One and One Makes Three

by Big guy on a bike

Copyright© 2014 by Big guy on a bike

Sex Story: Tims love life is complicated. I am not going to say any more as I dont want to give the plot away. For the same reason a couple of story codes are missing, but there is nothing edgy or violent

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Thanks to my other editor, who wishes to remain anonymous. without an editor the story would be a jumble of typos, poor punctuation and other errors.

I'm Tim, and I live in large farmhouse in a small village near Grantham in Lincolnshire. I work in the oil and gas industry in London as an engineer, and commute from home most days by train, it's only a little over an hour to Kings Cross, although I do also own a very small studio flat near Victoria which I use if I am late leaving London or have an early start.

The story starts about eighteen months ago, it was a Wednesday afternoon at the beginning of June.

I dumped my long term girlfriend Laura. Now I thought Laura might be the one, I found her attractive, if a little high maintenance. She was a couple of years younger than me, with long black hair and an eye catching figure, which she flaunted on occasions. On the day I dumped her there had been a power outage in the office mid morning and once it was clear it was not going to be fixed quickly we were sent home at lunchtime to try and work from home, so I got back very early from work.

It was about about 1.30pm when I got home and as I walked in I could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from my bedroom. Laura was fucking some loser on my bed. We didn't even officially live together. She still lived with her parents, although she did spend most nights with me when I was at home. She had cheated on me in my house.

I was beyond angry. It was red mist time, and I chased dickhead out of the house with a cricket bat which was on top of my bag in the hall. I scored a few direct hits and he leapt into his car, he then thought he was safe and lowered the window and asked about his clothes. I told him clothes or car windows whilst continuing to brandish the cricket bat. He got the idea, if he went back in for his clothes I would smash his car up. He then fumbled under the seat for a spare key that he obviously kept there, and that point I wondered if he had been chased before. After a few seconds he started the engine and sped off.

Unfortunately for him I had shut the gates at the end of the drive when I got in, so he had to get out of the car butt naked, open the gates with me running down the drive still waving the cricket bat, and drive out. He therefore didn't want to spend time hooking the gates back, which everyone who had visited me will tell you is unwise, and as he drove out the wind caught one of the gates and it scratched all the down the side of his shiny new BMW. Result.

Having dealt with dickhead I now went in to face Laura, she was still sat on the edge of the bed, naked and immediately said, "It's not what you think." Why is it every cheater seems to think that the person they have cheated on is stupid? I had caught them fucking for heavens sake.

I told Laura to get dressed and get out. I don't hit women but I was still very angry and was holding the cricket bat and wafting it about, so she probably wasn't sure. I am six feet and eighteen stones (250 lbs) and probably looked scary. She grabbed her clothes and started to dress, and I started on her verbally. After I told her what I thought of her I told her to call her dad to pick her up as she had obviously arrived in dickhead's car, and he had wisely done a runner. I also told her to use the time while she was waiting for her dad to gather anything of hers that she wanted, over the time we had been together a lot of her things had ended up at my place. Anything she didn't take would be burnt. I also demanded my key back, and threw my key to her parents' place at her.

The call she made to her dad was interesting as she didn't want to tell him we had split or why. She was trying to get him to hurry up whilst deflecting questions as to why she needed to be picked up from my house. Anyway I intended giving him my side of the story when he came for her.

About twenty minutes later she was standing at the end of my drive with two black bin liners beside her full of all the crap she had brought to my house. I think she thought that by waiting at the end of the drive I wouldn't follow her. Wrong, her dad was going to find out he had spawned a whore. When this realisation dawned on her she started snivelling and started to try to talk to me, up to that point she had been remarkably silent.

All the old cliches came out, she started with, "Can't we work this out?"

"No," was my monosyllabic reply.

To her next comment, "But I love you," my answer, "No you don't," opened the flood gates, full on sobbing.

