Nude Day at the Daredevil Club

by Jehoram

Copyright© 2014 by Jehoram

Erotica Sex Story: The Daredevil Club is all about pursuing thrills, pushing your limits and getting out of your comfort zone. A group session of nudity, exhibitionism and mutual masturbation did all these things for me, and I loved it!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Female   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Public Sex   Nudism   .

One of the benefits of being in a "daredevils" club meeting is that you never know what you're going to be doing until you get there. One outing could be mountain hiking, the next one white-water rafting, and the next sky-diving ... well, you get the idea. The events are usually held once a month, weather permitting. The whole idea of this kind of club to get you out of your "comfort zone" so that you could try new activities on for size. I'd been part of the group for half a year, and found myself doing things I'd only dreamed of. What's cool about it is that the other participants are equally adventurous, so we have a lot in common.

The participants are usually young, fit people. Even the older ones were in pretty good shape, and I often wondered what the women looked like without their clothes on. Since there's always been some sort of social stigma attached to adventurous women, there were usually more men than women, but the women weren't treated in any special way. They were just one of the gang. There were times when their smiles would turn me on and I'd feel my cock getting harder, but it wasn't the time or place to do anything about it. Or so I thought.

I guess that Steve, the club's founder and leader, probably was wondering what the members looked like naked, too, because in the late summer we got an invitation to meet at a private camp up in the mountains. The instructions said to wear swimwear, so I figured that it must be some sort of water-related activity. But when I got there at one o'clock, after having grabbed some lunch on the way, I found out something different.

There were forty of us club members there that day. Fifteen of them were women. We'd all stripped down to the swimsuits we'd worn under our street clothes and collected on a large lawn just behind the lodge. There was a sound system with a microphone, and Steve stood next to it. Next to him stood his wife Fran, in a yellow bikini. She had short blonde hair and a devilish gleam in her brown eyes.

"Is this thing on?" Steve said into the mike. "Testing, testing ... OK, I guess you all can hear me. We're going to do something different today. It's National Nude Day today, and we're going to celebrate by going nude. That's why I asked you to wear swimwear. It's easier to get naked quickly."

There was a ripple of astonishment from the forty or so members, but no protest, so Steve went on. "Now, the men are probably thinking 'What if I get an erection with all this naked flesh on display?' Well, the truth is that Fran and I want you to! That's part of the fun, as you'll see."

He handed the microphone to Fran, who said, "I know that a lot of you have been to nude beaches and such. But if you want to call yourselves daredevils, you've got to kick it up a notch! Most nude beaches don't allow you to show your sexuality, so Steve and I figured that this session would let you do just that!

"We want the women to get horny, too. I want to see a lot of stiff nipples! You're all fit people, you've been horny before, but you've probably never been horny in public, in front of other horny people. That's our 'daredevil' challenge for today. I think you're going to enjoy the sensation.

"But I want to make one thing clear: we're here to tease, not to screw. So actual sex is out. That way, we won't have to worry about diseases or getting pregnant, and nobody has to be left out of the fun. What we're going to do is play sports like badminton and volleyball. You see the nets set up over there. And we're going to dance in this area here by the sound system. That will get everybody's dangly bits and bouncy bits moving, and you'll all gain an appreciation of what it feels like to exercise in the nude. And, I hope, you'll gain an appreciation of how beautiful the nude body is."

She took a sip of water from a bottle, and then continued. "I know that some of you have scars, and nobody has a perfect body. That's not the point. You are the same person naked as you are clothed. Don't worry about disfigurements. Everybody has them, or will have them at some point in their lives. And don't worry about the size of your package or your boobs. We're all adults here, and we know that these things don't matter. I've seen a lot of hard cocks, and I've never seen a hard cock that wasn't beautiful, no matter how large or small it was. Same for tits. It's all good." She handed the microphone back to Steve.

