her own pleasure, complete in the knowledge that it was her own flesh and blood, her own child who was giving her such pleasure.

It seemed that Ricky ejaculated into her for hours. He filled Laine to overflowing. As he started to pull out, Laine pulled him back into her saying, "I want you in me longer. I want to keep as much of your cum in me as possible. I want this to be the time you impregnate me."

She really wanted her son's baby. She wanted to give birth to her son's child. I was in shock.

Finally, Ricky got off of his mother and helped her up. I could see the cum leaking out of her cunt and running down her leg.

They passionately kissed, and Laine laughingly said, "We better get cleaned up. We wouldn't want your sister walking in on this mess. Soon, but not now."

"Be a bit of a shock for her, wouldn't it." Ricky said, smiling.

I turned around and walked back to the car. I opened the door and got in. I have no idea how long I sat there staring into space.

I came back to earth, when I heard a voice saying, "Daddy ... DADDY, are you okay?"

I nearly jumped out of my skin. I turned and saw Jillian by the window. She had a worried look on her face.

I opened the door and said, "Jilly, you nearly scared me to death. But, yes I'm okay, just tired. We closed the Baker contract today, and I'm dead tired."

She smiled and pulling me out of the car said, "Come on, let's get inside. I will make you a good strong drink, and you can relax."

We went in the house. Laine was in the kitchen, cleaning up, and Ricky was upstairs in his room.

I went into the living room and sat on the couch. The one on which my son had been fucking my wife.

Nothing was out of place. Jillian made me a bourbon on the rocks and brought it to me. Laine walked in the room. I expected her to get on me about the drink, but she just asked about my day.

I told her about closing the contract. She told me that was wonderful, that I had worked on it so hard, so why don't I just relax with my drink.

I was flabbergasted; Laine hadn't been this nice to me in ages. What was wrong? Was I going crazy? Did I imagine what I saw through the window? Did it really happen?

I began to question my sanity. I put my hand on the cushion to push myself forward, and it slipped between the cushions. I felt something on my hand. I looked and saw a whitish thick liquid on my hand. It was my son's cum. Laine hadn't cleaned up well enough.

I downed my drink and went upstairs to my room. I fell on the bed and lay there until I fell asleep.

I went into the office very early. I didn't want to have to see Laine or Ricky.

I spent the morning just staring out of the window. Not seeing anything, just staring.

At about 11:30 am, my secretary buzzed me. There was a Sgt. Augustoni from the local Police Department in the reception room, and he was asking to see me.

I told her to send him right in. I was afraid that something had happened or that someone was hurt.

He came in; I shook his hand and offered him a seat. He looked very uncomfortable. I asked him what the problem was.

He looked at the floor and asked me how I would describe the relationship between my children and my wife.

I told him that Laine was a very loving mother and was very good with them.

He looked at me and said, "Sir, it seems that your wife and your son have been involved in an incestuous sexual relationship, and that your wife could possibly be pregnant by your son."

I looked around saying, "No ... no ... no ... that's ... that's..."

He misunderstood what I meant, and said, "I know that you don't want to believe that it is true. We received a number of video tapes showing them having sexual relations. We obtained a search warrant and executed it early this morning.

"Only your wife and son were home, and when we went into the house, we found them engaged in a sex act."

I had my head in my hands shaking my head saying, "No ... no ... no..." over and over.

"I'm really sorry that I have to tell you this. They have been taken to the County Court House and will be arraigned there. You could go there, and see what you can do. Again, I'm so sorry for you." He said, softly as he left.

I went out of the building and drove to the Court House.

When I arrived at the Court House, I had to wait for about an hour before Laine and Ricky were brought out.

Laine was brought out in handcuffs. As soon as she saw the Judge, she started to scream that they had no right to arrest her. She was in her own house, and who do you think you are to pass judgment on her and her son.

All the while the Judge was telling her to quiet down, but she went on and on, until the Judge had enough.

