Sarah and Greg Start a New Life Together

by GR

Copyright© 2014 by GR

Erotica Sex Story: Greg moves in with Sarah taking the next big step in their relationship. (This is a sequel to the story "Sarah and Greg", but the prequel does not need to be read in order to understand this story.)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   TransGender   Shemale   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

This was a big weekend for Greg and Sarah – the biggest of their lives. This was the weekend when Greg moved in with Sarah. Despite the dark cloud of their meeting and the tumult of Sarah telling Greg about her mismatch of body and gender, they had grown incredibly close to one another. Greg knew they could not get married where they lived so moving in together seemed like the best next step. Between the two apartments, Sarah's was the bigger of the two, and she felt more comfortable at her place and Greg didn't care where he lived as long as he could be with her; that's all that really mattered to him.

The first day was long – Greg moving all of his valued possessions (some called it "junk") into her apartment, making it officially "their" apartment. Then once there, they had to figure out where it all went. As usual, Sarah was understanding, bringing the stress level down a few notches. Once they had their old lives merged into their new life, at least good enough for day one, they took a shower and collapsed onto the bed to air dry.

Despite the physical exertion of the day, Greg had difficulty not admiring Sarah's naked body. They had been dating heavily for the past month, and he had seen her feminine form naked many times, but every time he saw her body, he lusted after her. This time was no exception. As she lay beside him, he rolled onto his side, head propped up by his arm, his elbow on the bed. He looked at her lovingly.

Then he reached over with his free hand and lazily started to run his finger tips from her arm to her perfectly sized and shaped breasts and down to her cock and then back. He repeated a few times as she lay there enjoying the contact.

Sarah tilted her head toward him with a slight frown, "Sorry, I don't know how much energy I have tonight."

"Would you object if I have a little energy?" Greg asked.

"Not if I can just lie here and enjoy it," she said with a smile.

Greg then leaned over and kissed her on the lips, sucking gently at her lower lip. He then moved down to her breasts, sucking delicately on each nipple, before working his way down past her stomach to her cock.

Sarah's cock was starting to fill with blood, but she wasn't completely erect yet. Greg kissed her penis and then tongued the head in circles a few times. He kissed the head again before taking it into his mouth. He sucked a little and let it out. He traced circles again with his wet tongue. He took the head into his mouth, and sucked as before, feeling her cock swell in his mouth a little. (He loved that feeling; it made him feel powerful.) He kept the head in his mouth a little longer than last time, letting his tongue feel all around it slowly. He continued to lubricate and to suck on Sarah's cock while he took a little more into his mouth. He played around with whether it was easier engulf more of her dick by forcing his own mouth down over the shaft or by sucking more of the shaft into his mouth. He found a combination which seemed to work well at the moment and continued to fellate Sarah. When he needed a small break, he opened his mouth slightly allowing air to enter, releasing the suction. He tilted his head back a little, and her penis fell out of his mouth.

Greg then leaned down, and massaged the shaft with his mouth. Working from the tip to her testicles. He kissed her balls and used his tongue to caress them. He made sure that he did not apply too much pressure. After a little of this, he worked his way back up to the base of her cock and then to the tip. Through all of this, Sarah's penis became quite hard.

Greg shifted again to take her cock into his mouth. First the head, then another inch, then another inch, then another two inches. In and then out part way, and then in and out again. He worked his lips and tongue up and down the shaft, stroking it slowly. With each head movement down, he took little bit more in. He became lost in the moment as he worked on her. He started to thinking about her cum and how it tasted. This made him stroke her cock faster with his mouth. As her cock was at its stiffest, he picked up the pace once more, bobbing his head up and down furiously. He listened to her breathing so he would have a clue as to when she was about to cum. He tried to see if he could take all six inches into his mouth, but didn't want to choke. This time however, he was able to take it all in just as she moaned very loudly and shot her cum into his mouth. He was ready and was able to swallow a good bit of what just spurted from her penis. He pumped it a few more times with this mouth, while sucking and swallowing what he could. When her cock's pulsing subsided, he swallowed once more and released it. He used his fingers to wipe up that which dripped out of his mouth. He sucked on his fingers as he moved back beside her.

He lay down, not expecting anything in return; he just loved being able to do that for her. She looked even more beautiful to him. She just lay there with a smile on her face wondering if life ever got better than this.

He turned to face the ceiling and closed his eyes. She followed soon after, and they both fell asleep for a very deep sleep.

The next morning, Greg woke up smelling sausage cooking. He turned to look at Sarah and noticed she was not there. His foggy brain soon cleared enough to realize that she was cooking breakfast. He pushed the covers out of the way and swung his feet onto the floor. He sat up lazily and then managed to make it to his feet. He slept well but not enough. Yesterday exhausted him.

