Pam's Story: Meeting Ben

by Coptional

Copyright© 2014 by Coptional

Erotica Sex Story: The foundation of the series. Pam explains in her own words how she met Ben.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Oral Sex   Petting   Nudism   .

"You about ready?" I heard my roommate Holly call from the living room of the little one-bedroom unit we shared.

"Five minutes," I replied, giving my makeup a final critical eye. I turned to the bed where my clothing for the evening was laid out, briefly considered grabbing a pair of thong panties, discarded the idea and decided to go "commando". Struggling a bit, I squeezed my firm yet ample butt into the skin-tight pair of sequin-decorated cut-off "Daisy Duke" shorts, and then shrugged into the gossamer, pale blue quarter-cup bra. Lifting my big breasts, I got the front closure hooked then nudged my 38DD's into position.

Once in place, that bra, which had set me back over a day's pay, managed to support my big boobs and generate a lot of cleavage, while leaving my nipples completely bare. I have rather prominent nips that never go all the way flat, always poking out a bit. When chilled or aroused, they become extremely stiff and sensitive, over a quarter-inch long and as big around as the tip of my little finger. The aureola are silver-dollar sized and contrast darkly against my pale, lightly freckled skin.

I pulled the pale yellow short-sleeved western cut shirt on, snapping only the middle two snaps, then pulled the tail up and tied it into a knot under my breasts, leaving a lot of my softly-rounded tummy exposed. I wasn't fat, but always seemed to carry a little too much weight for my 5'1" body, no matter what I did. I ate sensibly, and my job as a nursing assistant was very physical with a lot of heavy lifting and usually kept me on my feet the entire shift, but I just couldn't seem to drop the extra pounds. Mama always said I was "big boned".

Barely 18, I had just graduated from high school three months ago. I had attended a vo-tech type high school, and received both my high school diploma and nursing assistant certification at the same time. Within a week, I had found a job and a week later, moved in with Holly after answering her "roommate wanted" ad to get out from under my parent's overly restrictive "our house, our rules" attitude. My big brother, Kevin, was in Germany serving in the Air Force, and Sandra, my fifteen year old little sister still lived at home. I had always been a bit of a rebel growing up, and couldn't wait to get out on my own.

Holly was 25, and worked part-time in a real estate office while studying for her realtor's license. We had agreed to share a small one-bedroom unit with a single king-size bed to save money. She and I quickly became good friends, and occasional lovers, after I moved in.

I'm definitely bi, but I think it's more curiosity on Holly's part. I might have been young, but I was no stranger to sex. I had my first sexual experience with another girl at 14, and later that year, sucked a boy's cock for the first time. I gave up my virginity at 15, and have had a number of lovers, both male and female, since. Holly's led a somewhat more sheltered life than me, and often seemed a little naive and inexperienced sexually. Whatever, we got along great, and that was all that mattered.

I pulled on a pair of socks and stepped into my turquoise Tony Lama western boots with the fancy stitching on the uppers, and stood to eye myself in the full-length mirror on the wall. Lots of cleavage showed, and my aureola were a faint dusky smudge barely visible through the thin fabric, nipples tenting it up slightly. The shorts were cut short enough that only a strip a little over an inch wide ran between my legs, with lots of definite lower ass cheek showing in the rear. Only a bikini trim and shave around the edges kept pubic hair from showing at my crotch. Did I mention I'm a bit of an exhibitionist?

I gave my short, curly light brown hair a last-minute fluff and dabbed on a tiny bit of perfume, then stepped out into the living room to face Holly.

Holly was a big girl. Not fat, don't get me wrong, just big. She stood six foot in her bare feet, with long legs, wide hips and shoulders, a flat tummy I was envious of and a tight, firm ass. Her upthrust 36C bust looked small on her big frame.

She was partial to ponytails, but tonight Holly had her wavy shoulder-length dark blonde hair loose, framing a cute face with big blue eyes. Her tiny little brown leather miniskirt showed off LOTS of long, smooth leg, and the lavender scoop-necked peasant top she was wearing didn't disguise the fact that she had elected to go bra-free. I knew that her nipples were pale pink colored and thick with darker pink, tiny little quarter-sized aureola. They didn't show through her cute top, but they were making some serious bumps in the gauzy fabric as her firm globes swayed unencumbered beneath it. Her black patent-leather cowgirl boots made her seem even impossibly taller with their 3" heels. I knew she kept her pussy shaved except for a tiny little landing strip, and I was willing to bet it was bare under her little miniskirt.

