Dealing With George

by The Heartbreak Kid

Copyright© 2014 by The Heartbreak Kid

Romantic Story: George took a little too much interest in his sister-in-law...but she had friends who knew just how to help her discourage him....

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   Masturbation   .

Jo Gilbert and Madeline 'Maddy' Prescott had been school friends, but when Maddy went off to university they didn't see much of each other, but they'd stayed in touch. Maddy had wanted a career before she thought about having a family, but fate decreed otherwise. Her father had died when she was quite young, and the year that she graduated her mother confessed that she was dying, but that she wanted her daughter to finish her education before she told her. For two years after she was told, she stayed close to her mother and helped to nurse during the last few months before she died.

Maddy wasn't completely alone in the world, however, she had a sister, Angela, who was six years older. Angela had a husband, but no children. Her husband, George, was three years her senior. Angela had the sort of life that Maddy had wanted: she had a good job and travelled quite extensively as part of it.

Jo had left school at eighteen and gone to work for her father's business. The business specialised in finding things; finding people; and finding things out that people would rather keep hidden. The company trained its employees well and they invested in the best technology to help them in their work. During the time that Maddy had been in university and then caring for her mother, Jo had been busy learning how to find all sorts of things. The story begins one day in Jo's office: seated across from her was a distraught Maddy Prescott.

Jo sat listening to her friend's account: she had provided tissues, coffee, and a sympathetic ear; but by the time that Maddy had finished, she knew that she could, and had to, do more. She leaned across and put her hand on top of her friend's:

"We're going to put a stop to this, Babe! I'm going to ask one of our best people to work with you ... and I'm not just saying that because he's my brother!"

Jo picked up the phone and punched in several numbers.

"Have you got a few minutes for your favourite sister, Bro! I've got a new job for you!"

"I didn't even know you had a brother, Jo!"

"No, well if you remember rightly, we went to an all girls school and I don't think we ever visited each other's homes ... his name is Tony, and he's actually my twin brother! He'll look after you and I don't think you'll find it too much of an inconvenience! I am going to have to ask you to go over your story again, though ... sorry!"

There was a single knock, then Tony Gilbert came into the room. Maddy just looked up and stared at the 5' 11", blonde-haired, blue-eyed, handsome young man standing a few feet away from her. After a while she remembered where she was, then looked away, a little embarrassed.

"This is Maddy Prescott, Bro. She's a friend of mine and she got a problem that I want you to make go away!"

"Would you like some coffee, Miss Prescott?" Tony said, in a voice that licked her all over and then smacked its lips.

"Um ... yes, please ... and please call me Maddy!"

"You can tell him now, Babe ... take your time, there's no hurry!" Jo said.

Maddy took the coffee from Tony and smiled: the biggest and best smile that she'd managed for ages!

"Well, Tony, my sister is several years older than I am, and when I was fifteen she married George McNeill. Well, I think from the time that I first knew him, I had a bit of a crush on him: he seemed very charming, and he's quite good looking, I suppose, and because my dad died quite young and I didn't really know any young men, I was flattered by the attention that he paid me. But as I got older and started filling out a bit, his behaviour started getting, er, intimate: you know, a bit touchy-feely. I didn't have any personal experience of sex at that age, and Mum and my sister didn't seem concerned, so I didn't say anything; although it was starting to get uncomfortable! He would come up behind me and put his arms around me, and rub up against me; and when I was wearing short shirts, his hands would stroke my thighs and pat my bum. And I can't remember all the things that he used to say to me when no one was around, but it wasn't nice!

"It got so that if I knew him and Angie were coming round, I'd try to be somewhere else, or I'd stay in my room the whole time that they were there. This went on until I was old enough to leave home for uni, and it stopped while I was there and until Mum passed away. I was quite shocked at Mum's funeral when he whispered in my ear: 'I've got you all to myself, now!'

