Cargo Master

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A cargo master builds his own ship. He saves a fleet officer who was made a slave. In order to leave he must get her pregnant.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Cream Pie   .

I have lived all my life on ships of one kind or another. I have a knack for picking cargos that are going to give a better return. That doesn't mean I only dealt with cargo. On a ship you learn to do everything if you are smart. I guess it has given me a unique way of looking at things. We were in port at Karssed and I would be leaving the ship here.

My name is Carson and I am twenty one. I am just less than two meters tall. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I had saved my money and Karssed was going to give me a start, a ship of my own. At one time Karssed had been on the front lines of a war. There were thousands of abandoned and decommissioned ships.

Since then others had started dumping old ships here as well. My first stop was a tiny betting parlor I knew about and then I rented a small room. After that I walked to the abandoned shipyard and started my search. I found my ship after only a day of searching the database. She was almost three hundred years old.

Her frame and hull were a ceramic armor matrix mix that didn't corrode. She had been an armed fleet transport ship. After that, it was a matter of researching and claiming. My luck on gravity sled racing held and I made money left and right. I salvaged parts from other ships to build the ship.

It would really have new types of hybrid engines, power plant reactors, gravity and anti gravity systems as well as ship life support systems. It was hard work that I enjoyed. One thing I liked about her was the fact that she was larger than any newer ship. She was a massive ship but with the newer hybrid systems I was putting in she would be faster than ships a quarter her size.

I even managed to install six battlecruiser shield generators in hull blisters. Besides the single hyper missile launcher I repaired and installed eight retractable turrets. Since I was using newer power plants it gave me an opportunity. In the turrets, I installed duel 500 mm rail guns with newer accelerator plates and bands.

It pushed the shell up to 95% of light speed and added to their range. I was almost done with the ship when fate stuck her head in. I was taking a break and eating lunch at an outside lunch diner when I happened to glance at an advertisement. It was the usual slave auction, this one was today, in a half hour in fact.

The face that struck me was a young blond woman. I recognized her instantly, she had been a cadet at a fleet check point a year before. If anyone knew what she was or had been she was dead. I was moving before I even realized what I was doing. I sighed as my mind caught up, "damn conscious."

I walked into the auction house barely in time. After glancing at the displays to see how long before the blonde would be up I sat down. The room didn't have many people, mostly lookers. The few people there to buy only seemed interested in the first few lots, mostly young kids. A stunning black haired girl was pushed out and I sat up.

She was beautiful, maybe fourteen, long hair and startling green eyes with a lovely body. Without thinking about it, I bid. There were no counters and she was mine. The blonde was pushed out next. Her cheek looked bruised and she looked like they had drugged her. They advertised her as a breeder that would need training.

I glanced around the room and no one seemed interested. After the second call for bids, I put mine in. The auctioneer was quick to accept it and shove her off the stage. I slid out of my seat and made my way to the pick up area and paid for the two slaves. I had moved out of my room a month before and was living in the ship.

I stopped at a second hand supply store and outfitted both girls. The black haired girl seemed shy but told me her name was Maira. It took a bit of coxing but the blonde's name was Susan. I had named the ship Saint George. She had once carried a crew of twenty with twelve sets of living quarters and two offices.

I had removed the double bunks and replaced them with single larger beds from an old luxury liner. She had an extra large hydroponics section as well as larger than normal water tanks for extended time in space. One of the things I had done with the ship was to automate it. I could control everything from the bridge.

I brought the girls aboard and led them to my room. This planet had strange laws and one was that if you bought a breeding slave you had to provide a med scan that showed she had been bred before you could take her off planet. I sat in the single desk seat and looked at the two women, one young and the other older.

The drugs Susan had been on were wearing off and I saw that she was aware. I looked into her face, "Susan, I know you are fleet."

She didn't respond but I saw the way her eyes flickered around the room as if for a way out. Maira was looking at Susan strangely. I smiled, "I can't take you off planet unless I..."