I carried on "What the fuck are you crying about? It should be me that is crying." If anything the sobbing increased after that comment.

At that point we were rescued by the arrival of her dad who stopped abruptly when he realised that his whore daughter was on the road, and he didn't need to pull into my drive.

He got out of the car and came running towards me almost shouting, "What the hell is going on?"

I shouted back, "I just caught your whore daughter fucking some loser on my bed."

At this he looked at Laura and obviously realised what I had said was true. I had now turned on my heels and walked off back up my drive. As I left I heard him say, "You fucking idiot now..." the car door slammed shut and they sped off.

The bit after 'now' was probably something along the lines of " ... I'll never get my hands on that land." You see as well as my farmhouse, I also owned the surrounding farmland, just over three hundred acres in all, as well as another farmhouse. Soon after Laura and I got together I had let the land and farmhouse to a couple from Scotland who were moving south and trying to establish a organic farm. Laura's dad had tried several times to convince me to let him buy the Mckenzies out so that he could add the land to his holding, which borders mine.

I had however resisted, as I didn't like the way he ran his farm, and after this afternoon's events I was glad I had.

So how come at twenty-nine I owned two farmhouses and three hundred acres? Well they were left to me by my grandparents, I had lived with them from the age of sixteen after my parents divorced. Gran and Gramps had retired when I was about ten, but had retained the land and rented it out for an income. Mum and dad were in show business and had their own money. To be fair I think I was encumbrance to them, show business didn't interest me; I was into engineering, so I spent most holidays with Gran and Gramps during my school years.

When Gramps died suddenly I agreed to live with Gran, and it suited my parents who had both found new partners even before the divorce. The house and land was left to me when Gran died five years later. So I had a good job in London and the income from the land.

I was I suppose what used to be called an eligible bachelor. That evening I didn't feel like it however. I burnt the few remaining items that Laura had left together with dickhead's clothes. I had an old oil drum behind the big barn for burning rubbish in, and in a few minutes everything was reduced to ashes. I then went into the house and moped around. The phone rang a few times but I ignored it; it was probably Laura, or her dad. I went to bed feeling upset at the way she had betrayed me, but life goes on and I had work in the morning. I didn't sleep well, but I did get to sleep eventually, and by the next morning I had come to the conclusion it was for the best.

I'd had a bad feeling about our relationship for a few months now. Some people talk about a sixth sense, but I believe that it's more that the brain gets lots of little signals which the subconscious processes, which don't add up, which then give you a 'feeling'. Little sounds during a phone call, a whiff of an out of place smell, that sort of thing. I suppose I had been watching Laura more closely anyway because of the bad feeling I had, but until that fateful afternoon she had been careful. I later found out that were several rumours doing the rounds about her activities during the day while I was at work. She couldn't of course take anyone home, as being a farmer her dad was in and out of the house during the day. Dickhead was married, so his place was out, and they obviously thought they could get away with using my place.

It was summer so I was playing cricket every Saturday hence the cricket bat being to hand, and I had to face my mates on the Friday evening at nets, in the end I was upfront and told them what had happened repeating the story I told here, and they were all supportive, and everyone cut Laura off from any social events. That summer she became something of a social outcast.

I also found out where dickhead lived, and as a result his wife got a letter explaining how he came to have a bruised back and a scratched car. He is now living in a shitty bedsit in Grantham while his soon to be ex-wife takes him to the cleaners. The car was a company car, and fucking someone else's girlfriend in company time was frowned upon, so he is also job hunting.

When I ran into him about three months later at a pub in town he nearly crapped himself. He kept on that he was sorry. Personally I think he was sorry he got caught and that I had my revenge, not that he broke up my relationship with Laura.

The following spring Laura moved away, but not before two more attempts to get back with me. The first time she cornered me in the local, and told me she had made a mistake; I told her to get lost. The landlord then threatened to bar her 'if she made a scene'. I know he had replaced a cheating whore wife a few years ago and sympathised with me.

