Sarah Meets Greg's Parents

by GR

Copyright© 2014 by GR

Erotica Sex Story: After living together for the past several months, Sarah and Greg travel to his parents' house for her to meet them. Neither Sarah nor Greg is sure how his parents would react if they knew she was a shemale. (This is the third in the Sarah and Greg series. All that really needs to be known from the previous stories is that Sarah is woman in all respects except one.)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Shemale   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Sarah was about to do something which made her want to vomit all over the car. She was going to meet Greg's parents.

Sarah and Greg had been living together for several months. Sarah had talked to Greg's mom on the phone several times over the duration of their cohabitation and had heard Greg's dad grunt a few times (according to Greg's retelling of the story which Sarah told him). Sarah had said that she wanted to meet her "in-laws" but as the car got closer, she was beginning to think this had been a huge mistake.

They had been driving for five hours through a beautiful part of the U.S., but she barely noticed the countryside. For the umpteenth time, Sarah asked Greg, "What are they like, again?"

Greg watching the road mostly, turned quickly to Sarah, "They love me, I love you, and they will love you." She liked hearing it, but wasn't convinced that the transitive property of love was valid. After a brief pause, he continued, "Mom is a housewife. She's like a stereotyped mom: cooks, cleans, nurses booboos. Dad is a man of few words. He keeps a lot to himself, but if he is angry at you, you will know. He won't yell, but his responses will be kept to few words and and few syllables. He won't smile."

"He won't smile when he is angry, or he won't smile ever?"

Greg thought for a moment, "Yes." Sarah was sure Greg had said all of this before, but none of this was ringing a bell. Greg continued, "Don't take his brusqueness personally. He has his ways of doing things, and he doesn't always like the change in his routine which company brings. But sometimes, he does like a little chaos as long as it stops when he wants it to stop."

The car made a dinging sound, and Greg looked down. He noticed that the gas was running low. "There's a gas station a few miles up the road. We'll stop, stretch our legs, take a few relaxing breaths, and then drive the last half hour before getting home."


"Sorry. My parents' home."

When they got to the gas station, Greg pumped the gas, while Sarah got a ginger ale – to settle her stomach – and an orange soda for Greg. Greg finished filling the tank, and Sarah was still in the store, so he pulled the car into a parking space and went into the store.

He found Sarah looking at the junk food. "I thought you weren't feeling well?"

Sarah turned to him, "The fresh air made me feel better." She turned back to the food. "I don't know why, but cookies and chips sound good right now."

"Don't forget that mom has probably a big dinner for us tonight. Save room."

The queasy feeling came back. "It's quite possible," Sarah replied, "that no matter what I eat right now, my body will send it back, making for plenty of room." Greg stepped closer to be by her side, put his arm around her and kissed her forehead. Sarah leaned into him with her arm around his waist and her head on his shoulder. "Thanks."

"You're welcome. But for what this time?"

"For being there for me. I know we will get through this, but whenever I meet new people, I wonder how they will react to me."

"Are you planning to start out with telling them everything?"

"Of course not."

"And there is no reason why they should ever know." This didn't comfort her, since these people were supposed to be family. But then again, her might have been better had she never told her own parents. She still remembers the yelling when she told them that she was a woman trapped in a man's body, how they threw her out and told her they never wanted to see her again. Although she had talk to her mother since then, the tension was still there. Greg's parents' not knowing – this was sounding more and more like a good plan.

Sarah turned to the counter in the store and started to walk towards it. As she turned, she whispered, "Let's talk about this in the car." They paid for the two drinks and left.

Once in the car, Sarah started again, "Did you see how that guy at the register looked at me. Could he tell?"

Greg looked confused. "He probably thought you were the best looking woman to have ever walked in there." He looked concerned. "I have never seen you this paranoid about it since we met."

"Sorry, I am really stressing out about what might happen. How would your parents react if they knew my secret?"

Greg replied, "I don't know how they would react. I suspect that mom would still love us, and dad will just grunt. So no different than usual."

