Pirate's Booty

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A space pirate captures a princess and changes to captain a cargo ship. He uses former female slaves as his crew and changes a kingdom.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   .

My name is James Edward Sinclair, I am twenty one and a pirate. Well, it was not what I wanted to be but there is not a lot of ways to get ahead on a frontier world. I made it a point to cross train in several areas. Besides being a certified pilot and engineer I was one of only a handful of people on the closest three systems that could build and run a ghost projector.

The projector was what let pirates get close to a ship before boarding. I kept making adjustments as we made our approach to the large star yacht, "captain? They are using a secondary sensor array."

"Just keep us hidden you worthless piece of shit."

I gritted my teeth, 'one of these days I am going to kill him' I thought. It was only a few minutes later when Scar yelled, "capture! Boarding parties!"

I turned and ran to the forward hatch, "Sinclair going through!"

I did not even slow as I grabbed the swing bar and swung into the tube behind Jasper and Dover. I came out of the tube with a flip up in a somersault. I had my old service laser in my left hand and a fairly new blaster in my right. Dover was down on the deck and Jasper was beside him kneeling.

I fired down the corridor with the blaster on auto and put two shots through a crewman running from the other way with my laser. I dropped to a crouch and rolled to the other side of the passageway. In three long steps I spun around the corner and shot the two men running away. I holstered the laser and pulled my stunner from the small of my back.

I was moving towards the bridge when a young girl ran out of a cabin and right into me. I did not even pause as the stunner cracked and she dropped to the deck. I stepped into the doorway with my blaster up. Two bodyguards turned with blasters coming up. I fired twice and moved on.

I hit the bridge doorway and pulled the manual override. I stepped into the bridge firing my stunner on full auto, "captain bridge secure."

I shut down the engines and the radio before moving back into the hallway. I was hearing areas being secured and moved back towards the forward entry point. I stopped to look down at the young girl. She looked sixteen with long golden hair. I knelt and did a quick search of her body before pulling a small tube.

I touched her temple and waited and she woke with a groan. I pulled her up before pulling a restraining strap from a cargo pocket and securing her hands in front of her. I pulled her after me as I continued towards the boarding entry. I came into the small entry last and the other five boarders were already there with the captain, "I took a slave captain."

The captain looked at me with a sneer, "you do not take anything scum."

He reached for the girl and I pulled my blaster and shot him between the eyes. He dropped to the floor and the room was silent. I smiled, "does anyone else want to dispute my claim?"

They shook their heads and I knelt beside the captain's body. I quickly pulled off the two new engrave blasters in their shoulder holsters. I took the command wand from his belt and stood back up. I looked at Scar and tossed the wand to him, "command is yours captain."

Scar snatched the wand and looked at it before grinning, "alright get the cargo shifted to our hold."

I thought about the weapons I had seen used and looked at the dazed girl, "I am going to search the cabins."

Scar stared at me, his hand resting on his blaster, "fine but that is your share."

I looked at him with narrow eyes, the cabins normally produced very little in real value, "when this run is over find a new ghost."

Scar blinked and hesitated before nodding. I turned to pull the girl harshly after me. I stopped in her room first and pushed her against an inside wall, "stay there!"

I started beside her and moved slowly around the room. Besides a locker secured into place in the other corner there was a small portable desk. I opened the top center drawer and stared at two pads of mega credits. I pulled them out and thumbed through them. Each one of these pad was worth as much as the whole ship.

I unsealed my tunic and shoved the two pads inside. I found a small stack of bonds in the last drawer and moved to the clothes locker. As soon as I opened it I knew I had hit it big. I looked at the girl glaring at me and pulled a slip bag out of another cargo pocket. It did not take long to put the jewelry into the bag.

I walked to the girl and held out the bag, "do not open it and do not even breathe about what is inside."

I threw everything loose in the cabin inside the locker and pulled it out into the corridor. I went back for the desk and then I stripped the two guards. I tossed their weapons into the locker and pulled the girl after me as I headed to the captain's cabin. It took ten minutes to clean out his cabin and pull his locker out.