The judge stood up and shouted, "Shut up. Just who do you think you are? You have been charged with a very serious crime, and you are here for ME to decide if you should be allowed out on bail."

It did no good. Laine just went on screaming, and the Judge screamed, "They are remanded to the County Jail, to be held there until the Felony Hearing.

Laine and Ricky were going to jail.

As she was being taken out of the Court Room, she saw me and started screaming at me how all of this was my fault.

I just stared at her, not feeling a thing. I hated the bitch.

I went back to the office and called a criminal lawyer for Laine and Ricky, and then called a divorce lawyer for me.

I was able to contact Jillian and told her that she should stay with a friend, if she could, as I was afraid that there would be a media blitz at the house.

I went home early and was surprised to find no one there. I don't know why, but it seemed that the media were not really interested. I was really happy about that.

It turned out that Laine was not pregnant.

The next few weeks were hell. With the criminal proceedings and the divorce. The divorce went off rather easily.

The first time that Laine appeared in Divorce Court and started to scream that she deserved everything, the Judge threatened to gag her. When Laine didn't shut up, the Judge had her gagged.

Laine behaved after that. Basically, we split everything 50/50. I sold everything, the house, the cars ... everything. I gave up my shares in the company and that money was split.

There was however, a bonus that I received, a very generous bonus that was not included in the settlement. I wanted something out of this mess.

Jillian moved to Chicago, as soon as she could. I made sure that she had enough money to hold her, until she started to work.

I left my job. I was able to fine a research job with a small pharmaceutical company in Ft. Carson, Colorado, about an hour and a half north of Denver. I moved there before the trial.

I had a small apartment and kept to myself. I talked to Jillian quite often. Either I called her or she called me.

In September, Jillian started to teach. She loved it. She had something to do, and it kept her mind off of her mother and brother's situation.

I wouldn't attend the trial, but I heard stories.

Laine seemed to have lost her mind. She didn't take any advice and never shut up. She berated the Judge, the jury, the prosecutors, and even her own attorneys.

Not surprisingly, they were found guilty. That seemed to send Laine off the deep end. Both her and Ricky went on a tirade at the sentencing. The Judge threw the book at them giving them twenty-five years.

When I heard that, I had absolutely no reaction. I didn't care. That was behind me now, and I wanted to start anew.

Both of my parents had passed away about ten years before this, and Laine's mother died about a year before. It was sort of a blessing, as I believe that they would have suffered terribly.

In March of the next year, I had to go to Chicago for a conference. I was to give a talk about a new procedure that I had developed with my new company.

The conference ran from Monday thru Friday. I was to give my talk on Thursday afternoon. Friday was a very abbreviated schedule. Most people would just check out of the hotel and get to the airport.

I called Jillian and told her that I would be in Chicago for a week. She was elated.

"Oh, Daddy, I can't wait to see you. I have missed you so much. I want to spend as much time with you as I can. We will be able to spend your birthday together, this is a big one you know," she gushed.

"You don't have to remind me. Now, I will really be your 'Old Man'," I moaned.

"Oh Daddy, forty isn't old at all," she laughed.

"Oh yeah, lets see what you say in eighteen years." I said trying to sound sad.

She started to giggle and said, "But Daddy, in eighteen years I will only be twenty nine."

"Twenty nine," I howled, "and you with a degree in mathematics! I'm going to demand a refund from that alma mater of yours."

We spent the rest of the telephone conversation arranging when we would be able to meet, and Jilly insisted that I check out of the hotel on Friday morning, so she would bring me to stay at her apartment, until I caught my flight home on Sunday.

I couldn't wait to see her. I missed her so much.

On the Sunday, I was to fly to Chicago, but there was a snow storm in Denver. My flight was delayed for hours. Jilly wanted to meet me at the airport, but as I wouldn't be getting in until after 3:00 am, I wouldn't hear of it.

I told her that we would have dinner on Monday, after the conference.

