The Gay Pa

by Cantbuymy

Copyright© 2014 by Cantbuymy

Romantic Sex Story: Gay? Who the fuck is gay? A story of the love of a white man for his black goddess.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Reluctant   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Slow   Workplace   .

Gay? Who the fuck is gay?

I was just out of college and I needed a job. Up until that time my job was to be a student. But now I had to strike out on my own. I had sponged off my parents long enough.

So I decided to seek my fame and fortune elsewhere and I headed for Atlanta, where business was booming. Even with a degree in business and an MBA I could not find a job. I was only twenty four and had done three years in the Army until they told me I was no longer needed on active duty, something about RIF [Reduction in Force]. Actually that was pretty good because as an officer I owed them seven years from the last college class they paid for, so I got college at their expense and then they told me to play in the reserves. Prospective employers either told me I was over qualified, or did not actually fit their management team. "Did not actually fit" I had come to understand means not the correct color. I could do many things but changing color was not one of them.

After almost a month I was ready to head home to Montana. I had been staying at the YMCA and had to leave anyway. Now for a country boy just out of Montana, even if I had spent time in the Army, that was an eye opener. We all got along well enough, but not that well, if you get my meaning. But I did make some friends that were pretty nice guys, strike pretty nice and insert good, when they were dressed like guys. They even seemed to be protective of me when some of the other guys came around. I was not to be bothered was the word my friends put out.

So I am at a Starbucks getting a coffee; ok it was one of those Froufrou designer coffees with mocha vanilla foam crap; but it still tasted pretty good. There were a group of guys sitting there drinking coffee and talking about this PA job in the next building over. I thought, why not, I could do that; it might be a step in the right direction. So I listened in and they were talking about interviews all day long. I headed back to the Y and went to put on the only suit I had; it was nice looking dark grey with light grey pin stripes. I polished my shoes and as I was getting it all together after hitting the shower one of the "guys" asked what was going on and I told him about the job. He had a bit of a laugh at it and then told me I had to change a few things.

I am five foot ten, slight build, I am called wiry, but with muscles. I run every day and I like to stay in shape. I keep my hair cut short, because I don't like to have to deal with it when I take a shower or after, probably came from the military and working on the ranch. So he gives me a sort of pink shirt with this hand painted tie from Hawaii with some kind of flower on it. He tells me I look perfect and laughs again. What I am is a hick from Montana and he is a drag queen, so I figure he knows more about dressing for the location than I do; at least he did not try to put me into a dress. He tells me to trust him, he knows about the job and I am dressed perfect for it.

Before I headed back down to the job site with resume in hand I jump onto the net and find out about the business. It is one of those all female black owned and operated businesses that deals in clothing; sports, casual and some more formal stuff. But they also engage in manufacturing for other companies.

I got a once over as I found the receptionist and told her I was here to be interviewed. She did have a surprised look on her face but she gave me the initial application and I turned it back in with my resume. It was about noon when this stunning black woman who had to be six foot seven or eight, without shoes on, walked past all of us sitting there and gave us a quick once over. She had to have on three or four inch heels and she was a giant. I smiled, why the hell not, she was fucking gorgeous, but she sort of scoffed at me and walked on past. Well, so much for charm.

The interviews went on and on and by three o'clock there were only three of us left and each of us had talked with three other interviewers. I was the last of the three to go into "The Room". The other two had gone in and after ten or so minutes each one had walked out of the room and out of the office. I was the last one called and with a little hesitation I went in.

Behind the desk was the African Goddess I had seen before but now that she was sitting I could see just how good looking she was. I had never been "into" black women but there was just something about her, something that really got to me. She did not smile she just looked through me. The other two did the talking. "What do you think your job entails?' was the first question.

"While I will leave it up to you to tell me the specifics, I believe that my job will be to make sure that all of the things you don't need to be involved in, the so many little things that take up a good part of your day, are handled for you in a matter you would want them taken care of. My job, if I may be so bold, is to free you to do your job, which is run this company, develop new business, see to it that your business plan is being implemented for the business you have. If you don't have the time to do your job, then none of us have a job. I hope that I can help with that." I thought it was a pretty good answer. Oups, wrong again.

