Sarah and Greg's Day of Exploration

by GR

Copyright© 2014 by GR

Erotica Sex Story: This is the 4th Sarah and Greg Story. What you need to know is that Sarah and Greg are deeply in love. They live together and make each other happy. (And she is a shemale.) Although there is some plot development, this story is mainly about their trying sex in different ways. This was inspired by a comment someone made in an e-mail to me, although his more specific suggestions will show up in the next S&G story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Shemale   Fiction   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

There were two rules: (1) They reserved their cum exclusively for themselves, and (2) If either of them said the safety word, they would stop without question.

Over the past year of being together, Sarah and Greg fell more in love each day they shared with each other. They both knew that talking through issues and problems was key to their survival as a couple, but it had been tough; he grew up in a home, which was loving and supportive, but also one in which certain things were never discussed, and she grew up with parents who disowned her when she was 18, her age when she revealed to them that she was a woman in a man's body. Although she had been particularly guarded since then, she was learning to open up to Greg more and more. Obviously, Greg's reaction, acceptance, and love when she revealed her biological situation was a huge breakthrough in her openness, but years of habit do not fall away overnight.

However, with their love, their trust grew. They knew they could talk about any topic, even the "taboo" ones. One morning over breakfast, Sarah broached the topic of sexual fantasies. Greg felt a little aroused at the mention of it and turn his attention completely to Sarah. They discussed the sexual fantasies that have been fulfilled and that have not been fulfilled. Eventually, they devised a plan for a day of whatever they wanted to do, as long as it abode by the two rules mentioned previously.

They knew that this could lead to cumming many times of the course of that day, so they avoided cumming through personal or mutual actions for two weeks prior, and they made sure that they ate properly and got plenty of rest. In essence they went into training. Finally, although they hoped it would not come to it, they had a few samples of Viagra, just in case.

8:30 AM: Greg woke up that Saturday morning on his back, unable to move very well. As his thinking cleared more from the morning fogginess, he realized that his arms and legs were strapped to the corners of the bed. Sarah was standing beside the bed, completely naked with a jar of chocolate sauce in her hand. His brained cleared a little more, and he knew what day it was.

"Good morning," Greg said with a smile.

"Good morning," Sarah responded, smiling back, but her smile had a slightly more mischievous quality.

Sarah put a knee on the bed as she leaned over to kiss him fully and passionately on the mouth. After a a half minute, she broke off from the kiss and sat beside him. She opened the jar and dipped a finger in. She then brought her finger near Greg's mouth. He loved the smell of this sauce. It wasn't ordinary grocery store chocolate; this was especially made for lovers. Neither too sweet nor too bitter. He didn't know the secret ingredient, but it was perfect. As the aroma wafted his way, he lifted his head to suck it off her finger, which she brought close enough for him to satisfy this lust. He pulled her chocolate covered finger into his mouth, sucked fully, and let his tongue clean it thoroughly. As his cock started to swell a little, Sarah closed her eyes and enjoyed this moment of part of her being inside him.

Sarah dipped again, this time with two fingers, and brought them close to his mouth, but not enough for him to be able to reach with his lips. Greg extended his tongue, which just barely touched her fingers. After tormenting him for a minute, she applied the chocolate from her fingers to his nipples. The sauce was warm and slightly melted. It started to drip down his side. Sarah leaned over and licked the chocolate before it reached the sheets. She licked from his side to his breast, then around his areola, paying particular attention not to touch his nipple. She paid equal attention to both sides of his body while enjoying his straining at the ropes and cuffs.

When satisfied that no more sauce was going to drip, she mounted his abdomen, making sure to rub her ass, sack, and cock on him as much as she could as she slid her leg over. When situated, his cock was nestled in her ass, feeling warm and secure. She leaned over and again tongued around his areola. He buck his hips with the delusional hope of being able to penetrate Sarah's ass. She sat up over his midsection, supported mainly by her legs. She smiled and ground her ass on his cock, feeling it swell more. She leaned over and with her teeth, lips, and tongue cleaned each nipple thoroughly. She took great care to get every last bit of chocolate off of his chest. His chest hair though seemingly wanted to keep some. But she kept at it, licking his nipple, biting when she needed to, and sucking up what she needed.

