Crimson Seduction

by BlackInkRain

Copyright© 2014 to BlackInkRain

Erotica Sex Story: A woman enjoys her first experiences with a new master...the king himself. But this is not as simple as she always thinks it is. Something huge is in store for her. just the beginning.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Petting   .

She stood waiting patiently as he walked around her in circles, seeming to examine every inch of her. She was completely naked, and exposed to his prying eyes. It made her blush faintly. She could already feel that familiar 'itch' between her legs. It was worse than she'd expected. She was incredibly aroused, to the point she was sure he could see it. Yet he kept his expression unreadable.

She was too afraid to look down to his crotch to check if she could see any arousal there. As a matter of a fact, she was very afraid, to be presented to this man in such a way. Yet she stood there as if proud, nipples hard, pussy wet, and hands calmly at her sides.

"You'll make a fine bitch." He said finally his breath tickling her ear and sending chills up her spine. She didn't realize he'd gotten that close when he got behind her. His hands came around her sides and she nearly moaned. He started to kiss on her neck, sucking and licking. He bit her rather hard after a moment, this time succeeding in bringing out a moan.

She smiled softly, able to gaze in a full length mirror on the wall which showed their reflection. "A fine bitch indeed ... yours."

He held his hands around her waist, continuing to lick, suck, and occasionally bite on her neck. She was in heaven. Slowly, his hands slid up across her torso. He stroked and caressed her skin, until he started to play with her breasts. He seemed to know exactly how to turn her on.

Her eyes fluttered closed while she enjoyed his treatment. She realized suddenly that his hard on was pressed against her ass. That just turned her on even more.

His breath tickled her ear again. "Undress me." He murmured. She nodded obediently and turned to do so, but he caught her lips with his own, not letting her go until after a few moments.

She started to disrobe him, starting with his shirt and very slowly working her way down. Her hands shamelessly ran over his chest once it was bare, and she gazed into his eyes. He was so impossible to read, and it drove her crazy, making her pussy ache so much worse.

She kissed his chest, letting herself become bold enough to circle her tongue around his nipples. she honestly didn't know if he'd like it. She wasn't sure about anything. The uncertainty just aroused her more. He closed his eyes, but he wouldn't let pleasure show on his face. It was maddening. She gave up on it and kissed her way down over his stomach, slowly pulling his pants down as low she could reach.

She knelt and undid each of his boots. He stepped out of them, allowing her to do her work, and did the same when she tried to remove his pants, and underwear. She just sat there for a moment staring at his dick, fully erect, and bigger than she had seen yet. Much bigger, although her chances for comparison were limited to ... well very unfortunate men.

She was very intimidated by this. Her heart felt like it was beating out of her chest, and her clit was throbbing. She was so tempted to reach down and rub herself. But she was 'his' bitch. She wasn't going to pleasure herself without his permission.

She became very hesitant, extremely fearful that he wouldn't like whatever she had to offer. It would've been so much easier if he wasn't so good at hiding his thoughts and feelings, but here she was, totally in the dark, and it was a thrill as much as it terrified her.

She reached out and gently grasped his dick, giving it a light squeeze. It felt big as it looked, but then what else was there to expect? She started to stroke it as she glanced up at his face. His eyes were closed, and his expression hadn't changed.

She reached her other hand up and played lightly with his balls. He seemed to get a slight look then. It resembled concentration. She prayed that was a good sign, and kept stroking him for quite a while before he rested his hand on her head. "That's enough." He said, just a hint of something she couldn't quite place in his voice. Was it lust? Or more concentration? Perhaps he was upset.

She was really going to drive herself insane trying to read this man. She hesitated again, gazing up at him with curious eyes. "What will you have now?" She asked softly. He didn't answer her.

Instead he took her hand and pulled her up, pulling her body tightly to his. Her nipples pressed tightly to his chest, and it nearly hurt, she wanted to be touched so badly. But despite their closeness, the best action she was getting was his dick against her stomach, and his hands on her lower back. It annoyed her to no end.

He kissed her hard, and it felt extremely possessive. It was hot, and it made her feel like melting in his arms. He french kissed with her, letting his tongue invade her mouth, dancing with hers. She returned the favor gladly, resting one hand on his chest pressed between them, while her other hand started to snake down to stroke his dick.

But he caught that hand, and pulled it up to join the other, letting their bodies separate just a little to create room. She almost missed being pressed so tightly to him, and it did make her pout. He gave a soft smile, the first real facial expression she'd gotten out of him, before he turned serious and shoved her roughly onto the bed.

It made her breath catch, yet another thrill running through her at his roughness. He kissed her roughly, his weight pinning her to the bed. She moaned when he worked his hand over her body, teasing her tits and sliding down to play with her clit and pussy. He had her wanting so badly she would have given anything to have him just fuck her.

He kept teasing her and playing with her, making her moan and squirm. She wasn't able to focus enough to resist him, or try to worry about him. She was the one to get treatment, and really that wasn't so bad.

He stopped rubbing on her dripping pussy and clit, making her whine needily and squirm. She looked up at him with pleading eyes, but his mouth just covered hers and he started to french kiss with her again. She felt a shiver when something started rubbing slowly at the entrance of her pussy. It actually took a few seconds for her to realize that was his dick, which made her moan, but that was muffled by his invading mouth.

Anticipation was welling up inside her. She knew she'd be tight for him, but she was plenty wet enough to accommodate him. Slowly, he started to push into her. He didn't even have to push his dick very far into her, she was already in heaven, moaning and nearly squirming, but she tried to hold still so that he could do what he wanted with her. He actually was finally starting to show some of his feelings.

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