The Rape of Charlotte

by Wylde Flowers

Copyright© 2014 by Wylde Flowers

Sex Story: This story is about the emotional and physical torment of an extended rape. It contains no male fantasy of the woman enjoying it.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

I stood looking into the wall-mounted half mirror brushing my long blonde hair. I'm in my over-sized pale blue solid print nightshirt. I have panties on underneath. I'm also wearing a smile. Today was a fun day.

I turned 18 three days ago and my parents had a nice quiet celebration with me. They took me to dinner and they bought me a new phone. I thought today would be a quiet day at home since my parents are out of town celebrating their anniversary but my friend Erin called and invited me over. I wasn't doing anything so I went over. Guess what? My friends planned a surprise birthday party for me! I had a great time! I have such good friends.

I stare at myself in the mirror. I don't know why I always brush my hair before I go to bed because it's going to get messed up during the night but I do. The habit feels comforting.

I finish my hair and turn off my light. I slip into my twin bed which has one side up against the wall. Today was such a great day!

"Uh-buh-ha," I mumble, half-asleep. I blindly try to find my covers.

I'm aware of brightness and I dare to open one tired eye. The clock says 01:37. It's still the middle of the night. Good, I'm so tired. My hands reach around for my covers. Where are they? How did I get completely uncovered?

My mind becomes a little more alert. My light is on. Why is my light on? I can't find my covers on the bed. They must be on the floor. How did they all fall to the floor? I reach down and search the ground. Where are they?

I open both eyes.


I'm startled and shoot back in my bed. I sit up and try to find blankets and sheets that continue to not be on my bed.

"Hello, Charlotte," the strange man in my room says. "I've waited too long for this moment." He's an older man. I would guess mid-40s but I'm not sure.

He's not only a strange man but one who somehow knows my name. Worse still is he's holding a large knife. The worst yet is he's a naked man with an erect penis. Agitation stirs up in my entire body. I fear I know why he is naked and his knife is for the purpose of helping him achieve his desires.

I see my covers on the floor at the end of the bed. That means he pulled them off me. His clothes are in a pile of the floor.

"What ... what do you want?" I'm so scared I can barely get the words out.

"You, Charlotte. I want you. I've wanted your hot blonde body for a while but it felt right to wait until you turned 18. You're 18 now, Charlotte. We're finally going to have some fun together." He presses the flat of the knife blade on top of his penis head.

My heart hurts and my stomach churns. I have no doubt what he wants from me. Oh god no!

"Please ... no," I tremble out.

"You're overdressed for this occasion. Why don't you take that off?"

I slowly shake my head. My eyes water. I want to curl up into a ball.

"I insist." He waggles the knife. "You take it off or I will."

I'm frozen. I want to obey because I'm afraid he'll cut me but I'm too scared to move a muscle.

"Now!" he yells.

I slowly lift up my nightshirt. My entire body shakes. It's so hard to do such a simple action. Of course, I don't want to do it. I hate how excited his eyes are as my shirt lifts higher and higher. When my boobs are exposed he breaks out into a smile. I hate it. I finish pulling the shirt over my head.

"Throw it on the floor."

I obey.

"How big are they?" He points at my boobs.

"34B," I answer.

"Nice." I tense as he grabs and squeezes one and then the other. "Very nice."

"Now take off your panties."

"Please don't do this," I beg in a whisper. Will he rape then kill me?

He reaches for my panties while bringing the knife close.

I hurry and strip off my panties.

"That's better. Now open your legs."

As I obey, I close my eyes. I don't want to look at him looking at me. My chest heaves with every sob. This was the perfect day. This shouldn't happen.

I jump when he touches my clit. He rubs it back and forth. Oh god, somebody help me! With one hand he opens up my pussy lips.

"Oh, yes," he says. "Absolutely beautiful."

He rubs a finger in between and I flinch because his nail accidentally scrapes me. I have no choice in being touched by this man. Anyone I've let touch me was because I said it was okay. This man touches my body as if he owns me.

There is something slightly familiar about him like maybe I have met him before but I have no idea when or where or even if I really have. It could be my imagination. Yet he knows me somehow and he said he waited to do this to me so he must have met me somewhere.

"Roll to your stomach."

I respond immediately. I'm happy to put my pussy and breasts out of his view.

He rubs my butt. "Sweet nice firm ass."

He slaps my butt. I respond with a grunt.

"Up on your knees."

I carry out his instructions. He grabs underneath me with both hands so he must have put the knife down somewhere but I entertain no thoughts about grabbing it. He's in complete control. He positions me just as he wants with my legs somewhat apart and my head down.

"Get comfortable. Put your pillow under your head."

My butt is up in the air and my head is down on my pillow. I turn my head and look at the wall. I feel the weight of his body on my bed. He's scooting forward between my legs. I let out air when his penis rubs against my pussy. I close my eyes. My pillowcase is wet from my tears.

He's moving his penis around. He's trying to find the right position. He pushes and his penis slips down. The position wasn't right. He searches again and this time I know his penis is in the right place. He presses forward and his penis invades my most private part of my body. I only let males enter my body that I decide to allow. This man is not such a male. He is an intruder, a trespasser. He is a rapist.

