My Man Percival

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotic Sex Story: Not really a butler and not quite a lover, Percival is a house guest with exactly what Miss Jane desperately needed to keep her happy.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Water Sports   Cream Pie   Size   .

Percival Hedgespeth came into my life at a time when I was at a low ebb in affairs of a carnal nature. I had been an early bloomer safely ensconced in the family estate near Cornwall and managed to remain a sort of capricious creature with plenty of available cock to choose from whenever the need arose. Of course, my traditional-minded parents were convinced I was a virgin long after the dirty deed was actually accomplished late one night by a drunken house guest with no idea whose snatch he was diddling in the darkened hallway. I certainly hope he didn't think it was my mommy's because she was definitely not one to appreciate a quick tumble standing up.

As an excuse for my atrocious behavior kindly allow me to quickly add that I was approaching the age of twenty with warp speed and had visions of spinsterhood closing in fast on my needy cunt. The boys in school had all assured me I was indeed most desirable but most of them were too busy studying or doing something not involving females at all and they neglected to take the time to give me a go.

My collection of handy cocks was mostly house guests that ranged from married men in government or bankers with a mistress or two on the side. I had extensive experience in determining that most males in that category were quite keen on hunting down young pussy at any opportunity. I made certain they had the opportunity with me and was a firm believer in "practice makes perfect".

It was the unexpected change in government that caused my loss of cock. Now that we were in the "out" group, most of the house guests had better fish to fry in the winner's circle. The lack of good dinner conversation induced my wordy mother to invite an old family friend Percival Hedgespeth to stay with us for an extended period with the thought he would make things lively with his span of knowledge in almost every subject imaginable. At first, I didn't take to almost forty year old trust fund wastrel who had absolutely no interest at all in working at an actual job. My first impression was that he was more interested in young boys rather than young girls and I wrote him off as a total loss in the "getting laid" column. At least he got my disinterested father talking at the dinner table once again and so was not a complete bust in my parent's eyes.

I was starting to move into the "desperation" stage of my unwanted abstinence from cock and had reluctantly resorted to all sorts of masturbation scenarios that had me assuming the most outrageous positions imaginable mostly in the nude in front of mirrors. I got tired of watching my legs wrapped around expensive pillows and decided I would go to the next village in old clothes to look for a suitable cock stand-in in a local pub. I really didn't care what he looked like or how old or married he was as long as he met my minimum seven inch length. It was my practice to always start any possible copulation relationship by a "spontaneous" tug on the erstwhile shaft called up for active duty. That way I could tell right away who made the cut or not. I was not keeping records but found it was about a fifty percent pass result which meant to me that my minimum requirements were not overly severe.

I was on my third cock of the evening which was hard as a rock but only about six inches long when I came to the conclusion this village was populated with cock pygmies most likely due to centuries of inbreeding. I got back on my bicycle and headed back to the family estate happy to have at least a bicycle seat satisfying my need for exercise in my special place. I entered the back servant's entrance and stopped in the kitchen for a drink of milk before going to bed. As I bent over to get the milk, I heard a throat being cleared behind me and saw our house guest Percival sitting forlornly on the bench wearing only a nightshirt that almost made me giggle.

"So sorry to disturb the young miss in her adventures."

That's the way Percival talked but I had gotten used to it by now. I could tell he didn't mean anything by it. I assumed it was the way he was brought up and it was natural to him. His attitude was more of a butler than of an eligible bachelor with an estate of his own and annual income that would make most households happy if they weren't too greedy. I was searching on the bottom shelf for leftover pie when I noticed the unassuming Percival was sporting a tent in his night-shirt. Even from that distance, I could easily see it more than met my minimum requirements and I chided myself silently for looking in other places for my much-needed cock. It also informed me that Percival was not slanted in the direction I had suspected and there was a ray of hope for some fanny pounding after all.

"Would you care for some pie, Percival?"

He shifted a bit on the bench trying to hide his obvious attraction to my nicely rounded backside. I hoped he was one of those males who might have some liking for a bit of anal sport because it was one of my favorite places to summon a quick tingle of excitement.

"Thank you, my dear; I had some just before your entrance. It is quite delicious and makes the taste-buds quiver with delight. I only have one other taste that makes me more excited."

I looked at him and saw the knowing smile on his face.

"And what might that be, Percival. I am seriously curious."

He didn't answer right away and just leaned back on the bench making his stiff rod poke up high into the air and making me lick my lips shamelessly in anticipation.

"I think you know it is the nectar of the Gods found between the legs of all pretty young things like yourself when the lights do down low and the doors are locked for privacy."

I just looked at Percival and saw he was in earnest and not just playing with me for some sort of game.

"Percival, you might just be in luck because I have nothing on my plate right now that promises me the sort of happiness that a young girl needs on a consistent basis. You seem like a decent sort of chap and I might be willing to take you on for my "behind closed doors" pleasure sessions. I only have one question and that is very simple.

Are you willing to be obedient to my commands at all times without question?"

The overjoyed house guest with a sudden obsession to mount the pretty young thing in front of him decided to take a chance and promised eternal obedience to her wishes.

"I swear it, Miss Jane. I will even do it on a bible even thought that seems a bit blasphemous considering the nature of the promise."

I led Percival up to my bedroom and we were careful about locking the door so we didn't get any unwelcome visitors.

"My dear Percival, your first task will be to undress me completely right down to my knickers and then draw a bath for me with some of the scented rose water. You may remove your night-shirt if you desire and give me a good look at your masculine assets."

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