A Waking Touch

by Evestrial

Copyright© 2014 by Evestrial

Erotica Sex Story: Just a short piece about being woken up by your lover at night.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Oral Sex   .

I awoke, lying on my side, to the feeling of a hand sliding across my neck, the touch firm, but gentle, and a little rough from callused fingers as they slid across my smooth taught skin. The blanket gives a warm contrast to the cool touch of skin as the fingers slid across my shoulder and pulls the strap of my negligée with them, down over the joint, as far as it can go before the tension across my breasts stops it from moving. At which point the hand slips loose of the strap and continues down my arm, sliding in line with my own, his thick, muscular arm presses across the top and his hand engulfs my own in a soft embrace of entwining fingers; a comforting weight of warmth holding my arm down.

I lean my head forward, smiling faintly as I felt his breath on the back of my neck. His lips brush along the length of my neck as he left faint, tender kisses; his tongue barely brushing against me, a pinprick of moist heat in the center of every kiss. He continued to kiss down my spine, down to the low backline of my negligée, at which point I felt his hand grasp mine tighter as he pulls me up into a sitting position, my head leaning forward, my hair falling as a black cascade beside my face.

His other hand slid across my shoulder blades as he slipped the other strap off my shoulder and down my arm. I flexed my shoulders in a bit as he continued to kiss down my back and as I do that the front of the negligée slipped over my breasts, brushing my hardening nipples so gently it gives me a chill. With the negligée at my waist I slid my arms out of the straps then re-entwined my fingers with his. As he reached the bottom of back, he started biting gently, softly, but sharp, warm, and moist. I feel his teeth press into my skin and muscle, I feel his tongue slide like silk across my back, and moan softly as he moves back up.

When he reaches the top again he bites into the side of my neck and I roll my head to the side, giving him a better angle on it. I feel my breathing quicken as he bites into my neck, I reach back and dig my fingers into his hair, holding his head down against me. As I do this I feel his hands slide up from my hips, across my stomach, and grab onto my breasts, squeezing them, pinching the nipples between his knuckles, and driving into me even harder. The sensation is overwhelming, hot and intense, my skin prickles with every motion, and I groan so deeply and long that my breath catches as I try to inhale again.

And then suddenly he stops, and every muscle in me that had gone tense suddenly relaxes and I fall back into him with a soft groan. His arms encircle me and he kisses me lightly on the side of my face. I then roll out of his arms and stand up on my knees, allowing the negligée to fall to my knees and I press him back to the bed, falling over with him. Lying on top of broad chest I shuffle my legs and with one expert kick the negligée is on floor.

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