When he was visibly clean, she stretched out her body on top of his and kissed him: her cock rubbing just above his, her breasts pressed into his chest. His very hard cock was again nestled between her ass cheeks and rubbing against her hole. As before, he had the delusional hope of penetrating, and as before, she made sure that he didn't succeed.

She then started to kiss his body beginning at his mouth with the plan to work toward his cock, but she first lifted her ass, allowing his cock to lay flat against his body, and then she rubbed her sensual body against his all the way down. His cock felt her cock as it moved past, then her flat, smooth abdomen, then in the valley between her breasts, then her mouth. She tongued his cock from its tip to his sack. Slowly moistening the shaft. She lifted his cock and put her mouth near it. She licked the glans, carefully tracing a circle of saliva around the tip. She wrapped her mouth around the head, tilted her head back as if to watch his reaction, extended her tongue, flattening it as best as possible, just past her bottom lip, opened her mouth in a fake yawn, took a deep breath, and with a slow plunge, worked to deep throat his cock. When the head reached her throat, she paused and pushed past the resistance. She swallowed a few times, massaging the head of his cock, paused again for a moment, before backing off. She moved her lips and tongue up and down a few times before pulling off of it completely.

She then ran her tongue up his body from his cock to his mouth, moistening her tongue frequently along the way. Again rubbing her body seductively against his as she went. When she returned to his lips, she kissed him passionately, letting her tongue explore his mouth. Whenever he would try to extend his tongue into her she would lift her head up. After several tries, he knew not to attempt this. This fantasy was her show.

After breaking him of silly notions, she went back to the chocolate sauce. She dipped two fingers in and then spread the chocolate on his genitals. She used both hands to spread the chocolate all over his cock and balls. Greg savored the warm caress she was giving him.

With some chocolate still on her hands, she spread his ass cheeks, and rubbed some on his ass hole, and of course a little in his hole.

She then turned around, putting them in a 69, and she cleaned his cock one tiny bit of chocolate at a time. With her own cock right over his mouth, he lifted his head, reached with his tongue, and started to moisten her shaft. She deftly lifted her ass to keep him from accomplishing too much.

She continued to clean and to frustrate him. When she was almost done, she lowered her ass, allowing him to suck her cock. And he sucked like a man whose life depended on it. She moaned a little as he took in her shaft half way. His tongue explored the head by circling, leaving a trail of moisture as it went. Greg's lips curled over his teeth to prevent hurting her accidentally. Greg was overwhelmed with how complete his mouth felt. He felt the satisfaction of finally finding a long missing puzzle piece needed to complete the picture. Even though he had had her cock in his mouth before, it did not diminish the joy he felt each time.

He sucked on her cock hoping she would cum before she withdrew again. To this end he sucked harder than usual with the vague idea that the suction in his mouth would make it impossible for her to leave.

He was again mistaken, as Sarah was in complete control – almost. As she was being fellated, she kept neglecting the cock she was working on. She would lick his shaft and then pause to moan. When she would regain her senses, she would suck on his cock hoping to distract him, but he was too focused.

She knew her cock wouldn't get any harder, so it was only a matter of time before it erupted. She pivoted her hips up, and despite his best (restrained) efforts, she pulled her cock from his mouth. She dismounted him and slid off the bed. She went to the head board and switched the hand restraints, being very careful not to free him accidentally. Then she went to the foot of the bed and did the same for his leg restraints.

"Turn over!" she commanded. Greg flopped a little, but managed to turn over onto his stomach. As she tightened the ropes, he gyrated his body to rub his cock against the sheets. His movement became slower and slower as the ropes pulled him into a tight face-down spread-eagle.

Sarah moved to the foot of the bed, mounted it, and leaned over to clean the chocolate on and in his ass. She tongued him hard and fast, lapping up whatever she could. Her face ground into his ass, pushing her tongue as far as it would go, and shoving his hard cock into the bed. Her licking added some back and forth motion, bringing Greg closer to cumming.

