Too Early

by C F Waterhead

Copyright© 2014 by C F Waterhead

Romantic Sex Story: Before the alarm goes off, a wife is surprised at what does wake her.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   .

Karen woke from a deep sleep with a sudden panic. Had she emailed the committee regarding the time change? She glanced at her clock radio and saw it was fifteen minutes before her alarm would go off anyway. Slowly her mind began to remember things from yesterday. Yes, the email was sent just as her boss barged into her office and ogled her while spouting a whole litany of garbage about a new dress code. Putting up with him would distract the most organized person.

She burrowed back down into her pillow to at least try and get a few more minutes of sleep. Underneath the comforters and quilts was very warm and inviting, while the bedroom seemed too cool. She carefully stuck a toe out to confirm that it was indeed too cool. It was definitely better to stay bundled up under the covers.

She felt the presence of her husband, Eric, beside her. He had a strong, solid aura that eased her mind and allowed her to sleep peacefully. She did have to poke him every once in a while when he snored. He occasionally returned the favor.

Karen felt Eric move and wondered if he was going to get out of bed and disrupt what little peace and quiet there was by turning on lights, closing doors, and rattling drawers. He surprised Karen by sliding over to her side of the bed.

His left arm slid underneath her neck and curled down to cup her naked breasts. His right arm slid across her bare right hip and landed on her belly, just below her navel. His hips and thighs spooned in and touched hers. His feet braced upwards and held hers steady. Lastly, his warm lips touched her shoulder and nibbled slowly to the crook of her neck.

An early morning snuggle was just what the doctor ordered to counteract waking too early over something as silly as an email.

Eric's hands began to softly rub her warm skin. He cupped her breasts and her nipples began to crinkle. He rubbed her belly in slow circles and dropped his hand to her mound. His hips slowly ground his pelvis against her ass. Those damn lips nibbling on her neck was what really began to trip her switch.

Karen felt his fingers start to stroke her pussy lips. She could feel the moisture building. A small moan and a slight spreading of her legs let him know to continue. His middle finger spread her wetness and began to tease her clit.

Her right hand moved behind her and carefully wound its way to his crotch. Two could play at this game. She traced his balls with her fingertips and then grasped his cock solidly with her whole hand. It felt so warm and ready to play. She stroked her hand up and down his shaft and felt it respond.

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