He puts all of his penis in me then is motionless.

"Oh fuck! You're everything I knew you would be." I am repulsed by how pleased he sounds.

I'm glad I have my pillow so I can cry loudly into it and it muffles my sounds.

My butt is slapped. "Hey, I asked you how old you were when you lost your virginity."

I didn't hear the first time he asked. I sputter out, "16."

"Was it good?"

"It was okay," I croak. I really don't want to talk about my first time having sex with my rapist.

His penis slowly moves back and forth never coming all the way out except once accidentally. He just slipped back into me easily. This slow motion feels like it goes on forever.

He puts his penis back in deep and stops. "I'm too excited that I finally get to fuck you. I don't want cum too fast. I want to enjoy this moment."

Please, please make him cum fast so this can be over.

He stays motionless deep inside me and mostly caresses my butt and rubs his hands over my back. One time he reaches below and squeezes a breast but I think it's awkward so he doesn't do it again.

Finally he thrusts again. He begins slow but gradually increases tempo. He breathes heavier and his penis motion is constant. I'm looking forward to the feel of his penis ejaculating because it will mean his penis will no longer be an invader of my body.

"Here it comes, Charlotte. Here it comes."

I'm ready. Please do it and get this over with.

"Fuck! Yes, yes, yes!"

His penis is heavy spurting. It's a big load.

Please do your job birth control pills.

He's gasping and constantly rubbing my butt cheeks.

I'm happy to feel his penis shrinking. I squeeze my vaginal muscles to help push the intruder out.

His fingers open up my pussy. I guess he's inspecting his work.

"That was awesome, Charlotte."

I say nothing. I'm not crying as much but I'm still crying. I hate him and I'm just glad it's over.

"You have a beautiful pussy."

I hope he isn't expecting me to thank him for the compliment. I'm not going to respond unless he forces me and then it wouldn't be honest.

"Turn around," he says.

I don't want to look at him. I just want him to leave.

I get another little flash. I know I've met this man before but I can't remember where.

He lifts my head so I'm looking directly into his face. His smile is so happy. I hate him.

"Suck my dick and make me hard again." He's still up on his knees.

"I can't," I reply softly. "The taste makes me gag." I've never been a cocksucker.

"You can and you will. It's okay if you gag a little."

There are visible blotches of sperm on his penis. So disgusting.


I move close enough then open my mouth. Please, oh, please don't make me wretch. Help me through this. I close my lips just around the head. I bring up my tongue on the underside. Ugh! The flavor! I pull away coughing with soft wretches.

"It's going to make me throw up." I protest.

"Go slow so you don't. I'm in no hurry. Seeing my cock in your mouth is one of the things I want to do with you. You're just making my dick hard. If you make me cum I'm going to be mad."

"Can I get a drink of water?'


It was worth a try asking.

I move toward his dick but I'm feeling sick just thinking of it.

"Breathe slowly in and out through your nose."

I take his dick in my mouth a little deeper than before and just let it rest on my tongue. I breathe slowly. What do you know? There's something to what he said. It's calming.

"Don't move. Just look up with your eyes." I do and he's looking down at me. "Perfect. I wanted to see your lips wrapped around my dick."

I feel a small difference in the firmness of his penis.

Keep breathing slowly. Just keep breathing. I glance up at him and he's looking down at me with this big happy, pleased smile. Ugh!

"Move on my dick or would you prefer I fuck your mouth."

Yuk! I choose neither but of his two I choose the first.

I go slowly. I'm tasting more of the disgusting flavor. I cough and work hard not to throw up. His penis is growing and taking up more of my mouth. I know he will stop me soon so this will be over but I also know this means he will fuck me again. It's a fucking. It's not sex and it's definitely not making love.

"Open your mouth and stick out your tongue."

I comply.

He rubs his hard dick on top of my tongue many times.

"Move back into your position."

I again obey. What choice do I have? He's the bigger, stronger man and has a knife. I hate feeling so helpless. I'm absolutely subject to the whims and desires of this awful man.

He gets off the bed. I hear a sound and turn my head to look out. He's standing by his clothes. A small plastic bottle is dropped on his shirt. The sound is of him rubbing a liquid all over his penis. Lubrication? What for?

He returns to the bed. I turn my head back to the wall and close my eyes. I mentally prepare for my body to be violated again. His penis rubs upward through my pussy folds and onto my butt hole.

I'm shocked by the pressure! I collapse down. He tried to put his dick in my butt!

"Where are you going?" He's laughing and sounds happy. He grabs my hips and pulls me back into position.

Please no," I beg. I tap hidden energy to have strength in my voice. "I'll do anything. Please don't do this."

"This is anything," he says and sounds pleased with his word play. "Do you think I'm not going to fuck your fine ass? I want to experience all of you."

"I ... I can't do it." I'm trembling so hard. The only reason I haven't fallen is he's holding me up.

"You don't have to do anything. I'll do it."

The tip of his penis is resting on my hole again. His hands grip my waist tightly. He refuses to let me fall down again. There is forceful pressure on my hole. His strong grip increases and hurts my waist.

I scream!

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