Honey, the 100-lb Popsicle

by silverpirate

Copyright© 2014 by silverpirate

Erotica Sex Story: She was the most beautiful student I had ever had...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Interracial   Teacher/Student   .

I saw her the first time she walked in, of course. I expressly design my classroom so there is a door at the back. Most of my students make an effort towards attendance and punctuality, and there's no need to embarrass them by having to interrupt the class and slink down to their seat. And I really don't want some poor woman, for example, whose period started unexpectedly to have to walk all the way to the front of the room and across to the door with blood running down her legs and her face the same color.

Of course a side benefit is that I can see everyone entering and leaving without having to interrupt anything. So I watched her come in and make her way down to the front row, taking her seat with a wide smile back at me.

God, she was heart-stoppingly beautiful! A small black girl; actually she has a sort of warm honey-colored skin that just makes you want to lick her. So help me God, that vision of licking her all over just flooded my mind, and I had to look down at my notes for quite a while before I could get my thoughts together again.

I watched every step as she came in, for the next week, then had to wrench myself back into prof mode. And she was delightful as a student. Interested, knowlegable, intelligent, considerate, with a joy of living that just shone through in her face.

God, she was captivating! Every straight guy in the class was partly in love with her, and, surprisingly, most of the women too.

The following Monday that class was the last of the day, and she had worn a skirt, instead of the usual jeans. And a short sleevless top, low-cut. And no bra. Those beautiful, generous breasts swayed exquisitely as she came down the stairs, with all those honey legs flashing, and I swear; an inviting smile.

My cock got hard so fast I was profoundly grateful it had not been twisted down; it would have broken. I could feel an intense sexual flush creeping up my face, and couldn't break the hypnotic trance she had me locked into.

I wrenched my gaze away at a quick flash of pink panties as she took her seat.

I worked very hard at not giving any indication of my intense interest in this girl to the other students; they seem to be very perceptive of any special interest I show in any student, forcing me to be VERY fair and professional, but warm, to all of them.

But she knew. She stayed after class, fumbling with her books, until we were alone. Then she came over in the corner to my desk, where I was putting my notes away.

"Ah, Ms Davis; I want you to know that, even though it must be obvious that I find you extremely attractive, please don't be concerned about any inappropriate behavior on my part; I will act professionally towards you at all times. Ok?"

"Oh no you won't, David. I know you can't do anything with one of your students, even though we are adults, so I went and dropped your class. As of today, I am no longer your student. I am still going to sneak into every class, and regardless of the fact that I am going to fuck your brains out every chance we can get, I am still going to ace this course, because I have an IQ above 150, and am blessed with a photographic memory, and I am gonna challenge your final exam and ace this course.

And every day I'm gonna come in and sit up there, and I'm gonna make you lose it at least once a class, just to make my pussy gush like it always does when you flush like that. Your cock is so hard right now it's hurting, and the only thing that will sooth it is a hot, dripping pussy clamping hard around it.

Now where do you want to put it in me, Mr S.? Want to go into the supply room here for five minutes? It won't take long, will it? I know I'm gonna cum the second you slide inside of me. And I know I'm gonna milk your balls dry in less than a minute when I come really hard the second time.

I LOVE to fuck, Mr S.; and I know I'm gonna love fucking you. Mature men really turn me on, and you're hot. Now please take me in the back room; can't you see I'm practically dripping all over the floor?"

And she was. I could see a track of shiny liquid on her inner thigh. Shit! I reached out for her hand, and both of our huge grins signaling that we were getting what we each wanted desperately, we whipped around into the store room.

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