Sarah sighed. Greg decided to pull off onto a road up ahead and go down a less traveled path to home. He thought the scenic route away from other cars might help. They turned as planned, and it wasn't long before they were driving down a long smooth dirt road. This road was about four miles long and as straight as any road Sarah had ever seen. About half way down it, Greg stopped the car.

Sarah turned to him in confusion. "Why are we stopping?"

Greg smiled, "I am going to try to help you relax." And with that he unbuckled his seat belt, leaned over and kissed Sarah fully on the lips. Her mouth parted slightly as she sucked on Greg's upper lip. Their tongues met and rubbed against one another. Greg's left hand moved to the hem of Sarah's skirt and pushed it up towards her waist while moving to between her legs.

Sarah looked at Greg to say, "This is not the right time." Greg sensing her anxiety of being in the open assured her, "People rarely travel this road. If anyone is coming, we will have a few minutes warning before they get here, and my parents aren't expecting us for another two hours, so we have plenty of time. Relax and enjoy."

Greg continued with his hand under her skirt, reaching her panties and rubbing carefully. Before long, Sarah's eyes were closed, her head was tilted back, and she was breathing in an early excitement cadence and volume. Greg sat so that his upper body was turned toward Sarah, sitting on his right hip, his left hand under her skirt rubbing her panties, and his right hand rubbing her nipples through her blouse. Her breathing reached a new rhythm letting Greg know that she was in the moment, ignoring the possibility of other drivers on the road or what would be coming up in a half hour (or so).

Sarah's cock swelled in her panties as Greg massaged. He managed to slip his other hand into her blouse and under her bra. He loved the feeling of her full breasts and his fingers against her nipples, and the sound of the quick breaths she took when he found the right combination of friction and pressure. Greg was also lost in the moment, his own cock swelling under his pants, and he was not paying attention to whether any cars were about to drive by.

Greg pulled his hands out from their hiding places and unbuttoned Sarah's blouse. Her breasts seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as they felt the air rush in. He then unhooked her bra, letting her breasts free. He leaned over and sucked on a nipple, while his left hand went back to her panties. While sucking and nibbling, he worked his hand under her panties and felt her stiffening penis. He worked his fingers around it and started to stroke slowly. Sarah moaned as Greg relaxed her spirit.

Greg then shifted his body and went down on her. As his lips neared her cock, he extended his tongue and licked the head. Her cock twitched at the wet contact. Given the public nature of their location, he did not waste time with more foreplay; he dropped his mouth down to take her cock into his mouth. He stroked and sucked on her penis, feeling it fill with blood. Sarah was moaning even louder, because it felt really good and there was no one but they who could hear.

Greg continued to move his mouth and tongue up and down over her shaft. He wrapped his lips tightly around the loose skin and masturbated her with his mouth. His tongue running rapidly over the glans. As Sarah approached climax, she starting to moan louder than ever before. She was relieved at not having to stifle herself.

Through a strained voice, she managed to get out, "I'm about to cum!" This got Greg to stroke, to suck, and to lick faster. And with a loud scream, she came, shooting her cum into his mouth. For a few more pulses, Greg kept stroking her cock, but slowed down on each of her throbs. Swallowing what he could, he cleaned her cock off as much as possible before releasing it. He then used his fingers to catch the little bit of dribble from the tip. He sucked that off his fingers.

He then looked around, and to his relief, he saw no one anywhere near. He sat back in his seat, buckled himself in, and started the car, while Sarah put herself back together. Sarah was smiling for the first time since they left on this trip.

"Thanks," Sarah said.

"My pleasure," Greg replied smiling. He then opened up his drink and took a few swallows of it. "That should wash away any traces on me. I am about to see my parents after all."

Shortly after he pulled back onto the road, Sarah reached over, unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants. Greg started to protest, but Sarah put her hand up to indicate to him to be quiet. She then reach down and pulled his partially erect cock from its restrictions. She stroked him slowly for a minute until he was nice and hard. She then leaned over and with the skill of an expert, lubricated his cock with her saliva, and took it into her mouth. Greg swerved a little as his attention to the road waned. He looked quickly to see if anyone were near – no one was – and pulled off the road. Sarah stroked his cock with her hand and mouth. He knew this was not going to last very long. After a half minute more, he started to moan, Almost." Sarah stroked faster until Greg let out a very loud moan and came deeply into her mouth.