Fortunately, Sarah timed it well in that she finished cleaning him before he came. She stood up and left the bedroom, leaving Greg tied and incredibly horny. He tried to will his body to cum, but to no avail. His efforts, although subtle, did keep his cock hard during the 10 minutes she was away.

She returned and walked over to the bed. Greg turned his head hoping to see some indication that they would both cum, soon. But all he saw was his gorgeous woman walking toward him; her nipples and cock were still quite stiff. She knelt beside the bed and whispered close to his ear, "You seem like you want to cum, but there is so much more we are doing today. Maybe it's time I took a shower and dressed for the day."

Greg smile at what he thought was a joke, but when she turned around to head to the bathroom, he groaned out, "No! Stop!"

She stopped and looked at him with a look of mock confusion, "Yes?"

"Please, come back. I need you," Greg pleaded

She took a few slow steps toward him. "What do you need me to do?"

"To help me cum," he begged.

"I think you have cum lots of times without me. Do you really need me?"

"I need you more than I can ever tell you." Greg sounded desperate.

Sarah stuck out her bottom lip. "Poor baby," she pouted. "I think all you really need is a hand." With that she reached under his body, worked her hand around his cock, and stroked him slowly. It was deliberately awkward. She then stopped and said, "I think all you need is your hand." She untied one of his hands, knowing perfectly well what was coming next. She then pivoted on the ball of her foot and walk swiftly to the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Greg, as quickly as he could, untied his other hand, and struggled to his knees. He managed to free his legs from their restraints and went quickly to the bathroom. He slammed the door open, only to see his beloved bending over the tub, "adjusting" the temperature of the water. Her ass sticking up in the air, invited his crazed mind. He took the few steps toward her, positioning his cock at her ass, and then with some care not to push her over, penetrated it with his ripe cock. He plunged it deep inside grunting like an animal, and when his ball sack touch her ball sack, he shot his load deep in her. After two weeks of denying this, his cumming put him in Nirvana. He continued to pump in and out of her fast and hard, knowing that not much more cum was left, and ignoring the hypersensitive head of his cock. After 30 seconds of fucking her ass, he pulled out, leaned against the wall, sweating and panting.

She stood up with a wicked grin, went over to him, and kissed him on the lips; Greg still tasted the chocolate. As she kissed him, she rubbed her hard cock up and down his abdomen and his shrinking cock. It wasn't long before her breathing turned to panting. Soon she stopped kissing him and concentrated on rubbing her cock on him. Not long after, her cock twitched, spasmed, and shot its load as high as his chest. Having denied herself this pleasure for two weeks, there was a lot of cum waiting to fly free. Her cum dripped off him, onto her cock, lubricating their bodies more. After her cock stopped pulsing, she leaned into him and hugged him tightly; they felt the warm stickiness between them. They both reveled in the mess – another sign of what they were willing to do for each other.

The floor where they were standing became slippery with the cum from her cock and the cum still dripping down her legs from her ass. Eventually, they broke the hug, and she went over, started the shower, and they both got clean – slowly of course, not that they orgasmed in the shower, but they took their dear sweet time, making sure each of them was thoroughly clean in every nook and cranny.

9:50 AM: After they cleaned each other (and the floor), they went to the bedroom. Greg asked Sarah to stay naked, and she complied, wondering what was next. Neither ate breakfast, but took vitamins and drank plenty of water to keep from dehydrating. They sat together on the couch, kissing fully on the lips, and groping each other. They needed each other and would not feel complete without the other one. They felt life return to their cocks, but this is not what Greg had in mind. After foreplay for an hour, both needed to urinate. They went to the bathroom together, and before Sarah could sit, Greg stepped into the shower, and held out his hand for her to join him. She entered, and he, facing her, sat down, with his legs spread.

She knew what he wanted. She started to concentrate, closing her eyes to keep from being distracted, and finally felt the muscle release she needed. The urine streamed out of her and all over Greg genitals. He felt the warm rush of her golden liquid. Knowing it was from her, his cock had a little blood swell into it, but not particularly much.

