Lightning Strikes

by Barneyr

Copyright© 2014 by Barneyr

Fiction Story: A storm is brewing and due to this storm, Bill must wage war against two enemies to reach a safe and happy home. One lightning strike tries to block his way and another tries to end life as he knows it.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Fiction   .

The rain is coming down so hard I am idling along. I can barely see the ram's head hood ornament on my ten year old Dodge Ram 1500 crew cab pickup. I'm trying to get home to my family; my loving wife Brenda and my children Jake and Susan. I'm Bill by the way. Bill Long, I'm 39 and I'm on my way home early since this storm I'm fighting has cancelled flights all over the area. I was due to fly up to Dallas from Austin on business, but first the Dallas airfields at Love and DFW were closed due to this storm. The storm was moving so fast that they thought it would be cleared up in a few hours so our flight was still scheduled, but we would be flying to El Paso and then to Oklahoma City and then back to Dallas.

That was the plan, but like all plans, once engaging the enemy, plans are now just something on paper or in your head. The enemy, of course, was this freak storm that occurred from out of nowhere in the mountains of Tucumcari, New Mexico and headed east southeast. My flight was scheduled for 4:40pm and I had driven my beat up looking truck to the airport so Brenda wouldn't have to leave work early. She worked at an accounting firm in North Austin. She had some special project she was working on and I figured who was going to bother with a beat up truck like mine in the parking lot.

My truck had seen a lot of wear and tear over the ten years I have owned it. I bought it new and for the first few years it was always neat, clean, and shiny. Then I helped a coworker move, and the bed got a little banged up and scratched. I realized then that it was a truck, a work truck, not a showpiece. So now it had some fender dings, a couple of places that had primer covering a place where some asshole had banged into it that I had fixed, but not had a chance to paint over. But the truck ran like a top, the Hemi purred like a kitten at idle but roared like a lion when I really gave it some gas.

The plan was changed and we were supposed to fly to maybe Memphis and then back to DFW, but that was cancelled when the storm got bigger. It was drawing air and moisture from the gulf, and wind from the northwest and just kept growing. By 6:15 all flights were cancelled out of ABIA (Austin Bergstrom International Airport) and I headed home while it was still fairly nice weather in far southeast Austin. I headed north up the 130 toll road toward Round Rock and I was doing pretty well, but the rain was starting to get harder the farther north I went. It was still okay to drive in, but when I got to the US290 exit, the rain really started in heavier. It seemed that by the next exit I was the only one on the road. By the time I got to the Gattis School Exit going east into Round Rock, I knew I was the only one on the road. I saw no cars and no headlights coming toward me either, but then too I could only see about two hundred feet in any direction.

The rain started getting harder and became sheets driven by the northwest wind and getting harder and harder to see anything. I had noticed lightning in the distance as I came up 130, but now it was flashing all around me and I was almost blinded by the light and the truck shook with the thunder. I had put my sunglasses on halfway up 130 to be able to cut the glare of the headlights and overhead lights at the exits reflecting off the road surface. It helped a great deal, but now with the lightning strikes and everything I was still blinded for seconds after a strike. By now I am barely crawling along at an idle. I got off Kelly Lane and onto Wilke Lane headed for my home on Indigo Trail off of Red Bud Lane.

By now I was less than two miles from home and safety. It was also close to 8:30 on my radio clock. I had just turned on Senna Ridge Trail when lightning struck a neighbor's tree and it fell to the road taking out his car in the street. No way to get around it, so I turned around and headed back the way I had come. I could go back and take either take Forest Ridge Blvd. or go all the way back to Lost Indigo Trail to get to the other side of Indigo and get home. The tree that came down was about two houses from the corner of Forest Ridge and Senna Ridge.