I stepped forward into her arms without a word, and as Holly bent to kiss me, I slid my hand up her smooth firm thigh, under her skirt, and discovered I was wrong. I nudged the thin fabric of the tiny thong that was barely covering her slit aside, and plunged a finger into her perpetually hot, slick pussy as we tongue-wrestled briefly. Holly broke the kiss, and panting a little as my finger withdrew, said "Charli called. She can't make it tonight."

"Well damn," I said, after sucking my finger clean. "She's a lot of fun to party with. What happened?"

"She had a chance to get some overtime. They called her in to work a short shift for coverage, somebody got sick and had to go home." Charli was our neighbor from a couple of doors down. She was a 911 operator and police/fire dispatcher for the city. I could relate to getting some OT. None of us ever had much money.

"Guess it's just us tonight," Holly said, reaching for her purse. I picked up the little clutch that had my fake ID in it. I didn't really expect to need it, we were pretty much regulars at the Electric Cowboy, the club we were planning to go out to tonight. It was Lady's Night, which meant we wouldn't have to pay a cover charge, and we would get draft beer or well drinks free, important to a couple of gals on a budget. Most of the bouncers and waitresses knew us by sight if not name.

Neither of us were big drinkers, but we did both love country music and dancing. We had a couple of firm rules for when we went out, including when Charli was with us. Sometimes Charli would leave with a guy, but Holly and I arrive together and we leave together, period. We don't leave with a guy, or let him come to our little place. That night.

Of course, all bets were off the next day, and both of us had dated a few guys we had met while out dancing. A few of those guys were still friends but not romantic interests. It had been months since I'd had a cock in my pussy, and I was getting horny for one. I'd never seen Holly spend a night away from the apartment or bring a guy home, either, so I was sure it had been a while for her too.

I had another rule of my own. I don't care how hot the guy is, I don't fuck on the first date. If a second date happened, well, we'll see, but never on the first. Ever. Despite what you might think, I'm not that kind of girl.

The Electric Cowboy was one of several of the clubs and restaurants located in the city's "historic district" entertainment zone. Holly parked in a free parking lot about two blocks from the club, and we walked the rest of the way. When we arrived, there was a fair sized line of party-goers waiting to get in, as usual. We started to get in place at the tail end of the line, but the bouncer at the door spotted us, and motioned us forward. "You two. C'mon, you're in!" he said, holding the rope aside for us. Like I said, we were regulars.

We found a table, ordered beers and were both immediately asked to dance. No surprise there, we were, as I said, pretty well known here and we both headed to the dance floor. A guy had to be exceptionally NOT-good looking, or be a proven poor dancer from past experience before either of us would say no. It was nearly two hours later before we found ourselves both at the table again for the first time. That time had included a lot of line dances, where you don't really need a partner, you just get up and dance. We both grimaced at our now warm beers, and ordered fresh drinks. We each dealt with another dance request, saying about the same thing. "Ask me later, let me catch my breath".

Holly gave a little nod of her head, and I let my eyes trail to where she indicated.

Boy, he looked out of place in this club. Unlike all the would-be cowboys here, he wasn't in Western wear. He sat alone at a small 2-person table, holding a clear-colored drink that looked like he had been nursing it for a while. He looked to be in his late 20's, and was tanned and clean-shaven with close-cropped dark hair. He was wearing khaki slacks, a tight-fitting gray pullover polo shirt, deck shoes and a dark green baseball cap, with a patch on the front of it I couldn't quite make out. And he was take your breath away, crotch-wetting yummy. Maybe the most handsome man I had ever seen.

He glanced my way, locked eyes for a second, flashed a brilliant smile, and went back to watching the dancers on the floor.

"Wow!" I said, not realizing I'd said anything out loud.

Holly laughed. "Best get off your ass, girl ... or I'm gonna go beat you to him!" She knew my type, and BOY, was he my type!

I was on my feet in an instant, weaving through the closely-packed tables towards him, with absolutely no fucking clue what I was gonna say. I finally reached his table, and bent over to get close enough for him to hear me over the loud music, knowing I was showing off a LOT of deep cleavage. And the only thing that would come out of my mouth was, "Um, wanna, um, dance?"

His head whipped around to face me and his smoky brown eyes locked on mine. Damn him, he didn't even glance at my tits, as his gaze bored into my soul. Time stopped. Finally, he said, "Little girl, are you even old enough to be here?"

My hackles rose and I blustered, "I'm 21," even as my eyes caught the patch on his cap. "U.S. Border Patrol". Ohmygod, he's a cop, I thought. Busted.