She then knelt before him. And like her, he closed his eyes to concentrate. He managed to work his muscles to allow himself to urinate on her breasts, abdomen, and cock. He had saved up quite a bit, and the tub filled with the urine smell. When done, he turned the shower on. And started to rinse their bodies. As before, they took a lot of time slowly cleaning their bodies – every crevice and fold.

When done, they turned off the water. Greg spoke first, "Thanks, I just wanted to know."

"Yep, no problem. That's what this weekend is about."

11:20 AM: After the shower, they got dressed. She wore a full length skirt and a blouse, and he wore jeans and a nice collared shirt. They put on jackets which hung loose on them to about mid-thigh – something to hide the inevitable erections.

On the elevator, Sarah leaned into Greg, pushing him against the wall. She kissed him while massaging his cock through his jeans. Held onto the railing to keep from falling. She pushed the button for the top floor and off it went. 20... 21... 22 and so on toward the 30th floor. After a few floors, she reached her hand into his pants and massaged his cock directly. With her other hand, she reached under his shirt and played with his nipples, pinching, rolling, and pulling on them in irregular intervals. He so wanted to fuck her, but had to get over the idea of the public place. He quickly realized, "If this is what she wants, then she shall have it." He reached down and unzipped his pants, and Sarah knelt before him. At floor 28, then elevator dinged and stopped. He quickly shifted his body to keep the jeans from falling, and he zipped up his jacket. Sarah stood, and zipped up her jacket as well. The doors opened.

Someone started to get on the elevator, and pointing downward, asked, "Going down?"

Greg responded, "No, up," pointing upward.

"Sorry," the man apologized, and he stepped off.

The doors closed, Greg unzipped his jacket, and Sarah was down again, kneeling on the floor, pulling Greg's cock out of his pants, and fellating him.

At the top floor, the panel of the elevator showed "30". The box stopped and the doors opened. Sarah kept her mouth on his cock, hoping / assuming no one would be there; her hope and assumption were right. As the doors started to close, someone out of sight yelled, "Hold the door!" Greg and Sarah ignored his request, continuing to enjoy what they were doing. Greg pushed the button for 29th floor, to get the elevator moving and to give a bit more time for the guy on the 28th floor to be riding another elevator before they got there. The doors of the elevator opened, and no one was there. But Sarah didn't mind. She sucked and licked Greg's cock try to get him to cum as quickly as possible. She had such a talented tongue, that it was not long before Greg's cock was fully erect. Sarah moved faster and harder; Greg's cock went in and out of her mouth, seemingly penetrating deeper with each cycle.

He felt himself approaching heaven again, and was moaning louder as the doors closed. He tried to ignore whether the elevator would go up or down. When the doors closed at last, he shot his load into her mouth. She sucked the cum off him quickly as the elevator moved down. When it reached its new floor, she backed away from Greg's cock. By the time the doors opened, she was standing and Greg was zipping up his jacket.

They were on the 25th floor, and a family of four including two small children got on the elevator. The adults smiled greetings but didn't say anything. Before the doors closed, the mother of the children said, "We forgot something," and pressed the open button. "Let's go back to the apartment." She gestured with her hand for the family to follow her.

Greg looked to see if they had scared the family off when he noticed a drop of cum on Sarah's face. Oops. Greg leaned over and licked the cum off her face. "You missed a drop." The both laughed to relieve the tension they felt. However, Greg pushed the button to go to the 30th floor again. As the doors closed, he said, "Your turn," and proceeded to get on his knees and to lift Sarah's skirt. Sarah grabbed the hem and held her skirt up out of the way.

Being very aware of his surroundings, he went to work on taking her cock into his mouth. He sucked on it using a technique which has worked with Sarah before. It would get her cock from floppy to hard very quickly, allowing her to fuck his mouth him more easily. Once there, he move his head back and forth, his lips covering his teeth and keeping a tight grip on her cock. His tongue moved under, around, and over her cock, lubricating it, making his lips slide even better over her shaft with the right balance of grip and slip.

