The Health Resuscitator

by Wylde Flowers

Copyright© 2014 by Wylde Flowers

Sex Story: Grandpa has found a job for me at the retirement center. There's a secret to why the old folks have so much energy and it involves college girls like me.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .


"Yes, Mom?"

"You should stop by and see Grandpa. He says he has some information on how you can make some money for college."

"Okay, Mom. I will."

My parents are doing what they can to help me afford college but it is very tight. I am in my second year and I want to finish school so I welcome any help.

I'd take almost any odd job Grandpa may have found or if I'm lucky it might be something on going that I can fit into my school schedule.

Grandpa lives in an old folks' home, you know, what people now call a retirement center. I stop by after school. I called to let him know I'm on my way.

He's in the lobby when I arrive. There's something different about him, I think, but I'm not sure what.

"How are you, Grandpa?" I give him a big hug.

"I'm so glad you could come, Christina."

"Mom said you might have a job for me."

"Yes." His voice sounds odd. "Follow me." As we walk he says, "It's a little unusual but it's a very important job."

"Is it here at the old ... um ... retirement center?"

"Old folks' home?" He laughs. "Yes. I'll explain in a second."

We enter the lounge and it is filled with about 20 old men and 5 old women. It's apparent they are waiting for Grandpa and me.

"This is my granddaughter Christina," he announces to everyone.

There are replies of "Hi." and I swear it feels like some of the old guys are giving my 5' 5", 125 pound body a look over. I am creeped out.

"You're pretty," an old man says. "I like brunettes."

Noted. One dirty old man.

"Have a seat, Christina," Grandpa says. "We need to talk and this is never easy to say to any potential helper."

I take a seat at a card table.

"Stop it," an old woman giggles. The man next to her is playing grab ass. It's fun to see old people like that. They all are the healthiest, most energetic, old folks I've seen.

"Christina." Grandpa's voice sounds nervous. "A few years ago a nurse working here discovered a way to bring health back to most men living here. Since that time we've had a few health resuscitators, that's the position title, work here. Our latest recently left and I want you to consider taking on the job."

"What do I do?"

A man says, "What college girls are so good at." There is laughter.

"This is my granddaughter," Grandpa says.

"Julia was mine," a man says.

"Maddie was George's," says another.

It hits me what is different about Grandpa. "You're standing up straight."

"Yes. Your job will heal and cure and restore. It works for me too."

"Just tell her, Carl," a man says.

"What a health resuscitator does absolutely works," says Grandpa, "but you won't hear about it anywhere else because people would be freaked out."

"Why?" I ask. "If it works."

"It works wonders but it would be controversial to people because it is sex."

Sex? Did I hear him right? Do old people still have sex?

"It has to be with a young woman. Married guys do it with the health resuscitator girl too."

"And we wives benefit from an energized husband," cackled a woman.

"Christina?" Grandpa says.

"She's just in shock like they all are at first," a sympathetic voice says.

I snap out of it and return to reality. "So you're saying sex keeps you healthy?"

"It healed my back and Tom's arthritis and all our aches and pains that slow us down but each man here wants to do it at least each week, more often if possible. In two weeks we become our old selves again."

A man says, "You've heard about that study that shows a guy should cum at least every 3 days for optimum health."

I shook my head. Never heard of it.

"Well you can look it up on that computer thingy."

"You want me to have sex with old people?" The looks on their faces says that sounded harsh.

"You're helping people, Christina. You're making them healthy. You get $100 per session. It's like you're a doctor or a specialized nurse."

He can tell what I'm thinking by the expression on my face.

"This is real, Christina."

Others in the room affirm it.

"You could make three or four hundred a night. That's two thousand a week."

That's a lot of money. That would pay for college.

"Would you be willing to try it with a man right now? You can come back tomorrow and see what a difference you made."

Grandpa nor any of them smirked or cracked a devious smile during this whole bizarre talk.

"So this is real?" I say. "There's no hidden cameras."

Grandpa laughs. "I can see how you would think that."

"It really works, dearie," a woman says. "It gave me back my man."

I look at the affectionate couple. How cute!

"The nurses will know about you but they stay out of it. They're not in this meeting so they can truthfully deny knowledge and not risk their licenses."

My mind is jumbled with thoughts. When it comes down to it, it is still having sex with old men. Yet it heals their bodies. That would be doing such a good thing for them. If not me then who?

"Come, Christina." He reaches out his hand. "I want you to meet someone."

"Who?" someone says.


"Not Lucius," is the reply.

"He takes too long. You'll scare her away. We need her."

"Lucius needs her," Grandpa says. "He's the most in need of resuscitation right now."

Grandpa leads me down a hallway, we turn right and about half way down on the left we stop in front of a door.

"The only requirement on what to wear is a skirt that is easy to get on and off and don't wear panties. It's just easier for everybody. Don't get naked. We just need your pussy and not your boobs plus we want you to quickly as possible to go from one patient to the next.

Patient. That is the word I need to constantly think about in my head.

"Oh, I should have mentioned earlier but no condoms. It needs to be skin-to-skin."

"No problem. I'm on the pill."

"That's what I guessed. Ready?'

I shrug. How could any girl be ready for what I found out today?

We enter.

A man on his bed slowly turns his head.

"Oh," I say.

I didn't expect a black man. Not that it matters. It's just after all the white faces in the lounge, he's a surprise. I never dated a black guy but it's only because none ever asked me out. When it comes to sex, a dick is a dick is a dick.

"Hi, Lucius. This is my granddaughter Christina. She's going to help you feel better.'

"Thank you," the man says, sounding very genuine.