He wandered out of the bedroom and into the living room, at which point he saw Sarah in the kitchen. She was at the stove, stirring something in the skillet, with her back to Greg. With the sizzling of the sausage keeping Sarah from hearing his approach, Greg walked up carefully toward the kitchen. He walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist before she noticed. She jumped a little when she felt the hands on her, but that soon melted into a "Good morning!", a smile, and a small tilt of her head as he leaned in to kiss her neck.

"Good morning," Greg replied with a smile.

She turned in his arms and kissed him fully on the mouth. She didn't object to his morning breath, and he never noticed hers. "How did you sleep, Greg?

"Not too bad, but I'm still beat and slightly sore."

"I'm right there with you." Sarah gave him a peck on his lips, "I hope eggs and sausage are good for you this morning."

"Are they ever good for us?" Greg said with a wink. Sarah gave him the you-know-what-I-am-asking look. Greg pretended to be shamed. "Sounds great. What can I do to help?"

"How about setting the table?"

Greg nodded and got out what he needed to set the table. When finished, he saw that Sarah was almost finished as well, so asked, "What would you like to drink?"

Sarah wanted the usual, and so did he, so he got out two glasses and poured them each a Coke. He then sat down to read the paper. This scene felt so right – and so stereotyped.

Greg hadn't gotten very far reading, when Sarah started to put food onto the plates. She brought the plates into the dining area, and they had their first official breakfast as roommates. The breakfast was quiet with idle conversation about the day ahead. At some point it shifted into Sarah talking about redecorating the apartment, and Greg nodded in agreement as she talked. He didn't catch most of the details, but he was fine with just about anything. And she was happy planning a future.

When breakfast ended, Greg took the dishes into the kitchen and started to load the dishwasher with things it could clean, and he hand-washed the other dishes. As he dried his hands off at the end, she chimed in, "Don't forget that we are meeting Joe and Annie for dinner." Greg didn't mind them – they were friends that he inherited when he started dating Sarah. They were nice enough, but something about them didn't seem like it fit in with the mainstream, but then again, he and Sarah didn't either. He wondered if Annie had a penis or Joe had a vagina. He wanted to ask but he knew that would be completely inappropriate.

The rest of the day was generally uneventful. When it got closer to time to get ready, he and Sarah headed into the bedroom to change. She would hold up an outfit and ask him what he thought. He usually responded with "That's fine." He really meant it, but he could tell that Sarah was a little miffed at him. After the fifth "That's fine", she responded, "It is okay to have an opinion. I am really asking you what you think."

Greg became defensive, "I am telling you what I think. They are just clothes. They all look fine. You will be beautiful in whatever you wear."

Sarah seemed satisfied with this, but wondered if Greg would really express his opinion if he thought otherwise. "What are you planning to wear?" she asked hoping that it would give her some direction.

"Khakis and the blue dress shirt," he said. His choice did not help.

Sarah eventually settled on an outfit, and as Greg had predicted, she was beautiful. They left their apartment, and walked the few blocks to the restaurant where they were to meet Annie and Joe. On the way, Greg asked Sarah, "Do either of them know about you?"

Sarah decided to harass Greg, "They have seen me before. They have even talked to me, so I am pretty sure they know about me."

Greg tried a you-know-what-I-am-asking look, but it just came across as comical. Sarah laughed, and Greg blushed a little. Sarah stopped, hugged him, and leaving her arms around him, said, "Annie knows that my biology doesn't match me, and I don't think Joe knows. Annie knows how to keep a secret." She kissed and hugged him again.

"Is Annie..."

Sarah cut Greg off with, "I don't think so, and I don't care." She paused. "Relax. You've had dinner with them before. This is nothing new."

Greg relaxed some, but considering his relationship with Sarah just took a big step, he felt that he was going to learn even more about her, her friends, and her past over the next few months. He knew that this dinner was something they had done before, but he had a niggling feeling that things were different now.

Greg and Sarah held hands as they walked the last two blocks.

When they got to the restaurant, Joe and Annie were already there, seated and waiting. Sarah saw them, waved, and led Greg over to the table. Upon arriving at the table, Joe stood, shook Greg's hand, and hugged Sarah. Greg leaned down and hugged Annie hello.

They all sat and talked about what has happened since they last saw each other. Annie was very excited for Sarah with Greg moving in, and Joe gave a quick nod of approval over the arrangement. After a glass of wine, things relaxed more. The rest of the meal was nice and low key, with perhaps too much wine drunk. Alcohol had loosened their tongues throughout the meal, and there were a lot of comments found funnier as the meal progressed. Since they all lived within walking distance, none thought they needed to be too careful, as long as they could still function.

After dessert, they still weren't ready to leave. Joe started the post dinner conversation with "Living together. That's a big step. Any talk of weddings?"

Annie looked horrified at Joe for asking it, "Joe, that's not appropriate!"

"Why not, they're young, obviously in love. At least I didn't ask about kids." Joe turned to Greg, "So any kids in the future?"

Annie kicked Joe under the table. Joe shifted quickly when the tip of her shoe caught him in the leg.