I drove up Forest Ridge and rounded the corner, looking for home at last. While trying to negotiate my way into my driveway I saw reflections of a car's tail lights in my headlights. There was a car in my driveway where I usually park my truck. Brenda's car would be in the garage and I usually park to the side of the drive where she could get her car out, but there was a car there, one I really didn't recognize. I wondered who could have come here knowing I was going to be gone for three days. Well I would find out in a hurry. I hit the garage door opener, and parked in the drive behind Brenda's car and hurried into the garage, getting soaked in the process. I wrote down the license number of the car on a scrap of lumber and then closed the garage door, just as thunder boomed out loudly. I shook myself off and tried to get some semblance of dry with some of my shop rags before I tracked all this water in the house. I knew Brenda would go ballistic if I got her carpet this wet. I stripped down to nothing and then grabbed a pair of shorts from the pile of laundry in the laundry room, and put them on. I then dried myself with a towel from there too, and opened the kitchen door. I was semidry and now shivering because I was still cold from the drenching I got coming into the garage. Who would have thought five hours ago it was 105 degrees out and my thermometer in the garage was pointing towards 35 when I came in; a seventy degree difference in just five hours.

I couldn't hear much as I walked into what seemed like an empty house. The timer light for the living room had come on, so we hadn't lost power yet, but it did seem as though I heard voices, the voices weren't coming from the dining room or the living room, or even our bedroom. It sounded more like coming from Jake's room, or down the hallway, but why from there.

I walked into the house, shivering from the cold and maybe a little from fear. I walked down the hallway to see Jake's door closed, but there was a light from under the door. I checked Susan's room as the door was open and no one was in that room. What the hell is going on? I crept up to Jake's door and listened and I could distinctly hear flesh slapping on flesh. Okay, if Susan was gone, then I knew Jake would be gone too, so that only left Brenda and the mysterious guest from the strange car. This was a definite case of home invasion and invasion of my wife.

I turned around and went back to our bedroom; our bedroom, probably not anymore, huh. But when I got there I reached under the nightstand drawer, and removed my M1911A1. I had made a holster for it and attached it to the top of the shelf there. I made sure it was loaded and I chambered a round. Then I crept back across the living room to the hallway and even through all the noise of the rain hitting the roof, I could hear them still going at it. I checked the door knob and the door was not locked, so I slowly turned the knob and opened the door a crack. There in Jake's bed lay my Brenda with some guy on top of her pumping away to his heart's content. Her eyes were glazed over and her arms were being held above her head with one of his hands as he was pounding away. The bed was along the back wall of the room so their profile was what I could see. The guy was about our age, late 30's, or early 40's and he looked in decent shape and from what I could tell he had a nice long cock, but not as big around as mine. Mine's like six and half inches long but almost two and a half inches wide. His looked to be better than six inches long as that much came out on his up stroke, but it looked to only be about an inch wide. Enough of this shit; I opened the door and pointed the gun at the guy's torso and said calmly, "Please stop what you are doing to my wife before I blow a hole big enough in your body to drive my truck through."

Brenda looked at me and then turned her head away, and pushed the guy off slurring, "Get off me before he shoots us both."

"My, ain't this a pretty picture! I go away on business and my wife moves some asshole into MY house and then fucks him on my son's bed. Are you too tired of fucking him on our bed Brenda? So are you playing musical beds now? Was Susan's bed next, or was it going to be the dining room table; or how about the couch in the living room? Well Brenda what do you have to say for yourself? I noticed that the kids are gone. Did they go to my folk's house down the way so they could still go to school while you shack up with asshole here? Well answer me you slut!"

Asshole started to speak when I pulled the trigger and shot about a foot above his head. The noise was deafening. He fainted and so did Brenda, driving his cock into her again. They had not even disjoined while I was talking to them. I walked over to the asshole and pulled him off my wife and onto the floor. I looked at the small hole in the back wall and figured I had one hell of a hole outside, but right now that didn't bother me, I could fix that later. Right now I had to see if I could fix my marriage.