Grandpa speaks quiet to me. "Now old Lucius lasts longer than any guy here. That's what they were warning about. Also his dick gets bigger while you're doing it but you won't have any trouble getting it in you because it will be small at first. It's later that it will fill you up."

Now I start to feel nervous.

"Go ahead and take your jeans and panties off. Remember wear a skirt and no panties next time."

Next time? There would be no next time if Lucius isn't better tomorrow.

"Aren't you going to leave?" I ask.

"I'm your, Grandpa!" He's frustrated. "It's just your pussy."

"Go on, Carl," says Lucius coughing. "You don't want me in your room when you're receiving treatment.'

Treatment. I like that word much better for what I'm about to do. I'm giving a patient treatment.

Grandpa knows Lucius is right. He says to me, "Remember to come back tomorrow and see how much better Lucius is."

Grandpa leaves. I undress my lower half then pull back his covers. His little black dick looks so limp I wonder how I'm going to get it into me in the first place.

"Thank you. Christina, right?" His voice sound so frail.


I grab his penis and squeeze it several times. It develops some rigidity. Good enough. I get on his bed and straddle him. I place his dick head between my lips and push down. The penis slips into me.

Lucius let's out a shallow hiss.

I use my pussy muscles to squeeze around his dick and I feel it growing and getting harder. I know he's now long enough to keep him in me as I move up and down on it.

So I sought out to have good sex for me too. It's what I would do with any guy I slept with. Sex as a treatment shouldn't make a difference. If I take this job I could have a really good time for myself!

"You're growing big just like Grandpa said." I could feel his penis reach deeper into me and I could feel it more often against my insides so it has become fatter too.

Lucius says nothing. He just stares at me and breathes in close rhythm to my motion. He seems to have a slight smile and there's a hint of life in his eyes now.

So I keep moving on his dick and he keeps getting bigger. His width fills my pussy completely. I can see why it's good to put him in you when he's small. I think it would hurt otherwise.

I keep going and now I have this long and wide penis inside me. It's firmness and strength and size makes me kind of feel like I'm trapped and can't get off it.

And I still keep going. They're right. He does take a long time to cum. I'm getting tired.

He lets out some kind of groan and his eyes grow wide. It's a total surprise to me when I feel his dick spurting up into me. Equally a surprise is his liquid warmth pushes me beyond pleasure into an orgasm.

I gasp loudly and feel my body tremble.

His dick is shrinking and I lift up so it exits me. I sit back down on him. His head is turned and his eyes are closed.

Something's wrong.

"Lucius?" I gently nudge him. "Lucius?" No response. "Oh my god!'

I get off Lucius and race out the door. I'm already crying. I head to Grandpa's room. I don't care about the old men looking at my pussy and ass. I don't care about the semen running down my legs.

I am so full of tears I can hardly see when I reach Grandpa.

"Christina? What's wrong? What happened?"

"I ... I killed Lucius," I blubber. "He came in me and then he died."

"Let me see."

We hurry to Lucius's room. I'm surprised how fast Grandpa can walk. It's looking like more and more that there truly is something to the healing power of college girl sex for them.

Grandpa goes to Lucius's bed. I stay by the door, feeling scared.

"He's not dead. Look! He's just breathing soft and slow."

I see his chest gradually rise and deflate. I feel stupid and embarrassed.

I get dressed. Grandpa asks me about the treatment for Lucius. I tell him everything everyone said is true regarding time and size.

"Will you come back tomorrow and see how good Lucius is doing?"


I think about Grandpa and Lucius and the potential job all night. After school I change at home into a skirt and no panties. I also change into a nice blouse for a top. I should look professional. I head back to the old folks' home.

"Hi, Grandpa!" I greet.

"Ready to see Lucius?"

"Uh-huh." I am eager.

"He's in the lounge."

"I didn't think he could get out of bed yesterday," I say during our walk to the lounge.

"He could but it is tough and slow."

"So is he..."

Grandpa cuts me off. "You'll see."

It's another few anxious seconds until we reach the lounge.

"Lucius!" Grandpa calls out.

A man with his back to us is talking to others. He turns around. The face is the same man as yesterday but this man has vitality. Yesterday, he seemed barely alive. Today he has life in his eyes. He walks over and it's like he's in his 30's instead of the 70's or 80's that he really is.

He puts his hand out to me. "Thank you for giving me treatment, Christina. I'm so much better today."

"Sure," I shake his hand. He holds it and lifts it to his lips for a kiss. "You're an angel."

I blush. He releases my hand.

"I have something for you." He hands me an envelope.

I look inside. It is five 20 dollar bills.

"Thank you so much," he says.

"You're welcome." I smile. I made a hundred dollars for helping Lucius and I even had an orgasm. Pretty awesome!

He returns to his friends.

"So what are you thinking about the job, Christina?" Grandpa asks.

"I want to do it, Grandpa. I want to help people."

"And make good money."

I smile and don't reply. Yes, that too.

"Are you ready to start?" He points between my legs.

I give him a flash with my skirt. No panties. Grandpa saw everything yesterday so it is no big deal now.

"Wonderful!" He gives me a side hug. He yells out, "Everybody! Everybody!"

People stop what they're doing and face him.

He speaks loudly. "I want everyone to know that Christina has decided to be a health resuscitator."

There is a big cheer and most of them come up to me to shake my hand or give me a hug and I especially like when the women thank me because I know I'll be restoring the ability for her man to give her a nice firm penis.

When the excitement dies down, Grandpa has a paper for me. It's a list of room numbers and first names.

"I hope four isn't too much for you on your first day."

"Four?" That does seem like a lot of sex ... I mean treatment.

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