by Sweet Biscuit

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Erotica Sex Story: Ever had a dream that was so real it was more like a memory than a dream? Here's one that happened to me recently.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

I dreamt of Mary last night. It felt so real, like a recent memory, rather than a dream. It had that feeling of fondness, two souls brushing up against each other like feathers; a gentle caress that leaves a lingering feeling of closeness and intimacy.

My wife Carol and I were there with Mary and her husband Daryl. Mary was sitting up on the bed with her back to the headboard. My head was resting on her lap, her hands idly running through my hair. She was looking toward the end of the bed. There was Carol, curled up in a ball like a cat who had found a warm spot, and was dozing contently. You could almost hear her purring as her chest slowly rose and fell with each breath, her lips closed in a smile. I could hear Daryl snoring quietly. He was asleep, laying on his side facing away from us.

I opened my eyes and stretched my arms. As they stretched out, my fingertips brushed along Mary's bare leg. Mary started slightly at the touch, goosebumps forming where I had touched her. With slow movements, I stroked her leg with a feather touch, and I could see goosebumps spreading down her leg. I worked my way down one leg and then switched to the other, working my way up. I started to move my hand inside her thigh, stroking up towards her pussy. As I did this, she slowed down stroking my hair, lost in the feelings of pleasure that I was creating in her.

I reached up to her mound and started caressing her pubic hairs. It was an awkward position, so I rolled over so that I was now facing her. Her pussy was only inches from my face and I could see her nether lips peaking through the matt of hair that was her bush. She spread her legs slightly to give me better access to her erogenous zones. I drew lazy circles around her outer lips in a slow rhythm, just enjoying the feel of her skin and the textures; soft, supple lips; course hairs, smooth skin; the crease in junction of her legs - all of it was like a voyage of discovery for the first time. I soaked up those feelings, luxuriated in them, exhilarated in them.

I looked up at her face, and saw that her eyes were closed, lost in the sensations that were being generated. I kept up my motions, and I could see her pussy lips start to swell with arousal, and I could smell that heady aroma of her arousal start to drift toward me. I willed her eyes to open, to look down at me, to let me know that she wanted me to take this further. Heaven knows I wanted to take her to the moon and back.

I slowed down my movements. She then looked down at me and opened her soft brown eyes. I cast a questioning glance at her.

"May I?" my grey eyes said to her.

"Yes please!" she mouthed in reply.

I looked toward Daryl. He hadn't moved, his chest still rising and falling slowly, asleep. We had come together, two couples as one, and we had pleasured our spouses together on the bed at once. But this - this was something different; a crossing of lines - the start of a new level of intimacy for us all. I knew what I wanted, but I didn't know about anyone else. I had hoped, I had fantasised, but this was really the moment of truth.

Mary saw my questioning look, and nodded. "It's OK," she said quietly, almost in a whisper. "D and I have talked about it before - it's OK so long as we're all in the same room together. We want to try this, we want to know what it's like, otherwise we'll always be wondering about what might have been."

I kept up sensual foreplay, while I pondered this for a moment. I needed time to think; time to figure out if this is what I really wanted to do. A part of me already decided eons ago that I wanted this. I had fantasized about this for ages, even involving Mary in my late night chat sessions as we each shared our wildest fantasies. But now, the time for fantasy had passed - the reality was here.

Just then, I felt a movement on the bed, and Mary looked to Carol at the foot of the bed. Carol was stirring, and had started to stretch like a cat who had been in a sunny spot for too long. I couldn't see her from my position, but I could hear it in the way she stretched. We had been married so long I knew her every movement as if it was my own.

"I love you Phil. I always will. We talked about this - you and me, and Mary and I." Carol paused for a moment. "Go. You have my blessing."

"Same here. Mary knows the score, so go ahead ya big lug, you know you want to!" Phil said in a quiet voice. I realised just then he was awake the whole time and heard our interchange. He knew that Mary and I had a connection, and it was better to explore it openly than to try and hide it.

The time for thought had passed, the time for action began. I rolled over and up onto my knees, facing Mary. I leaned into her, pressing our lips together. Our lips brushed gently once, then slightly harder, then pressed firmly together as our lips parted and our tongues performed that timeless dance of passion. I drew back slightly, and traced my tongue over her lips, to savour her sweetness, like someone sampling a fine wine. I moved back in again to continue our duel, our tongues meeting and dancing together.

I broke our kiss, and gently directed Mary to lay down in the middle of the bed, still touching her, still caressing her. Daryl and Carol moved off to the couch beside the bed, both watching with eagerness at the erotic scene unfolding before them. Daryl was slowly stroking his cock as it became firm in his hands. Carol had one hand on her breast, slowly circling her aerole, the other hand resting on her mound. I could feel the sexual tension in the room rise up a notch.

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