"Remember, there's nothing wrong with being aroused. That's a natural consequence of nudity. We're not going to pretend that we're not sexual creatures with sexual needs. Later in the afternoon, you'll learn that nudity without arousal has its own special charm. The human body looks beautiful either way. Now, let's start!" With that, Steve stripped off his own swim trunks, revealing a medium-sized cock that was already swelling. Now Steve was nobody's idea of beefcake. He had a very ordinary body, with maybe a little more hair than most men had (or maybe it just looked that way because his hair was so dark). I was fascinated by his cock, though. I'd never seen another man's hard cock before, at least in the flesh. The thought of a hard cock had never turned me on, but I couldn't take my eyes off it until Fran started to strip.

First, she took off the bra of her bikini and gave her breasts a shake. Her body was also quite normal for a female of the species, with a sturdy waist, substantial hips, and breasts that would fit comfortably into your average quart-size mixing bowl. What made them special was their slight sag and their long, brown nipples ... nipples that I'd seen poking into the thin cotton tees she'd sometimes worn in previous excursions, but never dreamed I'd ever see in all their erect glory. Then she leaned over to shuck her bottoms, letting her breasts dangle and sway invitingly. Steve stroked his dick to full hardness as he watched her neatly trimmed blond muff come into view. We all watched in wonder as she parted the folds of her labia with her finger, exposing the dark wet skin of her inner lips. She was no stranger to outdoor nudity, as her lack of tan lines showed.

"Okay, folks," Steve announced. "It's your turn now!" We looked at each other bashfully. Then Jenn, one of our regulars, said "Oh, what the hell!" and pulled off the one-piece swimsuit that was already putting a great deal of her back and hips on display. Her breasts spilled out of the fabric, heavy and white, with pink areolas the size of coasters and capped with equally pink nipples. My own cock twitched. Then she pushed the suit down from her crotch, revealing a shaved pussy, with just a trace of labial "meat" protruding from it. She pressed a finger against her clitoral hood and gave me a challenging look.

I was wearing trunks and a tee shirt, which I always wore at the beach to cover a rather ugly scar on my right side, where a piece of shrapnel had gone into me in Iraq. But if a beautiful woman had just stripped naked for me, it would have been discourteous not to follow suit. So I smiled back and stripped my shirt off. I then pulled my own shorts down, and my half-hard cock sprang up, six inches and growing. I'd trimmed my own pubic hair the night before, hoping I'd get lucky over the weekend. I gave my cock a shake, looked at the woman next to me, and said, "Are you game, Doris?"

Doris was an Asian woman, with a flat-chested figure that she'd probably had since her early teens. Her dark brown hair want almost to the small of her back. She was staring at me, but I realized that she was really looking at my scar and not my cock. Then she smiled, and stripped of her own one-piece. She had a scar of her own on her midriff, and I was suddenly grateful for my own scar, since it had given her some reassurance in exposing her body. Her scar was the first thing I noticed, but I ignored it as soon as I beheld her small pair of small but perfect tits, with gum-drop nipples. The hair of her crotch was as dark as her head hair, and so thick that I couldn't make out her slot. I gave my balls a shake to acknowledge the effect of her lissome body on my libido. She grinned back, and began circling her mons with her index finger.

Then other people started to strip, and soon we were all naked. Steve passed out bottles of sunscreen, and we applied it to our naked bodies. By the time we were all "greased up," the men's cocks were all hard, or nearly so, and some were already oozing pre-cum. There was a range of sizes, from less than five inches to a monster ten-inch, but the ladies seemed to eye them all appreciatively. I noticed some things almost immediately. First, there were all sorts of shapes to the men's hard cocks, from perfectly straight to curving, from jutting out to pointing up, and they all looked perfectly suited to the bodies they were attached to. The men seemed to be split evenly between cut and uncut. Their balls were similarly varied, from compact and small and symmetrical to large and low-hanging and lopsided. And we were all eyeing and comparing each other's junk. Soon we were all comfortable with the situation, and with our own bodies. Few of us had the classic porn-star body, with bulging pecs massive dicks and heavy balls. But it didn't matter.

