Becoming the Bear

by Jakelyon

Copyright© 2014 by Jakelyon

Erotica Sex Story: Hulking ugly man with a huge cock finds a way to use his natural talents, he joins Furry Club, as place he can become The Bear and fuck anyone he wants.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Furry   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Size   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Violent   .

I am a bear, a furry, fucking bear. In real life my name is Rob Lawrence. I am an auto mechanic, a job that I use to fund my real passion of being the bear. Let me explain how it all started. I am a big man 6'6" tall and over three hundred pounds. Not ripped, not fat, just big, really strong, and really ugly. My face can best be described as prehistoric, as I look pretty much like any hunky neanderthal would have looked a hundred thousand years ago. Men cringe when they look at me, and women are repulsed by my face. Oh, and I have a big cock, a really big cock at 9" long and thick as a woman's wrist. Most girls I have paid to go to bed with me can't deal with servicing my big cock.

Let me go all the way back to the start of my story. I was an unhappy man until I one day as I was surfing the web for porn I saw an ad that caught my eye. It talked about a Furry Social Club that allowed people to let out the beast within them and have all the sex they wanted. The ad talked about earning status and becoming the person you always wanted to be. Maybe if I was in a suit no one would care about my ugly face. I was intrigued so I made an appointment to find out more.

The next Saturday I went to the club, it was only 30 minutes from my home, and after listening to their sales pitch for 10 minutes I was hooked. Basically you dressed up as a furry, an anthropomorphic representation of yourself. I looked through their catalog and as soon as I saw it, I was hooked. I was going to be the Bear. A skin tight suit, in my case custom made, that left tits, in the female, and genitals bare. The face, feet and hands use plastic prosthetics and makeup to finish the look. They allow 5,000 members and you have to play a four hour segment at least twice a month to keep your membership.

The entry fee was $15,000 which includes the suit, and then I would pay $150 for each 4 hour segment in game. The game zone was a 500 acre forest and grassland combination owned by the club. There are hilly areas that allow a view over most of the hunting zone. You can earn Beast points to raise your status in the club. The Beast points are all about sex and fighting. Beast points can be used to pay fees, or used to by in club features, such as lairs, food, or extended hunting time.

For instance if you fuck someone as the dominate you get 3 points, the person getting fucked, the submissive, gets 1 point. If you fight off another alpha fucking someone and you take his or her place fucking the submissive you get 5 points. I say his or her because some of the women wear strap-on cocks and like to fuck men, and women. There were other ways to earn points, but I figured I would just start and see what happened.

The club is a pretty wide open place, but if you get into a situation you don't like or can't handle then you say, "I yield to your power", and you are freed and escorted to the safe zone by club monitors. The club calls this tapping out, and if you tap out you get -5 beast points, but you are released from the situation. The person who made you yield gets no points so there is an incentive not to take things too far. The club also allows gangs of up to three people to hunt as a group. I was told most people join gangs as protection soon after they enter the game. I knew right then I would never join a gang, I was going to be The Bear, and The Bear always hunts alone.

Oh, and the last catch, that they threw in at the end, they film everything. The club makes more money by selling the movies as porn on its website. It has fans around the world who pay the monthly fee. Beast points are awarded by film review.

I came back with the money a week later and my suit was ready. I paid another $150 and went into dressing to get turned into the bear. The girl who did my makeup was hot, big tits and a tight ass. Her nipples were popped out through her thin t-shirt. Her name tag said Flashy. I saw she also had a tattoo of Flashy on her shoulder.

"Is that your real name", I asked her?

She laughed and said, "No that is my hunt name. What name are you going to use? I can check it and make sure it is available."

I thought for a moment as I stared at her big tits while she applied the costume's muzzle over my real nose. I finally said, "The Bear".

She said, "You are going to be a bear, but what name do you want."

I said again, "You can call me The Bear."

She laughed and said, "That's not very original, but I guess it's up to you. You are a big man," She said laughing again. "So maybe that will fit."

She turned around and check her screen, "It's available, you want me to go ahead and register it for you as your hunt name?"

"Yeah, do it." I looked into the mirror behind her, my makeup almost done and saw The Bear for the first time. The suit fit perfectly, tight, giving me a furry body to go with my face. My hands and feet were covered with fur, the palms of my hands and soles of my feet being skin. My thick cock projected from the open crotch of the suit. Flashy was impressed, I could see the lust in her eyes, and I had not seen that very often in a women. I was half hard from the excitement so my cock was already bigger than anyone elses. I was ready for the hunt.

