The Surprising Invite

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Interracial Sex Story: A husband get a pleasant surprise at a function where he is sucked off in a crowded room which leads to further engagements and his wife staying with a friend finds a black cock surprising large and thick but very welcoming

Caution: This Interracial Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   .

Charlie wasn't that keen on attending the monthly meeting of the social club he and his wife belonged too; he still wasn't feeling the best after weeks of putting up with one of those long lasting viruses. Added to that was the fact that the social club was more for his wife's friends, sure he had no problem with the men, but for his wife this monthly meeting was also the highlight of the month. It was a case of grinning and bearing it.

"We best hurry", his wife said as she applied her make-up.

"I'm ready", he replied as he turned out the kitchen light and gave the paper, especially its headlines a quick read. They arrived at the venue, the local sports club and as usual it was packed, that is if you wanted to go by the amount of cars for the car park was full. "There must be another 'do' on", Charlie said as they walked towards the entrance. "At least I hope it is in another section for where the area the club meets is not large and we generally have to manoeuvre around to find a seat", he concluded as they entered the premises.

"Stop complaining", his wife said as she gave a wave to a couple of her friends and then immediately joined them, giving him the task of have their names marked off and collecting the notice for the day agenda, including the programme of the speaker.

By the time his wife entered the room, after chatting to her friends outside he had managed to get two chairs and positioned them in an area where one could hear the speaker and where he could admire the secretary who was a very well hung woman and one he got on quite well with. He was sure she didn't wear a bra for on a number of occasions when she got up or left the committee table, her tits had wobbled and bounced, secretly he would have loved to feel her up. It was strange no one else seemed to notice or if they did they kept their observation to them selves. He was surprised to find that the speaker was a relative to the secretary and she was talking about her time in the bush and working for one of the major mining companies. The topic was interesting, or he thought so but his wife made no comment when the morning tea was put on. This told him she wasn't interested in the talk, otherwise she would be offering a comment and it would generally be on the lines, "That was very interesting; he or she must have had a very active life".

As he positioned himself in the queue the secretary asked him if he could get the speaker, who she said was a relative the morning tea. He smiling agreed and asked whether she would prefer 'tea' or 'coffee'. "Coffee!" she replied with a very nice smile. He returned with the coffee and a couple of biscuits which were supplied with the drink. He handed them to her and as she took the biscuits gave his fingers a nice squeeze. A gesture that he immediately returned by doing the same, her reaction was just a smile, but maybe, just maybe if the opportunity presented itself it could be taken further.

That opportunity was going to eventuate a lot sooner than he could ever think possible. The venue was crowded and as the meeting closed and people were shuffling towards the door he was pushed against the speaker who was seated just to the left of the committee table, his groin was almost in her face. Without the slightest hesitation or the fact there were a lot of people so close, she unzipped him, fumbled with his jocks till she worked his cock out and leaned forward and took it into her mouth and there with people pushing and shoving she sucked him off. All he did was try and contain any voice of pleasure but pushed himself closer so that not a fraction of cock was out of her mouth and when his balls released their contents, she kept sucking till she drained him completely. He fumbled but managed to give her his handkerchief which she immediately deposited the contents from her mouth into.

He didn't get the chance to thank her before he was ushered by the crowd towards the door. He really couldn't believe what had happened, in a crowded venue, with people mere inches away a woman had sucked him dry. It was so unexpected that he was still shaking his head as his wife joined him to depart. He was sorry he couldn't have thanked her for if that had been possible, maybe they could meet again for a repeat or a fuck.

It was a couple of day later that his mobile rang. He answered and it took a couple of seconds before the caller identified herself. "I'm Belinda", she said. "I gave the talk at the club and I sucked you dry", she concluded with a giggle. All he could do was give a gasp for to receive such a call and a straight forward comment on what had been achieved, especially from a woman was very rare. "I got your number and name off my cousin Karen who is the secretary and she knows you quite well", she continued. "I was wondering if we could meet for I realise you didn't get much of an opportunity after our initial engagement, you were caught up in the exit crowd".

By now he had recovered from the shock. "I'm sorry about that", he said. "What you did was so unexpected but very enjoyable, but the crowd was so intent on leaving the venue that I was just carried along. I certainly would love to meet up again for what you did has lingered in my mind ever since. As a matter of fact you have rung at a good time for this morning I took the wife Alice to the station; she is visiting an old school friend for a few days, it is the friend's birthday. Her name is Heather Cloud or that was her maiden name, she is married I haven't a clue what her married name is. Regarding your suggestion how would a dinner out, say tonight if that was convenient. I belong to another social club that has a nice restaurant", he concluded.