I pulled it after me and grabbed the girl's locker at the door, "take the desk."

She only looked at me angrily and I sighed, "girl you are mine, My property. If the captain or anyone of the crew gets you they will all take turns. Now get the desk."

She hesitated and then put the slip bag on top of the desk and pulled it after her as she followed me. It was not that easy for her with the restrains but I was not about to release her. The rest of the crew would take that to mean she was fair game. I stacked everything in one corner of the hold and glared at two crewmen drinking by the other hatch.

I led the girl back to the yacht and headed straight for the pursers office. I just tossed everything into his locker and finally turned to the ship safe. A small descrambler unlocked the safe and I opened the door to stare at stacks and stacks of mega credit pads. I looked at the girl and smiled, "looks like you just got to keep your jewelry."

I tossed everything into another slip bag and pulled the locker into the hall. It took me another hour to finish the cabins. Besides finding two more mega credit pads everything was like it should be. I hooked the lockers together and pulled everything back to the ship. Scar was by the hold door, "about damn time!"

I looked at him and growled, "would you like to take a walk out the airlock?"

His face froze and his hand came to rest on his blaster, "careful how many times you threaten me."

He did not even see my blaster until it was pointed between his eyes, "I am sick of this crew thinking they can walk on me while hiding behind my back. The next man that pisses me off I will kill. Do You Understand!"

Scar swallowed, "yeah."

I holstered the blaster, "this is the last of my loot. Who is taking the prize?"

He rubbed his chin, "Jock and Sanchez."

I nodded, "once I secure this I am taking my slave to bed. I have been up three days and need some down time."

Scar nodded and turned away and I watched until he was around the corner and finished pulling the lockers into the hold. I secured everything and took the girl's arm and led her through the maze to the small cabin that was mine. I had my own for one reason, it was small and cramped and no one else wanted it.

I pushed the girl onto my narrow bed and started stripping. Everything went into my locker, even the slip bags and then I palmed the door locked. I pulled the girl up and undid the restraints. I started undressing her and she went crazy.

I slapped her once and turned her to face me, "listen to me girl. You are my slave, my bitch. You keep fighting and I will toss you to the crew. I am a calm man and I have always been a gentle lover. You allow me to use your body and I will protect you, feed you and provide what you need. Fight me and I will let the crew use you and then sell you to a house on the planet."

She was trembling and swallowed, "I ... I have never..."

I nodded, "good, now stand still so I can undress you. I am to tired to do anything with you right now but sleep. You will have to wait for a shower too."

She hesitated and then murmured, "I need to use the bathroom."

I looked into her face when I finished undressing her. I nodded to the wall behind her, "pull the Jack out. That is the best I can do right now."

She looked at me and turned to stare at the wall, "but ... you can see..."

I laughed, "you will get used to me seeing everything you have. Now use the Jack so I can get some sleep."

She walked to the wall and hesitantly pulled the hanger down to see the toilet. She carefully sat with her legs closed and I grinned. Her face was red as we both heard the splash of her pee. A minute later she was looking around and I nodded to a small drawer to one side. After she had wiped and closed the Jack I folded back the covers, "tell me you are going to be able to sleep."

She hesitated before shrugging and I turned to a narrow wall cabinet and pulled out what looked like a thick blue neck collar. She looked from the collar to me, "what is that?"

I smiled and put it around her pretty neck, "it is a Somblance."

She kept trying to look down to see it and I gently pushed her into bed. I rolled her onto her side and shifted her over. I slid into bed behind her and kissed her naked shoulder before reaching around to the front of the collar, "sweet dreams."

I pushed the small button and heard her sigh before calling for the lights to go out. I lay behind her listening to her soft breathing and smelling her sweet scent. I woke to the soft glow of my clock. The girl was still sleeping even though the time on the Somblance was up. I slid out of bed and used the Jack before sliding back in behind her.

I lay on the very edge of the bed and gently rolled her onto her back. I removed the Somblance and began caressing her breasts and after a few minutes I let my hand drift down. She did not even have hair on her pussy and it felt amazing. She was warm and as I let my fingers move through her slit.