The second time was more difficult, it was the middle of January, around my birthday, and it had been snowing hard, I had decided not to even attempt to get to work in London and was in my study having a conference call with colleagues in Holland regarding some problems we had on the current project. There was a knock at the door, and I was greeted by a shivering and shaken looking Laura. She had crashed her car not far from the end of my drive. I can't say I was pleased to see her, but the burning anger of five months ago had subsided so I asked what had happened. She explained that she had skidded on the sharp bend going into the village and gone into the hedge. I threw her a coat and told her to follow me. I went into the barn and got her into the Landrover. I tossed a couple of ropes in the back, started it and set off towards the village.

Her car was about three hundred yards away, the front buried in a hedge. I attached a rope and was able to drag the car back on to the road. I started the engine and drove her car a few yards, there appeared to be no serious damage just some scratches and a broken headlight. I went back to the Landrover and told Laura. She said, "Thank you, would you follow me home just in case?" I followed her home but then reversed in their drive and set off back home.

When I got back my mobile rang, it was Laura. "I was hoping you would come in, so that I could thank you properly."

I didn't know what to say, and just said, "That's Ok you don't need to."

She carried on, "But I wanted to talk to you, I've missed you."

I still couldn't get past her betrayal but decided to keep it polite. "There is no way we can ever get back together, the trust has gone. I helped you today, but I would have helped anyone in the same situation."

I got back to work, but when I thought about it later in the day I realised that Laura had no reason to be on that road unless she was coming to my place, as the road made a loop and rejoined the main road about half mile further on. Had she staged it deliberately, or was she coming to see me anyway? I never did find out.

Now since Laura's betrayal I hadn't lived like a monk, but as soon as a woman started hinting at a relationship as opposed to fuck buddies or a one night stand I would head for the hills. At the basic level I still needed a shag but I didn't trust women.

This situation was made worse when a good friend of mine split with his wife of five years after she withdrew sex because he wouldn't buy her a new car, her car was only three years old and with the squeeze on income he said they should save the money. It became a battle of wills. She told him he wasn't getting any pussy until she got a new car and he decided to get his pussy elsewhere, "Before she decides she wants kids or a new house we can't afford."

It was about a year after my split with Laura. I was out with some work colleagues celebrating one of their birthdays in a large pub near our office just off Old Street in London. We had also just received a nice bonus for bringing a contract in on time and under budget, so everyone was celebrating. The problem was most of the group seemed intent on drinking themselves into oblivion. Now don't get me wrong I enjoy a drink, but I didn't want to wake feeling like shit in the morning, which was Friday as we had cricket nets in the evening. We had an important match Saturday against the top team in the league, we were second and needed to win to have any chance of winning the league. I was nursing my drink. I was sitting on the edge of the group wondering how quickly I could leave without being noticed; at the rate most of them were drinking it wouldn't be long.

There were several other groups who looked like they were celebrating, including a bunch of women sat at the next group of tables to ours. There were about ten of them. They also looked to be headed for 'drunk and incapable' quickly.

So when I heard a voice next to me say, "You don't look like you are enjoying this either," I jumped. I turned to see a shortish girl, probably mid twenties, with long brown hair, and a nice figure, perhaps carrying a little more weight than is fashionable, but not fat, just curvy. She was dressed casually, and was clutching a glass of what looked like orange juice. I liked what I saw.

At my reply, "I'm hungry and the antics just seem childish, maybe I'm just getting old," she stood and said, "I'm also hungry. Come on then let's go and get something to eat. By the way I'm Ann, and you are?"

I got up and said, "Tim, Tim Burton, what do you want to eat?"

As we left the pub Ann hooked her arm through mine. We agreed on pizza, and made for a Pizza Hut restaurant about ten minutes walk away. Not posh, but predictable and reasonably priced. As we walked to the restaurant we found out a little about each other. She shared a house in Woking with her sister and I told her of my house near Grantham and studio flat in Victoria.