"So you want to make all the decisions, you want to run the business while we are just figure heads, do I hear you right?" This one came from the second lady in the room.

"No Ma'am, I did not mean that at all and I am sorry if my answer implied that. It was my fault in not being specific enough. Every day I would watch what you did and how you did it. Those things that seemed to be taking too much of your time and appeared to be repetitive and not worthy of your time, I would ask if I could handle them for you and by then I would already know how you did those tasks. I would be an extension of what you wanted done, not what I wanted done. I would prepare a one page summary of what I did every day and let you look at it the next morning and let you decide if I handled them correctly, listen to your correction and then make sure I would do it according to your instructions. I would include those things on the daily report until you told me you did not need to see a specific event again. I would also prepare a weekly report in more detail with everything, including the things that you had already excluded from the daily, just to keep you informed of what was happening, in case you wanted to change the policy about something. I feel it is important to keep the commander informed as we used to say in the Army. It would be my hope that the time it took to see the daily would be insignificant to the time it would take you to do those tasks yourself." I thought it was a pretty good answer without being obsequious.

Now the Goddess herself spoke. "Will you be able to work for a woman? Do you see any problems with that and with being on call 24/7?"

"No Ma'am, I see no problem with that at all. I am currently staying at the YMCA and I will seek a place to stay close to the office or the person I am to be the PA for so that I can perform as needed."

I was told to wait outside and I could hear them talking. They needed a PA but they also had some EEOC problems and a white man would be prefect. They would have a man and one that was white plus I was just out of the military; and my being gay was a plus too. I was to be their token gay white man vet; wow, three stereotypes in one hire. I had to laugh but I was serious when I was called back in after five minutes.

"Gay? Did they say gay? I sure hope they mean happy," I thought.

I have the job but I would have to be more fashionably dressed when I worked here. Another PA, Dorothy, would take me shopping immediately, and I would have to be appropriately dressed by eight tonight. There was an event at the Hilton and I would attend, making notes of discussions. I was not an attendee I was working. I was told I would have a room at the Hilton for that evening.

Dorothy took me out and with a company credit card we went to a nice store and I was fitted for half a dozen pair of slacks, half a dozen sports coats and six suits. They even bought me two dozen shirts and ties. I was taken to the hotel and as I dressed for work, which was a black suit for me, black tie for the guests, I was handed an iPhone and a new iPad. They are "the tools of my trade," so I was informed. The iPhone was already loaded with phone numbers and the iPad had preloaded websites and business information.

Dorothy was very helpful and I thanked her. She smiled and told me not to thank her yet. At ten minutes to eight I was downstairs waiting at the entrance when the phone rang, it showed a picture of my boss, the Goddess. "Where the hell are you Steven?" my boss demanded.

I am in the lobby waiting for you Ma'am. Just then the elevator door opened and my Goddess boss walked out with a tall black man at her side and I fell into step with them. I later learned his name was Russell. As they went through to have their passes checked I just followed her in. One of the men was going to ask for my pass but realized I was just one of the many drones, even if I was white. Everyone at the event, except a few other drones and some staff, was black.

I followed her around, making notes of conversations, and taking pictures of the people she was talking too, as I did not know their names. I stayed invisible; that was easy to do. I made no eye contact with anyone and moved before people asked me to move. I took no food and drank nothing offered. Most of it was social but I kept track of talk of vacations, births, names of children or wives or husbands, every bit of information I could get. I spoke to a few other drones and got the names of the people my Goddess spoke with by showing them the pictures. During a lull in the conversations I was monitoring I would look them up on the net and get some information as to who they were and what they did. My boss, and the black man whose name was Russell were apparently well known in this circle and apparently well liked by everyone. At dinner I sat in a chair against the wall closest to her table, Cynthia Wilson was my Goddess' name, so I could hear the conversation. There was dancing and I stood and waited. Always keeping notes of who was with whom, just for future reference.

About one o'clock Cynthia told me I was dismissed for the evening and to be at work at seven in the morning and to keep my phone on, she might need to contact me. I spoke with some of the other drones and the help and by the time I went back to my room I knew by face everyone in attendance that evening.

When I got back to my room I noticed that Dorothy had left behind a new apple computer for me with a note that everything needed was preloaded. I prepared a report on the evening, and included a report on who danced with whom and how many times. I thought it might be helpful.