I got the hotel around 4:00 am, checked in, went to my room and went to bed.

The next morning I registered at the conference and confirmed my scheduled talk for Thursday afternoon. I attended a few of the talks, and then went and took a short nap. I was to meet Jilly at 7:00 pm, in front of a restaurant she had picked out. It was in the loop not far from the hotel. I arrived a few minutes early. As I waited, I looked into the stores.

I heard someone call, "Daddy," I looked up and saw a beautiful woman walking toward me with a big smile on her face.

It was Jilly, no not Jilly any more, it was Jillian. Not my little girl, she was a beautiful, poised, confident woman. The change in her was astounding.

She was dressed in a skirt that came just to her knees, her coat was just a little shorter. Her reddish brown hair was shorter than I remember. She had very little makeup on.

My little baby daughter had grown up.

We threw our arms around each other and hugged. She kissed me on the cheek, and I kissed hers.

I said, "God, Jilly, you look great. So ... So..."

"Grown up?" She asked, with a big smile on her face.

"Yea, that's it. But, although I love it ... I'm not so sure I like it," I said.

She looked at me, not understanding.

I laughed, "You're not my little girl anymore."

She took my arm and we walked to the restaurant and she said softly, "Daddy, I will always be your little girl."

"I know that, but you are also a very beautiful woman," I said.

She smiled and said, "I bet you say that to all of your daughters."

I paused like I was thinking, and said, "Yea, I do."

We were laughing as we went into the Restaurant.

We were seated at a small table off to the side. It was a rather intimate setting with the candlelight and the bourbon on the rocks could have been very romantic. But, Jilly was my daughter.

We ordered dinner, and as we sat there sipping on our bourbons, a couple who were instrumental in having me at the conference walked by. The husband saw me and came over to the table dragging his wife.

"Jack, how ya doing." He said. Then he noticed Jilly, and said, "Wow, and who is this lovely young beauty? You dirty old dog."

Before I could answer, Jilly said, "I'm Jillian Merriweather, an old friend of Jack's."

George bellowed, "Can't be that old, my dear. By the way, I'm George and this lovely young thing is my wife Doris."

Doris just smiled and rolled her eyes. She shook Jilly's hand, and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you, my dear."

"Where are you from, Jillian?" George asked.

"I live here in Chicago, in the north end." Jilly answered.

George started to say something else, but Doris interrupted him saying, "George, let's leave them alone. I'm sure that's what they want, and our dinner is probably getting cold."

They said their goodbyes and left.

The rest of our dinner was quiet and wonderful. We talked about our lives since leaving home.

As were finishing our coffee, Jilly closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She opened them and looked at me.

"Daddy, I have something to tell you, and I am afraid that you are going to get very upset. Please don't hate me. Just remember that I love you." She said.

I was worried, but smiled and said, "There is nothing that you could do to make me hate you, my love."

Jilly lowered her eyes and in a very soft voice said, "Daddy, I was the one who sent the video tapes of Mom and Ricky to the police. I'm the one who caused all of the troubles."

"You knew about them?" I asked.

"I almost walked in on them one night about two months before the arrest. And other times, when they didn't realize that I was at home, I would hear them. They would say the most terrible things about you."

She went on, "One night Ricky said that it would be fun if I joined them. Mom laughed, and said then we will have to arrange it. Ricky said that he didn't think that I would go along with it. Mom said that they would have to 'help' me along. That once I felt Ricky in me, I would be hooked. Then she laughed, and said that it would be wonderful if Ricky got us both pregnant."

"Daddy, they wanted to rape me, and get me pregnant! I had to do something." She wept.

Never before had I felt so much hatred in me. I prayed that they both rotted and died in that jail.

I took both of Jilly's hands in mine, and I said, "My love, you did nothing wrong. You did the right thing. Those bastards deserve everything that they got ... in fact they should have gotten life in prison."

"But, you have suffered because of it," she said.