Sarah still sucked and tongued to clean him up as best as she could. When the pulses stopped and she had licked enough, she picked her head up. She waited a little as his cock went limp again, at which point, she tucked it back into his pants and sealed it up again.

Greg finally spoke, "That felt really good. Thanks."

"Back at you," she replied. She took a swig of her ginger ale.

With both of them relaxed and dressed, Greg started back onto the road. In another minute he would pass a car traveling in the opposite direction. They both smiled and drank their drinks.

For the remaining duration of the trip, they held hands with Greg driving, lost in his thoughts about Sarah, and Sarah humming some tune in contentment.

Relatively soon, they arrived at his parent's house. He parked in front, Sarah's side of the car closer to the house. He got out of the car, did a quick check of himself. He noticed a spot of something near his crotch and decided that an untucked shirt would hide it. He jogged to the other side of the car and opened the door for Sarah.

"I can get my own door. You don't have to act that chivalrous just because your parents are watching."

"I know you can get your own door, but I wasn't convinced that you were going to."

Sarah laughed, smiled, and got out of the car. Greg did a quick check of her, and she seemed unmarked. Actually, to him, she looked at beautiful as always.

He closed the door, and hand-in-hand they walked to the front door. When they were half way there, the door opened, and Greg's mom came bounding out to give her boy a hug.

"Mom!" Greg called out as he stretched out his arms to hug her.

They hugged, and his mom pulled back and looked at him, and gave the scripted line, "You are nothing but skin and bones. It's about time you were fed a good meal."

She then turned to Sarah, opened her arms out, and hugged her. Upon breaking the hug, she said, "Sarah, it is so good to finally meet you. Greg has talked about you a lot; I have never heard him as happy as when he talks about you."

Sarah replied, "Mrs. Booth, it is nice to meet you finally."

"Mom or Joy will do. I feel like you are practically family." Sarah wasn't sure how to take that, but figured it was said with good intentions.

Greg's dad appeared in the doorway, smiling, and waiting for Greg to come him before giving him a hug and shaking Sarah's hand.

"Mr. Booth, it is nice to finally meet you," Sarah said with a smile (and butterflies in her stomach).

"John, please. Mr. Booth is my dad." John smiled like a host greeting his guest.

As they entered the house, Greg's mom said, "I hope you two haven't eaten too much on your way here." Greg and Sarah smiled at each other. "Dinner will be ready in about an hour."

Once inside, John sat in his chair, waiting to see if he would be joined or if Greg was going to give Sarah the tour. When Greg decided to give Sarah the tour, John picked up his newspaper and went back to reading. Joy was already in the kitchen getting the meal ready.

Greg led Sarah upstairs to the bedroom area. The stairs led up to the middle of the top floor. Railings at the top separated the stairs from the hallways leading to various rooms. As they climbed the stairs, he first pointed to the room on the right indicating that was his parents' bedroom with their own master bathroom. The room in the far right corner belonged to Katie, his sister. The room straight ahead at the top of the stairs was his old room. The room just to the left used to be Alex's, his brother's, room and is now the guest room. And finally the room to the left of the stairs was the kids' bathroom.

They entered his old room. Inside was the twin bed he had since childhood, although it seemed even smaller than the last time he had been there. Sarah went along with the tour thinking that Greg was mainly doing this for himself, and she was okay with that.

Greg sat on his old bed and patted it to invite Sarah to sit. She did, crossed her legs and soaked in the remnants of Greg as a child. Greg took a deep breath and put his hand on hers. He didn't try to kiss her or seduce her. He just reveled in the moment with his love next to him. He felt that he was sharing something very special, and Sarah should automatically know it. When he realized that she might not be able to read his mind, he broke the silence, "You are the first woman outside my family who has seen this part of my life."

Sarah was touched; she had assumed she was the next in a long line. "I didn't realize." She looked around the room again, and didn't see the child anymore, but saw another part of Greg.