I sat in Jake's desk chair and tapped asshole on the head with the barrel of my gun saying, "Wakey wakey, it's time to wake up and face the music." Music, that reminded me of a song I really liked, it was a country song called "Guilty as Can Be" by Cody Johnson. There's a lyric there that goes:

" ... And if murderin' a man who didn't understand
Just what she meant to me
Means I'll rot right here in this cell for eternity
Well then mister I'm as guilty as can be

Well I wish I had me a picture of what his face looked like
When I kicked in my bedroom door and raised my 45
See I ain't the kind to hurt a woman and I hope you understand
But someone's got to die today
Son it looks like you're the man"

They both came around and I loved that phrase so I said it verbatim and pointed the gun at Mr. Asshole. He could see I was tightening my trigger finger when he dropped again in a dead faint. I looked at Brenda and said, "Okay, who is Mr. Asshole that you have let into MY HOUSE and allowed him to have something that only belongs to me? Well, answer me or do you want me to shoot you too and the kids won't have a mother or father, you slut!"

"Bill, it's not like that. Please just put the gun away. And I'm not a slut!"

"What is your definition of a slut, Bren? Is it some skanky whore who charges for blow jobs and pussy or ass? No, that is a whore. She charges her men for sex. A slut just fucks for the fun of it; no money changes hands and she enjoys the hell out of fucking other people. Now a wife can be a slut for her husband and allow him any kind of sex he and she wants, but once someone outside the marriage comes into it, she is no longer a wife slut -- she becomes a slut wife. You see the difference Bren? Now what are you if not a slut wife since you brought Mr. Asshole into our house and allowed him privileges that are supposed to be only for your husband. What does that make you other than a slut wife? For now why don't you go into the bathroom and get dressed? Stay there until I tell you to do anything more. Understand? You just lost sex privileges with me until further notice. Now git!"

Brenda slowly got up from the bed, grabbed her clothes, and ran out of the room. Mr. Asshole was coming around again and I put my cold bare foot on his back, which woke him a little faster. He did stay where he was, though. "Mr. Asshole, you got a name?"

"Yes, it's Jeremy Ironsides. Look I really shouldn't be here. I should be home with my wife and children comforting them with all this weather. They are really afraid of thunder storms. If you just let me go, I will never say anything and I'll never approach Brenda again."

"Okay Jeremy, how do you know Brenda?"

"She works for me at the Friendly and Associates. I have been trying for months to get Brenda to let me come home with her or to go somewhere where we could be alone. She is so beautiful and sexy and she gets me so hot all the time at work. I just had to have her. I'm sure you of all people can understand the desires men have about your wife. She is the personification of the sexy wife; someone every man wishes he had at home waiting for him. I'm so very sorry that I talked her into tonight, but you have to see that I just had to have her at least once. Please don't kill me, I beg of you."

"Well Jeremy, why don't you get dressed and meet me in the dining room and we can discuss the pros and cons about just shooting you and leaving you in some out of the way place in your car for the cops to find sometime later. I know of several roads that go nowhere and I could leave you there for days before someone finds you. Until then I think I need the keys to your car. Hand them over."

I knew he couldn't leave by the front door because it sticks real badly during rainy weather, and there is a trick to lifting and turning the key in the dead bolt just so or you'll never open the door. Now sure the key is hanging right there in the opening we call church windows between the entrance way and the dining room. There are four openings that are shaped kind of like stained glass windows in a church. The base and the sides up to almost the top are straight, and then there is a very high arch in the top six inches of the opening giving the effect of a church window.

So Jeremy grabbed his pants from the floor, and got his keys and handed them to me. He then started getting dressed. I left the room, and walked into the kid's bathroom and said to Brenda as she sat on the commode, "Jeremy and I are going to have a nice long talk about a few things Babe. You get dressed again and stay in Jake's room for a while. I'll come get you, but first I think you need to decide if you want to stay in this house or leave with Jeremy. I'll get to you in a little while." I didn't hear an answer.

The storm outside was just starting to lessen in fury and there were fewer lightning strikes and the thunder was less and seemed farther away. Even the rain seemed to have let up some. I sat at the table across from Jeremy. I just looked at him, I mean really looked at him to see if I could discern why Brenda would let this guy fuck her. He was handsome, I guess, tall and fit, but then so was I tall, and fit.