"No my love, I would have suffer so much more, if I found out that they hurt you. I would have killed both of them, and it would be me in jail rather than them.

I went on, "Jilly, things have really gotten better for me. I am doing what I love; what I always wanted to do. I doing research, and I love it. Granted it doesn't pay as much, but it's good enough. I only went into the administrative part of the business, because of the money.

"My dearest Jillian, you have done me the greatest service anyone could have. I will never be able to make it up to you. I love you, my sweet." I whispered, as I brought her hands to my lips and kissed them.

Jilly smiled, and said, "Thank you, Daddy. I love you so much."

When we finished, we caught a cab. I went to the hotel, and then, Jilly went home. I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, said goodnight, and watched as the cab drove off.

I was still very upset about what Jilly told me about her mother and brother that I had a hard time sleeping. I wished that I could hurt them in some way. I comforted myself with the knowledge that they wouldn't be getting out for another twenty-four years.

The next day, I attended a few of the presentations that I had some interest for me. During the lunch break, I ran into George and Doris.

George came over to me and said, "Jack, I'm glad we ran into you. We have arranged a little dining and dancing on Thursday night for the speakers, and we want you to be there."

I said, "Thank you, I would love to come."

Then Doris piped up, "All the others have their spouses with them. So, feel free to bring a guest, like ... say ... Jillian."

I laughed, "Again, thanks. I will see if she is free. She may have classes on Friday morning. But, I will certainly ask."

They told me where and when the dinner was and went on their merry way.

That evening, I called Jilly and asked if she wanted to go. She was ecstatic.

"Of course, I'll go. How could I pass up the chance to spend a night on the town with the most handsome man around? And, we can stay out all night, because school is closed Friday."

We arranged to meet at the hotel and walk the few blocks to the restaurant.

The next afternoon, I gave my presentation; it was concerned with an easier way to test the purity of pharmaceuticals. It was very well received.

On Thursday evening, I was waiting outside the hotel. The weather was warmer, and there was only a light breeze. I spotted Jilly walking up the block. She was wearing the same coat, but she had her hair pulled back in a French braid. She looked so beautiful and mature.

I asked her how she got here, and she told me that she took the El, because I'm only a second grade teacher and not a wealthy researcher you know.

She laughed, as I took her arm, and we walked to the restaurant.

Arriving at the restaurant, we took off our costs, and I checked them. When I turned around, I was afforded my first look at what she was wearing.

I almost fell over. She was wearing a royal blue dress. Although it wasn't really tight, the way it flowed over her body, it showed every curve in her very shapely body.

She smiled and did a quick pirouette, and said "You like?"

I tried to put my eyes back into my head, and said, "Jilly ... no Jillian, you are beautiful. You are going to be the most beautiful woman at this thing. All of the men will be drooling over you, and the wives will hate you."

"There is only one man I want drooling over me ... and he is my date tonight," she whispered, as we walked into the dining area.

As we entered, George saw us and bellowed, "WOW, JILLIAN YOU LOOK GREAT."

"Pipe down, George," Doris said, and she came over to us.

Doris took both of Jillian's hands and said, "You look ravishing, my dear. God, Jack, you are a lucky man to be with such a lovely woman. And Jillian, you are with the star of the conference. His presentation was a great hit."

Jilly smiled, and as she hugged me, said, "He is the best, believe me. No one else even comes close."

Doris just laughed and joined the rest.

My prediction proved right. All of the men couldn't take their eye off Jillian, and the wives were looking daggers at her. But, when they saw how she was staying with and only had eyes for me, they eased off.

Of course, George made a big thing about Jack and Jill going up the hill and what really happened up there. We had heard it all before, many times.

Jilly just smiled, and said, "My lips are sealed."

That brought gales of laughter.

By the time dinner was being served, the wives more or less accepted Jillian and were kicking their husbands under the table.