At ten minutes to seven I was in the office and waiting for the boss to appear. Dorothy had told me what she liked in the morning by way of coffee and I had it there with a little pastry waiting for her. When she arrived I walked into her office right behind her, getting a "what the fuck do you think you are doing" look as I did so. I poured her coffee into her favorite cup and taking the carry out cup with me I left to wait as the guardian of the gates.

It was not more than ten minutes that another very tall and damn nice looking woman, Georgette Winters appeared and started to walk into the boss's office. I politely stopped her and smiling asked if she had an appointment. She said no and I told her if she would please have a seat I would see if I could fit her in. She laughed and shook her head but did sit down. I gave a quick knock and walked in and told her who was here and without an appointment. She looked up and said "that is my sister you idiot."

"Yes Ma'am, your sister. Next time your sister appears I will allow her to just walk in, I'm still learning but I will try to get it as fast as I can. Maybe later you can tell me who I should speak with to find out who can enter at will and it will never happen again." Damn I hated starting the day off wrong.

"I am sorry Mrs. Winters I did not realize your status with the company. It will not happen again." I opened the door for her and held it open. I asked if there was anything she wanted and she said no.

It was only a few minutes later that I was called in. The report I gave was now up on a big screen and both ladies were looking at it. They had questions about some of the people they did not know. I told them what I knew about them, having looked them up on the net during the evening. They also had questions about who danced with whom and why I included it. I told them it was just as much business as social and that if you wanted to talk business with someone privately I thought the dance floor was a good place to be private without suspicion. The boss asked if I kept track of who she danced with and I said yes but I did not put it into a report; but I did compile a list of people her partners danced with and it was strange that when she danced with a certain person the next dance for him was with a specific woman and I identified that person for her. Both the boss and her sister thought this was pretty good information and I even sent them a flow chart of what happened that evening, as best I could construct it and they immediately put it on the screen.

What ever I had done must have been right because they smiled at each other as if the information would be worth some further investigation.

Mrs. Winters asked me what I did in the Army. "I was in the infantry Ma'am, I broke things and I made widows and orphans. Now if there is nothing else, I will leave you ladies to your discussion." I wanted to shut down that little dialog as fast as possible and they seemed to know I was uncomfortable with the discussion so they let it drop.

"We have not discussed your living arrangements or your salary yet." It was a statement from the boss, not a question. "I own a building not far from here and your presence there would be best." She wrote down the address. "You can see them when I go to lunch and have someone go and pick up your clothes from the hotel and the YMCA and have them delivered."

I was told to have accounting take care of my pay and with that I was dismissed. I still did not know what I was making but I did not care, I just wanted to be around her. That was pretty damn stupid for a man who needed a job, getting stuck in one and not even asking for salary information. Someone from Human Resources came down and got a lot of information from me and they left.

Dorothy proved invaluable with some of this and she got the people in shipping to head to the hotel and the Y to get all of my stuff.

At noon the boss left with the large man she had been with the prior evening and told me to keep the phone on at all times and to check out the living arrangements. I went over and there were three or four units I could use. One was a penthouse with a great view, two were four bedroom units and one was a studio with a large closet. It took about three and a half seconds to choose the studio apartment, because I knew this was not going to be a place I would spend much time in. The shipping people put the clothes away and I walked back to the office; it all took less than thirty minutes. I was called by Helen from HR and she told me my first months check was now in my bank via direct deposit and welcome to the family. I thanked her. I went downstairs to the bank and made a withdrawal and then I called up a few places to make some arrangements for a proper "Thank you" to each of those who helped me. I went down to shipping and gave them each an envelope and a handshake for helping me move. Each one got one hundred dollars. Dorothy got flowers and chocolates, and I had one of the ladies find out what she liked. Inside the box of chocolate I included two tickets to a play she wanted to see and had mentioned the night she helped me buy clothes. You see I was making a lot of money so why not be generous.

The boss was back around two thirty, looking a little worse for the wear; but happy. I gave her a rundown on the calls, told her about the apartment and thanked her. We talked about which calls seemed important. I stayed in her office as she returned her calls; which surprised her. I quickly learned what was important and what was not.