I had to be, due to my job. I was the marketing and operations manager for Pflugerville Plastics, a small manufacturing firm in Pflugerville. I ran all over that production floor probably ten to twenty times a day and then it was in and out of meetings with the salesmen and customers all day long. Sure, I worked some overtime a few times a month and I needed to travel for a couple of days once a month or so, but by and large I was home every evening and I loved on my wife and kids. I made good money, in the 95k a year range, plus the 65 a year that Brenda brought home, we lived pretty well. We lived in an upscale neighborhood about two or three miles from my folks. Brenda's family lived in Dripping Springs about 50 miles from our home.

So, looking at Jeremy, I just couldn't see why Brenda had strayed. "Okay Jeremy, why don't you explain how you ended up here in MY home, fucking MY wife tonight."

"Where should I start? It's kind of a long story."

"Start like any story, start at the beginning and tell me everything that you did to get my wife to cuckold me tonight when I was supposed to be away on a business trip. But first one question: was tonight the very first time you had any sexual contact with my wife?"

"Other than coping a feel of her ass and her boob once each and a couple of kisses, nothing until tonight."

Damn I almost shot the bastard right there in the dining room. I didn't, but it was a real close call. I had brought the gun up from the table and pointed right at his chest. It was steady as a rock and then it wavered a bit and I lay it down again. However, I still had a firm grip on the gun. Now that he felt that I wouldn't shoot him, he was getting a little arrogant and cocky.

"It all started about six months ago, at the Christmas party. You had not showed up yet, and I caught Brenda near the mistletoe and I kissed her. She slapped my face and told me to leave her alone before she told her husband about what I had just done. I had been lusting after her for months by then and this was the first opportunity for me to get close enough to try something. I would never try anything at work; there are too many people around Brenda's desk for me to feel comfortable showing any affection toward her.

"Shortly after that moment, you showed up a little late and Brenda was never alone after that. Then after the new year, I tried to talk to her more often, calling her into my office and talking about work, but I kept working on her telling her how beautiful she was, complimenting her on her clothes, her work, anything to get her to at least like me a little and to apologize for my actions at the Christmas party. A month ago she started to come around and then is when I felt her ass as she leaned over my desk to look at some figures on my laptop. She just picked up my hand, and put it on the desk and said something about me being a naughty boy. Once that happened, I knew I could have her if I just kept working on her.

"Then two weeks ago, I guess you two had a fight of some sort as she was upset when she came in to work. I called her into my office and closed the door. I asked what was wrong and she said that you were mad because she bought a new bikini for the summer. You had said it was too small for a woman her age and a mother to boot. She was upset and started to cry about your harsh words to her. That is when I held her and I was able to feel her left breast. She didn't notice it for a few minutes and then she playfully slapped my hand and said I shouldn't do that. I removed my hand immediately, but not before I felt such a tingle in my hand that I just knew I would have her.

"Then today, she was all upset about you leaving in such a hurry to Dallas for something. She had planned a nice weekend for you two and you had to ruin it by flying to Dallas for three days and not coming home until late Saturday evening. She had made plans with reservations at an upscale restaurant in Austin and then dancing at the Forest Creek Country Club. But this was scheduled for Friday evening and now everything was ruined. It was going to be a surprise for your birthday next week. She couldn't schedule what she wanted that week, so she had to back it up a week, when she could get the reservations and the club has a dance that night with old swing and waltz music. The next week was going to be popular music. So this all stems from you Bill, you caused this to happen with your emergency trip to Dallas."

"Not so fast Jeremy. You didn't explain how you got to be here tonight."

"Well, this is where I'm not sure why, but Brenda asked me to follow her home tonight. She said she had called your parents and they were to pick up the kids and keep them a day early. That you were going to start celebrating a day earlier than planned. You know the rest, but she didn't let me into your bedroom, she said we had to use her son's room only. That's it until you came home and shot a hole in the wall. So can I leave now and go home to my wife and children?"