Greg was not sure how to respond, but at least he knew that Joe had no clue about Sarah's secret. He was deciding whether to answer "No" or to ignore it and let Annie silence him, when Sarah spoke up, "Joe, I am not able to have any kids." She paused, and Greg saw tears forming in her eyes. Sarah continued, "There was an accident when I was younger which left me..." She broke off almost in tears, bringing her napkin up to cover her face and tears. When she had her face hidden from Joe, she quickly tilted her head slightly and winked at Greg. Greg relaxed.

Joe realizing he stepped over the boundary apologized profusely, "I am so sorry. I didn't know." he said a few more things, and he looked like he just killed a puppy. He felt even lower than dirt when he heard Sarah crying uncontrollably.

However, Sarah could not pretend any longer when she lifted her head, lowering her napkin to her lap, revealing that she was crying from laughter. Greg and Annie also started laughing while Joe's face became incredibly red.

After a minute or two, Sarah controlled herself enough to say, "Joe, those are very personal questions." Sarah thought for a moment, "I haven't known you long enough nor well enough to answer them. But it is true that I can't have any kids; I came to terms with that a long time ago."

Annie's expression turned from laughter to anger at Joe. Annie stood up and asked to speak with Joe alone for a moment. Sarah looked at Annie to figure out what she would tell him. As Joe stood up to follow Annie, Annie gestured with her hand and quick shake of her head that she was not going to reveal anything to him. She just needed to chat.

Annie lead Joe toward the bathrooms. When they were outside the ladies' room, Annie tried to explain to Joe why such questions were inappropriate without actually explaining Sarah's situation. Joe was tipsier than Annie originally thought, but not as tipsy as he was pretending – hoping that the alcohol would excuse his crassness. It seemed to work for Joe as Annie changed from harping on him to consoling him; Joe still felt bad.

Annie leaned forward to hug him to let him know that everything was alright. As they hugged, she pressed her body into his and felt a bulge under his pants. Given her own consumption, she was feeling randy at the moment. Her hug became a kiss, which Joe reciprocated. Soon, they were locked in an incredible french kiss. Joe pressed his bulge into Annie, who worked her hand in between them to fondle his bulge more effectively. As she stroked him on the outside of his pants, the bump grew. Annie wanting more and realizing that they could easily be seen, grabbed Joe by his arm and lead him into the bathroom.

Once inside, she unbuckled his pants and knelt on the floor. She dropped his pants and underwear revealing Joe's half erect cock. Annie kissed the head, and then took a few inches into her mouth. She loved the taste of Joe's cock. The musty smell from his privates which have cooped up all day was like an aphrodisiac to her. She suck energetically on his cock, wanting it to get hard fast.

She continued to suck, to lick, and to mouth-fuck his cock, while her own hand raised the hem of her skirt. Since she wasn't wearing any panties, she easily started rubbing on her clit. Her pussy quickly became wet and ready for his cock.

She sucked until his cock was rock hard, and Joe was ready to cum. But Annie didn't want to blow him completely. She stopped sucking, letting his cock fall from her mouth. She led Joe over to the sink. She propped herself up on the edge and spread her legs. Joe was good with this plan, too. He positioned himself between her legs and pushed the head of his cock into her wet, inviting pussy. He started slowly, wanting it to last, but Annie whispered, "Faster," and Joe complied. He was fucking her faster, and starting to grunt a little.

After Annie and Joe left to talk, Sarah and Greg were alone at the table. Greg leaned over and spoke softly to Sarah, "We haven't talked about marriage or kids or any of that."

Sarah turned and replied, "I thought it was obvious about those."

"No it isn't. I am not rushing into either of those, but I know we're different than the typical couple, but marriage is an option in other states. We can also adopt children." Greg was keeping his voice down to avoid people at other tables from understanding what they were discussing.

Sarah looked into Greg's eyes. He saw the love he had for her and his realization of how not normal this relationship would be. How could he not have thought about all of this before?

Sarah asked the question she dreaded to ask, "Are you thinking our relationship is a mistake or not for the long run?"

Greg looked hurt at the suggestion. "I love you more than I thought I could ever love anyone. I have no regrets of my moving in with you. This has been the happiest day of my life." He paused looking for the right wording, "I just hadn't thought about whether I want kids of my own someday." He sat thoughtfully for another moment. "I had always assumed that I would have a kid someday, but at this moment, being with you is more important than anything else."

Sarah knew that he loved her, but that niggling doubt would remain for a while. Greg leaned across the corner of the table and kissed her. She received the kiss with tenderness and caring. Their lips remained together for a few seconds and they enjoyed the moment.

When they separated, it dawned on both of them that Annie and Joe had been gone for longer than expected. "I wonder what's keeping them," mused Greg. "Do you want me to find them? I might be ready to go home."

Sarah said, "I've known them longer; I'll find them and let them know." Sarah got up and walked in the direction they had been heading. Greg motioned to the waiter to bring the check over.

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