She moaned softly before spreading her legs a little. I pushed into her carefully expecting to find her hymen. It was not there and she felt wet. I pulled back to her clit and used her wetness and started rubbing her. It was not long before her hips began to buck slowly against my hand. Every so often I would slip my finger back into her to wet it before moving back to her clit.

It was almost five minutes before she shuddered and her body went taunt. She opened her eyes as her body relaxed and blushed when she saw me. I smiled, "your hymen was broken."

Her face turned redder, "I know. Daddy went crazy when I had the accident and it broke."

I grinned, "well I am not upset. This way you will be able to enjoy your first time."

She smiled shyly, "can I use the Jack first?"

I smiled, "of course."

I moved off the bed and let her move to the Jack. I smiled as she sat and almost as an after thought she slowly let her leg spread as she peed. I nodded when she wiped and hesitantly moved back to the bed. I sat her on the edge of the bed and knelt between her legs. I looked into her face, "relax and lay back."

She looked at me and slowly lay back, she was not really relaxed though. I leaned forward and licked through her pussy. She jerked, "What... ?"

I laughed and covered her clit with my mouth. I started sucking and teasing her clit with my tongue while humming. Her hips bucked and she shivered hard, "oh my god!"

I kept teasing her clit as her hands cupped my head and she fucked my face with her pussy. I used my hands to caress her inner thighs and she sighed, "mmmmm!"

It was only a couple of minutes before she shuddered hard, "I am cumming!"

I waited until she sighed and relaxed. I turned her on the narrow bed and moved between her legs. She tensed up again as my cock nudged her pussy. I kissed her softly and began to hump against her pussy. It was not long before she was moaning again. Suddenly the head of my cock slipped inside her and we froze.

I looked into her face and pulled out only to gently fuck the head of my cock back in. She looked down between our bodies and then back into my face before suddenly laughing, "what the hell. Go ahead and fuck me."

She spread her legs a little wider and put her arms around me as I slowly pushed into her. She groaned as my cock spread her pussy wide open for the very first time. I stopped when I was all the way inside her with the head of my cock pushed tight against her womb. I pulled back and began to slowly fuck her, staying as deep as I could and grinding against her.

It had been three months since I had been with a woman so I knew I was not going to last. I surprised myself as I kept fucking into her wonderfully tight hole. After a few minutes she was shivering as I fucked her. After five minutes she was thrusting her pussy up to meet my cock. At ten minutes she had these little seizures and her pussy tightened around my cock.

That was more then I could take and I buried my cock as I exploded against her womb. She started jerking and shaking as I sent strong hot jets of cum deep into her body for the first time. When I finished and pulled out we shifted around so that she was half on me. She had this big smile on her face that did not seem to want to leave.

I gently caressed her back, "did you like that my new bitch?"

She hesitated and frowned, "do you have to call me that?"

I smiled and pulled her close to whisper, "if anyone ever heard me call you anything but slave or bitch they would try to take you and kill me."

She pulled back to look into my eyes, "so women are just slave bitches?"

I grinned, "some manage to make it work for them. What is you name?"

She smiled, "princess Sarah Jessica Eleanor Winston."

She hesitated, "you can call me Sarah bitch."

I kissed her cheek, "Sarah bitch it is. Did you enjoy your first time?"

She blushed and nodded, "it was amazing."

I rubbed her butt, "I wish this tub had a shower but it does not. You will just have to get used to my cum in you."

She smiled, "anything else?"

I nodded, "you do not leave my sight while we are on board. You will wear the same pants and blouse you had on yesterday. You tell me if you have to use the Jack, even if someone will hear you. You will wear the restraints while not in this cabin with me. If you do not the crew with take it to mean it is their turn with you."

Her face had gone pale, "I will wear the restraints."

I patted her butt, "we need food. Go sit on the Jack for a minute."

When she had sat down I rolled out of bed and quickly dressed. I knelt in front of her with a water bottle. I looked into her face, "this is the best I can do."