Sarah then tossed the hem of her skirt outward, so that it covered Greg's head and upper back. From the outside no one could actually see anything indecent, but it would take little to imagine what was happening. Sarah put her hands where his head pushed out on her skirt. She helped set the pace at which she was fucking his mouth. Her head went back, her eyes closed, and she was breathing heavier as he proceeded. She moaned a stifled moan as she felt herself approaching orgasm.

The door of the elevator dinged and started to open. Greg couldn't really hear it, and Sarah didn't care. The doors opened, and standing there was a couple in their mid-20s. The man of this couple imagined he saw a man under a woman's skirt licking her pussy and a woman enjoying it completely. He appreciated what he saw, and interjected, "Sorry. My wife and I will stand guard while you finish. We'll make sure that no one else disturbs you." And he and his wife stood on both sides of the entrance, facing away from the elevator, watching out for others. If the doors started to close, one of them would press the down button to reopen the doors.

Sarah knew this couple could hear all the sounds she and Greg were making, so as part of the performance she felt she was giving, she got a little louder – not that she exaggerated her feelings; she suppressed herself less. With an audience listening and her beloved wrapping her cock with his mouth, she came in an earth shattering orgasm. As she came, her torso whipped forward, slamming her ass against the wall of the elevator. Greg moaned as he tasted her cum shooting to the back of his throat. After months of practice, he swallowed almost all of it. Her cock continued pulsing as he sucked up the remained bits of ejaculate. Sarah put her hands on his head to steady herself. When she stood up straight on her own, he pulled back, letting her skirt ride up his back and over his head. Once out of the skirt-tent, he stood, kissed her fully and passionately. They put their arms around each other and let their tongues pass in and out of their partners mouths. They tasted each other and themselves and also gave time for Sarah cock to shrink. It was a moment of oneness between them.

When they broke off, Sarah opened her eyes and Greg turned around. The young couple did keep anyone else from entering the elevator, for the most part. No one else entered, but their attentions had lapsed, and they were staring at Sarah and Greg. All four of them were smiling.

The young woman stepped into the elevator first, and extending her hand, introduced her self, "Hi, I'm Christina, but you can call be Chris." Chris's nipples were erect and making protrusions through her t-shirt.

Her husband then extended his hand, "I'm Sam." Sam had a noticeable bulge under his pants.

Sarah and Greg shook hands with the new couple and introduced themselves.

Sam started the conversation, "We just moved in. Does this kind of thing happen often?"

Sarah replied, "No, it was our first time here, in the elevator."

"Too bad," Chris lamented.

Sam went next, "I just want to say, thank you for that, and way to go."

Greg and Sarah laughed. She pushed the 20th floor button, the doors closed, and the elevator descended.

Sam ventured, "Would you care to have dinner with us tonight? We are making pasta for dinner – nothing fancy, but the sauce will be homemade and is the best I have ever had."

Greg politely declined, "No, thank you for the invitation. We have reserved today for making our own special memories. Perhaps another night."

"Sounds good," Sam conceded. "If you change your mind, we eat about 7, and we are in apartment 3045. You may stop by this evening without any warning."

Chris interjected, "I hope you do change your minds. You are the most interesting people we have met since we moved to this city."

Greg and Sarah smiled. The door opened on their floor, and as they were leaving, Sarah said, "It might be fun. We'll talk about what we want to do tonight. No promises, but perhaps later tonight." And with that Sarah and Greg left the elevator, holding hands, and feeling really good.

When they got back to the apartment, they entered and collapsed on the couch. Greg got up first and got water for both of them. Not having eaten yet, they were both very hungry, so he returned to the kitchen to make a light meal. While he was in there, Sarah yelled over to him, "So what do you think about having dinner with Chris and Sam tonight?"

"I have mixed feelings. But whatever we do, I want to be with you." They both went into their own worlds of thought, while Greg finished making sandwiches. He returned to the living room and handed Sarah the light repast. She thanked him and started to eat.

Sarah broke silence first, "What else do we have plans to do?"

"I would like to fuck you outside at the park," Greg offered. "And your thoughts?"

She smiled a big grin, "Sounds like fun. I have a box of things I would like to try on us."

"A box of what, pray tell?"