"Not quite yet. Just sit tight and don't go anywhere. If you try to leave I'll shoot you in the back and swear you were a burglar. Do we understand each other?"

"Yes Bill, we understand each other. When you shot over my head I could tell that murder was in your eyes and I still see that emotion as well as a set determination that I feel would be harmful to my continued good health if I tried anything."

"Very good answer, Jeremy. Just sit tight and I'll be right back."

I went into the garage, and got some zip ties and was right back in less than a minute. I zip tied Jeremy's hands and feet to the dining room chair. Except for the seat of wood the whole chair was wrought iron. I didn't make the ties too tight, but tight enough that he couldn't get loose. I then went to Jake's room to confront my cheating slut wife.

I could tell that Brenda had done exactly what I had asked because with the light from Jake's room I could see the shadow of her walking from the bathroom to Jake's room. I didn't see any other shadow other than the one where she went into Jake's room. I think she was too frightened and she seemed docile and complied with my orders or requests.

I had arrived in the doorway to Jake's room when I heard a slight commotion from the dining room. I walked slowly back down the hall and peeked around the corner and saw Jeremy twisting in his bonds trying unsuccessfully to extricate himself from the zip ties. In fact it looked like he had tightened the tie on his right wrist to the point of pain. I snuck up behind him, and put the gun barrel behind his ear and asked, "Going somewhere Jer? And look, you have messed up your restraints and made this one tighter," I said, as I pulled his right wrist against the tie. "Let me fix that for you Jeremy. I would hate for you to have bruises on your wrists from all of your struggling. You just might get a jury to believe I didn't treat you nice as a guest in my home."

I took a small jewelers screwdriver from the table top, and loosened his tie enough to allow for circulation, and then I pocketed the screwdriver. "Now, no more shenanigans and I will let you leave here tonight. Harmed or unharmed depends upon what my wife tells me. Now, one last time. Is everything you told me the truth?"

"Please Bill, there is nothing else. Let me leave and I will transfer to another section and never interact with her again. I promise. If I can't transfer, I will see if I can get Brenda transferred to another section with a raise. Please let me go. I don't want to die."

"What makes you think you're going to die tonight, Jer? I've already said that if Brenda's story matches yours you go free, right? So tell me Jer, do you have anything different to tell me than what I heard a little while ago?"

"I think that I may have forgotten to mention that I gave Brenda a little something to relax her, right before we were leaving work."

"Oh, so now you admit to needing a little help getting my wife to cooperate and be your bed partner, huh? Well I guess that does put a different spin on things. I may not kill you tonight, but you might have to suffer a little pain just for lying to me, and maybe a bit more pain for drugging my wife, too. I'll let you know later what will happen to you. Sit tight and don't try to get loose. Just remember what happened last time and I'm not sure how long it will take to get her story out of her. You might lose your hands or feet if you tighten those ties up too tight. I'll be back in a little bit."

I left Jeremy and waited a couple of minutes and didn't hear any more commotion, so I went into Jakes' room and sat down where I had been before in the desk chair. Brenda was curled up in a fetal position on Jake's bed crying softly. Just seeing her there all vulnerable got me to thinking of when we first met.

I first met Brenda during a blind date; no, not with me. I was going with this girl Susan Wright and she needed a date for her girlfriend from back home in Dripping Springs. We were at Texas State, down in San Marcos, Texas. I was a junior in their Business Management program and Susan was in a lot of my classes. She was a junior, too. Anyway, Brenda Donnell was her girlfriend who I hadn't met yet and she needed a date, so I cajoled my roommate Dale Lucky into going with me as Brenda's date. Anyway, we get to their dorm and we meet Susan and Brenda. Brenda was 5'-8", about 100 pounds and built like a dream. She kinda reminded me of a homespun girl from back in the country. You know a good old country girl. I've found that as she has aged, she resembles the country singer Taylor Swift. She's a blonde, with nice long, silky hair, and a cute face and a killer body, just like Taylor. But when we met, Taylor wasn't popular yet, so I had no comparison. But I knew that somehow and in some way I was going to win that girl for my own.