She abruptly nodded, "I know."

I nodded and looked at Maira, "and you lovely Maira, have you ever been with a man?"

She looked down and nodded. I stood and undressed before walking to the bed. I stood Maira up first and pulled the slave smock up and off. I was right, she was very beautiful and the sound of Susan shifting and her covered giggle woke me up. I grinned, "sorry but I've never been with a woman and Maira is ... beautiful."

Susan's smile was only secondary to seeing Maira look up into my face at my words. She smiled shyly and looked at Susan. I turned to Susan and stood her up to take her slave smock off. I looked at the two girls and grinned, "I have a game we can play. Susan would you mind if I asked Maira to be my first?"

She smiled and shook her head while Maira looked at me with her smile. I gestured to the bed, "in that case, Susan would you move to the other side of the bed. Maire? You get in the middle of the bed on your back. I will be on this side of you."

I grinned at Susan, "the game is between you and I. Maira is our playing field and the judge. We start off caressing or touching her with our hands but no pushing fingers into her body. We can use our mouths to lick or suck, we can even push our tongue inside her. Four areas are graded, neck and upper chest, upper chest and breasts, hips and pelvis and last is inner thighs and her pussy."

Susan was grinning and Maira was just looking at me. I looked at her, "on each area you have to tell us who feels better. The winner is the one with the most areas won. Also if you cum, whoever is playing on you right then, wins."

I looked at Susan, "the winner gets a massage."

She grinned and then laughed as Maira giggled. I sat beside her and waved to Susan, "you can go first."

She was still grinning as she reached out and started caressing the side of Maira's neck. I sat back to watch and think, if Susan was bait, someone would be watching. When she leaned back Maira shivered and I smiled as I leaned over her and started kissing from her collarbone to her neck.

It didn't take long for her to groan and shuddered as I licked under her ear. I sat back and she shivered before smiling, "that felt better."

I laughed and looked at Susan, "you have to be more serious and enjoy what you are doing."

She grinned and bent to suck on one of Maira's nipples. Maira jerked and shivered, "that feels good."

Susan kept going, kissing and licking around her nipples and up onto her chest. Before I knew it, Maira shuddered and shook her head blinking. I shook my head at Susan as she sat up grinning at me, "and we didn't even get to the good parts."

She laughed as she sat back and Maira smiled hesitantly, "was it okay?"

I grinned, "did it feel okay?"

She hesitated and then nodded, "it felt really good."

I laughed and leaned over her to caress her face and give her a soft kiss. I looked in to her eyes, "can I..."

She nodded and smiled, "Yes."

I moved over her and she spread her legs to let me move between them. I felt a moment of panic and then Susan was beside my shoulder gently caressing me, "it is okay. Relax and try to go slow."

I nodded and felt her hand between our bodies. She softly guided my cock to Maira's warm pussy. Maira brought her hands up to cup my face. We stared into each others eyes as Susan pushed on my butt and I pushed into Maira. She shivered but didn't look away as I sank deeper into her body.

I took a breath and pulled back before starting to fuck her nice and slow. I didn't even realize I was all the way inside her until I felt my balls resting on her butt and the head of my cock pushing against the back of her pussy. I smiled as we both shivered together. She grinned and then giggled when we did it again.

I was fucking her a little harder and knew I was going to cum in a minute. She groaned as I felt my balls start to tighten and my body stiffened. I shoved into her as far as I could and felt my cock twitching and jerking before I started cumming in strong spurts. I grunted with each jet and she jerked and then started convulsing.

Her arms tightened around me as her pussy started milking my cock, "Ohhhh!"

I shivered and shook as I kept pumping cum into her tight pussy. She held me as we both panted and tried to catch our breath. Susan laughed, "that was amazing. I can't wait for my turn."

Maira grinned as she looked into my eyes, "do you want to get her pregnant tonight?"