They sat there in silence for a few more minutes until Greg stood up, Sarah followed, and they left the room. As they exited, Greg pointed to the guest room on the right and commented that they would be staying in there, and the pointed again to the door down the hall that the bathroom was there.

"Your parents won't mind our sleeping in the same room?" she asked quietly.

"No, I talked about it with them a few days ago. They know we live together. From their point of view, we are married – sort of."

Sarah hugged Greg's arm as they descended the stairs. John put the newspaper down when they got to the bottom of the stairs long enough to see them leave the house.

"Would you like help getting the suitcases?" she asked.

"You are the guest here. Just wait on the porch; I'll get them."

Sarah waited on the porch as Greg went back to the car to get the suitcases. Greg came back loaded down, Sarah opened the door, and Greg entered the house, hitting the door frame only a few times. He struggled up the stairs to the guest room and was back with Sarah in a few minutes. She wasn't sure whether to give him the I-appreciate-your-spoiling-me look or the you-don't-have-to-be-macho-around-me look.

Instead, she just looked out at the view from the house. The house was in subdivision in a generally rural area. The yards were big but not too big – the neighbors were close enough to be friendly but far enough away so the house felt private. On top of quaint feeling of the area, the skies were blue, the humidity was low, there was a slight breeze coming from the east, and the temperature was a perfect seventy-five; they had picked the perfect weekend for this trip. Hand-in-hand, they walked down the front steps of the porch and around the house as Greg pointed to where the tree house had been, where he broke his arm when he was 7, where he was when Alex had been brought home from the hospital, and where he and Alex were hiding when Katie came home from the hospital. Greg spoke lovingly about his childhood – not perfect, but an ideal childhood, full of mistakes, tears, laughter, and most of all a loving supportive family.

After a while, tears began to run down her face. Greg notice her attempt to suppress her sniffling and turned to face her. "What's wrong?"

"My childhood was nothing like this. I didn't have the support or love. My parents thought I was broken and could be fixed by ... whatever a friend told them would work. I just didn't realize that people actually grew up like this. My God, I hope you realize how lucky you were."

"I realize how lucky I am now. I have someone with whom I want to share this."

They hugged for a few minutes while Sarah let the tears stream down her face, letting out the welling of emotion that had been building all day. When they entered back into the house, Sarah went upstairs to freshen up, while Greg went into the living room to join his dad.

John put his newspaper down, "Everything alright?"

"Yeah, fine. She has been really stressed about this visit, and the tour reminded her of what her parents were not. Lots of things bubbled up just now. She'll be okay."

"Let me know if I can do anything," John said in a very serious voice, not really sure what he could do.

Greg and his dad chatted for 15 minutes before Sarah joined them. She looked as beautiful as before, smiling pleasantly. As she sat on the couch beside Greg, she whispered to him, "Thanks. I just need the catharsis."

His eyes and smile said "Your welcome."

The three of them conversed about life in general. Sarah did not believe Greg when he had said that his dad didn't smile, but sure enough, he didn't smile while they talked. He was pleasant and an easy conversationalist – no grunting – but he seemed very serious. At least, talking to Greg's dad did not stress her out more.

After about ten minutes, Joy interrupted them to tell them that dinner was ready. The three stood up and went into the dining room, prompting Greg to say, "The dining room! Sarah, you don't realize how special they are treating you. This is the once a year eating place."

Joy looked a little cross, "Greg, it's more than once a year." She had a dish towel in her hand and she mock swatted him with it from across the room. "But maybe we are treating this like a special occasion because you visit us so rarely." Then she realized that what she said might be an insult to Sarah, so she turned to Sarah, "Actually, we are eating here because you have joined us. I expect that this will be last time we honor you like this, because you will be family when this meal is over."

Sarah laugh lightly. She was just so overwhelmed at how this family behaved with each other. It was like visiting a foreign culture.

Greg held Sarah's chair out for Sarah, which prompted an approving nod and wink from his dad. Not to be outdone, John went around to pull Joy's chair out for her to sit. At seeing this, Joy said, "John! It has been a really long time since you've done that!"