I spread her legs a little wider and used my fingers and the water to clean her pussy. I stood up and stepped back, "come here Sarah bitch."

Her face was red but she stood and closed the Jack before stepping closer. I used an old shirt to dry her pussy and then I dressed her. I reached into my locker for a long thin bar and a small remote. I placed the bar above the door and unlocked the door and gestured her to follow. I palmed the lock after the door closed and pushed the button on the remote.

Sarah stayed close as I led her into the cramped mess. The food was a little better than normal so someone must have raided the yacht's mess. Two of the crew were staring at Sarah and licking their lips. I knew trouble was coming so I decided to head it off. She had wolfed her food down and now sat and only sipped some water.

I pulled her close as I undid my pants, "alright Sarah bitch, I fed you now suck me."

She pulled back and I slapped her and pulled her face close to mine and whispered, "do you see those two crewmen? They want you and unless I distract them by forcing you to do this ... now, make me force you."

Sarah blinked and looked into my face before she started to struggle. I slowly forced her head down under the table, "do it Sarah bitch!"

I was surprised when I felt her hands gently surround my cock. She kept trying to pull her head back but I felt her tongue on the head of my cock more than once. She pretended to struggle for another few minutes before she stopped and I felt her mouth close over my cock. She was slow at first, almost tentative as she fucked her mouth down onto my cock.

The two crewmen were laughing and cheering me on. It took her almost five minutes. When I came she had finally managed to get over her gag reflex and push me into her throat. I held her head and spewed spurts of cum into her throat and finally relaxed letting her head go. She sat up quickly and glared at me, making the two crewmen laugh as they stood to leave.

As soon as they had left I grabbed her and pulled her head close to mine. I could see how angry she was and whispered, "Sarah bitch I am sorry."

Sarah looked at me for a long minute and then sighed. I caressed her cheek, "I wanted to teach you that in private. You were not too bad. Next time time your breathing. Take a breath when you have my cock out of your throat and let it out through your nose when it is pulling out."

Sarah looked at me and then grinned, "thanks."

I nodded and fastened my pants before standing. As I was leading her back towards my cabin she touched my shoulder, "Ghost?"

I glanced back with a grin, "Ghost?"

She smiled, "I do not know your name and I heard one of those men call you that yesterday."

I grinned, "James but you can call me Ghost."

She nodded, her face red. "I really liked the taste of your ... stuff."

I smiled, "it is called cum Sarah bitch."

Before she could say anything we turned the last corner and were looking at the open door of my cabin. Jasper was standing outside the hatch looking in at the headless body of Scar. I stopped on the other side of the door and Jasper looked up calmly, "guillotine?"

I nodded and he looked back in at the body, "I always said Scar was a stupid bastard."

I thumbed the remote and reached down to pull his body out into the hall. I stepped into my room and pulled his head out from under the bed. I knelt beside him and quickly searched his body. I think Jasper and I were both surprised when I pulled a full pad of mega credits out of his tunic.

I tossed his weapons to Jasper and then the command wand, "I guess you are captain now."

I stood and looked at the pad before tearing half the sheets off and handing one half to Jasper. I tucked the other half in my tunic before looking at him, "any orders?"

He grinned as he finished sealing his own tunic, "yeah. Dump the garbage, (he kicked Scar's body) and take the watch for Petri."

I nodded and looked at a pale Sarah, "are you going to be sick Sarah bitch?"

She swallowed, "no, I do not think so."

I nodded and closed my cabin and reset the Guillotine. I squatted and grabbed Scars head by the hair and his body by one foot. After I had dumped the body out the airlock I stopped in the mess for a couple of bottles of water. I led Sarah to the bridge and sat her to the side of the pilot console and let a grinning Petri leave.

At first Sarah was curious and kept looking around but after a couple of hours she just fidgeted. She finally tucked her head and dozed. After eight hours she woke up and really started getting antsy. I thought I knew why and sure enough she cleared her throat, "Ghost?"

I smiled at her, "yes Sarah bitch?"

Her face was bright red, "I need to use the Jack."

