Wife Punishment

by Jakelyon

Copyright© 2014 by Jakelyon

Erotica Sex Story: I caught my wife cheating on me. I told her when we married that was something I would not tolerate. Apparently she didn't think I was serious no she is about to find out.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   .

I came home from work early one day and I found my wife fucking the college kid from next door. To give you some background I am 45, rich, successful and if I do say in damn good shape for a guy my age. My wife, Rachel is 25, gorgeous, big tits, dark hair, blue eyes, long legs and a tight ass that won't quit. She had been quite a party girl when she was in college, but I was quit surprised to find her riding the big cock of the hunk next door as I had always made it quite clear to her that I would toss her out without anything if she ever cheated on me.

Yet her I was watching my wife bouncing up and down the neighbor kid's big cock. His name was Rob as I recall, he was 19, in college somewhere. My wife was pulling her stiff pink nipples as she fucked him and was enjoying herself a great deal. I could tell that she was close to cumming; she reached orgasm easily, that was one of the things I enjoyed about her.

"So what's for dinner honey?" I announced loudly. Then I added, "Looks like you have been busy today. I guess we will have to eat out."

My wife let out a scream of terror and surprise. I thought the kid was going to crap himself. He looked like I was pointing a gun at his head, and then I realized that I was. I didn't remember getting the gun out of my study, but suddenly it was there in my hand.

My wife was talking, "Steve, don't do anything stupid. I can explain, let's talk about things."

I looked her, with her cunt wet and swollen with her lust for the boy's cock. Her big firm tits capped with their erect pink nipples. I could feel my cock growing hard as I looked at her, but I didn't let her know I was lusting after her as I said, "There is nothing to talk about Rachel. You are a lying slut and I am going to make sure you suffer for it. You are right though I don't need this." I put the gun in my lap. Then I said to the kid, "Get the fuck out of my house and be glad I don't have you castrated."

He grabbed his clothes and skedaddled. My wife pulled the sheets up on the bed to cover her sluttish nakedness and burst into tears. "What are you going to do," she asked with more than a little fear in her voice.

I sat there not saying anything, the various plans and thoughts going through my mind. I have always had the skill of becoming emotionless in emotionally charged situations. My pride and emotions do not get in the way when I need to make an important decision. My mind was filled with my wife's moans of pleasure as the kid's cock filled her tight pussy, the pussy I had fucked just that morning. I went through my alternatives and finally made my decision.

"What I want you to do is pack a few things and get the fuck out of my house. My attorney will be in touch with you to get you out of my life you lying, cheating, piece of shit slut."

She burst into tears again at this point and tried to appeal to a sense of fairness that did not exist within me at that moment. "Steve, please be reasonable. Can't we talk about this? Isn't there some other way? I will do anything, anything that you ask."

She had let the sheets fall from her shoulders as she said this and her big firm tits were handing there, her stiff pink nipples just waiting for me to suck. I had her good I could make her do anything at this point and she would do it. I had total control over her. A wicked plan entered my mind, a plan that would require putting off the pleasure of the present for a greater pleasure in the future. I smiled as the wicked thoughts filled my head. My wife mistook this as encouragement that she was getting through to me.

She smiled back at me and crawled over towards me, her naked body drawing at my mind and resolve as she said, "You know I could suck you off right now and then we could get in the hot tub and fuck. I know how much you like to fuck in the tub. I'll even masturbate on the jets for you. I know it turns you on when I get myself off."

She was close to me now and she could see the obvious bulge in my slacks from the huge erection she had given me. She was a sexy woman, and the woman I desired more than anything else in the world, but she needed a hard lesson, a lesson that she would never, ever forget again in her life, in our life. I said to her, "You really are nothing but a big slut aren't you. You think sex will get you out of this? Well think again, I don't want your cunt, or mouth on me. You just had another man's cock filling your cunt not 10 minutes ago and you are ready to spread your legs for me? I don't think so. Now get the fuck out of my house in 10 minutes, or I will have security remove you."

Then I went out of the bedroom and into my den and locked the door. I proceeded to cancel her off of all the bank accounts and credit cards that she was privileged to and left her with nothing. She came to the door a few minutes after I got into the den and I could hear her pleading with me to open the door and be reasonable. At least 10 minutes had passed so I called Andy, my head of security and told him to instruct his boys at the gate that Mrs. Williams would not be allowed access to the estate any more and that she needed to be removed at once. Andy is no dummy and did not even ask why. He just said "yes sir" and we hung up.

A few minutes later I heard her start yelling, "Get your fucking hands off of me. What the fuck are you doing, I live here."

The guards for their part were polite, but got her the hell out. She was still screaming when they dropped her off outside the gate. I watched the whole thing via the security cameras. She must have had some cash because a taxi showed up a short while later.

I called Andy back and told him I wanted someone on her 24 hours a day, and to call me when she settled in somewhere. It did not take him long to find her. She had settled at a cheap Motel 6 just south of downtown. As expected I started to get calls from her first thing the next morning. She tried getting pissed, she tried begging, she tried calling, and she tried sexual propositions. I laughed as I listen to her messages and I then I had her number blocked on all my phones so that she would not be able to reach me.

She must be getting pretty desperate as she could not have that much cash on her. I let it be known among our mutual friends that I would not be pleased if anyone helped her and I was lucky because she started working that angle as soon as I cut her off from being able to contact me. Since her rich friends were really my friends she did not get anywhere.

When she went out for dinner that night I had my boys wire her room for sound and picture so I could enjoy her desperate straights. Then I got a really wicked idea and I made some calls. This would be just the thing to start her punishment and put her on the path to being completely under my control. I was not sure if I wanted her back yet, but I was going to come up with enough punishment that she would really have to work herself if she had any hope of me accepting her back.

She ran out of money on day 5. She was too fucking lazy to go look for a job so it was only a matter of time until the landlord showed up. Of course he worked for me; I had bought the building as soon as she moved into it. Big Leon has done special projects for me for a long time. Anything I need done that is, well let's say, irregular, he handles it for me. Leon is a big man, he played college football at Indiana, and at 6 foot 5 and around 300 pounds nobody fucks with him.

The conversation that came over the microphone to me was classic. I could hear big Leon saying, "Listen Bitch, I don't care what kind of shit you got going on in your life. I got one job, collect the rent. You don't pay, I got to, and I don't see any reason to help you out."

My wife tried to reason with him, "Really Leon, if you just cut me a little slack, a few more days I am sure I will get the money. I have lots of money, millions; I just can't get to it right now. I will pay you a big bonus if you just let it slide a few more days." I could see the tears welling up in her pretty eyes and I almost felt sorry for, almost but not enough to let Leon go through with the first step of my plan.

Leon was not buying it at all. Besides what I was paying him was well beyond anything she could come up with. "Well bitch you are rich huh. You figure old Leon is just a dumb street mother fucker who don't know bull shit when he hears it. You ain't got shit right now and right now is what matters. Pay up, or get your shit together and out the door."

That was it for Rachel, the tears steamed down her face and I could hear her say, "Isn't there some other way we could work this out?

Leon stopped and looked at her. I could see the way he looked at her was the way a man looks at woman when she doesn't know he is looking. I felt a surge of jealousy run through me as I heard him say, "Well you are one fine looking white bitch. Maybe you could party with me for a while and we could work out an arrangement as you rich folks like to say."

She looked at him directly as she asked, "What exactly are you saying ... What do you want from me."

Leon was blunt and to the point, "It's pretty simple bitch, you give me some pussy and maybe take on a few of my buddies and then I will let you stay as long as you like. Do it, or hit the road those are your two choices.

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