There was dancing, and the first couple of dances were rather fast. I danced one with Jillian and begged the others off. When a slow dance started, Jillian pulled me up to the dance floor.

At first I was able to keep my distance from her, but as we danced we naturally came close together. We weren't pressing together, but we were close enough that I was beginning to feel a tingling in my groin, something I hadn't felt in a while.

Dinner was a slow affair, with breaks between each course that allowed the couples to dance. When one of the other men would ask Jillian to dance, I made it a point to ask his wife to dance. I definitely got the short end of the stick with that deal.

Jillian would keep the husbands at a respectful distance, but some of the wives would practically crush me into them, while we danced. Getting back at their husbands, I guess.

To be honest, it really wasn't all that bed. Some of the wives were rather good looking.

Most of the time, I would dance with my beautiful daughter. She was the belle of the ball, and I was her Prince Charming.

The evening wore on and the wine flowed freely. Finally, at around 2:00 am, we left, not quite closing the place, but close to it.

Jillian was going to get a cab home, but George and Doris insisted that we share one, and that we take Jillian home first.

When we got to her apartment house, I got out with Jillian and walked her to the apartment. I hugged her real close, and when I went to kiss her cheek, she pressed her lips against mine.

I responded. The kiss didn't last too long, but it was a lot longer than a kiss between a father and daughter should have lasted.

When we parted, I said, "Jilly, thanks for coming with me tonight, I can't remember when I enjoyed my self so much."

She smiled and said, "Daddy, I had a great time tonight. But, I will be getting payback. Tomorrow you will be joining me for an evening with a bunch of Elementary School teachers,"

I groaned, and she gave me a quick kiss on the lips, turned, and as she went into the apartment, she said, "Daddy, George and Doris are waiting."

I hurried to the cab, and we went back to the hotel.

On the ride back George was dozing and Doris said, "Jack, are you serious about Jillian?"

I said, "Doris, she is a very sweet woman. I like her very much, but I am old enough to be her father."

She looked at me very seriously and said, "Oh, you men. Don't you realize that she loves you? You are not that much older than her. I will say this, and then shut up ... you two make a beautiful couple. Don't let that wonderful woman get away ... you will live to regret that."

I laughed, "Okay, Doris. I'll think about it." I laughed to my self, if she only knew.

When I got back to my room, I fell on the bed and fell asleep, in my clothes.

I woke up at about nine the next morning with a little headache. I showered and changed into some jeans and a flannel shirt. I was packing my bag, when the phone rang. It was Jilly. She was in the lobby waiting for the "sleepy head" to check out.

"Sleepy Head?" I asked, "I'll have you know that I have been up for hours. I am showered, dressed and packed ... and if I hadn't been so rudely interrupted, I would have been at the desk checking out."

I laughed and said, "I'll be right down."

I went down and after checking out, we ran into George and Doris, as we were leaving. We shook hands, hugged and said our good byes.

As I started to leave, Doris put her hand on my arm and said, "Jack, think about what I said last night. I was very serious."

I smiled and said, "Doris, I will give it some thought."

"What, may I ask are you going to think about, Daddy?" Jilly asked, as we walked away.

I laughed and said, "Us; Doris thinks we make a beautiful couple,"

"I agree with Doris wholeheartedly," Jilly said, as we walked to the El station and took the train to her stop. We walked the two blocks to her apartment and went in.

Her apartment was a nice size, with a large bedroom and living room, a dining area and a nice sized kitchen and one bath. It was simple, but tastefully furnished. She had a large couch that converted to a bed. That's where I would be sleeping.

We sat and had a cup of tea and talked about all sorts of things. She told me about the group I would be meeting tonight. They were all teachers from the school that Jilly taught at.

The custom of having an evening out started a number of years ago. It gave them the opportunity of meeting outside of school. Talking about work was tolerated, but you couldn't make that the sole subject of the conversation. They would go out to dinner about once every other month. Most of the teachers would come.

Then Jilly said, "Oh, by the way, tonight you will be Jack Wallace..."