The three other men on the bridge snickered. I glanced over my shoulder at Jasper, "I could use a piss break too."

He grinned and slipped out of the captain's chair. I led Sarah off the bridge and down one level to one of the common Jacks. There was no door to the small room. I nodded to her and she moved the few steps to the Jack and pulled it down. She was peeing when I heard the whisper of ship slippers.

I turned as the Cargo Master stood in the doorway, "that looks mighty fine. Why don't you leave her with me and I will return her later."

I snorted and turned back to Sarah, "go away sneak."

Everyone called him that and I had never heard his real name. I felt him move and did not hesitate. My blaster was out and pointed between his eyes while he stood frozen. He had a small blaster half out and I reached out and took it while he turned white. I touched my com button to call Jasper on the bridge. The Cargo Master was one crew member you did not just kill.


He cleared his throat, "I will give you half the crystal seeds from that yacht's cargo."

I had heard the others talking about what a crap cargo the yacht had, "they did not have crystal seeds."

He nodded, the sweat rolling down his fat face, "I made up the other stuff."

Jasper stepped into the doorway behind him, "that is nice to know."

The Cargo Master winched at his voice and I began searching him. I held up the two pads of mega credits and Jasper's lips tightened, "get back to your station."

I tossed one pad to him and tucked the other into my tunic. I gestured to Sarah who had been standing against the far wall, "close the Jack and lets go."

Jasper came back to the bridge a couple of hours later and sat in the chair. I only glanced back once and then I smiled at Sarah. Maybe it was time for a show, "Sarah bitch?"

She looked up from fidgeting with her water bottle, "yes?"

I grinned, "I know it is boring. Would you like to do something that would help pass the time?"

She nodded, "Yes."

I nodded, "take your pants and panties off. Spread your legs and play with your pussy. The boys and I will just sit back and watch you."

I turned my head to the man on the Scan station, "a wager?"

They were all grinning and he shrugged, "what is the bet?"

I looked at a red faced Sarah, "two. How long she takes to cum the first time. Second, how many times she can get off before the shift ends in two hours."

I reached down to her red face and caressed it, "no one will do anything to you Sarah bitch. Think of it, four mean pirates watching you. Not able to touch you as you touch yourself."

I looked at the Scan officer, "fifty credits that she cums within ten minutes. Another fifty that she gets off ... Oh, at least twenty times."

Sarah stood slowly and his eyes snapped to her as she undid her pants and slowly pulled them down. I smiled at their gasps when she pulled her panties down to show her bald pussy. She looked at me and I could see a little fear.

I pulled her down and kissed her before caressing her face, "sit back down my lovely bitch. Close your eyes to start off and when it starts feeling good open your eyes and look at us."

She nodded and gave me a weak smile. She sat down and spread her legs slightly and closed her eyes. She opened her eyes and blushed, "sorry."

She closed her eyes as she spread her legs wide. She wet one of her fingers and began to rub and caress her pussy. I looked at the staring Scan officer, "well?"

He grinned, "it is a bet."

I looked at Jasper, "will you judge Jasper?"

He was grinning and nodded and I sat back and looked at a smiling Sarah as she slid her finger through her slit and shivered. I leaned forward slightly, "Sarah bitch you have to let us know when you cum, nice and loud."

She did not stop or open her eyes as she nodded. We watched as her hips made a slight humping motions and she shivered. She opened her eyes and stared straight into mine. When her hips humped again she shuddered and then smiled, "so close."

It was not even a minute later that she started jerking and shaking, "I am cumming Ghost!"

We watched as her body shook and had small convulsions. Jasper laughed, "that was just over ten. You lose the first part."

Sarah slowly relaxed, shaking her head, "damn."

She grinned up at me and went back to rubbing her pussy. She was amazing to watch and she screamed when she came the last time with the new bridge crew standing there watching. Jasper shook his head, "damn she is one hot bitch. That last one made thirty two."

I grinned at the Scan officer, "that makes it a tie."

He stared at Sarah, "you would not want to..."

I laughed, "after that show I am taking her to get something to eat and then I intend to fuck her for eight or nine hours."

