Hybrid Girls Have Special Needs

by harry lime

Copyright┬ę 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: The birth of Jennifer13 is the dawn of a new era of a hybrid species. Tigers and humans intertwined in genetic splendor. If only she could control her tail.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Orgy   First   Anal Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   Hairy   Public Sex   .


Doctor Jacques Champion always remembered wanting to be a doctor. He never thought a time existed when he was not certain that one day he would make a genetic breakthrough and discovered some new miracle drug to cure cancer or some other astounding feat of medical excellence. He had made research his field and somehow had gravitated to the study of genetic engineering and the creation of new species.

Actually, there was not much investment into that area in the United States and he was seriously thinking of moving to either mainland China or India where the regulations were less important than results. He had set up a laboratory in the Canadian side of Niagara Falls to avoid the pitfalls of mind-boggling restrictions that permeated the entire country with an oppressive air of interference. His previous successes with the Bengal and Siberian tigers caught the eye of a company with roots on both sides of the border to develop a new species of super human with the genetic attributes of a predator and the best traits of a free-thinking human. At first it seemed an impossible task but he persevered until he managed to create some small successes using cloning technology.

The early days bore witness to some grotesque apparitions with tails and claws and black spots on their skin and pointy ears that looked quite fake. Jacques was not as upset with the physical flaws as he was with the mental deficiency that seemed to plague all of the subjects in the project.

It was the introduction of some formulas discovered in the Tibetan papers that were recently translated by the monks in a nearby monastery that changed the direction of the project entirely.

When the first batch of newly birthed hybrids emerged from the gestation chambers, Jacques was astonished at the first examples of a new species that talked and acted like ordinary human being but having the facial features and strength of a killer tiger. The tails grew after age five and the whiskers didn't start until the girls and boys were in their mid-teens. They managed to produce about thirty of the first generation and after sickness and infections reduced that number to an even dozen, he still felt they had the basis for a fine second generation of the physically mated Hybrid species. Science dictated that procreating with the original donors to the new species was not physically possible so the only way the line could be improved and expanded would be with a concerted effort at coupling by all of the survivors. Fortunately there were nine females and three males, so the production of nine Hybrid second generation subjects was the optimal result.

These second generation Hybrids were placed into growth acceleration pods and within six months, Six healthy females and two males emerged fully grown and ready to seed the species line.

The females were all unusually tall and built for speed and flexible gyrations. The males were splendidly hung with mating equipment that impressed most of the female members of the special project. The rules were strict however that the Hybrid species would only spill their seeds in the wombs of other females of the new species and hopefully propagate a new line of muscular and extremely quick moving mammals who looked human despite their floppy tails and pointed ears.

The humanoid specimens were obviously feline in appearance probably more so in the case of the females than the males. The males could pass for human if they tucked their tails in and changed their facial features with familiar characteristics like beards and glasses. The females were more feline in their movements and had a sort of sensual grace that made most human males experience arousal even when they were fully clothed. Still, the bottom line was all of the specimens could have sexual relations with humans as well as in their own species but there was absolutely no chance of promulgating offspring because of the incompatible genetic structure.

The second generation Hybrids was in a third cycle of seeding that increased the numbers of the second generation pool to 30 specimens with 20 females and 10 males in the group. It was estimated that the third generation would feature expansion to a pool of 150 females and 50 males.

The six month gestation pods were working with amazing results. According to Doctor Champion's calculations, they should be creating several thousand specimens of the new species within the next two years. One of the difficulties with the subjects was to assign names or numbers to track their development and problems. They decided to follow a simple process and use key names such as Jennifer or Jack and then a number to show their position in creation. An example of that sequencing was Jennifer13.

Jennifer13 was not quite the same as the average hybrid strain of tiger-humans.

She had the same sensual grace and ease of movement and she had the signature tail that seemed to have a life of its own. Where she differed was in that her skin tone was more humanoid than most of the others and she had somehow escaped the facial tiger features that made the other seem far less human. In fact, Jennifer13 could easily pass as a human with some sort of fetish for dressing up in unusual costumes for kinky sex. Of course, the same could be said for most of the male hybrids because they generally had more human traits than tiger traits.

The good doctor was the first to see Jennifer13 when she emerged from the development pod and he took in her naked body from head to toe with much interest. He seemed particularly interested in the final finished product of her breasts which were quite spectacular in both design and shape. He spent a long time playing with her nipples to test their reactions to different stimuli such as rubbing, rolling and pinching. Then he moved down to her furry patch between her legs and measured the length of her feminine slit and tested the resiliency of her waste disposal opening with great concentration pushing his fingers repetitively inside with aid of soothing lubrication. The subject Jennifer13 was noticeably purring with delight at the interest taken by the handsome doctor. Her long pink tongue was often seen licking her cherry red lips with feline intensity.

Doctor Champion removed Jennifer13 from the breeding program and had her taken to his personal quarters for "advanced testing procedures". The rest of the staff giggled and spread rumors about the scope of his testing process and suggested it was limited to exercising his cock in various kinky activities.

An inspection of the detailed notes taken by the researcher after he passed away from natural causes revealed that he had indeed been taking inappropriate advantage of the female hybrid. However, in his defense it would be necessary to also disclose that the subject Jennifer13 appeared to be in full consensual agreement with all testing activities and seemed particularly excited at the anal aspects of Doctor Champion's research.

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