The House at Greenwood Lake

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2014 by mysteria27

Incest Sex Story: A father and daughter go away together.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Anal Sex   Food   .

This is the story about when my father and I had sexual relations. My dad and I had went upstate to our house in Greenwood Lake, New York. We've had it since I was a little girl. It's the best place on earth. It's a two bedroom house, with a living room, kitchen, and two bathrooms. In the living room we have a fireplace. It's always fun making fires and enjoying each other's company.

My mother is a doctor and she's gone to Africa to help out with a new hospital they're building there. She has been there for the past month. My dad is going a bit stir crazy I think. My dad is an oil trader and has a job at an investment company. He's always very stressed out and really wanted to get away.

My name is Lisa, and I'm eighteen. I just graduated high school and am now on my summer vacation until I start college. I've been accepted to New York University. I'm so excited. I'm going to be studying to be a nurse. I've done very well in high school. I received a scholarship for Soccer. Even though we live in New York, I still will be living on campus.

I'm five foot three inches tall, I have blonde long hair and blue eyes. I don't have a huge chest, I guess I'm 34 B-Cup. I have a shaved pussy. I was going out with my boyfriend, but we recently broke up. We want to be able to go to college and not be attached to anybody. I just want to experience all that college has to offer and be single in the process.

My dad and I got up to the house on Friday about twelve o'clock in the afternoon. We unpacked the car and got settled into the house. My parents have decorated the house with a country look to it. The walls in the living room are paneled. The couches are very comfortable with lots of pillows. They have a lot of country things all over the house. My mother loves cows and roosters. Most of the things on the shelves are cows and roosters.

Dad had brought up a cooler of food. He said we would be having steaks and ribs and all sorts of things. My father is a really good cook. We'll definitely be enjoying ourselves later, when we eat. I helped my dad organize the pantry and the refrigerator with all the food.

Once we got the house in order, daddy said to put my bathing suit on and we would hit the lake. I hurried up and got my bikini on. It's a white string bikini. I have a nice tan. I have been tanning at a tanning salon for most of the winter.

Daddy had uncovered the chase lounges and put them facing the lake. He brought towels and put them over the back of the chairs, so we wouldn't stick to the chair. It was about eighty five degrees. There were no clouds in the sky. A perfect day to enjoy the lake.

I went into the lake, but it was very cold and just swam around, while daddy read a magazine. When I got out, daddy handed me a towel.

I decided I wanted to take my top off and asked daddy to put the lotion on my back. He kind of gave me a weird look, but rubbed it into my skin.

After about a half hour, I turned on my back and asked daddy to put suntan lotion on the front of my body.

"Kitten, do you think I should be rubbing oil over your breasts?"

"Daddy, I am sunbathing."

"I should not be touching my daughter's breasts."

"Just do it daddy, I mean I don't want to get burned."

My father put the lotion in his hands and rubbed it all over my breasts and my stomach and legs. I could see, when he was doing it, his cock started to get hard and he had an erection climbing up his leg. I was a little taken back that this would excite him like that. I just giggled to myself.

Every now and then I opened my eyes and I could see that daddy was staring at my body. At one point my father was touching his cock. I almost died. My father had his cock in his hand and was stroking it, while looking at me. I think he might have seen me look, when he was jerking his cock.

His fingers were going up and down his thick cock. He was stroking very slowly and just looking at my young, firm body. I kept peeking because I could not believe he was doing this right here.

My father let out a groan and came in his hand. I was completely shocked. I was getting a bit turned on and could feel my pussy getting wet in my bikini bottom. I slipped my fingers into my bottom and rubbed my pussy. I was so wet and excited and knew daddy was looking at this display.

"Lisa, darling you are making your daddy crazy with your breasts exposed."

"I know this is wrong, but I miss your mother and I have to kiss you."

"Daddy, wouldn't that be wrong, I mean we are related."

"I don't care, you are turning your horny father on."

My father then picked me up and put me on his lap. He gave me a long and passionate kiss. His hands were rubbing my firm breasts. His erection was hard as a rock.

"Lisa, daddy has got to lick your pussy."

"But, wouldn't that be wrong, you're my father."

"This weekend, you're going to have sex with your father."

My father carried me in his arms and brought me to the house. He removed my bikini bottoms and put me on the bed and spread my thighs. When my father's tongue hit my pussy, I nearly jumped.

His tongue was licking up and down my vagina. He was working his tongue in circles over my clit. It felt so good. I was moaning and groaning. My father was licking my pussy straight up and then back down. Daddy put his finger into my wet pussy and was finger fucking me slowly. He would then lick my pussy awhile and then finger fuck me again. I was so wet and was moaning and groaning. I held onto daddy's hands and bucked my pussy into his face. He was licking my pussy like a crazed animal. His tongue was so deep inside my pussy. It felt so good.

"Oh Daddy, oh fuck, I am going to cum."

"Daddy, I am coming, oh God."

My pussy soaked my father's neck and face. He told me to give him a kiss. I could taste my pussy on his breath.

"Lisa, daddy wants you to suck his cock and finger his ass."

I got on my knees and I caressed and fondled daddy's balls. He was clean shaven and I held and massaged his warm fleshy balls.

"Lick my balls, Lisa!"

I licked his balls like my father asked me to do. I shoved his balls into my mouth. I was looking into my father's eyes. He held my hair and watched as I sucked each ball. Giving each ball a proper sucking.

"Slap daddy's cock on your tongue, do it!"

I slapped my father's cock across my tongue. Daddy was moaning and groaning. I continued fondling his balls and was slapping his cock across my nose and chin.

"Lisa, you're Daddy's dirty girl, aren't you kitten."

"Put daddy's cock into your mouth, finger my prostate."

I slid daddy's cock into my mouth. Taking him deeper and deeper each time. Daddy was twisting and pulling on my nipples. I shook my head so I could take daddy's long cock down my mouth. I was sucking, slurping, and gagging on his thick prick.

Daddy was normal sized and I could deep throat his cock. I was making all those wet sucking, popping noises, while I slurped his cock. I slipped my finger into his ass and rubbed and massaged his prostate. Daddy was really liking that.

"Lisa, daddy wants to fuck you, get on your back."

I went on the bed on my back and daddy got on top of my and put his cock into my slick pussy. He slid his cock right in. We started to make love.

My legs were at my sides, while daddy thrust into my pussy. We were kissing deep and passionately. I could not believe I was having sex with my father. He was so tender and loving. It really did feel like it was okay to be doing this.

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