When we got to the restaurant Ann ordered a starter and a large pizza; she obviously had a good appetite. I ordered a similar meal and we continued to talk.

We covered the major topics quickly, relationship status: single, sexual orientation: straight, interested in each other sexually: definitely. We also found we had a fair bit in common, we both liked cats, enjoyed live music of all types and we were country people at heart. I assumed we would probably carry on somewhere else after the meal.

I was also pleased that Ann didn't pick at her food, Laura had been a fussy eater and it annoyed me sometimes. We both had sweets and I joked that I couldn't see where Ann put it all.

She laughed and said, "I think you can," and wobbled her boobs, which even while restrained by an industrial strength bra still seemed to have a life of their own.

When we had finished I paid and Ann wanted to go halves. I wouldn't hear of it and she let the subject drop. As we were leaving I said, "Where to now?"

She looked at me, raised her eyebrows, and said, "My house to meet my pussy." The look told me that she probably wasn't only referring to the cat. I was surprised at how forward she was, but my evening had improved no end since she spoke to me in pub.

When we got outside I hailed a cab. We were lucky one had just dropped a fare off a few hundred yards up the Clerkenwell Road. I asked him to take us to Waterloo station. We sat together in the back, and Ann put an arm round me and whispered, "I know you probably think I am forward. I am not normally like this, but my love life has been crappy recently, and I decided to take a chance on you tonight. If you are going to do a runner back to 'blokeland' in the morning that's fine, but please don't string me along."

I was surprised at Ann's honesty, after all that had been my modus operandi for the last few months, but the look on her face, fear, and a little embarrassment, made me think, and I decided I would see where this led. I told her about Laura, and that I was scared to get involved again, but that I would also take a chance. By now we were at Waterloo, I paid the cab and in ten minutes we were leaving Waterloo for Woking which is about a half hour journey. Where we were sitting there were no other passengers and Ann planted a kiss on my lips, I responded, but we both held back a bit, we were after all in a public place.

We chatted and held each other, if any one had looked at us they would not believe we had only met for the first time that night. We were slowing down for Woking before we knew it and walked the mile to Ann's house.

As soon as we walked in the house Ann turned to me and started kissing me. She made us both a drink in the kitchen with me rubbing my hands over her boobs. She quickly unhooked her bra and let them free. I was about to try and get my hands under her top when the kettle boiled. She made us both a mug of tea and said, "Let's carry this on in the bedroom." I followed her and the moment we were in the bedroom she shut the door and started undressing. As soon as we were both naked we were on the bed groping kissing and feeling each other.

I would describe Ann as Rubensesque, she had wide hips, a shapely backside, a distinctly narrower waist, and large boobs with large brown suckable nipples. She also had a pretty face with flashing brown eyes and full kissable lips.

I could smell the hot woman smell from between her legs, and was about to explore with my tongue but she pushed me away, lay back and spread her legs. I knew exactly what was expected and within seconds was buried balls deep into a very wet but pleasantly tight pussy. We fucked, we 69ed, we fucked again, and then we fell asleep.

Sometimes when you sleep with a person for the first time you disturb each other, but whether it was the sex earlier or just that we were comfortable together I don't know but we both slept well. After the activities of last night I was surprised to be awake as usual at six. I knew I needed to leave, not to run back to 'blokeland' but to stop by my flat and get a change of clothes and a shower. Ok so I could get a shower at Ann's but then I would have to put yesterday's clothes on.

I pondered the situation for a few minutes, watching Ann's breasts rise and fall gently, she was lying on her back. I decided I had to wake her. I kissed her gently, she stirred, and I said I needed to go to my flat to change and go to the office.

She yawned and said, "Ok if I am ready in fifteen minutes can I come with you? We can travel up to town together."