We double dated a couple of times and Susan could see that I was smitten and so was Brenda. The next time I called Susan, I asked her if she would be mad at me if we quit being a couple. She said, "What took you so long, doofus? I figured that we'd swap dates before the first date was over. It was quite obvious to Dale and me that you two were only interested in each other. So, I suppose that you want to talk to Brenda."

"Only, if you're okay with this. I don't want any hard feelings on your part about this break up. I like you a lot Susan and if I had never met Brenda, I think we would have been extremely happy for the rest of our lives together."

"God, you sweet talkin' devil you. I always knew that you could talk the birds from the trees; but to talk me out of loving you; that takes the cake. I'll get Brenda for you. And Bill, remember this date and time; because someday I'm going to ask you for something. I don't know when or why, but you'll owe me big time. Just you remember this, right?"

"Susan, I'll remember this day forever. Whenever you need me, I'll be there for you, no matter what."

That was the start of a wonderful ten years together, until tonight, that is. We dated exclusively for the rest of our time in school and we got married in September after we graduated in May. Surprisingly, we both found work almost immediately. By Independence Day, we were both working. The next year Brenda called me at work and said, "Hey Daddy, guess what?"

"We're pregnant, right?"

"Yes isn't that great news? I can't wait to get you home so we can get more practice in."

"I'm thrilled too, darling. I can't wait either. I love you sweetheart. See you tonight."

I was mulling over in my mind all the highlights of our life together; the night we met, our wedding; where we promised to be together forever; and our children being born, their first days of school. I looked over at Brenda as she lay on our son's bed and I cried for the third time in my adult life. The first two times were when our children were born and I cried tears of joy, but tonight it was tears of sadness. Brenda came over to me and said, "Bill, I love you more than I can ever say and I really don't understand what happened tonight. You know I would never do this thing that happened tonight. I just don't understand. I never have liked that sleazy Jeremy, but somehow he was very attentive and he talked his way into my mind and I let him violate me and I can never ever forget that look on your face when you spoke to us. You looked like you had lost your best friend. I'm so sorry, Bill. I'll leave and go to my folk's house. You don't ever have to see me again. I'll go pack now."

"Bren, Honey, you just sit back down on Jake's bed. We need to talk about this now before anyone leaves. Okay?"

She nodded her head yes and sat back down.

"Okay, so tell me everything, starting at the Christmas party where I was late."

Brenda's Story:

"Bill it starts even further back than that. Jeremy has been leering and ogling me since he started almost a year ago. He replaced Henry Windom when he retired. He had been at another branch of the office. I think he said he came from Chicago. Anyway, he immediately went through all the single ladies at work and then started hitting on the married ones. Since he was our supervisor it was hard to ignore his pestering. But let's face it. Most accountants are men, all the upper management are men and they all stick together. He is buddy-buddy with Charles Burke the manager of HR, so no complaints go any further than his office. Several women have tried to go further and complain, but it gets swept under the rug in upper management. Anyway, all that happened before the Christmas party.

Brenda went on to explain everything pretty much as Jeremy explained it although she did add the revulsion of him touching her and holding her during the crying scene in his office about the bikini episode. But when we came to today, here is where the stories differed.

"Jeremy could tell I was upset about you calling me to say you had to go to Dallas for three days. I had this surprise all worked out for Friday night at Franco's Italian restaurant. Do you know how hard it is to get reservations there? Well it's damn near impossible, but I managed it. I was planning this for next week, but they had a change of the band at the country club and I knew you would never be comfortable with popular music and the swing band would be this weekend. So once that was set I got the reservations at Franco's. Well, when you called I was devastated. I know it was a surprise and I had things all planned out. Then you leaving because of work and everything, I broke down. Jeremy took me into his office about four and he calmed me down after I told him the whole thing. He offered me some cola he went out to get and I drank it all down. Then the next thing I remember is coming home and Jeremy following me into the house. He tried to kiss me once we were inside and was pulling me toward our bedroom. I said no, not that room and I let him lead me in to Jake's room. I still don't know how he got my clothes off and then he was on top of me and he was..."