"I'm still at home most of the day, now, and Angie's often away, so he'll ring me up and say things like: 'Shall we keep each other company', or, 'Shall I come round to your place and take your mind off your Mum!' There was one time that he rang me up, and I could tell he'd been drinking, and he became quite aggressive and said: 'Why are you holding out, you little slut, you know you want what I've got!' The worse part for me, is that I didn't feel like I had anyone to confide in ... like I said, George is a charmer and well-liked and I don't think even my sister would believe me; she is pretty much wrapped up in her career at the moment! Then I remembered Jo telling me about her job, so I found the number and rang her..."

Tony smiled, and it was all that Maddy could do to stop herself licking her own lips.

"Would it be all right with you if I moved into your place, temporarily, and pretended to be your boyfriend, Maddy?"

Her heart beat faster.

"Er, all right!"

"So if anyone asks, we met at university, but we broke up when you had to look after your mother; but when I found out that she'd died, I contacted you again. The only thing is, Maddy, you've got to relax around me..." he gently held her head between his hands, then kissed her slowly.

" ... Oh, My!" she murmured, "Will we have to do that a lot!"

"Mmm ... I think we should ... do you mind?"

" ... What ... oh, no ... not at all! And will we sleep together ... you know ... sleep, not..."

"Not necessarily, but we have to give the impression that we are. This is a personal question, Maddy: but are you a virgin?"

"Oh! No! I've had regular boyfriends ... why do you ask?"

"It's about body language, Maddy: there is a difference! But to be honest, I was already sure that you weren't! What I'm going to do first is take you back to my place, to pick up some clothes and other things; and when we get there, I'm going to ask you to do something that might alarm you, so I won't tell you until we get there ... but I promise you, Maddy, I'll never do anything to hurt you, so you have to trust me ... can you do that!"

"I ... I'll try!"

"Good!" he said, then he offered her his hand to hold, which she did.

It wasn't far to Tony's flat, and as they drove they chatted casually, and Maddy found that she was relaxed and comfortable in his company. He parked the car and they walked up to his flat: as soon as they had got out of the car and locked it, they held hands again. Tony turned the key in the lock and he quickly showed her around: this was all part of the familiarisation process.

"This is the big trust part, Maddy: I know it will seem kind of strange, but don't forget that we are supposed to know each other, intimately. However, if you are unsure, we can probably work around it!"

"What do you want me to do, Tony?"

"Well, I want you to go and take a nice long shower while I pack; and then when I'm done, I'll join you; but if you finish before I get there, I don't want you to get dressed again! How do you feel about that?"

Maddy smiled: she had been thinking all sorts of things, but this didn't sound at all bad!

"I think I can do that, Tony ... but, er, do you think that you can kiss me again, first!"

He smiled, then lifted her arms around his neck, then put his own around Maddy's waist. The kiss was long and lingering, but when it ended she was tingling all over, and even before she had reached the nearby bathroom, she had kicked off her shoes and started to unbutton her clothes.

As Tony was collecting things to pack he heard water running and the sound of singing coming from the bathroom. She was still singing as he pulled his shirt over his head and his jeans hit the floor. Maddy looked at Tony and smiled as he stepped into the walk-in shower, and she continued to smile all the time that she was applying shower gel to his toned and taut body. She also sighed as he did the same to her and his hands glided over her bum cheeks! And by time that they left the flat again: Tony's backpack supported on one shoulder; Maddy dared to believe that she might actually be in love, with the most perfect man that she thought that she'd ever met!

When they reached Maddy's apartment she made space in her bedroom for Tony's clothes, while he put his toiletries in the bathroom and scattered other personal items around the place. While they were both in the sitting room the phone rang: Tony beckoned her to come closer so that they could both hear, then he picked up the receiver, but he didn't speak.

" ... Where have you been, Sexy, I've missed you!" the man's voice said.

Tony paused for a few moments before answering:

" ... I'm sorry, I think you've got the wrong number!" he said before hanging up. "That will give him something to think about!"