I went into newcomer orientation, I didn't really listen, I just kind of zoned out. I heard them talk about the rules, of which there were few, and after 15 minutes we entered the safe zone. There was an area around each entry point that allowed for an adjustment to hunt mindset before joining in the hunt. It was a circle of about 150 yards. In my newbie group there were six girls, all of them looked pretty hot to me, and 3 other guys. Three of the girls had already formed a group and were fitted out with strap-on cocks. The others in my group took off running in different directions all intent on their own plan. I waited a few moments and took in the scene, getting my bear on and getting ready.

I began a slow jog in the direction of a low hill about a half mile off. I came upon my first players after about 200 yards. I found a rabbit woman, she was from my group of newbies, about to be mounted by a guy dressed as a wolf. She was yelling at him, but he was just about ready to thrust his hard cock into her when I came around the corner.

He was in an aggressive mood as he said, "Fuck off asshole, this new meat is mine."

I just smiled at him and said, "The Bear takes what he wants," and rushed at them. He stood to fight me, and I crushed him to the ground, my weight and strength overwhelming him. The rabbit tried to run but I grabbed her ankle and tossed her back to the ground. The wolf guy punched me in the gut, but I didn't even feel it. I slammed him back, hitting him with two quick body blows. I heard the air whoosh out of him and he was done. He rolled away from me and scrambled to his feet, his breath coming raggadgly. He stumbled off toward the nearby tree line.

The rabbit was kicking at the hand I had gripped around her ankle. Her tits were nice, medium sized and firm, her big nipples hard and erect. She was pretty as a rabbit and I am sure beautiful as a woman, the kind of girl who would have never given me the time of day in the real world. Her furry pussy was right in front of me and cock swelled to full erection quickly.

"Submit and have some fun," I said to her. She quit fighting and rolled over putting her cunt in the air for me. I moved up behind her sliding my fat cock head up and down her cunt, splitting her pussy lips. I could feel her grow wet as I stimulated her.

"Damn you are really big," she moaned.

"All the more to fuck you with my dear," I said and slammed my thick cock to the balls in her tight pussy. I fucked her hard and fast, her low grunts with each stroke turning me on even more. I knew I would cum fast, I had not masturbated for days waiting for today. I reached forward and grabbed her firm tits, feeling her hard nipples poking against my palms. Humping her with long strokes, giving her all nine inches of my cock on every thrust.

I could feel my balls tighten, hard against my body. I looked around and didn't see anyone nearby, where the wolf dude had gone I had no idea. I couldn't wait though and I thrust deep into her shooting long strings of cum into her tight pussy. She humped back against me, enjoying my hard manhood buried deep inside her. I released her when I had finished my orgasm, and my half hard cock slid out of her pussy, a long trail of cum slithering out of her.

"So I get 1 point for being fucked by your giant cock right?"

"That's the way I understand it," I replied back.

"But you get 3, that doesn't seem fair, I was into it just as much as you."

"So why did you join?"

"Because I like being a furry, and I enjoy being forced into fucking."

A true submissive I thought to myself. I could see the wolf creeping in the woods, waiting for me to leave her alone.

"Well it looks like your second point is waiting in the woods for you. I will see you later," I said. I jumped up and started a slow jog toward the hill top. After 100 yards or so I looked back and could see the wolf had caught her and was fucking her. I hoped he enjoyed my sloppy seconds.

I spotted another woman in the woods just as I got to the base of the hill, a badger this time. She had huge, tits that hung low on her chest and she looked kind of fat around the hips but The Bear didn't care. I moved swiftly toward her and she waited for me, her back against a tree, fingering her wet twat.

I moved up over her watching her masturbate, her fingers driving deep into her wet cunt, her other hand pulling her big, hard nipples. Her eyes were fixed on my growing cock, watching as I swelled to full erection. She was ready to be fucked, I could smell her wet pussy.

"You want to be on top, or from behind, or maybe standing up against this tree?" she said in a sexy voice to me.

I kept in my animal form and grabbed her by the ankles drawing her onto her back next to the tree. I moved between her splayed legs, my hard cock hunting for her wet fuck hole. I thrust into her, shoving about half my cock into her, then I pulled out and buried my cock to the balls in her wet cunt. She moaned and started to cum as I bottomed out inside her. I fucked her slow and hard, slamming my cock into her with every thrust. She seemed to be cuming the whole time, enjoying every thrust of my massive cock.

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