They all laughed as I helped Sarah up and held her while she put her panties and pants back on. I led her through the ship to the mess and grabbed two of the fancy ration kits before heading towards my cabin. She was quiet while we walked and as soon as the door was open and I had locked it behind me she collapsed at my feet sobbing.

I set the rations down and the quietly undressed. I lifted an unresisting Sarah, released her restraints and undressed her while she still cried silently. I sat her on the bed and tilted her face up to mine, "Sarah bitch you belong to me. You can not be ashamed of what I tell you to do."

She nodded and put her head down, "I am ashamed. I ... I liked doing that. I even wanted..."

I smiled and caressed her face, "you wanted to be fucked by any or all of us."

She nodded again and I laughed softly, "Sarah bitch you have a lot to learn about being a woman."

She looked up at me and I softly caressed her face, "first you became aroused at the thought of doing something so naughty. Then the excitement grew at the thought of men watching you touching yourself. When you reached a peak you like many women went into a kind of heat, like a dog. That is why we call women bitches."

She just kept looking at me and I gave her a quick kiss, "your heat is starting to ebb but mine is just starting."

I looked down at my hard cock and her eyes followed mine. She smiled slowly, "I will have to take care of that then."

I laughed and sat beside her on the bed, "practice your blow job. Remember what I told you about your breathing. Take your time getting over the gag reflex."

She grinned and leaned over my cock. She started licking the head of my cock and then the underside. After a minute she would lick the head and then slowly fuck it in and out of her mouth. It was several minutes before she was fucking my cock with her mouth, going deeper with each stroke.

Finally she was actually taking me into her throat and I groaned as I felt my balls tighten. "I am going to cum!"

Sarah timed her strokes just right and my first spurt was down her throat. She pulled back before fucking my cock back into her throat for the next spray of cum. She kept doing that while I shivered and shuddered and finally sighed and relaxed. She sat up with a grin and a throaty laugh, "I could get used to that."

I grinned and stood to open the two rations. We ate and she kept looking at me. I finally sighed, "ask."

She looked down, "are you going to give me to them?"

I looked at her and smiled, "did you want me to?"

She shook her head and the tightness in my chest lessened. I grinned, "then I guess you just have to worry about keeping me satisfied."

She grinned and looked at her food, "deal."

I smiled and finished my ration. I put our trash in the disposal and turned to Sarah. She had lain out on the bed with her legs spread, "will you fuck me again Ghost?"

I laughed and moved over her and between her legs. I pushed my hard cock back into her tight pussy and started to fuck her. She groaned with each thrust and shivered as I pulled back. I felt her pussy tighten and squeeze my cock several times as we fucked and after almost a half hour I began spewing cum as I pumped in and out of her.

Sarah was grinning as she shuddered and held her pussy up for me. I pulled out and moved so that she could turn onto her side. I gently caressed her body as we gradually caught our breath, "that felt very good Sarah bitch."

She grinned, "I am glad you were satisfied."

I laughed and moved off the bed to use the Jack. I had her pee and then I used another bottle of water to clean her up a little. I held the Somblance up, "can you sleep or do you need this?"

She hesitated and then whispered, "let me use that again."

I nodded and put it around her neck and let her climb into bed before following her. I called for the lights to go out and snuggled up close behind her butt. Sarah giggle, "god I am still horny."

I grinned but she could not see me. I kissed her bare shoulder and reached around to turn the Somblance on. She sighed into sleep and I lay there thinking about what I was going to do. I could not take Sarah on another pirate ship, not and keep her to myself. With all the mega pads I could do something else and even pay off on a promise I had made more than a year ago.

I woke to Sarah pushing her butt back against my hard cock. The head of my cock was against her warm ass as she rocked back and forth. I could feel the head of my cock barely slipping into her. She was lubed from all my pre cum and suddenly I popped in. She groaned and after a minute she went back to rocking, fucking my cock in and out of her relaxed butt.