Acting very serious, John responded, "I'm not going to be outdone by the boy." Then when he was helping push Joy's chair in and she could not see him, he smiled a subtle smile and winked at Greg.

Greg saw it and said, "Alright old man, it's on!" The men smiled at the humor of this fake competition.

Joy had seen this many times and intervened, "Now boys, will the two of you behave?"

Greg and John, almost in unison, with heads tilted down in penance replied, "Yes, ma'am."

Once dinner was on the table and everyone was seated, it was less formal. There was little passing of plates and dishes and more standing up, moving around the table to put food on ones own plate.

Conversation ebbed and flowed through the two hour meal. Joy and John asked Sarah about her life, and she was fine with questions about what was going on now. Joy asked some questions about her childhood, and John tried to deflect some of the questions, based on the brief clues which Greg had mentioned earlier. Those questions which weren't deflected Sarah handled deftly, like she had practiced evading them for years.

Eventually, the conversation turned to stories of Greg as a child. Sarah enjoyed hearing them. She pictured the small boy who did stupid, innocent things. She felt the pain of his awkward teen years, but only by cutting her own pain from those years in half.

Then the topic of Greg's first date popped up: how nice he looked, how beautiful she looked, and then they jokingly threw in, how glad they were that he wasn't gay. Sarah smiled at this to be polite, but her anxiety increased greatly. Greg chimed in, "There are lots of gay men who date women and even get married. That date was not evidence of my being straight."

John came back with, "That seems like a lifetime ago. It's not a concern anymore." He lightly slapped Greg's shoulder in a male-bonding way.

Sarah broke the flow by asking John and Joy how they met. John told most of the story with Joy interjecting to correct his mistakes in recollection which led to a few debates over the facts. Through out this banter, Sarah saw the love they had for each other, and she wanted that to be what she and Greg have 30 years from then.

After dessert and some light conversation in the living room, Greg and Sarah, both exhausted from the day, bid good night and went upstairs. Once in the guest room, Greg asked, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I'm just tired ... Other than stories about your family, there was nothing that I haven't heard before."

"That may be, but your stress level seem to spike after dad's 'gay' comment."

"My issue," Sarah said trying to unburden Greg.

"No, our issue. Do you want me to talk to them?"

"No! Don't you dare."

"Okay." Greg held his hands up little to say he was giving in. "Changing the topic," Greg continued, "Did you want to take first shower or second?"

Sarah winked as she said, "First, in case we run out of hot water. You get to take the cold shower."

Sarah stripped, put on her robe – making sure it was closed all of the way – and then left for bathroom to shower. Greg stripped down to his underwear, lay on the bed, and read, waiting the thirty minutes (of which only ten minutes was spent in the shower) for her to be done with her ritual. When he heard the water shut off, he got out of bed and went into the bathroom. She was still in the shower when he opened the door. He entered, and she pulled the shower curtain to the side.

She whispered, "Did you think to check if anyone could see me when you opened the door. I could have been said buck-naked right there at the door!"

He thought about making light of it with the comment, "Too bad you weren't," but recognized that she was right, so he said, "Sorry, I will think about that in the future."

He then leaned in to apologize with a kiss, but she held up her hand to stop him. "I'm clean, and you're not. Don't get your 'boy germs' all over me."

Greg smiled, moved quickly, and hugged her. He kissed her and retorted, "You're not as clean as you were a moment ago." She playfully slapped him in the chest.

She stepped out of the shower, dried off, brushed her teeth, put her bathrobe back on, and returned to the guest room. Greg finished his bed time ritual and was back in the bed room fifteen minutes later.

Despite where Greg had been sitting when he was reading, Sarah was already under the covers on the left side of the bed; just like in the apartment, she got the side closest to the door. Greg didn't mind; he just got under the covers on the right side. They read for a little bit, and since both came to a stopping point about the same time, they both turned their bedside lights off, and snuggled, both facing Greg's side of the bed.