I agreed and she was out of bed in a flash and told me to go and make two hot drinks in the travel beakers in the kitchen, to take with us. I threw yesterday's clothes on and made us each a hot drink. She was in the kitchen ready to leave almost as soon as I had finished the drinks. Her hair was wet but other than that she was looking good.

We walked to the station and I told her that I had stuck to my promise to take a chance, and she replied, "I'm glad, I know you have to go back to Grantham tonight. When can we meet again?" I surprised her by saying, "How about this afternoon in time for the 3.48 from King Cross, and come back and see my pussy? There is only one in my house, and it's definitely feline." That got a massive grin and, "Can I? What about your nets?"

I told her she could come and watch, or wait at my house, again I was taking a chance, but it felt like it was the right thing to do.

We were soon at Woking station, and on the journey into London we arranged to spend the weekend together. Ann decided she would take the afternoon off work and would go home and pack a weekend case. We would then catch the 3.48 from Kings Cross and I would introduce her to my team mates that evening as my new girlfriend. We got to my flat, Ann came in with me, I had a quick shower, while I was in the shower she just came in and used the toilet without a second thought, we were already more comfortable around each other than I ever was with Laura.

We then called in at a cafe to get some breakfast and kissed and headed off to our respective offices. As we parted Ann said "Don't stand me up will you, I know you're probably a bit scared, so am I, but I am also excited." Well I didn't get a lot done in the office that day, I did sit through two meetings, but if you asked me what was said I couldn't tell you, I had a lot to think about, I was potentially embarking on a relationship with a girl I'd spent one evening and one night with, OK so the evening was nice but low key, and the sex last night was the best ever, and I had a fair bit of experience in that area but it was still a giant leap into the dark.

I left the office at just after three and caught the underground to Kings Cross, I was waiting at platform 6 where the 3.48 departure to Hull, first stop Grantham, would leave from, by 3.25pm. I had booked seats, and bought Ann's ticket, I had a season ticket.

Less than five minutes later Ann arrived, out of breath, and pulling a small roll along case. She greeted me with a kiss, which I returned and she said, "I wanted to be here first, but the Victoria line has problems. I was waiting nearly twenty minutes for a train, but we've both turned up, I was still worried you would bottle out." We boarded the train, and I found our seats. Ann was surprised we were in first class, but I told her I had a first class season ticket, as this line was extremely busy.

We pulled out of Kings Cross on time, and I have to say it is the best view of London, from the window of the train as it picks speed and I know that in an hour I will be in Grantham. I don't like London. I work there, and have a flat there for convenience but I don't like it. Today I had a sexy woman sitting opposite me as well, so it was even better.

The journey to Grantham passed quickly. We chatted, had a cup of tea and before we knew it we were slowing down for our stop. I had left my old bike at the station; it's only three miles home, fifteen minutes ride and when I left the previous morning I wasn't expecting to return with a girlfriend. I would have to put Ann in a taxi.

As we left the train who should we see getting off but Laura. I pointed her out to Ann, and hoped she wouldn't see us, again just a feeling but I didn't think she would react well to seeing me with someone else. As we got to the taxi rank she was in front of us. She got into a taxi and saw us as she pulled away. I put Ann in the taxi, gave the driver a tenner to cover the fare and set off to retrieve my bike.

I had given Ann the gate key, and as I was riding through the village the taxi passed me on the way back to station. Ann was waiting on the front step for me. As I pulled up she said, "Farmhouse ... more like a country house."

"Well Gran and Gramps did extend it in the 1980s," was my reply.

As soon as the front door closed Ann grabbed me and started kissing me. This quickly led to me showing her the bedroom.

We started to try and have a rerun of last night, but I realised I would be late for nets if I tried for round two.

I had intended making us a snack before we set off to the cricket club but our time in the bedroom didn't leave enough time, we both needed a shower. I thought that we two turning up to nets smelling of sex might not be a good idea. So I rang George, the landlord at the local, and asked him to make me a couple of sandwiches; we would pick them up on our way past. I also booked a table for two for 8.30; this got a comment from George, "I hope its not you and Laura, she's back in the area."

