Luckiest Woman in the World

by silverpirate

Copyright© 2014 by silverpirate

Sex Story: This is why I'm the luckiest woman in the world...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Gang Bang   Interracial   .

I am the luckiest woman in the world; my husband loves it that I get gang banged by a bunch of old friends with big, black cocks, at least 2 or 3 times a week! I have 12 old friends that I have been fucking now for nearly five years; I have been their only outlet for most of that time, which means that any hole is open to those guys, anywhere, anytime. And we have been conditioned, over thousands of orgasms together, to instantly become hard and wet, in my case, at the sight of one another.

We might accidentally meet in the mall; our eyes lock, and his cock immediately starts to inflate, bulging through the leg of his pants, and as I turn to follow him to the men's room, I can feel juices running down my legs. I can even hear the squishy sounds they make as they rub together as I'm walking ... Fuck, that's so hot, knowing that in less than a minute I'll be sitting on a toilet, pulling his beautiful rigid cock down my neck, pulling his cheeks apart hard. If we have to make it a VERY quick quickie, I just work two sloppy fingers up against his prostate and milk long intense blasts of cum deep into my esophagus. And when he cums, I cum. My body has become conditioned that way through thousands of orgasms with these guys; every time one of these guys squirts his hot cream into any one of my holes, I convulse in orgasm around that throbbing, gushing cock.

Whoever it is, I know he's already pressed his speed dial to a phone tree that notifies all the other guys about where we are. That's all they need to hear, that I'm fucking somewhere, and whoever is in the neighbourhood will quickly drop everything and find us, knowing that when I'm fucking, I NEVER want to stop convulsing in orgasm around gushing, squirting cocks. Everybody's welcome. If someone brings a friend, that friend has to show all of us a recent health certificate, and swear that if he ever fucks anyone else, he'll get another one. If one of my boys will vouch for him, that's good enough for me. I love most of these guys, there's a few I only like, but all twelve or so of them don't match the love I have for my husband. Our lovemaking comes from a special bond, and that makes it special. I cum just as hard with him as I do with any one of the other guys, and every time I get fucked, he gets fucked.

I'll tease him a bit, when he gets home. I'll meet him at the door with his favourite beer, and he smiles as soon as he sees it, because he knows I'll soon be telling him all the juicy details. And I've gotten good at remembering every detail over the years. And I enjoy his dick just as much as the ones that are more than twice as big; I just LOVE to suck my hubby's cock, and always start out that way, so we can get the very juicy quick one into us before I suck him rigid to get into another hole.

And make no mistake; in spite of the fact that I get more good fucks in one week than most women will ever experience in their entire life, I can almost snap a pencil in half with my superbly exercised kegel muscles. And dear Michael really loves my ass, from behind, so he has access to all the most sensitive areas of my body. I'll lower to my elbows so I can hold both of us up, to feel his entire body curled around me, arms stroking me, hands alternately cupping my tits, and pulling my hanging nipples downward, while I tell him the whole story, exactly as it happened.

When I get to the part where the first guy gushes into my mouth, Michael will scream and start pounding me, to pound out my orgasm before he gushes into me. We convulse around each other for quite a while; remember those kegel muscles? I clamp down on him harder than a cock ring, and the mind-fuck THAT is for him, keeps him rigid inside me, through both of our recovery periods. And after we both catch up on our oxygen, I'll release enough so he can start sliding out a little, then back in, then all the way out and slamming back in, as I tell him about the next load I took, and in what hole, and how I immediately felt so fulfilled being given all those love juices. Sort of a feeling inside me that now I was a real woman, fulfilling the purpose of every lifeform on the planet; to procreate, to cherish the thick love juices filled with five hundred million little swimming sperms, (Geez; just think, every time I drink down that first load, I take in enough seeds to account for every person in the US, Canada, and Mexico; gee, I've probably drank enough seeds to repopulate the entire earth!)

And I have to tell you, I don't see any of us ever slacking off much; we have all learned to eat properly, to sustain a level of intense physical activity for hours at a time, and every one of us is in very good to excellent physical condition. Which makes my guys attractive to other women, and most of them get hit on by women quite a bit. It's a very rare one that gets through to one of my boys, though, because we've usually found that the kind of woman that's out looking for a guy, usually doesn't have much to offer beyond a quick roll in the hay, and since they tell me that they never are going to meet another woman who comes close to being as good and super-responsive a fuck as I am, they REALLY don't want to jeopardize their time with me.

How can you not love guys like that? We both do, hubby and me. We'll often do social things with one or more of the guys, and probably every couple of weeks or so we'll do a barbecue for all of the guys. The guys all share the chores, so I can have cocks inside me for almost five straight hours. We have a strong special padded table on the patio, just the right height for all three of my holes to be available at all times, until it's time to eat. Then I'll sit on Michael's cock to eat my dinner, all the guys grinning for him when I start milking his cock fiercely, rippling the muscles sequentially so it feels like I'm sucking hard on his cock, while clamping the base inside, buried to the balls. The guys take bets about how many seconds a new guy will last the first time he gives me his cock. No-one's lasted more than a hundred seconds, in any hole, their choice. I can get most guys off in my mouth in less than ten seconds, and within twenty in my pussy and ass, if I work at it, or we're in a hurry.

But when we have lots of time, I can usually keep a guy close to the edge for twenty or thirty minutes, if I want. When more guys show up, I start milking them off more quickly, so everybody gets as many turns as possible, given any time constraints. And it's seldom over until everyone there has filled all three holes at least once.

By the time I tell him about my last fuck, hub has come deep inside me, or as deep as he can get, usually about three times, each time being clamped fiercely to keep him hard and inside, where I want him. If it's getting late, I love falling asleep in my husband's arms, full of sperm. There's just something so fulfilling about being so full of warm sperm that I'm actually sloshing ... I feel like mother earth herself!

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