"Oh you'll see." She smiled a mysterious smile. "I've kicked around some other thoughts. How would you like to be picked up by a sailor?"

Greg wasn't sure how serious she was. "Are you serious?" His eyebrows rose in question.

"Not really, but I was wondering what it would be like to see you kiss another man?"

"And I was wondering what it would be like to see you kiss another woman."

Sarah offered, "Then instead of trolling bars, perhaps we go up to Sam and Chris's. They seemed opened to new ideas."

Greg thought for a moment, trying to picture the conversation which would lead up to kissing the other couple. "How would that work? 'Excuse me Chris and Sam. My I kiss Sam while Sarah kisses Chris?'"

Sarah didn't know. "At least at a bar, it could just happen, no awkward conversation – assuming we go to the right bar."

Greg proposed, "How about this? We go to Sam and Chris's. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't we find the right bar."

"Sounds like a plan," agreed Sarah.

They finished their meals, and lay down for nap. They slept for about an hour, and then they each went into the bathroom to clean themselves inside and out, getting ready for the afternoon.

1: 15 PM: Sarah and Greg dressed again. She wore another full length skirt and blouse, and he wore somewhat loose-fitting jeans and a polo shirt. They both donned their jackets and headed outside to the park. They walked hand-in-hand around the perimeter, enjoying each others company and the beautiful crisp day, while they scoped out a few secluded places along the way. After a once around and through the park, they knew the spot. It was slightly secluded, but not so off the beaten path that they needed to worry about being robbed or worse.

Greg sat down first on the bench. Sarah sat on his lap, facing him, her knees on the bench on both sides of his hips, and her legs straddling his legs. Her skirt covered all of her legs, most of his legs, and half his abdomen. They started kissing each other, and again enjoying another shared experience. As her tongue penetrated his mouth, he felt at peace, like her tongue was meant to be there and that the universe's entire purpose was to bring them together. They didn't rush themselves, as they explored their mouths, and necks, cheeks, ears, and all places in between. Their arms were wrapped around the others body keeping them close to each other. There was nothing kinky or strange about what they were doing. To a passerby, it was two young people making out in the park, and for the moment, that really was what it was.

After a half hour of kissing, Greg moved a hand under her skirt and to the button on his jeans. He unbuttoned it slowly, not really being in a hurry to finish. He made sure her skirt covered everything which might put them in jail for indecent exposure. He unzipped his pants and let his cock out. Still hidden by her skirt, he stroked himself a little to stiffen it some more. Sarah sat up off his legs, allowing Greg to reposition his cock near her ass. When he seemed ready, she lowered herself down. During all this, she maintained lip lock with him. She lowered her ass in just the right place, and his cock slid easily into her waiting hole.

She moved slowly back and forth, letting his cock move inside her slightly and rhythmically. Her ass felt fantastic with Greg inside her. Mentally she pictured this empty tube inside her, needing to have a purpose. Greg's hard cock fit perfectly inside her, making her feel complete again.

To satisfy her oral needs, she sucked Greg's tongue, bringing it into her mouth. She wanted to consume him, to make him part of her, for them to be truly one person. She knew it couldn't happen, but there have been moments over the past year when sadness overtook her because she was not feeling her love physically within her. At those moments, she must get by with knowing that he is within her spiritually.

Thoughts of his body sated her, caused blood to rush into her cock. She kept subtly grinding her ass around his cock, and began rubbing the head of her cock against his stomach. At first it pressed into his shirt, but she managed to work her cock underneath.

Their breathing became more labored as they went. But the change was so subtle, that only someone who had not been there from the beginning would notice that the breathing was not typical. However, no one was around.

They kept grinding, kissing, rubbing, and holding each other tightly. Her hips moved back and forth, rubbing her ass cheeks against his legs and her cock between their abdomens. He tried to move his stomach muscles to add to the pressure against her cock, but he had too much trouble concentrating to keep it up for very long.