I spoke with the receptionist and got more information about who called when and what it was usually about. I set up a routine where the receptionist would text me who was on the phone with the information about the call. By the end of three months I owned the position.

There were no more daily reports and weekly reports were changing into monthly reports. I did put in a lot of hours. I was there when she needed me and even when she did not need me. She took me to events just to have me hang around and make her feel important. But I earned my money by taking great notes and learning about everyone in attendance.

I got to see what "lunches" were going to go until three or four without her telling me. Pretty soon I realized how to limit her schedule so that when it was going to be a lunch with one of her men friends that nothing was planed for the rest of that day, just paperwork.

I kept it like in the military. My first sergeant would have all the paperwork sitting on my desk, if you count a card table as a desk, for my signature in the morning. We would talk about what happened when I was not there and what we could do to fix any problems or train to not let them happen again. It was the same with her business.

My life revolved around this Goddess, and yes she was a Goddess to me. I have never been so smitten by a woman in my entire life. She was a very big woman, as I already said, she was damn tall. She had a good nine inches on me without heels. She was big all the way around without looking or being fat. When you are that tall you can't be too skinny and not look like hell. If you saw her from a distance she would be perfectly proportioned and she was. She had long legs and huge tits that would look like basketballs on anyone not as large as her, and black, deep almost purple black skin. Huge African lips, short hair and great eyes. They were dark brown, bottomless brown. She was about thirty two at the time.

When she said I worked 24/7 she means 24/7. I did not have a private life, as it revolved around her and the company. We took trips out of the country to see where some of the material was purchased. We went to our own factories inside the US. I still went to parties and kept notes and by now I had lists of when and to whom to send birthday cards and little presents. I knew all of her associates and their anniversaries. I kept a special calendar of everything that was more personal about those she did business with. I left cards for her to sign with a request about a gift and always gave her a paper with the gift suggestions and cost limitations. Then when she approved it I did it. I still ran daily and did some weight lifting and rode as much as possible.

After the first year I was the keeper of the gate and I kept it shut tight when needed and at proper times the gate was always opened. We developed a great working relationship, and that is all it was for her but not for me. I was in love with this woman. No one looked and saw it; I was supposed to be a gay man. They even gave me tickets to the gay ball and shit like that. The friends that I met originally at the Y were still my friends. They got a kick out of a straight white man going to a gay ball because he got tickets from an all black woman business who would never have hired me if they knew I was straight. I would go to the ball and take one of them and then after we were in I would let them have their fun, these events were closed to everyone else, and I would head out as fast as I could.

Where would I go? I went to see my horse. I was from Montana and I did not get enough time with him. I loved to ride and taking care of the beast is fun. I would muck out the stall and give him carrots and apples but not too many, not good for their digestion. There was a nice woman I let ride him when I didn't. I liked to get in an early ride two or three times a week, the weekends were best. Usually I was awake and out at the stables at about five o'clock and I would take him out for a good ride and then clean him up. She would do the same for any days I could not do it. She was a nice woman and her partner had her own horse, so I made it possible for them to ride every day they wanted, without costing them an arm and a leg.

A few times I got called during a ride and had to cut it short but not very often, but enough that Cynthia knew I had a horse and I rode. She used to joke about the gay white boy from Montana, but only in front of me, never to anyone else. She never did anything to humiliate me. If there was a correction that needed making she made it in private and I paid attention and fixed how I operated. We developed an excellent working relationship.

Cynthia was a very powerful woman and with a well managed sexual appetite. She was not a slut but she did find the company of men essential to her health. I was not taken on dates but I knew about everyone of them, I knew everything about her. I knew about every man she was with and I also knew that Russell was the love of her life.

Then one day Cynthia came back to the office from what was to have been a long lunch with Russell. I knew something was wrong, so I made all the necessary calls. She was a basket case. Russell was getting married to someone else; he never even asked her. In the two years I had been working there Russell had been her true love, although she had others, Russell had been the one she wanted. When Russell called every date took second place. I had learned that he had been her first, the one man she put before all others. Now he was gone.

