The Vagina Trap

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Alice has her defenses upgraded to protect her virginity. Unfortunately, she and her father didn't cover all the bases.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   Public Sex   Violent   Prostitution   .

Alice was glad that girls had vaginas and boys had penises. It seemed logical when one thought about it and she was a bit concerned about the fact that she had to be on the receiving end of the whole business winding up on the bottom ... She had felt a bit cheated when the boys showed her their streamlined tools that were built to pound and hammer on female weak spots but she thought copulation as a lock and a key and she was the lock waiting to be opened by the appropriate key at the right moment.

Right now her lock was feeling a bit rusty because she had not yet been opened and she would be nineteen winters this coming month. Her older sister Maude had been married off to the butcher so her devious mother could get choice cuts before anyone else in the village. Maude didn't think her vagina was anything special and she filled Alice in on all the nasty things that men did when the lamp in the bedroom went out. Sometimes, Alice found it all too hard to believe and wondered if her older sister was "pulling her leg" because she was admittedly seriously naïve.

Both her mother and her sister had significant breast development but poor Alice was a wee bit lacking in that department much to her chagrin. Maude told her that her husband had great sport pulling and twisting her nipples and she sometimes felt like she was a cow in the barn getting ready to be milked. Alice noticed that the older men and even the boys took great delight in peering down the shirts of young maids just like her to see what was going on inside. It seemed to her that they should be spending more time paying attention to a girl's buttocks and vagina instead of fooling around with things that were supposed to feed hungry offspring and not meant to be pulled and played with like a small boy's toy.

In all honesty, she had to admit that she might be a bit biased in her opinion of male obsession with breasts because of her personal lack of proper boobs to get men's blood pumping nice and fast and rushing down to their magnificent instruments before entering the fray.

When her sister's husband, the butcher, started to handle her buttocks like he was checking them for tenderness and eating quality, her father drew the line and told her that her privates were her own business and not to be handled by anyone other than her designated husband or husband-to-be.

Actually, Alice was in total agreement with that point of view.

Despite her sister's attitude that a female snatch was put there for males to enjoy and that sensible girls would be mean-spirited to deny any man the pleasure of lifting their skirts, Alice liked to think her pussy was her special secret garden and that it was a place that was off-limits to unwanted trespassers.

Her father took her out to his shed and stretched her out on the work table like one of his projects that he always seemed to start and never finish. This time, he vowed to install some defensive measures into his favorite daughter's pussy to give her a fighting chance to stay pure until her marriage. He started by shaving all of the hairs from Alice's pussy and lubricating it with a nicely scented oil from Italy. Alice found it all to be overwhelming and succumbed to an unexpected and mysterious malady that made her knees quake and her juices to gush forth like she had been riding a horse for too long.

The inventive man spread his daughter's slit open wide enough to insert a sort of mouse-trap device that rested inside her labia and guarded the entrance into her vaginal channel. It was much more complex than the simple hymen tissue which was certain to vanish at the first concerted effort to open her up for masculine enjoyment. The springs at the corners were tight and well-placed. It was a bit uncomfortable at first but she soon grew used to it and managed to conceal its existence quite easily.

"Daughter, this is for your protection. You don't have to do anything at all. If some rogue takes advantage of you, he will be in for a big surprise. It will not harm him permanently, but it will keep him coupled to you until I can get to your side to inquire his intentions."

Alice laughed because she felt like a secret weapon ready to destroy any man that tried to take by force that which was not on offer. It allowed her to move freely about into places she would have been too shy to venture into prior to her vaginal modification.

One of those places was the large beer hall not far from her home. It was fairly benign during the daytime hours but after the sun went down it was another story entirely. Most of the unattached females in the village knew enough to avoid the place after dark because their very presence was an invitation to male attentions. She followed her silly sister there one night because she was curious about the depraved descriptions that Maude gave of the debauchery she had witnessed right out in public.

The place was not well lit and the first thing Alice saw was that several females were stretched across table tops with their female parts fully exposed and engaged in servicing the customers with little regard for considerations like age, appearance or marital status. The only requirement was that they deposited the correct fee into the fist of dangerous looking men nearby with blank looks on their scarred faces.

Alice drew her cloak closer around her youthful figure trying to stay in the shadows and merely observe the public orgy. Her sister seemed to be familiar with many of the females and several of the sex-crazed males called her by her given name. She hoped her sister was never a participant in the debauchery but her entire attitude was typical of one of these creatures with loose morals. Just when she thought it could not get more depraved, she saw a plump girl from her own street and her own age being bent over the back of a wooden chair and taking a huge cock on a drunken soldier right up her nether region.

She expected the girl to be sobbing in humiliation, but the daft thing was giggling and laughing like it was a picnic lark down by the riverside.

Two of the strumpets were stretched across the laps of richly-dressed young gentlemen with their backsides bare and reddened from vigorous spanking and interference with vicious-looking riding crops. One of the females was an older woman and the other one was obviously her daughter because the silly thing was calling her "mama" asking when it all would end. The gentleman with the riding crop pushed the handle up the mother's backside and laughed when it started to wave behind her when she tried to walk a few steps. He pulled it out and replaced it with his swollen cock without a single word and proceeded to pound her feverishly with cheerful enthusiasm and encouragement from his companion. When he was finished with the mother, the older gentleman pulled out and sat the daughter down on his still aroused shaft for a ride she took with her cries drowned out by the chaos around them.

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