Juicy Chocolate

by Doc Oc

Copyright© 2014 by Doc Oc

Fantasy Sex Story: A new job brings a new future with it

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Pregnancy   .

My name is Samuel Thurston Josephson and I've earned a reputation as a fixer with the company I work for. So on the eve of my birthday and vacation my supervisor came to inform me that I was being transferred to Lagos, Nigeria to take over the operation of our plant there. I'm 29 now 30 years old, 6'1" tall, 210lbs, blond hair/green eyes, deeply tanned and speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Japanese. So I spent my vacation packing and shipping my stuff.

After checking in at headquarters in Lagos I was assigned a driver/security guard and a car. I was then told that a company apartment was available but that the last manager had rented an apartment in a secure development that was in much better condition so I decided to take it rather than the company one. Upon arrival at the apartment I knew that I had made the right choice; the development was 500 townhouses in a walled compound with armed security guards and regular patrols.

Moving into my apartment I was looking around and saw that there were women of all ethnicities and ages; a bachelor's paradise. Take for instance the family that shared my building: Mom; 5'8", 165, 34 or 35, 42DD-30-42, black/brown and very dark complexioned: Daughters; triplets; 5'6" 135, 15 or 16, 34C-26-38, black/brown and like Mom very dark complected. With the number of women around it was a veritable smorgasbord of female pulchritude.

I had been here about three months when one Saturday afternoon there was a knock on my door and when I answered it there stood the next door 'Trio'. "Hi, we're from next door and would like to invite you to our birthday party next Saturday. We've seen you around and at the pool and you seem much nicer than the other guy that used to live here so we thought it would be good if you could come and meet your neighbors and have a good time. Tell us you'll come, Plllleeeeaaaasssseeee?" The wild thing about this is that all three said it at the same time and didn't get out of sync.

"That would be nice; and I thank you. My name is Samuel but you can call me Sam; what are your names?" I asked.

"My name is Althea; my name is Belinda; my name is Cynthia," I got from left to right, "and our mom's name is N'tala. Please say you'll come."

"Tell you what girls; if I don't have to work next Saturday I'll be there, How's that sound?" I said.

"Great," I got three at once. As I closed the door I got a good look at their asses and I must say; they were firm and out there. I was thinking about the girls and the best way to describe them was dark chocolate versions of Haley Berry. Too bad they are so young. So for the next week I went back and forth to work and prepared for Saturday and the party for my neighbors.

I wasn't sure what to get the girls for their birthday so I got three prepaid shopping cards for any shop in the local mall. I showed up at 1300hrs and knocked on the door. N'tala answered and showed me in to the living area where the girls were surrounded by their friends from school and a pile of wrapping paper. I waved to the girls and showed them the cards; which I handed to their mother. There were a few of the other mothers in the kitchen so I joined the adults and we talked for more than an hour before most of the moms started getting things together to call an end to the festivities. I had a great time and meet 7 other moms who like N'tala were widows; their husbands too had been killed in some of the fighting with Islamic terrorists in the north of the country. I found out that N'tala's husband was killed almost 5 years before and she has been raising the girls alone since. I thought to myself, 'man I just might be able to get some of that if I play my cards right'.

The following Saturday while relaxing by the pool the 'Trio' showed up and asked me to come with them because they wanted to show me what they got with the cards I got them. So I threw my towel over my shoulder and followed the girls to their apartment. The girls sat me down and offered me something to drink and then said they would be right back. As I sat waiting for their return I sipped my beer and listened to the music they had playing. The first one came back (Belinda I found out) and WOW!! She had on a bikini that was no more than two postage stamps and a $1 bill. Fluorescent yellow in color it stood out well against her dark skin. I was steel hard in seconds. The next one (Althea) was in an identical bikini except it was fluorescent orange. I thought I was going to bust I was so hard. The last one (Cynthia) came out and her bikini was fluorescent green but the same as the others. The one thing I noticed other than nice 34C tits was the girls had a Venus mons that was almost obscene in its size. It must have stuck out 1— inches from their pelvic bone and it blended smoothly back between their legs into labia majora easily bigger than my thumb. Easily the biggest camel toe I had ever seen. I hurt I was so swollen and I was so hard I could have used it as a jack-hammer to bust concrete.

"See, I told you we could get him interested," green suit (Cynthia) said.

"You were right," the other two chimed in.

The three of them stepped over to me and orange suit (Althea) placed her hand on the bulge in my shorts, "Oh it feels like a big one girls."

The others placed their hands on my bulge and I thought I would cum right there. "Oh God girls, what are you doing to me. We should not be doing this; you're too young." I said.