"Oh! I would like that", she purred. What followed was the setting of a time and her address. "I'll book and pick you up around seven", he said. The conversation then ended, leaving him holding the phone and just shaking his head for what had happened and now a request for a further engagement was so rare, it could be labelled alien. It was just on seven when he knocked at the door of the address, which he found out was the address of the secretary. She opened the door, which took him by surprise. "Come in Charlie", she said with the same jovial smile and tone that he had found she always used. "Belinda is just adjusting herself, would you care for a drink, tea or coffee. I have just made a coffee", she asked.

"Coffee would be fine Karen", he replied as she showed him into the lounge and as she worked in the kitchen carry on a general chit-chat until Belinda arrived. "Hello Charlie", she said. "Sorry I wasn't ready, Karen thought I would look a litter better wearing some of her clothes, as my attire was a bit limited as I didn't think I would be staying more that a day and night".

"You look quite stunning", he said as Karen gave him the coffee.

"I'll have one too Karen", she said. As she took the offered cup she asked what the club they were going to was. "It's an R.S.L. club", he replied. "I'm ex army and a member. It is very nice and the restaurant and the meals are very good. I don't get much of a chance to go for the wife is not that keen on the venue. I go with a couple of old work mates when we can arrange to be all together", he concluded as Belinda put down her finished drink. "Well has a good night", Karen said as they left.

"You said your wife's away for a few days", she said as they departed.

"Yes she is Belinda. Now an again this old school friend invites her away for short holidays, she has a beach house in Eden, on the coast just above the Victorian border", he said as he changed gear to pass a lorry. "Do you get invited?" she said as she put a hand on his leg.

"Fuck no", he replied as he shifted that grip and placed it on his groin. She made no comment but he felt her squeeze his now very interested cock. "Can I ask you something", she said as she unzipped him.

"Sure", he replied as he undid his belt to make her groping a little easier. As she worked his cock into the open and before manoeuvring herself into a position where she could suck him asked, "I gather after dinner we will be going back to your place". His reply was just a grunt as she squeezed and pulled his now fully erect prick. "I have always had a secret desire to be treated as a whore or a slut, so after dinner and we go to your place will you do that. I love to be called a cunt"

"Your wish is my command", he said followed by a gasp as she bent down and sucked his cock.

Driving safely with a woman sucking your cock can be awkward, lucky the distance to the club was not great so by the time he pulled in and parked Belinda was still doing magic slurps on his manhood. For a few minutes he gave slight moans of pleasure till his balls exploded and then he pushed her head down into his groin while thrusting up and held her till she had drained every drop. He released her and she gave a gasp as he quickly handed her a tissue. "That was a fucking load", she said with a slight gargle. "I think it was more than at the venue where I spoke", she concluded as she continued to spit out what had flowed. "There are conveniences in the club. I'll sign you in and show you where they are", he said as they got out of the vehicle.

She was in the washrooms for several minutes and when she immerged she had tidied her hair, given her face a wash and above all dispelled any remaining cum that was in her mouth. "That is better", she said. "Now I can enjoy what is on the menu without having to struggle with the essences of your balls". He smiled as they were shown to his table. She studies the menu and asked what he thought was the best. "The pawn cocktail for a start", he said. "Then the Lasagna followed with apple pie either with cream or ice-cream", he said as the waitress arrived. She nodded and conveyed his suggestions to the waitress.

It was just on ten when they departed, the restaurant section of the club was closing although the gaming rooms were open. It was cool when they emerged and headed towards his vehicle. It hadn't been his intention to park right on the bush edge of the car park, but the closest ones were full. It was dark when they reached the vehicle. As he opened the door he said. "You want to be treated as a slut", he said. "Well bend over and I'll fuck you here, out in the open and if anybody passes here they may as well enjoy what is on offer". She smiled and immediately took down her panties, lifting her dress so the white of her stomach and legs was on display; however, his interest was that dark triangle of hair at her groin. "I love women with a hairy cunt", he said as he turned her around and pushed her down on the seat. It took only seconds to have his trousers down and driving his cock up that accommodating crack. Her gasp was vocal, but it was then just gasps and grunts as he worked his cock up to his balls and she worked her bum in rhyme so when he gave the thrust that poured cum up inside her they were operating like a well lubricated machine.

She didn't put her panties back on but kept her dress well up and her thighs well spread as she enjoyed the feel and the finger as they drove. "Do ... do you live far?" She stammered as he gave that hair cover goal a harder thrust. "Not far, about twenty minutes", he replied as she reached over and pulled his cock, which like her he had left that section of his anatomy bare. They drove into his garage. "Well you randy little cunt", he said. "I have an idea".

"Oh! What is that", she smilingly asked.

"I won't turn the outside lights on that light up the path. So how about we both strip and I carry you naked inside, dump you on the bed and fuck the arse off you".

"Ooooooh!" she giggled as she totally undress, displaying even in the darkness a set of tits that would rival her cousin Karen. "I haven't had a cock up my bum in years. I gather you intend to mount me from the rear and I gather you are going to target my bum".

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