Late Night Masturbation

by NymphWriter

Copyright© 2014 by NymphWriter

Erotica Sex Story: When I can't go back to sleep, I find a way to turn off my busy mind.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Masturbation   Slow   .

I'm not exactly sure what initially woke me up, but it was after midnight. That much I knew for sure as I could see the time on the clock from the cable box in my bedroom. My brain and bladder where having a debate about whether or not I should get up to use the restroom. I was lying next to my husband, who was snoring softly while I couldn't get back to sleep. I was ready to give my bladder what it wanted when he rolled over in his sleep and I felt a strange sensation.

I glanced down to see the tips of his fingers teasing my left nipple through my night shirt. Hoping he was awake and this was some gentle foreplay, I looked over at him. In the dim lights of the cable box clock and streetlights peeking in behind our blinds, I saw his eyes were closed tight. His breathing told me he was very much still asleep, yet his fingers kept working my nipple. I lay there, enjoying his soft touch and wished for more.

Then, just as suddenly as he started, he stopped and rolled away. I decided to end the war within my body and dashed to the bathroom. Once I was done, I climbed back in bed, but now I was more awake than ever. Have you ever seen those funny posts people share on sites like Facebook? There's one I've seen that says, "Four out of the five voices in my head want to sleep, but the fifth one wants to know if penguins have knees." Well, that's pretty much how I felt now. The logical part of me knew I needed to get to sleep as I had to work in the morning, but the sexual being within me wanted some release.

Now, my sex life isn't the worst, but it's not what it used to be, either, thanks mostly to the conflicting schedules my husband and I have been on lately. We still make love when we can, but because of my working a lot of ten and twelve hour shifts, and him on a lot of back to back shifts, neither of us have had much energy for sex. Until tonight that is.

I lay in our bed, debating on just going back to sleep or getting up to watch some television in the living room when I felt his fingers on my nipple again. Instantly, my nipple responded and hardened. Sparks flew through my body, my pussy dampened and my heart raced. My body was craving sexual release, but my husband was still asleep.

Now, normally when I masturbate, I use my toys and a porn video or two. I would also be naked. The problem with that was my computer and tablets were in the living room, and my toys were just out of my reach. Well, if I wanted my husband's fingers to keep touching my nipple the way they were, which I very much did, the toys were unreachable. I slowly and carefully reached down and slid my fingers into my panties. I wanted to take them off but I feared if I moved too much it would cause him to stop, and I didn't want that.

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