Sarah leaned into him more, letting a little of his cock out of her ass. He was still inside her far enough, but her ass didn't press against his legs as much. She gyrated managing to stroke his cock with her ass and her cock with their abdomens. She felt herself approaching another orgasm. As she did, she gyrated faster, but still trying not to move very much. Her increased pace was what Greg needed to bring him near the brink. They both knew that if they had free range of motion, they would both finish quickly.

Footsteps approached but they were too near cumming to stop. Soon they couldn't hear the steps, especially since they heard their hearts beating loudly. With a final stifled moan, they came together. He shot his hot cum up her ass, while she shot her cum all over their torsos.

They felt the pulsing of the others cock, the wet stickiness of their love inside and on them. As the pulsing and ejaculation subsided, they became more aware of their surroundings. Greg noticed first that there were two people watching.

"Hey," Greg said with a nod, trying to act nonchalant.

Sarah turned her head, as she heard newly familiar voiced respond, "Hey." Sam and Chris were there watching again.

Chris said, "Sorry again. We aren't stalking you – really! We really were just walking by, when we heard a noise ... It's cool. I'm glad you too are enjoying today so much."

Just before they walked off, Sarah tossed after them, "We'll be there for dinner at 7."

Sam and Chris both replied, "Great! See you then."

Sarah and Greg laughed softly as they disconnected their bodies. They finished cleaning up any mess which couldn't be covered by their jackets before heading back to the apartment.

6:50 PM: Shortly before it was time to go, Sarah and Greg stopped their lazy afternoon of mostly resting and went upstairs to Sam and Chris's apartment. They were greeted warmly and welcomed into the upstairs flat. Dinner was almost ready, so soon all four were seated and eating. The conversation was generally about life; there was no mention of what anyone had done or seen today. After dinner, the four took the few steps from the dining area to the living area, and soon all were seating comfortably on the two couches. Sarah was curled up beside Greg, while Sam and Chris were sitting together holding hands.

Sam broke the ice on today, "I have to know. Twice in one day. In public! Are you two usually like this?"

Greg responded in a matter-of-fact manner, "No, we had decided that we would try some new things today. Two of the things happened to be seen by you."

Chris interjected, "By the way, thank you for the shows; we enjoyed them."

Sarah and Greg said in unison, "You're welcome."

Chris continued, "So what have you done besides the elevator and the park?"

Normally Sarah did not want to share her private life, but at this point, she felt enough of their private life had already been shared with these two, so she fielded this one, "We started with my tying Greg to the bed while he slept. When he woke in bondage, I teased him a lot, building up his animal lust, then I let him fuck me. Next we tried golden showers, but that didn't do much for me."

"Nor me," Greg interjected. "I just don't see the appeal. But been there, done that, don't need to do it again." Sarah nodded.

"Then the elevator, then the park, and now here," Sarah finished.

Sam was in awe, "FOUR times today!"

"No, actually three times. The golden showers didn't lead to anything," Greg corrected.

Sam was amazed, "And you're still able to perform?"

"So far," Greg answered, and then with moderated bragging said, "My record is five times in a day." When Sarah gave him "the look", since the five was not with her, he added, "But that was a solo venture ... when I was a teenager."

Sarah smiled, rubbed his arm, and said, "Not necessary anymore, honey."

"What's next?" queried Chris. She and Sam had eager looks on their faces as they were living vicariously through Sarah and Greg.

Sarah and Greg looked at each other. Sarah's facial expression indicated that he should speak first. Greg tentatively ventured next, "I would like to see Sarah kiss another woman."

"And I would like to see Greg kiss another man," Sarah completed.

They both sat there waiting to see how Chris and Sam reacted. The younger couple looked at each other, shrugged, and said together, "Why not?"

"How does this work?" Christina asked.

Sarah replied, "I don't know. I'm picturing, you and Greg switching places. I kiss you, while Greg watches, and then Greg kisses Sam while I watch."

On this, Chris and Greg stood up and switched places. When she sat down next to Sarah, Chris leaned into Sarah, shoulder to shoulder, and held her hand. Greg sat next to Sam, and they did not touch. But both men looked intensely at the two women.