Sarah pressed up tight against him. Her left arm was draped over his side under his left arm, her right arm was bent and under her pillow, her left hand touched his chest, her breasts pressed into his back, and her cock was nestled between his ass cheeks. He lay with his left arm over her left arm, he put his left hand on her hand and pressed her hand tighter against his chest. He pushed back a little with his hips, to feel her mostly limp penis press against him. They both cherished the closeness.

As they lay there, she so wanted to fuck him then and there and very loudly, but knew that they were not alone in the house. She moved the fingers of her left hand slightly, trying to feel for his nipple, hoping that her small action would lead him to make the "first" move. But all it seemed to do was to keep her thinking about sex and keep her from sleeping. After about fifteen minutes of this, she knew that if she were to sleep, she needed to turn over and face the other way, so she carefully extracted her arm from his embrace, and rolled over. She moved back so their asses pressed against each other.

Greg enjoyed her closeness and enjoyed the "butt snuggling", but he had been debating since the lights went out about how inappropriate it would be for them to have sex in this house. After a few minutes of their backs to each other, he turned around, and worked his right arm between her side and her right arm. He got his hand flat against her skin just below her chest. He could feel the bottom of her breasts pressed against his thumb. He shifted his hips so that his mostly limp cock was nestled between her ass cheeks. He lay still for a moment to see or to feel her reaction. There was no clue as to whether he should press forward, so he used his thumb to rub against her breast. Still no indication; he wasn't even sure if she were asleep or not. He moved his thumb up her breast toward the nipple, caressing up and down as he made overall progress up. When his thumb went across her nipple, she took a quick shallow breath. He moved his hand back down to its position at the base of her breasts and waited. She responded this time by taking his hand, and guiding it back up to her nipple. He let her control his hand as she moved his fingers across her nipple. She even slightly separated his index and middle fingers and placed her nipple into this gap. She slowly closed the gap, pinching herself with his hand. This produced the bigger intake of breath. At this point Greg took control again of his own actions.

"We'll need to be quiet," he warned softly.

"I know," she whispered back.

Greg stayed behind her, kissing her neck, running circles around each of her nipples with his finger tips, and grinding his cock into her ass's very soft cheeks.

He shifted again, so that the crook of his left arm was under her neck, his left hand at her breasts, working at teasing her nipples. His right hand then moved slowly from her breasts to her stomach and then abdomen, his finger tips running circles on her skin as he went. When his fingers got to her pubic bone, he stopped moving down and started to massage, causing just enough movement of the skin on the penis to excite her cock lightly.

During this, his own penis was filling and pressing more between her ass cheeks. As this continued, his stiffening cock became uncomfortable bent down, so he moved his hips back, letting his cock spring from pointing at her feet to pointing at her head. Once shifted, he pushed his hips back in and nestled his erection between cheeks and rubbed up and down once more.

In response to Greg's hands and cock, Sarah erection became more obvious. Now, Greg moved his right hand and let his finger tips run from the base of her cock to the tip. His finger tips gently massaged her glans, and then he moved his hand back down the shaft. The grind of his own cock against her ass was synchronized with the actions of his hand and penis. He pressed in with his hips when his fingers moved up her cock; he moved his cock down her ass when his fingers moved down her shaft.

The whole process was slow and careful. She so wanted to flip him over and fuck his ass with wild abandon, and he wanted to lie on the bed and have her ride him like a cowgirl, but they knew better. They both kept it slow as this long tease continued.

When they were both incredibly hard, he twisted his torso so that he could grab two things from his suitcase: a towel and a small tube of lubricant. He turned back to Sarah, moved away from her, and put the towel under both of their groins – Sarah had to get up slightly for him to get the towel under her. He then put a little of the lube on his finger which he applied to her hole. He gently massaged it around and a little into her opening. He then repositioned himself, first pointing his cock at her ass hole, his tip touching ready for penetration, then his left hand at her nipple, and his right hand on her cock. As he felt, teased, pinched, and pulled on her nipples, he stroked her cock and pushed in with his hip letting the head of his cock enter her ass.