He chuckled as he saw where I was looking. "Relax, I'm not a cop, I'm a lab tech at All Saints Hospital. My uncle gave me the cap. HE'S a Federal cop! And you aren't 21. How old are you really?"

"Eight, eighteen," I stammered weakly, lost in his eyes.

He chuckled lightly. "OK, Eight, Eighteen. Do you have a name?"

"Pam," I whispered.

"Couldn't quite hear that, was it Pam?"

I nodded, falling deeper into his eyes. Ohmygod. I wasn't just turned on, I realized. I wanted to fuck him, and screw the rules. My nipples were twisted up tighter than they had ever been before, and my pussy was a molten swamp.

"Nice to meet you, Pam. I'm Ben. I'll warn you, I'm not a very good dancer, but what the hell, let's go." He grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor, and we slid into the familiar "two steps forward, three steps back" pattern of a Texas two-step as the band played an Alan Jackson cover. At least, until he was sure I was following his lead.

Then he pulled me into some incredible moves, spinning and twirling me until I was giddy as I struggled to follow along and stay in step. The other dancers moved out of our way, as we, or more truthfully he, performed a championship-class, dance contest-winning two-step. I was just along for the ride. By the time the song ended, I was totally out of breath I just THOUGHT I knew how to dance! A big round of applause broke out, and I realized it was for us, not the band.

Not a very good dancer? Liar.

The band segued into Willy Nelson's "Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys", a classic waltz, but waltzing with Ben wasn't your classic one-two-three one-two-three. The other dancers simply cleared the floor for us, giving way to Ben's masterful style and lead as he spun and twisted me gracefully through moves that would have won any dance contest, anywhere, despite the song's rather slow tempo. At least this time I managed to stay in step. Another huge round of applause filled the club, and the band moved into one of the slow songs they had planned for the set, Alabama's "Feels So Right".

I flowed into his arms, and the dance floor filled again as the lights dropped way lower. He leaned down, a full head taller than me, and I gazed into his eyes, the words of the song in my head, and I realized that it did "feel so right".

"Kiss?" he asked, as we just swayed in place to the music, like most of the other couples.

Oh fuck yes! I nodded, and his lips brushed mine, and my pussy flooded anew. His tongue teased my lips and I opened, greedy, needy, hungry, ready, and he pulled away, gazing into my eyes.

"Are you sure?" he teased, eyes twinkling. Oh yeah. I was sure. His arms crushed me to him, and I could feel his cock, rigid in his pants, pressing firmly against my belly. Then he kissed me, his mouth hot, hungry, and demanding. Our tongues mingled, twisting together, and my knees threatened to give way as I moaned into his mouth. I slid my hand down between us, and brazenly cupped his erection, so deliciously thick feeling and throbbing in his pants. My pussy was on fire, and I could smell my own musk. I hoped he smelled it too. I wanted his babies.

His hands slid down my back and grasped my ass, squeezing and kneading, and he managed to worm two thick fingers up under my tight little shorts, into the crevice between my cheeks, sliding down until they were firmly wedged up against my puckered anus. He pressed hard, nearly lifting me off my feet, and a fat fingertip pushed dryly past my sphincter and DEEP into my ass. Ouch! My clit thought otherwise and jerked like someone had touched the swollen, wet little bud with a nine-volt battery and I saw stars. My body clenched hard and I shuddered into an intense orgasm, wailing into his kiss as waves of pleasure crashed through me, over and over and over again.

At last, Ben broke the kiss and held me, panting in his arms on shaky legs. Slowly, he withdrew his finger, nearly setting me off again. The house lights came up, and I heard someone announce "last call". He grinned at me. "Can you walk, Pam?"

"I think so," I replied shakily, and he led me back to my table, where I introduced him to Holly. He greeted her politely and turned back to me. I was expecting him to ask me to leave with him, and was ready to go with him despite our rules, when he surprised me.

"Can I call you, Pam?"

He could call me anything he wanted, I nearly blurted. I quickly borrowed a pen from Holly and wrote our number on a napkin, handing it to him, and said hopefully, "I'm off work all day tomorrow."

"Perfect!" he exclaimed. "We'll have breakfast!" He leaned forward, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, and just like that, Ben was gone.

"Wow," Holly exclaimed as we watched him walk away. "Good looking, GREAT dancer and a perfect gentleman too!" She sounded a little wistful.

"Maybe not quite so much the gentleman as you think," I smirked. "Tell you about it in the car. Let's get out of here."

During the short drive home, I related everything that had happened on the dance floor, right up to the point of the surprise anal intrusion.

"Figures," Holly interrupted with a snort. "Typical male. Had to cop a feel. What did you do? Tell him off? Slap him?"