"We are 15, same age our mother was when she married and got pregnant with us. We want you to have sex with us and get us pregnant so can we have babies just like our Mom and all of our friends." They said in unison.

"Your only 15?" I asked.

"Yes, our birthday last week was our 15th and we want you to be the father of our babies."

Yellow suit (Belinda) untied her top and let her breasts free and I almost came, they were firm and round and her nipples were about 10 or 12mm in length and I wanted to suck them so bad. I knew I had lost the battle to retain any sense of propriety and leaned forward to take her right nip in my mouth. It tasted so sweet, "Oh God," I moaned.

"Oh, uunnnhhh," she moaned as she untied her bikini bottom and let it drop. The others started stripping and I was now surrounded by luscious chocolate flesh. The girls had no pussy hair and I put my left hand to the one I was sucking and my right hand to the one in front of me. The one on my right knelt down and unfastened my shorts and pulled my rigid shaft from confinement. I raised my hips and the one in front pulled my shorts down my legs and tossed them to where their bikinis had fallen. The girls are not identical as I noticed that each had a birthmark just above her cleft. Belinda's was shaped like a heart; Althea's a diamond and Cynthia's was oval like an egg.

Cynthia was mouthing my cock and playing with her slit as Belinda was juicing my hand. "Oh God, I want this now," she said and stepped in front of me and straddled my legs to lower herself down to my waiting shaft. Now I'm just over 21cm long but I'm also 21cm around and it's going to be a tight fit. Belinda lowers herself and I feel the head of my cock slip between her sopping wet lips and she then guides me to her waiting hole. As she slides down my shaft she suddenly drops down impaling her cunt on my rampant tool. With a small outcry she is seated tightly against me.

"Oh God, it feels so good having your cock in me. I'm so full and I'm so happy." Belinda says.

"Oh yes your pussy is so tight and so hot I want to fuck it till you scream," I say as I lift her up and turn around so she is on the couch and I'm on my knees buried to her cervix. I start stroking in and out of her hot hole and soon she is squirming and humping up to me. It looks so sexy; my white cock pumping in and out of her dark chocolate lips with flashes of deep pink. It looks as if I'm fucking a chocolate covered cherry bon-bon.

"Oh it's happening, I going to cum," she screams. "I cumming, I'm cumming, OH GOD, I'M CUUMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!!!" she locks her legs behind me and slams me into her pussy and I can't hold back anymore.

"Oh God I'm cumming too." I feel my cum roaring down my shaft and shoot straight into her open cervix, six big shots of cum right into her womb. I think that if she is even close to her fertile time then I just knocked her up big time. I collapse on top of her and slowly shrink from within her swollen lips. There is a tinge of blood on her labia and the same on my now shriveled cock.

"Oh my God, that was so wonderful. I felt like I was going to explode into a million little pieces of pure pleasure. I want more and I want it all the time." Belinda says.

"I'm next," Althea states forcefully.

"Then me," says Cynthia.

"Give me a few minutes ladies and I will do my very best to fulfill your every desire;" 'and mine' I think to myself.

Althea went and got a small towel and with warm water washed my cock. Then she and Cynthia started licking the shaft and within just a few minutes I was as hard as ever. After fingering Althea's pussy to a very wet consistency I laid her down on the couch and slipped between her legs. I put the head of my cock to her pussy and rubbed it up and down to get it slick before pushing into her tight tunnel. I pushed in to her and she wrapped her legs around me; suddenly she lifted up and using her legs rammed me into her; burying me to the hilt.

"Oh yes, it's so big. Fuck me, please fuck me. Uunngghh, uunngghh," she is crying out as I pound my now rigid tool deep into her steamy cunt. "Oh Sam, that's it fuck me hard. Pound my cunt with your cock. Harder, harder, that's it ram it into me; fill me with your cock. Oh God, I'm cumming, I'm cumming. OH GOD FUCK ME, I'M CUMMING." She gushed hot cum all over my cock and balls and I felt the stirrings of a large load building in my balls. I can feel her pussy pulsing and sucking at my cock as she works up to another orgasm. "Oh God, oh God, OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING AGAIN. AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!" She screams and squirts her cum over my cock and balls. I can't hold back any more and I drive my cock to her cervix pressing it open and start shooting wads and wads of cum straight into her open womb.

"Oh shit I'm cumming," I groan as I shoot my cum into her.

"I feel it so hot in me, it's so hot it's making me cum again. AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!" she screams and faints. I collapse to the couch next to Althea and slowly shrink from her hot box. I am drained and yet I know that Cynthia wants to have sex and in fact I want her too.

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