It was time to take her home. By now she had a residence in the same building as me, except she took the penthouse. She did have other residences, but more and more that is where she lived during most of the week. When we got there I took her to the bedroom to lie down and I did what had to be done. I changed the locks, changed the security codes, changed the passwords on all of her bank accounts, and issued orders that Russell was not to be allowed into the building. His pass cards for parking and the elevator were voided. I was not sure how much access he had to her things but I was cutting it off now! She could yell at me later if she wanted.

She was on the bed crying and I knew what she needed, she was a woman, so I drew her bath and undressed her and walked her into the bathroom and into the tub. She was still crying and had not stopped for the last two hours. I gave her a drink, some Champaign, I knew she liked it. She tried to relax but couldn't. I rubbed her shoulders and it helped a little.

I helped her dry off and took her back to bed. I got pretty wet with her and that tub so I was wearing a t-shirt and boxers. Ok, I did not have to get that undressed, but hell if this was my chance I intended to take it. I put her into the bed and started to walk away but she held my hand and asked me to stay. I did, I held her in my arms as she sat up in bed and cried. I left long enough to get her water and some things she might need. She was still crying and this time she asked me to hold her and she opened the covers for me to get in with her.

I knew it was wrong and I knew she was vulnerable but did I care? Hell no, I was going to take her anyway I could. If it started as a "revenge" fuck, or even taking advantage of a poor broken woman who was vulnerable, I did not care. I wanted my black Goddess any way I could get her.

She asked if she was old, Russell was going to marry a nineteen year old white girl. I told her she was the perfect age. She asked if she was ugly because Russell was going to marry a blond girl that had that pixy look and small lips and straight long hair. I told her she was the model for what a woman should be, and that I loved her hair and she had the most perfect lips I had ever seen and then I kissed her, very gently on those big lips. I even took a little nibble at them and kissed her again. She appeared a little shocked but accepting.

She asked if she was just too big if she was too tall, or two heavy or her breasts were too large and sagged too much. The white girl had smaller breasts but they were so perky and she was a hard body, thin and taught. The white girl Russell was going to marry was only five foot five, more than a foot and a half shorter than she was.

I told her she was just right for her height. That her breasts were magnificent examples of what a woman should look like and be, and that when natural breasts are as large as hers it was sexy that they would have a hint of sag, it was natural and very sexy that they did. It made her a real woman with natural and not fake breasts...

By this time I was kissing her again and we were whispering comments between kisses. The kisses turned into love bites and tongue rubbing against tongue and lips. And when we talked about her breasts I would reach down and grab those wonderful soft black orbs. I was squeezing and working her nipples. Her nipples got fuller and puffed up some.

Her breath quickened. "I love your breasts" I said as I broke my kiss and moved my mouth down to them. Not too much foreplay this time, there would be lots of time later. I would not have the advantage for long and I pressed it as fast and as hard as I could.

She looked down and I chewed on those delicious large black nipples. I was on top of her and she looked down and said "Oh my God, I don't believe how sexy that looks with your white mouth on my black breasts." I made her feel sexy and she liked the color difference, I was a happy man. I chewed and sucked harder. I still had my boxers on but had discarded my t-shits. She was moaning and rubbing her pussy against my stomach. I moved slightly forward; I know my cock was out of the fly and hard. Her legs were bent and apart and she was in the midst of a mini orgasm as I entered her. She was dripping, her pussy was in spasms, and I slid gently into the hilt with all that moisture.

I held still at first and then started moving with her body. Pretty soon I was stroking pretty hard and she had my ass in her hands. She is one strong woman and she shredded my boxers getting, more like ripping them off of me. We were naked together in the middle of a wild fucking.

I knew I would not last long this first time so I lifted her legs, those big long legs and gave myself as much depth as I could. I started pounding into her even harder, I saw her eyes roll back into her head, her mouth open and I felt her pussy spasm about the same time I shot a load of cum deep inside of her.

With the first shot out of the way I knew I would really last a long time now. I was hard, still hard, it had been a long time for me, and I intended to fuck her into oblivion this one and maybe only time I had her. This time the strokes were long and slow. I was looking for the spot and I found it. I worked her for a good hour watching her go from orgasm to orgasm. I had my tongue in her mouth and all over her tits. I touched every place I could reach, I kissed every place I could kiss and I made sure to nibble and in some cases bit too.