"I ... had an orgasm. A big one," I said, blushing.

Holly's jaw dropped and she turned to look at me, a stunned expression on her face. It's a good thing we were sitting at a red light. After several long seconds, we both burst out in giggles, then outright laughs. The light changed and she drove the last block to our apartment building.

As we got out of the car, Holly said, "Well, it sounds like he plans to call you in the morning."

I sighed. "I hope so. But I'm not holding my breath." I'd been down that particular road too many times before already.

Once inside, we decided we were both ready for bed. Holly had to work in the morning. We took turns using the bathroom, then we both stripped and shared a quick shower. We crawled into bed nude, just drawing the sheet up to our waists, Holly on her back and me curled up on my side, facing her. I closed my eyes and was just starting to drift a bit when I heard her moan softly. I opened my eyes and realized that she had a hand between her widespread thighs, slowly masturbating.

Holly saw me looking, and said, "I keep thinking about it. That was just so HOT, Pam, hearing what Ben did to you on the dance floor. I think I'm gonna have to get my vibrator out."

I moved up over her and kissed the tip of her nose, giving her a wicked grin. "No you won't," I said, and slithered down between her legs. When my tongue met the steamy wet folds of her pussy she groaned and moved her fingers out of my way.

The jarring insistent RING RING RING of the phone shocked me awake and I opened my eyes to realize it was just past sunrise. I fumbled on the bedside table for the phone and with a gravelly voice, said "Hello?"

"Breakfast time, Eight Eighteen!" Ben's voice sounded in my ear, entirely too damn cheerful. "Where am I coming to meet you?"

"Oh god," I groaned. What time is it?"

"Breakfast time," he repeated patiently. "Tell me where you are, Pam!"

I looked around and realized that Holly had already left for work. Shaking the cobwebs off, I gave Ben our address, adding "It'll take me a few minutes to shower and get dressed to go out."

"We aren't going out," he replied. "I'm bringing breakfast to you. Just wear whatever you normally wear in the mornings around the house. I can be there in ... ten minutes?"

Holy shit, I thought, my mind coming fully awake. "Gimme fifteen, Ben. OK?"

"Fifteen it is," he replied cheerfully. "I packed enough for Holly too, didn't want her to feel left out, so you might want to wake her."

"She's not here, she had to go to work."

"No biggie," Ben replied. The leftovers will keep, and she can snack on them later. See you in a few, Eight Eighteen".

Before I could say anything else, he was gone. Holy shit! I straightened the bed and jumped into the shower, did little more than a quick rinse, then tried to decide what to wear as I dried off. Holly and I normally just went nude at home. I settled on an oversized sleep tee that managed to cover my butt, sort of, as long as I was standing up. It was pale blue, with a big orange Garfield cartoon cat on the front of it. My nipples were taut peaks of anticipation tenting the fabric, and I was sorting through my thongs when the doorbell rang. Fuck it. Commando again. I answered the door.

Ben stood there holding an honest-to-goodness picnic basket, with a big fuzzy blanket draped over his shoulder. He was wearing royal blue hospital scrubs with athletic shoes. "Sorry about the clothes," he said, as I motioned him in. "Gotta go to work at 3 today, and didn't know how long we'd be, so I just dressed for work..."

"It's OK, you look great. I'm glad you called!" I said, as he stepped inside and I closed the door, locking the deadbolt.

He put the basket and blanket down and swept me into his arms for a short but passionate kiss. His hands cupped my ass, and as the kiss broke he grinned. "No underwear? Is that for me?"

I smiled at him. "You told me what to wear. This is my usual 'at home' outfit, unless I'm just running around naked." Ben gave me a brilliant smile, bending to spread the blanket. He motioned for me to join him and I sat on the floor with him as he opened the picnic basket. I was keenly aware that my pussy was now visible as my short shirt rode up to the top of my thighs. If Ben noticed, he gave no outward sign.

Breakfast turned out to be a bowl of fresh cut-up mixed fruit, bakery-fresh croissants with softened cinnamon butter, an assortment of cheeses and thin slices of Canadian bacon. We both dug in as Ben continued.

"Naked works for me. I'm a nudist, have been for years. I even have a membership at Lone Star Park," Ben said, mentioning a nudist resort just outside of town that I'd heard of but never been to.

"I've heard of that place," I said. "I always wondered what it would be like to visit a nudist resort."

"You'd love it. There's some great people there, and the facilities are wonderful, swimming pool, hot tub, tennis and volleyball courts, hiking trails, a little private lake, big game room, a workout center, you name it! I'll take you sometime if you want to go."

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