She broke down and cried more, so I went to her and held her saying soothing words of 'I love you, ' 'I believe you' and 'we will punish him for what he did.' I realized that I had terrified Brenda with my gruff voice and bullish behavior. I needed to let her know that I was not mad, per se, at her. So, right now I needed to calm her down. Right then killing Jeremy was looking to be the best option available, but I knew I really couldn't do it. He was not worth going to jail over. He would get what was coming to him, just not tonight and not with my gun.

Once I could convince Brenda that I was not going to throw her in the street, she calmed down quite a bit. We got up from the bed and walked down the hall to the living room and into the dining room. Jeremy had tried again to get loose and had tightened both ankle ties and his left wrist tie this time. His hand was starting to turn very red from lack of circulation. And the swelling was noticeable.

"Naughty Jeremy, I told you that you shouldn't struggle. Now look what you've done." I went to my dresser, and retrieved my pocket knife and cut all the ties and let him rub his hands and feet to get the circulation back into them.

"Jeremy, I have decided not to kill you tonight, but I think you need to apologize to my wife and to me for drugging her and for doing things that you shouldn't do. Now this is not the end of this. I will be talking to you again and I would suggest that you go home and tell your wife how much you love her. Mainly because you came very close, almost too close, to never seeing her or your children again. I could have shot you several times tonight, but I have a big heart and I love my wife and children very much and I would not want to go to jail just because I killed a piece of trash like you. Here are your keys and I will even open the door for you to leave and never darken our door again. Is that clear as crystal, Jeremy?"

"Yes, Bill and thank you for not killing me. Yes, I know I am a piece of trash and I do really apologize to Brenda and you for the stupid and dirty things I have done in the past. Believe me; I am turning over a new leaf as of now, and I will never bother Brenda again. I promise."

"Make sure you leave the other women at the office alone, too. I understand that you consider yourself the office Casanova. I think it is time for him to retire from that job and pay more attention to his work and his family. I think that it might be healthier for you."

"I'm sorry Brenda for everything, I guess I never grew up, but I have grown a great deal tonight and it's all thanks to you and your understanding husband. Goodnight, see you in the morning."

Jeremy left as the rain was letting up. Brenda and I walked back inside the house arm in arm. I locked the front door back up and then held Brenda and told her to get ready for a little trip.

"Bill, where are we going on this little trip? How long are we going to be gone?" It was very apparent that the drugs were starting to wear off, so I needed to get her to a lab right away. I grabbed a coat for her, some pants and a shirt for me and we took off in the truck. I drove straight to the hospital emergency room out on FM 1460. Once there, I said to the man behind the desk, "I need a rape kit done on my wife and I need blood and urine tested for drugs."

I could almost see the doubt in his eyes until he looked into my eyes and the look on Brenda's face as I said those words quietly, but with steel in my voice.

"Immediately, sir. Let me get a nurse out here right now and she can take care of your wife and I can get some information on the occurrence. You realize that the police will be informed?"

"I'm counting on it," I said with conviction. He punched a button on his phone and suddenly two nurses came running with a wheelchair and took Brenda away. I said to her, "Just do whatever they want you to do, Baby. I'll be there shortly." She nodded her head and then let it hang down with her chin on her chest.

The male nurse and I filled out all the paperwork and just before we finished, a Williamson County Deputy walked in the door. I went up to him and we went outside to talk. I explained what had happened and he said he would pick up Mr. Ironsides. I asked that they hold off until we got the results of the blood and urine tests and possible DNA from a vaginal swab. I said I wanted this to be airtight. I didn't want Jeremy to slip through the cracks because we acted too soon. With a wife and children, I didn't think he would flee.

I noticed the name tag of E. Wisenowski, and I asked if he knew Sgt. Steve Wisenowski of the Travis County Sherriff's office.

"Yeah, he's my big brother. Why?"