"Oh damn," I interrupted, "I was looking forward to being Mel Gibson."

"Daddy, that's not what I mean. You will be Jack, an old friend of mine."

"I noticed the emphasis on the 'old' friend," I laughed.

"Stop that! You are not old. In fact, I am going to have to fight off all of the single women tonight. You will be the sexiest man there, and you will be all mine." She said.

That evening we left for the club at around 8:00 pm. I was wearing a dress shirt, slacks, and a sports jacket. Jilly was wearing a snug blouse with the top two buttons open. The open blouse showed the shape of her lovely breasts and afforded a view of some cleavage. Her skirt was short, showing her wonderful shapely legs.

Looking at her, I wanted to take her in my arms and spend the evening exploring that body. But, I told myself, no matter how hot she looks ... she is my daughter.

The Club was a nice place without the blaring music. You could have a conversation without having to scream.

There was music for dancing, and the food wasn't bad. Jilly introduced me as Jack an old friend. Tonight, it was my turn to get ogled. There were a few single teachers in their thirties, who would have liked to monopolize my time, but Jilly wouldn't have any of that.

She told me during one dance that a couple of those teachers were very interested in just how close we were. Jilly told them we were very close.

We left the club around 10:30 pm and went back to Jilly's apartment.

Neither of us had much to drink, so when we settled down I made us a bourbon on the rocks, and we sat on the couch sipping our drinks.

Jilly moved close and cuddled with me. She was telling me how much she enjoyed having me around.

"I feel so loved when I am with you," she said. "I wish you lived closer."

"So do I," I answered. "I didn't realize just how much I missed you. It will be very difficult to leave on Sunday."

I leaned down and kissed her on top of her head.

She looked up at me and lifted her face to mine. Our lips were only millimeters apart. I could smell the scent of her perfume mixed with the bourbon on her breath. I pulled her closer and slowly and softly our lips met.

It was a rather short, soft, loving kiss. When we parted, I looked deeply into her eyes. They were full of love, full of love for me. Not the love of a daughter for her father, but the love that a woman has for a man.

It was then that I realized this woman, my own daughter, meant more to me than life itself. I wanted to possess her body and soul; I wanted to be possessed by her totally.

I whispered to her, "Jilly, I love you so much, more than anything in this world."

"That makes me so happy, Daddy. Because, I love you more than I could ever tell. I have always loved you, and now I want you ... I want you so much it hurts."

"I want you too, my love," I said, as I pulled her closer and kissed her lips.

This time I kissed her with all of the passion that had been building over the last few days ... months ... years. With all of the passion and love that I had in me.

Our lips crushed together, our mouths opened and allowed the other's tongue to enter and attack.

Our bodies pressed together. I could feel her breasts flattened against my chest. Her hips grinding against mine. My hand was fondling and caressing her firm ass.

My dick, erect and as hard as a rock, was pressed into her groin. She had to know what she was doing to her father and what he wanted to do with her. She pulled away a little and reached down and began to stroke my dick.

I moved my hand to her breast and caressed it through her blouse. I then started to unbutton her blouse, and I felt her loosen my belt and unzip my pants.

Our lips parted, and I began to kiss her chin, her cheek, her neck slowly moving lower. I moved my hand into her opened blouse and cupped her bra-encased breast with my hand. I could feel her hardening nipple through the bra. I reached behind her, unhooked her bra and took it off with her blouse.

Jilly was moaning that she loved me and that I was making her feel so wonderful.

I moved back a little to look at her. Jilly was lying on the couch, her hair was spread out over the throw pillow like a halo. I could see that reddish highlights in the brown.

I gazed on her beautiful breasts; they were not really large, smaller than her mothers, but they were perfectly proportioned for her slight body. They were milky white with small rose-colored aureoles and very erect nipples. She had a small waist that flared out into lovely rounded hips; that at the moment were covered by her skirt.

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