I told him no, it was for Ann; I could almost hear him think, "Who's Ann?" but he saved the inquisition for later.

All the team turned up for nets, and they all met Ann. One of the nice things about village cricket is that it cuts across social boundaries and our team was no exception, Ann seemed to be quite comfortable talking to everyone. When we were finished we headed back to the club house and changed before most of us headed to the pub. As I left the changing room Pete, our spin bowler and Laura's dad stopped me and said, "Tim, I am glad you've found someone. Laura didn't know what she was throwing away, and I know she still regrets what she did. She still holds a candle for you. I know I have no right to ask, but please go easy on her, she is my daughter."

I thought for a second and replied, "She's already seen us. She was getting off the 3.48 from Kings Cross, Ann is a sensible girl, and I have told her everything," his face clouded as I said 'everything', "and she won't try and rub Laura's nose in it."

Pete replied, "That's all I can ask, and I hope it works out for you."

We got to the pub and we spent a few minutes with the rest of the team chatting at bar, before George called us through to the dining room. Two other couples from the team were also eating and in the end we all shared one large table. We had a nice meal and Ann and I left as soon as we had finished eating. I didn't want to drink much, as we had the match against Bingham the following day.

We walked back hand in hand and Ann asked me about the various team members. I told her of my conversation with Pete. Ann said "I won't start anything but if she causes trouble I will put her in her place,"

We did make love that evening. Even although we had only known one another for just over twenty-four hours I thought of it as making love not just sex now.

The following morning was fine and sunny. I woke at six and went downstairs to make a drink, and just I was filling the kettle Ann came up behind me and gave me a hug. She was naked, and I could feel her hard nipples digging in me. She said, "Come back to bed, and yes dear, I would love a cup of tea."

I hadn't asked her what she wanted to drink but I was happy to oblige. We then discussed plans for the day, the match was in Bingham, and it started at one o'clock so we would need to leave by twelve. In the end we went shopping in Grantham in the morning, had brunch in a small cafe and got home in time to sort ourselves out before leaving for Bingham.

We arrived at Bingham cricket club and I went and got changed, we won the toss and decided to bat first, Ann joined the other wives and girlfriends and seemed to be accepted quickly.

The match itself was a bit of an anticlimax, we were soundly beaten, we lost by seven wickets. While we were fielding I noticed Laura in the small crowd of spectators stood around the pavilion. 'What the hell is she doing here?'

Ann and I spent the rest of the weekend together, and made love at least twice each day. I agreed to spend Monday night and Wednesday night in Woking, and meet her sister. Both her parents were dead; they had died within months of each other in their early fifties. The other two nights we returned to Grantham. We were now inseparable.

Over the next few days Laura always seemed to be nearby when ever we were out anywhere. She was stalking us. She didn't say anything but I did notice that she was dressing up, showing her cleavage, her long legs, and her hair as always looked immaculate. She was flaunting herself. On Friday she was on the train to London, sitting across the aisle from us.

About half hour into the journey she moved, and 'accidentally' pulled the headphones out of her iPhone so that the sound came out of its internal speaker. What happened to be playing, The Beautiful South, "Don't Marry Her, Fuck Me". It was deliberate; I knew her taste in music, and the Beautiful South were not a group she would normally listen to. I also commented quietly to Ann that in fact she was the one who would be subject of the song, as I could imagine her being very controlling once she had a ring on her finger.

I could tell Ann was uncomfortable and when we got off the train we managed to lose her in the rush for the tube.

As soon as we got on our tube train Ann started, "I know she is trying to catch your eye, and then you will dump me, I'm just a fat frump."