Chris looked at Sarah and leaned in to kiss her. As their lips touched, Greg and Sam both felt their respective cocks start to bulge a little. Chris and Sarah continued kissing, lips parted slightly, their tongues met. They reached out instinctively to brush their thumbs against the others nipples. Chris's hand went to the inside Sarah's leg near her knee and then started to move closer to her groin. Sarah reached down and entwined her fingers with Chris's to stop her moving her hand closer. After another 10 seconds, they broke off from the kiss, and still holding hands turned towards the men.

"I guess it's our turn," shrugged Greg. He leaned toward Sam, closed his eyes, and kissed Sam on the lips. In that moment, especially as horny as he was watching Sarah and Chris kiss, he tried to pretend he was kissing Sarah. As their mouths opened, and tongues met, Greg reach out to play with "Sarah's" nipple, but since Sam did not have protruding breasts, Greg first felt nothing but air. This broke his pretending. He opened his eyes while they were still kissing.

Sarah, sensing Greg's awkwardness, interceded, "Thanks, I've seen enough." Then turning to Chris, said "It might be time for us to leave. I still have another surprise for him."

Greg and Sam stopped, to their relief. They turned, and Sam said, "I know this was strange, but I hope that we can still be friends."

Greg assured him, "Of course. We appreciate your letting us try this, but I have no plans to kiss you again." Sam nodded his approval of this lack of plan.

Chris laughed. "Sam, don't worry, later tonight, I will make you forget about anything you want." She smiled in a way which made Sam's heart race.

None of the four felt any hard feelings. It was an innocent exploration of something new, and it was done. After warm words of departure, Sarah and Greg walked to the elevator, got in, and pushed the button to their floor. The doors closed.

Sarah turned and kissed Greg fully on the lips. The passion lasted for a few floors, then Sarah leaned back and said, "Thanks. I know that was more awkward for you than for me. I have kissed girls before, and I know you haven't kissed boys before."

"That's okay. Been there, done that, now. No need to do it again anytime soon."

"Only 'soon'?" Sarah raised her eyebrows in surprise.

"Sarah, if you don't know it already, then you should know it now. If you want to see me kiss another man, I would do it. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you; I trust you completely, and I would do everything in my power to make you happy, to satisfy you, to fulfill your every dream and fantasy." He paused, looked deeply into her eyes, "I love you today more than I have ever loved anyone before. I didn't think it was possible, but it's true. It might sound corny, but you truly make me whole."

Greg put his hand into his pocket, and pulling out a ring he had been carrying for a week, dropped to one knee. Sarah was hoping he was doing what she thought he was doing. Greg looked directly into her eyes and lifted the ring. "Sarah, will you marry me?"

Sarah was stunned for a few seconds before exclaiming, "Yes! Yes! Greg Booth, I would love to be your wife." She reached down, hugged him so hard, Greg lost his balance, and they fell over in the elevator. They laughed as she tried the ring on, and it fit perfectly – and it should have; Greg had been planning this for months; he knew her ring size.

The doors of the elevator opened, and there was a couple standing there. The man of the couple, stepped in, and offered his hand to help them up. "Are you two okay?"

Sarah, still on the floor, turned her head, held up her hand, showing the couple the ring on her hand. Her smile beamed as she said, "I'm perfect!"

The woman understood instantly and offered, "Congratulations!" Her husband took another moment before offering the same.

Greg and Sarah stood up and arm-in-arm floated back to their apartment. It was about 8:30 PM, when they entered and shut the door. Sarah suggested that Greg clean inside and out while she got the box, and she would get clean after him. Greg liked the plan and started while Sarah found the box. This didn't take long, so she mostly sat on the bed and just stared at the ring on her hand. She beamed.

Eventually, Greg finished, and Sarah, coming back to reality, went into the bathroom.

After Sarah got clean, she found Greg in the living room and sat down next to him on the couch. He had laid out a long, plush towel over the couch – just in case. She placed two small nipple clamps on the table, and then she kissed him passionately on the mouth, holding the passion for a few minutes. Sarah was soon on top of him; they both were stretched long ways on the couch, feeling their bodies grind into each other. Despite having cum three times today, Greg was getting excited yet again.

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