Her breathing was a little heavier and she kept moaning that it felt so good. I grinned and just held still and let her fuck her tight hot ass onto my cock. Gradually she took my cock deeper and I stopped coming out of her before she pushed back. I was almost buried all the way in her when she gasped and shuddered violently.

Her body started jerking like she was convulsing. Her ass tightened and I shuddered as I came with a groan. I pumped and spewed cum into her bowels as she kept convulsing and shoving her ass back hard onto my cock. I relaxed and pulled out of her as she shuddered and shivered.

I held her against me and she finally laughed, "I can not believe I did that."

She turned over and looked into my face, "I woke up and you were hard and pressed against my butt. It kind of felt good and I could see you were asleep. I just rocked back and forth and let myself enjoy how good it felt. Suddenly you were in me and I was fucking my ass onto your cock and it felt so good ... I never knew we could do that."

I laughed and gave her a quick kiss, "well it satisfied me for this morning."

Sarah grinned, "me too."

After using the Jack and a quick clean up I put Sarah's restraints on and led her to the mess. There were three crewmen sitting down eating but I only grabbed a couple of ration packs, some water and led her out. I led her to the small comm room and let her open and eat her ration while I made a few calls.

When I finished I sat back with a big smile of satisfaction. I smiled at Sarah as she sat on the floor with her hands in her pants playing with her pussy, "well Sarah bitch we have a plan and I hope a new career with a nice home."

She grinned as she took her hands out of her pants, "what are we going to do?"

I grinned, "travel."

I stood and led her to the bridge. Jasper was back on the bridge and looked at me, "back to put on another show?"

I grinned, "are you going to need me before we get home?"

He shook his head, "no. We will be home in a few hours."

I nodded to the area outside the bridge and Jasper looked at me for a minute and then stood. When we were clear of the bridge I turned to him, "have you checked on the price for the crystal seeds?"

Jasper snorted, "yeah a lousy quarter pad per crate."

I nodded, "they are worth three each. I will give you a half pad each."

He looked at me speculatively, "you made that much from the cabins?"

I nodded and he suddenly laughed, "fucking Scar. All right deal. A half pad for each crate."

I smiled, "how many crates?"

He grinned, "twelve."

I nodded, "after we land I will check them and pay up."

He smiled and nodded as he turned to go back onto the bridge. I led Sarah back to the cabin and put her on the bed. I removed her restraints before I started putting things in my locker. I left out my crew bag and carefully stacked the mega credit pads inside with her jewelry. I grinned at her, "can't leave my bitch's family jewelry behind."

Sarah smiled and I could see her excitement at something new about to happen. I undid my pants and sat on the bed, "give me another blow job Sarah bitch."

She grinned and knelt between my legs. As she began licking my cock I sighed, "listen to me while you do that. Barburas is a pirate world to the core. When we leave the ship you will wear the restraints. I will be buying a collar and leash. Every woman or girl must wear a collar or anyone can take her. You do not talk unless I tell you to. We will be making several fast stops. One at least in a doss house, that is a house where women service men. I will be buying one, maybe two women so do not act surprised."

She stopped fucking her mouth on my cock and looked up at my face. I sighed and pushed her head back to my cock, "just listen while you work."

She tentatively licked my cock and I shivered before continuing, "there is a young woman that works there. A year ago I made a promise to buy her so she could ... anyway, I made a promise. She likes women and I am sure she has another woman that works there as her lover. I need her to help with our plan so that means buying her and her lover. After that we will be checking a Tulsus seventy five hundred. That is a new hundred thousand mega ton automated cargo transport ship."

I groaned as she pushed my cock into her throat as I spurted a load of cum. She fucked her head back in time and caught the next spurt in her mouth. She held the head of my cock in her mouth as I spent myself. When I was done she pulled back and swished my cum around in her mouth before swallowing.

She licked my cock again to clean it and finally grinned up at me, "yummy."

I laughed and pulled her up onto the bed, "you are turning into a wonderful bitch."

She grinned, "thank you."

I kissed her cheek and stood up, "for the next few days we are going to be very busy and we will not have much time to enjoy each other until we raise ship and leave."