I wanted to stay in her but I was too big to lay there on top of her and she was way too big to lie on top of me. She was out sleeping as I pulled her over so that she was facing me and my cock was still inside of her with one of those legs over mine. We were black and white intertwined with each other. It was so hot just looking at it. I fell asleep with her.

I felt her wake and then start. I could feel her head looking around trying to figure out what the hell was going on. I started sucking a tit, and nibbling a nipple. She tried to pull away but I held her in place with my arm around her. I kept up with her tit as my cock rose to occasion. She tried to move her leg but I stopped that too.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" she almost screamed.

She had been trying to pull away and I let her move, she went onto her back to get away from me but I moved with her, onto her stomach. Her legs were still spread, my cock was now hard, and I moved it forward, into her spread pussy.

"I am claiming my woman" I said as I pushed deeper into her womanhood, which was still wet and slick from our past coupling.

"You can't do this" she said as she did nothing to stop me. "I'm your boss, you can't do this." But her voice was weak and unsure.

"At work you are my boss, here I am the boss, here I am your man, here I decide what we do, and this is what we do" I said as I pushed deeper into her.

Her head fell back and I attacked her neck as I roughly mauled those huge tits. She liked her tits taken with strength, these were a woman's tits, not little titties, these needed to know it was a man working them and I was that man.

"You're homosexual" she said.

"Not a chance of that" I responded.

"What about STD's?" she asked, "You are not using a condom."

I kept pumping into her. "I haven't had sex in over two years, before I ever went to work for you. I am clean, and I know your medical history, I make all your appointments and get the reports for you; you are too."

I did not even slow down. "You are mine for as long as you want to be. I am in love with you. When you say it is over then it is over. I will never say it." I told her.

Then she surprised me, soon those great long legs and arms were all the way around me, pulling me deeper into the center of her universe. We never stopped kissing and biting each other. Yes they were real bites.

Then all of a sudden she stopped and slowly pushed me away from her. She looked down to the place where we were joined and she slowly started pushing me further and further away causing my cock so leave the place where it had felt more at home than anyplace in my or our past. She pushed and pushed and more and more came out. Soon only the head was inside of her and she moved a little until the helmet was visible. She had a smile on her face as she looked at me.

"What, you think only black men have big cocks?" I asked.

She smiled and pulled me closer, causing my cock to move back into her sheath. She moaned and soon those legs were holding me in place and those arms caused those huge breasts to flatten against my chest.

I continued to move inside of her in short slow strokes. "Why are you doing this?" she asked.

"Because I love you." I responded. She had an orgasm when she heard that answer. We kept it up until she said to stop.

I slowed and pulled out of her. This last time I did not cum and I was pretty heavy.

She wanted to talk, typical woman. "What will happen tomorrow?"

"I am going to wake up and make love to you, then we are going to eat and I'm going to make love to you, then we might take a walk and then I am going to make love to you, and that is how that day and every day for the rest of our lives will go, except when you are pregnant with our baby, you will need a rest for about six weeks after giving birth but we can go back to make love every day."

"Wait, I can't marry you." She told me.

"You don't need to be married to have our baby. I would love to marry you but I don't think you want that yet; you may not even want to have our baby, but you asked and I told you."

The sideways look she gave me was "Are you out of your fucking mind," type of look.

I rolled her over on her back and with my chubby getting harder I just slid inside of her and started giving her long hard strokes, hitting the G spot every time; sometimes staying there hitting it over and over. She had another orgasm, then she pulled off and giving me a naughty sort of looked moved and sucked my cock into her mouth. She never took her eyes off of me and she knew her way around a cock. In less than three minutes she got my third load, and it was not as big as the first two, but I had a lot saved up and she got what was left.

She came up and kissed me. I kissed her back. "My turn" I said as I worked my way down and started licking, kissing, nipping, at her pussy. It did not take too long before she was in spasm with her pussy pushing against my face and out combined juices making me shinny. I came up and we kissed again with her licking my face clean. "Black men don't eat black pussy" she said.

"I case you missed it, I am not black, and I love your pussy and I am going to eat it every day. So I guess that means more black pussy for me to eat; at least as far as you are concerned." She giggled at that.

For the next four days that is what we did, we fucked and made love. I kept it cool in public, but at home I was all over her.

