Getting What I Want

by Wylde Flowers

Copyright© 2014 by Wylde Flowers

Sex Story: My boyfriend makes me leave when his buddies are over for poker night. I plan on staying and getting what I want.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   .

"This is so stupid!" I say to my boyfriend Jacob. I am so frustrated.

"You've done it all the other times, Carrie."

"It doesn't mean I like it!"

"Calm down."

"You're not the one who has to leave."

Can you believe it? When my boyfriend has his three buddies come over to play poker in our one bedroom apartment, Jacob always wants me to go somewhere else. This coming Friday is another poker night.

"Go shopping, see a movie, visit a girlfriend."

"Or stay in our bedroom."

"No." He shakes his head.

"I could serve beer and chips."

He shakes his head.

"I could wear my French maid outfit." It was my costume for Halloween.

"Carrie..." He sounds tired of this conversation. He should just give in to me.

"What? Are you afraid your friends will give me a good bitch fucking?"

"We just like to talk guy talk without worrying about a woman being around.'

I talk low trying to sound like a guy.

"One time my fart smelled so bad I thought it was my armpit. I hate when my finger accidentally goes in my hole when I'm scratching my ass. Where's the ruler? Time to measure our dicks."

"Are you done?"

"Can I stay home, Friday?"


I stomp to the bedroom and slam the door.

"The guys are almost here, Carrie."

"Don't worry. I'm going. It's not like it will hurt if they show up before I leave. It's not like we don't know each other."

What is with this "precious" guy time? Stupid, I say.

Yes, I'm stalling but Jacob doesn't need to know.

"I need a shower." I do it just to annoy him.

He huffs and leaves the bedroom.

I pick my tightest jeans and a scoop top that gives a good view of my boobs. Yes, I feel sexy.

I head to the kitchen.

"Hi guys." I smile. Everyone is at our cheap little dinette table. It's barely big enough for dinner for two but it's apparently big enough for four to play poker.

"Hi Carrie," comes the staggered replies. I notice their up and down looks of my body. Guys aren't subtle at all.

Their looks feel good. I'm with Jacob I like knowing I can attract other guys.

"I'm just getting something from the kitchen then I'm going dancing."

"Dancing? Rick says.

"Jacob won't let me stay here, so I might as well have some fun."

"So you're meeting some friends?" asks Brad.

"No, I'll just dance with whatever cute guys ask."

"You're okay with this?" Tony asks Jacob.

"He has no choice," I answer first.

I reach into the fridge. There it is, the Diet Pepsi bottle. I stay facing the fridge and secretly shake it. I shake my butt while doing it, knowing that it will draw their male attention.

I step up to the table. "Just needed a drink." I twist the cap and the bottle sprays over the table. I turn to make sure it hits the guys. I'm a sprinkler - lol!

They jump up.

"Sorry," I apologize.

"Carrie!" Jacob says angrily.

"I said I'm sorry. Oh! I gotta go."

I left them with the sticky mess. I didn't even offer to help.

I didn't go dancing. I went to the movies, got a coffee that I drank there, and returned home.

"Carrie, you're back early."

"So who is winning?" I ask and walk toward the table.

"Well, it's kind of...

I stumble. No, I "stumble"

I fall forward onto the table and I swipe my arm out as if trying to catch my fall sending cards and money flying. I sweep my arms several times to make sure I get most of it.

"Clumsy me and I didn't even have any drinks. Oops!"

I get up and exit to the bedroom. What they do now is not my problem.

A half hour later Jacob comes in and undresses.

"Poker game over?"

"Yes because of you. Tony was winning. He's pissed."

"What for? He won then."

"We don't know how much each of us had so we went back to our original money and called it a night."

"So you got your money."

"It's not fun if you don't win or lose. Carrie? You did that on purpose."

"I tripped."


"I'm sure they do."

"I ought to..."

"What? What are you and the guys going to do to me?"

He didn't answer.

"Do you want to have sex?" I ask. I know - duh!

When we're naked in bed, I say, "I'm on top. You don't know how to handle me."

"You're such a bitch today."

"So what are you going to do about it? If I'm a bitch, how do you tame me? I'll be a bitch on the next boys night. What do you do to a bitch?"

Once we are having sex, any acrimony is put on the back burner. We've always been good in bed together.

"Let me know when you shower judt in case any guys come over early," Jacob says.

"I'm about to get in."

Jacob is strange today. I say I'm not leaving our place for his poker night and he just says "whatever" yet he's also acting like I need to get ready so I can go out.

I get out of the shower and it's weird but Jacob has put a low stack of pillows on the bed.

Jacob comes in from the other room and he's naked.

"What's going on? What are the pillows for?"

"I'll show you.".

He guides me on top of the pillows then pulling on my arm brings my head down to the bed. I turn sideways so I can see.

What I see is my wrist being handcuffed with the other end attached somewhere below. The chain is long.

"Jacob," I say a little nervously.

He says nothing while handcuffing my other wrist.

I am stuck in this position of my head down on the bed and the rest of me on my knees but pillows are underneath me so I can't lower.


"You said you're a bitch. This is the bitch position."

"And now what?" I hope I know the answer.

"If you're going to act like a bitch then you're going to be treated like a bitch. Last poker night you treated me and my friends very badly so you're going to get what you deserve."

"And what's that?"

"Be our bitch."

He said "our". I heard it. Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope. The mind is the most powerful sex organ and so because of my anticipation of what I hope will happen, I feel my pussy lubricate.

"You cost me money." It's a different voice. It's Tony. "You need to pay me back, bitch."

I didn't like being called a bitch but I acted like a bitch so I guess I should expect it. Acting like a bitch has helped me manipulate Jacob and tonight it is fulfilled. I'm getting what I want!

I feel weght on the bed then strange hands on my butt. Oh, I know they're Tony's hands, it just he's never touched me before.

I'm expecting penetration but the exact moment makes me gasp. Tony's penis enters me easily and fully.

"How's that, bitch?" he barks.

I can only moan. This is the beginning of a wonderful evening.

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