I tried to convince Ann that I would never go back to Laura. Ann was more fun than Laura; when Laura had sex as soon as it was over she would leap out of bed and head to the bathroom to 'clean up' as she put it. Ann would lie there, cuddle, want to go again, and joke about the damp patches. This was apart from the fact that Laura was a cheater.

I explained all this to Ann and told her that I loved her voluptuous figure and attitude. Laura was high maintenance. Ann was happy to grab a burger and a drink from Macdonalds; Laura would want to go to a posh place and pay £5 for a coffee and another £5 for some fancy pastry. However Ann still wasn't happy, and I didn't know what to do. I thought it would be best if we ignored her, she would get tired of it in the end. But I was worried, and I suggested we should stay in Woking all next week. However when we met after work Ann had had a change of heart, and decided we should face her down.

When I saw Laura sat across the aisle from us on our return to Grantham in the evening my heart sank. But Ann stuck to her change of heart, and whispered in my ear, "Let's have a bit of fun at her expense." She then pulled me in for a full on kiss. If anyone else had been looking they would probably have said, "Get a room."

Next she managed to get her hand down between her legs by covering it with her coat. When she pulled it out her finger was glistening with her juices, and smelt strongly of her sex. Judging by the look on Laura's face she could smell it too and knew what Ann had been doing. When Ann came back from the toilet she opened her bag and showed me, there were her knickers. She then tried to sit so that Laura could see. I don't know if she could, but within ten minutes we were at Grantham.

She then pulled the master stroke; as we left the station for the taxi rank, she tapped Laura on the shoulder and said, "Do you want to share a cab back to the village?" Laura looked flustered and rushed off. We had a good laugh at her expense. When we got in my house Ann was all over me. "It's made me really horny," she said.

On Saturday night things came to a head. We had a meal at the local after the cricket match, and were taking our time, chatting with a few other team members and their partners.

Laura came flying into the bar, closely followed by her dad and a policeman. The copper came up to Ann and said, "I need to ask you a few questions. Miss Brown alleges you assaulted her and threatened her. We don't need to go to the station at the moment and you are not under arrest, but I do think we need to find some where quieter to talk."

Before the copper had even finished Jill Dear, one of our party said, "It's Laura you should be arresting she was at the cricket match this afternoon stalking Ann again. We have been with Ann ever since and she hasn't been near Laura." The copper looked puzzled for a minute, and Pete, Laura's dad butted in, "Laura, you are making this up just to cause trouble aren't you? I know you've been following them."

The copper turned to Ann and said, "Where were you at 7.30pm tonight?"

Ann replied, "Here, eating with our friends."

The copper looked at Laura and said, "Madam I think you are wasting our time. I am prepared to let it go this time, but if it happens again you will be charged with wasting police time."

At this Laura's dad started on her, calling her an embarrassment and telling her to get a life. They both then left with Laura still protesting her innocence and her dad telling her he was fed up with her and to leave Ann and me alone. "After all it was you that was fucking somebody else in his bed," he added before they were out of earshot. The copper apologised and said that if Laura was stalking us they could investigate, apparently there was now an offence called 'behaviour likely to cause alarm or distress' which might apply in this case. Ann said she would think about it, but hoped that Laura would get bored chasing something she couldn't have, and would move on. After this Laura did leave us alone and a few weeks later she moved away again.

Ann and I went from strength to strength and she knew that I loved her, even her jiggly bits as she called them. After our first month together we realised that apart from two nights when I had been at meetings in Aberdeen we had spent every night together. It was at this time that I purged my demons and gave Ann keys to my house and flat, and she responded by giving me a key to her house in Woking.

The Confrontation.

We had been going out for about three months and on the surface everything was right. I found Ann to be sexy, fun, lovable and enjoyed our time together. In spite of my promise to myself after Laura, I had fallen for her.

Ann also felt the same way about me as far as I could tell, she certainly told me she loved me. All my mates got on with her, and a couple had even told me 'not to let this one slip away', they thought she was a keeper. My parents had met her briefly and they seemed to get on well enough, but even I didn't get on with my parents so that didn't really matter.