Monday rolled around and we were at work. It was all business but everyone wondered how she was taking Russell getting married to a white woman. A lot of her friends called and asked how she was doing and she would tell them she was fine with it. They had sympathy for her and told her to be strong. What they did not know was that as they were talking to her I was kissing her neck, but never where anyone would see us.

Since I was the gate keeper for the office, it had not been unusual for me to be inside of there with the door locked, so someone could not just walk in.

They all had friends for her to date, but she was just not interested. Some of the men she had "lunch" with previously came around again, but not for long. The first time she went out with one of them she came back within an hour and everyone was a little surprised. Then she asked me to come into the office and I did, locking the door.

"Sit in the chair baby" she said as she sat on the edge of the desk. She pulled her skirt up and took her panties down and then off. "Lick baby, come on, you love to lick me, it will be OK, I promise."

I was a little leery but there was something in the way she said it. "Come on baby," she said as she had a leg on each arm of the chair and she pulled my head closer. I smelled her musk and gave a tentative lick, and then another and another. Soon my tongue was deep inside her black pussy.

"How did it taste baby" she asked. "Did it taste fresh and clean, did it taste used or clean baby?"

I responded by licking and sucking her clit a little more with a big smile. "That's right baby that is your pussy, no one gets into that pussy but you, EVER! Every time you put anything in it, it will be fresh and clean unless you make in it dirty first. You are the only one to ever touch your pussy."

"What about morning pussy, can I still have morning pussy?" I asked with a grin.

"You can have anything you want, whenever you want it. I love you. Every place a man can find pleasure on or in a woman, those are your places, no one else can see or touch them. There is even one that no one has ever been, and that is yours too my love. The only thing I ask is that when you are weary of me that you tell me first and not humiliate me." That was her reply.

We went home early that day and I made love to every place on her body. We enjoyed the difference as we became one and saw the differences that the colors brought and how one would disappear into another. It would take a week before she gave me that where no one had been before [and I don't mean a trip on the star ship enterprise] and we shared that moment, as it was a first for me too. We would do that infrequently, it was special and we did not want to make it ordinary. But I did find that she would orgasm when I was inside her butt, but them again so did I.

From that time on there were lunches with other men, but she always took another employee with her. Word got out that she was no longer looking for a man. Many thought she was yearning for Russell; good let them think that. We had a good laugh over the fact that we could be lovers and not be caught because of Russell; at least he did two things right. The first was cheating on my lover and the second was giving us cover so no one would find out about us. I did not care but she did, so that was good enough for me.

Yes there were evening events and after a while I became her escort. I would still keep notes and let her work the room, it was business. I would keep notes on who did what with whom. I would watch her dance with others and saw that they were not intimate, head on a shoulder, type of dancing. I saw that in every way she was the perfect mate and never gave me cause for alarm or worry. If anyone wanted a "private" meeting then she motioned to me and I attended too. When some of the men said that wanted it very private she declined. Soon they learned that Russell hurt her and no one was good enough for her but him -- yea right! I was just the gay white PA.

She learned how to ride and we would go for rides with the horses. She and I would read together, talk together and love together. She had a brilliant business mind and I listened to everything she had to say about business. We ate dinners out together, always keeping the outside life business. A few times we heard that Russell laughed that she was still carrying the torch for him; what an asshole.

We were able to keep work separate from pleasure. We did not flirt in the open office and never had sex there, other than the time I licked her after her lunch and she promised me her body and I accepted with pleasure. The office never smelled of sex; at least not ours.

At the office she was the boss and she was very good about what she did and how she did it. I was always amazed at her ability to work a deal, to see a market, to expand to fill a need or even create it in the consumer. She was my only lover but she was also someone I admired and was grateful to work for and learn from.

Things changed a year later when she came to me to tell me she was pregnant. "Marry me" I said.

"I can't do that my love, but we will figure a way out of this." She told me.

There was a major meeting of the powers in the company, including her sister. They were upset at her being pregnant and not saying who the father was. She was going to keep the baby but how to do it. She would have to have help. Who could they get? One of the people thought using "the white gay guy". "He would be prefect," they all said. "He lived in the building, when the baby was close to being born he could move into the penthouse, he would help raise the baby and no one would think twice about it."

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