I smiled and hugged her before looking at a surprised Susan, "I need to. They took her implant away when they captured her. I have to provide a Bio sample proving she has been bred before I can lift."

Maira gave me a squeeze and looked at Susan, "lay on your back."

I looked at her and smiled as I pulled out and watched Susan lay back on the bed. Maira went to her knees all business now, "get between her legs."

I moved between Susan's legs as Maira shifted around on the bed. She straddled Susan's head and leaned forward towards me, "lift your legs Susan."

I looked at her as Susan did as she was told. I looked down to see Susan's slit and smiled at how wonderful it was. Maira held Susan's calves and brought them back, "go ahead master, fuck her."

I looked up as Maira jerked and then shuddered. I looked down to see Susan licking her leaking pussy. I grinned and rubbed my cummy cock through Susan's slit before pushing in slowly. I hit the back of her pussy when I was all the way inside her. She jerked slightly and I pulled back and started fucking her, pushing against the back of her pussy each time.

It was several minutes before I heard her muffled groan as she shuddered and her pussy grasped and released my cock while getting wetter. Maira jerked and shuddered with her and leaned into me, "Oh my!"

I kept going, enjoying the feeling of Susan's spasming pussy. It was over five minutes before she screamed into Maira's pussy and she started shaking and whimpering as once again her pussy milked my cock. This time I was ready to finish and fucked her hard for a few more strokes before shoving against the back of her pussy hard.

My cock swelled and jerked as I started spewing cum. Susan shuddered and jerked as she felt my hot sperm enter her. I shot six or seven large jets of cum and kept shivering until I was done. I pulled out and lifted her butt as Maira moved off her. I put a pillow under her and slid out of bed, "don't move."

I went to the door and ran down to the sick bay. I returned with a tissue tractor and a med scanner. I had Maira hold the scanner over Susan's mound. I tuned the tissue tractor to my sperm and used the scanner as a guide and pulled it all into Susan's womb. I had to stop then and set the scanner for her egg. When I found it I switched to the sperm and pulled it all to the egg.

It was like a show, Maira and I both sat beside Susan and watched the scanner. She was a little restless but after Maira absently tugged on one of her nipples and told her to hush she laughed and just flopped, letting her body completely relax. It took awhile but the feeling of watching one of my sperm finally push into the egg was something I will never forget.

I recorded it and went to the comm panel. I uploaded it and sent the scan to the breeding board. I smiled as I came back to bed and pulled the pillow out from under Susan, "I have a couple of days of work left and then I have to see if I can find a cargo. After that we can leave and I'll be able to contact fleet."

She nodded and I tugged on one of her nipples, "thank you Susan."

She grinned and then laughed, "my pleasure."

I lay beside her and pulled Maira against me, "as for you..."

She grinned and put her head on my shoulder, I almost drifted off before sighing. If I wanted to leave in a few days I needed to get back to work. I slid out of bed, "I need to get back to work."

I was surprised when both Maira and Susan followed me after putting their smocks back on. While I worked they watched and occasionally Susan helped. I stopped for dinner and while we were eating I checked available cargos. I had almost finished when I found the cargo I wanted. It was a huge supply of Armored Crystal Seeds in orbit.

I know why everyone else avoided it. It was the type of cargo pirates looked for and drooled over. I checked my balance and found I could buy it but just barely. I wasn't going to wait, I could finish my work on the ship while we were in space. I bought the cargo and ordered basic supplies to be delivered to the ship.

I went to my cabin and changed before telling the girls to change into their ship suits as well. I met the delivery sled and helped unload everything before starting my checklist. Maira was nervous but Susan seemed excited as I gestured for them to strap into one of the seats on the bridge. I contacted central for clearance to the orbital storage container.

I was grinning as I fed power to the anti gravity systems. The ship handled like a dream, smooth and very responsive. We broke atmosphere cleanly and I slid into the grove for a least time approach to the storage unit. I stopped the ship next to the huge container and left the bridge to suit up before entering the first cargo hold.

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