So why did I have that feeling that something wasn't right? It wasn't even anything I could put my finger on. The trouble was I was also very suspicious after Laura.

We talked about moving in together, as it was we spent nearly every night together, either in Woking or Grantham. I was thinking about letting out the studio flat in Victoria as I had only spent one night there since we had been together. Although we talked about moving in together there was always some minor issue which stopped us doing it now. I wondered if Ann was scared of commitment.

Ann eventually admitted it would leave her sister Marie with a problem as she would have to run their house on her income alone. I offered Ann a possible solution. We would give Marie some of the income from the Victoria flat and in return we would keep a room at the house in Woking. It served the same purpose as if we had missed the last train home to Grantham we had somewhere to go, trains to Woking ran until well after midnight.

To my surprise she and Marie accepted this arrangement. Marie however didn't look happy about it when Ann told me the next time we were in Woking. I wondered if they had argued about it. The odd thing was when Marie saw us off the next morning she gave me a kiss and a hug as well as her sister, and it wasn't exactly the sort of kiss you would give your brother in law. OK so Ann and I weren't married, but I thought of her as a sister in law. Fortunately Ann didn't seem to notice. After that I was always more cautions around Marie.

A bit about Marie, Ann told me she was exactly one year younger, they shared the same birthday. She joked that her parents had wasted no time after she was born. Marie was a similar height and build to Ann, and she had big tits like Ann. There however the similarities ended, she had blonde hair, and she always dressed more provocatively than Ann, and seemed to wear more make up than her sister. For all that you could see they were sisters, and I had a hard job telling them apart on the phone. After one phone call to the house where I asked for a rerun of last night, Marie said rather grumpily, "It's my sister you need to talk to."

After that I was always careful when I rang the house phone. She was always quiet around me in spite of that kiss, and this incident didn't seem to help. I couldn't make up my mind if she was jealous and hoped to get me away from her sister, or just moody. I thought I had got the better deal with Ann, which under the circumstances was probably for the best. Lusting after your girlfriend's sister is never a good idea.

One day when I asked Ann about her sister's love life she said she was going through a dry spell. I hinted that a couple of my single friends may be interested in her, but Ann said she didn't want to get involved. There seemed to be some history here but Ann denied it.

And so we come to the fateful events. On 5th November, bonfire night, we went to the firework display organised by the Lions Club in Woking. When we got home there were fireworks as well, of the sexual kind, I went round the world with Ann, and we were both a bit sore, very sweaty and absolutely fucked out by eleven. We couldn't even be bothered to shower after and went sleep amongst wet patches, and we were both covered in various bodily fluids. We didn't care though as we loved each other.

The next day was a Friday, we went to the office and were finishing at lunchtime before going back to Grantham for the weekend. Marie was also coming back with us, and I had already arranged a fireworks party in the back field on Saturday night. I hoped that one of my mates would make a play for her, and we would all live happily ever after.

Friday night was when things started to go wrong. We took Marie for a meal at the local pub, and I introduced her to a few of my mates, including the ones who were single. Marie came out of her shell a bit, but showed no interest in either James or Robert, oh well.

That night when we got in Ann wanted a rerun of the previous night. Now I am always up for it but I was surprised about Ann, she had admitted that she was more than a bit sore that morning. Last night she had been riding me in both holes, and had refused to use lubricant on her butt hole. There was plenty of pussy juice so it did work, and we were both turned on which probably masked the discomfort. So when Ann began to ride me again after a session of 69 I was a little surprised, when she then rubbed her juices over arse hole and dropped on to my dick. I really couldn't understand it, I asked her if she got off on the pain but she just said it didn't hurt at all.

We went to sleep and I didn't think anymore about it until the next night, when she said that she could only manage a gentle pussy fuck as she was sore. In the end we satisfied each other orally.

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