Second, the women showed as much variation in their racks as we did with our junk. Of course, I'd seen a few naked women before in the flesh and hundreds more in porno, but I wasn't prepared for how each woman's breasts were unique to her. The fifteen women were representative of that variation, from Doris's almost flat chest to an enormous pair sported by a woman named Sally, a pair that sagged almost to her navel once she'd liberated her girls from her sports bra. Some women's tits drooped, and others didn't. Some had protruding nipples, and others didn't. I also noticed that most of the women didn't bother to shave their pubes, although they trimmed their bush. Since it's rare to see an unshaved bush in porn, I'd gotten a false impression of women's grooming habits without even being aware of it. For that matter, only one of the twenty-five men there had shaved his pubes, possibly to make his five-inch cock appear larger.

And it seemed that the ladies were as interested in checking out each other's "assets" as we men were in comparing "packages." And like us, their initial qualms about nudity evaporated once we'd all gotten used to the situation.

Some of the crowd gravitated to the badminton and volleyball courts, where they chose up sides and began playing. Some of them were so sexually stimulated by their own bouncing tits and cocks, and the sight of the others' bouncing tits and cocks, that they had no need to fondle themselves to arousal. I was on one of the volleyball teams, and I swear that those swinging boobs and bobbing dicks were the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. Yes, the dicks, too. That came as a mild shock to me. I'd never considered myself to have gay tendencies, as I said before. But I found myself wondering what it would be like to hold another man's cock, and feel it spurt its jizz. Maybe that's another adventure I should pursue, I thought. But then Jenn returned a volley, and the sight of her sweaty breasts bouncing and smashing against each other reassured me that my hetero instincts were still sound.

It's a funny thing: I don't think I've ever been sexually stimulated for a longer time, and yet I didn't feel that I was developing "blue balls." I don't know why that was. Maybe because I was concentrating on the game, and my dick wasn't fully hard all the time. In fact, I found that after a half an hour, my dick wasn't automatically responding to the nudity around me, and I had to "fluff" it now and then to return it to stiffness.

The ladies seemed hesitant at first to fondle themselves in public, but as the afternoon wore on, I saw more hands drifting to vulvas and nipples. Their laughter became giddier, and a few of them were openly wanking themselves to something approaching a climax. That was something else that startled me. It must have had to do with their adventurous spirits, plus the feeling that they felt safe in exhibiting their sexuality so blatantly, confident that they were in control of the situation. It was as if they'd been waiting for this environment for all their lives, and were making the most of it. Well, that was only natural, since we men had been waiting for the same sort of thing.

When I'd had enough volleyball, I went over to the dancing area, where some loudspeakers had been set up. It was easier to maintain a hard-on here, because the dancing was overtly suggestive, with gyrating hips and out-thrust chests on the part of both sexes, and hands stroking genitals. And I found myself dancing with both sexes. I wagged my cock at the guy with the ten-incher, and he waved his own back at me with a smile. We danced close together, until our cocks almost touched. Then one of the women, a brunette with puffy nips and puffy lips, came over and danced between us, a finger plunging in and out of her cunt as she gyrated. I noticed that she had a scar of her own on her left breast, and then I accepted it as part of her and forgot about it.

At about four o'clock, Steve stepped up to the microphone and made another announcement. "Well, everybody seems to have had a good time. But you've all been aroused for the last three hours, and it's time for some release, right?" We all clapped.

"Okay, so here's what we're going to do. Fran's put down some blankets on the ground over there, for the ladies. You'll notice that there's a vibrator on each blanket for you to play with. I want you girls to get on them and masturbate yourselves to a climax. We'll give you five minutes. Do whatever you have to do to climax in that time. Since most of you have been halfway to an orgasm all day, that shouldn't be too hard. And guys, stand about ten feet from them. When they cum, you cum. The closer you can all cum together, the hotter it will be. Now ladies, take your spots!" He put on some music with a sensuous beat and growling saxophone.

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