I put her restraints back on and handed my crew bag to her. I opened the door and pulled my locker out with her following. I locked my locker in place next to the cargo hold doors and put Sarah in one of the jump seats. I made sure she was fastened in before sitting in one of my own. It was not long before we broke atmosphere and thirty minutes later we were landing.

I did not wait for the cooling systems to finish. I slid out of my seat and helped Sarah up. The green light was on over the cargo hold door and I cycled it open. First were my lockers, my 'loot.' I moved everything to the outer door and opened it. I could see the lift coming up and the large cargo hauler waiting.

I turned to the cargo crates and lifted my hand to call Jasper when he stepped into the hold. I checked each and every crate and then turned to Sarah. While she held the bag I took out six pads and then I took out an extra. I handed the six pads to Jasper and held up the extra, "you are a good leader Jasper. Watch your back and do not lead the boarding parties anymore."

I handed the extra pad to him and he grinned, "good luck James."

I nodded and he helped me shift everything to the lift. I parked the cargo hauler in a force screen area and paid to have it turned on. I took the activation wand and led Sarah out of the port. Our first stop was at a small shop where I bought four gold collars with tiny gems encrusting them. They each had a slim gold chain for a leash.

I put one of the collars around a grinning Sarah's throat and led her out on the leash. When I walked into the doss house it was dead. I could see Jasmine and grinned, "Jasmine you vicious bitch!"

She turned to look at me and then smiled. Everyone in the room was watching as I caught her up in a hug and kissed her cheek. I sat her down and took her hand before leading Sarah to a table at the back of the room. A large fat man sat at the table with a tall hard man standing beside him.

I grinned as I stopped at the table. "I want to buy this cruel bitch Toad."

He sat back with a small smile as the other man shifted, "you insult me and you want to do business?"

I smiled, "business is business."

He grinned and everyone could see that he filed all his teeth into points, "True. Okay pirate scum."

It took a while but we finally agreed on a price. Before I paid him I looked at Jasmine, "who is your favorite and do you want her?"

She looked at me in surprise and then looked around the room, "Sasha and yes I would like her to come with us."

That took more bargaining. Sasha was one of the more popular girls. When she was brought over I paid Toad from the half pad that I had taken from Scar. I grinned as they looked at the pad, "my captain met with a bad end and his replacement had a ... accident. Jasper is captain now and the crew should be headed this way soon."

They were grinning as I removed Jasmine and Sasha's cheap collars and put the new ones on. I led the three girls out and Sarah kept looking at Jasmine and Sasha while they looked at her. My next stop was one I was not looking forward to. I stopped outside the doors and turned to Jasmine, "you keep your mouth closed. I do not like what they do but I do not intend to shoot my way out."

I led them into the building and straight to the bar across the room. A short bearded man was grinning at me, "they are to old if you are selling them."

I stopped on the other side of the bar, "I want to buy a girl."

He looked at me for a long minute and turned to whisper something into a comm link. I set my blaster on top of the bar and he looked at me quick. I stared back, "you try anything and I will kill you."

He shrugged and said something else into the comm. A minute later two you teenage girls came out. I knew the tricks he would play and knew one of the girls was a ringer. I had been prepared though and pulled a compact med scanner out of my tunic. I looked at the man and he shrugged, "beware the buyer."

I smiled tightly and we started bargaining. When I finished I put my last collar on the girl and led her out. On the way back to port we made a few stops to pay for things to be delivered. Back at the port I turned in the wand and took the cargo hauler out to the Tulsus seventy five hundred.

Captain Peters met me with a grin, "so you killed Norris and Scar. I should give you a discount."

I grinned, "captain Norris made a serious mistake and I killed him. Scar was just a greedy fool and killed himself when he tried to break into my cabin."

He grinned and turned to lead me into the ship, ignoring the women I pulled along on their leashes. The ship was everything I had hoped it could be. I paid him for the ship and its cargo. I watched him take the fast skimmer towards his ship. I knew there were going to be other pirate ships waiting for me to leave planet but I had a surprise for them.

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