Again, so as to keep quiet, he oscillated his hips very slowly, but still forcing his erection to penetrate her ass deeply and then barely penetrate. He timed the movements of his hips with his stroking her cock and the teasing of her nipples. As he performed these actions, he kissed her neck and ear, nibbling occasionally on her ear lobe. His tongue massaged the erogenous zones he could reach from his current position.

Despite the control with which they both acted, they both neared orgasm. His cock moving in and out of her ass kept stimulating her prostate. She felt she could cum even if he weren't masturbating her. As he neared cumming, he picked up the pace a little. As she neared, she moved her right hand to his ass. She then pulled his body toward herself, telling him to fuck faster. Her left hand then moved to his right hand on her cock. She gently gripped it and moved her hand, and consequently his, up and down faster. He pumped her ass and stroke her cock faster to match the speed she wanted. Both of them were breathing much louder now. They opened their mouths and throats to make the breathing seem less loud, as the breathing became shallower. Both of them were doing what they could to make the incredible feeling last longer. Through muscle control they held back cumming as long as they could, and then Sarah could not hold back any longer, cum erupted out of her cock. When her cock pulsed with the first ejaculation, his own cock started to cum. As he knew his control was lost, he thrust his hips sinking his cock into her as far as it would go.

They both savored the moment of feeling both cocks throbbing and spewing semen. As the pulses subsided, they lay there panting and sweating. They didn't move for a minute or so after the pulses stopped. Greg's cock shrank enough to fall out of her ass on its own. Her cock also shrank leaving a trail of cum on the towel and his hand. She lifted his cum-touched hand and licked her cum off it it. He then moved back and encourage her to roll on her back. Then he moved partly above her and kissed her passionately.

"I love you, Sarah."

"I love you, too, Greg."

After that they used the towel to clean themselves up, put it neatly on a plastic bag in the room. They got back into bed, and spooned for the rest of the night. They woke up about 10 AM. Breakfast was waiting for them when they got downstairs around 10:30.

Joy greeted them, "I hope you slept well last night."

"I don't know about Sarah, but I slept great, mom."

"I did, too, Joy. That bed was incredibly comfortable. Thank you."

"Have a seat in the kitchen, kids, there is a hot breakfast waiting for you."

Sarah and Greg went in and sat down. The breakfast of sausage, biscuits, gravy, hash browns, and scrambled eggs was waiting and still hot. He had forgotten how good his mom's cooking was. They stuffed themselves, and then cleared the table.

Sarah asked, "Where's the dishwasher?"

Greg held up his two hands. "They were never convinced that a dishwasher saved water or got dishes as clean as elbow grease. So when in Rome..." Greg rolled up his sleeves and plunged in washing the dishes. Sarah dried and then figured out where the dishes went. Greg would point with an available body part (elbow, nose, soap covered hand) depending on what was easiest to use at the moment.

When they were done, Greg dried his hands on Sarah's skirt. This was met by an evil, but playful, glare. Greg smiled, and they walked into the living room, where Joy was reading. Joy looked up as they entered, noticed the wet spots on the skirt, and commented, "We have dishtowels for drying."

Sarah replied, "I know, and I used one."

But before she could continue, Joy cut in, "I was talking to Greg." She looked over her glasses at him. "Just because you are back in this house, young man, does not mean you get to act like a child."

"But mom," Greg answered in a whiny voice. When he was done, he laughed until he saw "the look", at which point he said a quiet, "Yes, ma'am."

Sarah turned to Joy and said, "You will have to teach me that look."

Joy twinkled back, "You'll learn it if you don't know it yet. It is one of three things women can do, but men can not."

"What are the other two?"

"Give live child birth and breast feed." Sarah look slightly uncomfortable as Joy spoke.

Greg broke in, "Mentioning children already? Really?"

"She asked!" defended Joy.

Sarah feeling very comfortable at the moment put her hand on Greg's arm. She took a deep breath, and looking at Joy, blurted out, "Joy, I am not able to have children of my own." Tears sort of welled in Sarah's eyes.

Joy was sad for her, stood up, hugged her, and tried to comfort her, "Sarah, honey, that's okay. I wasn't trying to imply anything or push for anything. You are a lovely girl, inside and out, and I think of you as family at this point. As far as I am concerned, Greg loves you, and you make him happy. That is really all I want."