Maddy smiled at the thought that her brother-in-law might now be wondering who had answered her phone ... she was also smiling because Tony's hand was on her hip!

There were no more phone calls from George that day, but whenever the phone rang, Tony answered it, before handing it over to Maddy. They didn't go out any more that day either, but she was fascinated to see all the surveillance equipment that he installed around the flat. He then had Maddy go in and out of the rooms where the concealed cameras and sound recording equipment were placed: even speaking in her normal voice. When she returned to the sitting room, Tony showed her what each device had seen and heard, as it appeared on his laptop computer's screen.

"I don't plan on leaving you alone with him," Tony said, "but just in case, we can now get evidence. If we go out I can leave everything switched on, but when we're here there are motion sensors."

"Well, just having you here makes me feel better, Tony! What do you think he'll do next?"

"Unfortunately, from what you've told me about him, I don't think that his ego will allow him to just lose interest in you: he has staked his claim, so to speak, so leaving telephone messages won't be enough ... my guess is that he'll want to see you in person, and he'll either come here alone, or persuade your sister to come too; or perhaps he'll try to catch you going out or coming home. I want you to try and do the things that you usually do, and I'll either be with you, or not very far away. The harder he finds it to approach you, the more determined he'll become: and when he crosses that line, we'll have the evidence we need to either confront him, or go to the authorities. My father's company have often worked with the police, so we have credibility. The only thing that we haven't mentioned, Maddy, is the effect that this could have on your relationship with your sister. If she stands by him, she may turn against you."

"Well, she's my sister and I love her, but whatever happens, things can't go on the way that they have been ... I'll take the risk!"

They spent the rest of the day together, just talking about each other's lives. Tony could only speak in general terms about the work he did, but everything else was an open book. Maddy told him about her childhood and schooling, then university. She had all her mother's photograph albums, and her own collection, including the three years during her degree. She pointed out the boys she'd slept with: although, she said, there was no one she ever wanted to have a long-term relationship with; it was just fun! Later they did share Maddy's bed: but although she snuggled up close and they kissed, they weren't actually lovers ... yet.

"Do you think something will happen tomorrow, Tony?" Maddy said as she lay with her head resting on the beautiful body of her protector.

"I think that there's a good chance it will! Are you worried?"

"No, not any more..."

The next day they decided to stay in until lunchtime and then go out for a few hours. There was one phone call, but it was from someone else. So, according to his training, Tony started the surveillance system and they went out. As soon as the front door closed behind them, Maddy's hand found Tony's.

They didn't go anywhere in particular: they just walked to a nearby shopping centre, where they window shopped before stopping to get something to eat and drink before walking back. The 'new message' alert was flashing on the phone: Tony picked up the receiver and then pressed the button and waited for the message options. Once again Maddy stood close enough to hear, too; but in front of him with her arms around his waist and their heads almost touching.

" ... Hi, Maddy!" she heard her sister say, "George reminded me last night that I haven't seen much of you since Mum's funeral, so I thought we'd pop over later for a little while ... about eight to eight-thirty. If you've made other plans, can you get back to me. See you soon! Love you!"

Tony put the phone down, but Maddy didn't move, she just looked up into his eyes: "So what now?"

"I think we can just relax now! Everything is set up, so we just need to wait!"

"Er, I'm actually a bit tired after that walk ... I thought I might have a lie down!" Maddy said.

"That might be an idea! And would you feel better if I stayed nearby!"

"Mmm ... how nearby!"

"Oh, as near as necessary to get the job done!"

Maddy giggled.

" ... Sounds good to me!"

Despite Tony being there next to her, Maddy was still nervous as she opened the front door. Angela smiled as she leaned in to hug her and kiss her cheek. She couldn't see, but Tony noted the sudden change in George's facial expression as he saw that his sister-in-law was not alone.

"You haven't met my boyfriend, Tony, have you! Tony, this is my sister, Angie, and her husband, George, who I've told you about!"

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