"I've known Sgt. Ski for about ten years now. I just loved his pearlescent '50 Mercury coupe. I even bought a black'49 shoebox Ford sedan from him several years ago. We were in the same car club for a few years, but with the kids and traveling I had to quit and sell the car."

"That was my old car, that '49. Boy, I sure miss that car. My name's Eric by the way. Bill, I think that we can wait a bit to make sure we got all our ducks in a row. You say he has been pestering a lot of the ladies at that place he works?"

"From what I hear he has scored several times and then when a complaint goes to HR he gets it dropped. He and the HR manager are tight and they both came from Chicago about a year ago. He admitted to me that he had given Brenda something to relax her before they left work. Now true, I did have a gun in my possession at the time, but I had threatened him before. I told him that if he told the truth, he would go home unharmed. I know that was a confession under duress, but what would you have done if you came home and found the sleazy bastard fucking your wife?"

"I'd probably have shot the bastard right then and there. I think your plan was better. Less messy. Oh Damn, you're that Bill Long."


"You're the guy that beat my brother in a shooting match out at Red's Range there in Pflugerville a couple of years ago. I thought I recognized you, but I just couldn't place you. You had longer hair then and a beard, right?"

"Yeah, that was me. Look, I didn't want to do that match, but Ski bet me a hundred and a bottle of Tullamore Dew I couldn't outshoot him. I had to try to win. I love that Dew."

Yeah, but you had to change magazines twice to match his 20 shots with just one magazine change. How could you do that? That always puzzled me."

"It's a trick Eric. I had three loaded magazines to his two, but my 45 is much faster than his 9 mil. I had the trigger worked on and it has less pull and the 45 slams the slide much faster than the composite Glock 17. However, if he had been using the 21, it might have been a different story. Anyway, back to our problem. We wait until we hear what comes of the tests on Brenda, right?"

"Right, I need you to give a statement either oral or written to a deputy tomorrow, but for now let's see how your wife is doing."

We both went back inside to see how Brenda was doing. She was still in the ER and the nurse said that once all the tests were done, then they would see whether or not she could come home or stay overnight.

Eric talked to the nurse and then went in to talk to Brenda and came out about ten minutes later and said to me, "They're going to let her go home with you. You should have most of the results tomorrow morning, but the DNA takes almost two weeks. But they did find some semen; not enough to be ejaculate, but maybe enough to get a good DNA sample. I'll tell my brother that I met you again, just not the circumstances. Goodnight, Bill. I hope things turn out good for you both."

"Thanks, Eric. I'll be in tomorrow and give my statement."

Eric left and soon my wife came out to me launched herself out to the wheelchair, and ran into my arms crying. I held her and the nurse that had tried to wheel her to me said, "She has had a very trying evening. Just take her home and hold her and understand what has happened was never her fault. The preliminary tests came back positive for Xanax and Klonopin in her blood stream. The Xanax was probably administered first as it was a weaker positive. That would have relaxed her to the state that she was susceptible to suggestions and yet still capable of doing what she needed to do. The Klonopin would cause weakness or confusion so that she would be unable to defend herself against an assailant. The best thing for her now is rest. If she gets hysterical, bring her back immediately."

"Thank you, nurse. We will be going straight home and I'll make sure she rests. Please thank everyone for all their help tonight."

"We just do our job, Mr. Long, that's all. Most times it's unpleasant and sometimes we can help. Tonight I think we helped someone who really needed some of our help." She turned the wheelchair around and went off to help more people tonight.

I drove us home and parked where I normally park and surprisingly the night sky was a black blanket with nothing but a field of twinkling stars and a pale moon near the horizon. There wasn't a cloud in the sky that I could see. I don't know if it was an omen or not, but I took it as one. An omen of a new start, a clean slate as you will, for our marriage. I came very close to losing the one I loved most in this world and I came very close to doing something that even though I wouldn't regret, I would pay for, for the rest of my life. Once inside I helped Brenda undress and let her put on her nightgown and I cuddled with her in bed all night long.

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