Sarah felt her emotions build. She hugged Joy back, as tears came from her eyes. Although Joy could not see the tears, she knew they were there. Joy's maternal instinct kicked in, and she sat Sarah down to Joy's left. She kicked Greg out of the room so girl-talk could happen.

Greg left uncertain as to whether he should or not; he went out to the porch and watched the scenery.

On the couch, Sarah cried a little more. Ever since they arrived, she was getting constant reminders of what she did not have as a child. She so wanted to be part of this family, but felt that if Greg's parents knew about her, she would not be, but at the same time, she could not imagine Joy not being supportive. The tears poured harder. Sarah felt she needed to say what was going on. She was conflicted.

Joy hugged Sarah and them rubbed Sarah's back while holding Sarah's hand. "Honey, just let it out," Joy encouraged. Sarah felt embarrassed at the tears, considering she just met this woman.

"The reason," Sarah began, wanting to tell Joy everything, but not able to finish. Her words kept getting choked in her throat.

Joy, in a way as one person cares for another who is suffering, said, "Sarah, you sound like you want to tell me something, but are not able to. Don't worry about it. You will tell me when you are ready and able. And remember that you don't need to say anything to me because you think I want to hear it. I believe that I will learn what I need to learn if I am meant to learn it."

Sarah hugged Joy and whispered, "Thanks, ... mom."

Joy teared up at this.

Greg came back into the house to check on them, only to find both women with tears in their eyes. He was really not sure what he was supposed to do. He stepped outside again for a few minutes, hoping that the tears would stop before he got back.

A few minutes later he stepped back in and saw that they were talking about something, but he wasn't sure what. Joy saw him and said, "Greg, get back in here." Greg walked in and sat in the chair, near Sarah. His mom continued, "Greg if you and Sarah ever break up, I want you to know that you are out of the family, and we're keeping her."

"I have no plans ever to put you in that position, mom." Sarah smiled at the exchange between her new mom and Greg. She felt such incredible love at the moment.

Greg broke the scene when he inquired, "Where's dad?"

"He ran to the hardware store to pick up a few things to make some repairs around the house. He should be back in about a half hour. He assumes that you will help fix what needs fixin'."

"Sure, mom." Then he turned to Sarah, "Want to go for a walk while we wait?"

Sarah got up, turned, and said, "Thanks, Joy ... mom."

"Whichever seems natural at the moment. I am good with either." Joy smiled a maternal look.

Sarah and Greg went upstairs, brushed their teeth, and then left for a walk.

Greg led the way through the neighborhood. They walked hand-in-hand slowly, as Greg pointed out places of past events. At some point, he asked Sarah what she and his mom talked about.

"I almost told her about me, but I couldn't get the words out." Greg knew that it was her secret to tell, but he still wasn't sure how his parents would react. He stopped walking, hugged Sarah for a few seconds, and then continued the walk with her. By the time they returned, an hour had passed, and John had returned. When they entered, John asked, "Greg, are you ready to help?"

"You bet, pop," Greg replied with a mock enthusiasm. He had no problem helping, but working on his vacation was not the tops of his "want list".

Greg and his dad then set off to fix a few holes in walls, put up shelves, set traps and barriers for various pests – four, six, and eight legged ones.

By early afternoon, they arrived back in time for lunch. The four of them had a really pleasant lunch together. Afterward, Sarah went with Joy to the grocery store, while Greg and John continued working around the house. By early evening, all four were together again. The men folk prepared dinner, nothing fancy, but close enough to delicious to count.

Dinner was uneventful, except when John mentioned how much he enjoyed it when the kids were running around the house, despite Greg recollections to the contrary. Joy gave a swift kick at John to tell him to stop, but kicked Greg instead.

"Ow," Greg yelled, "What was that for?"

"That was for your dad. Oh well, since I wasn't subtle, I will say it out loud. John, you are not to hint at kids or anything like that for the duration of their visit. That is tactless, and you should know better."

Sarah leaned forward, "It's okay, mom, I got my crying out this morning."

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