Keeping My Boss Happy

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Finally I am employed. Now, I have to do just what the boss wants. Having a female for a boss is filled with lots of unexpected perks. I just have to meet all her special demands and hope I have the stamina to perform up to her expectations.

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The day I came home from the interview, my parents were elated that I had finally gotten a job after almost a full year of sending countless resumes to every business within driving distance that was hiring new employees. I was unlucky enough to have graduated from college in the midst of an economic downturn with a degree in Liberal Arts that made prospective employers scoff at my lack of vision.

It seemed a bit unfair as I was a pretty good student studying all of the required reading material and pretty much avoiding getting involved with some female who might distract my academic focus. The problem was that the only graduates getting hired were those who were related to someone in authority or had the forethought to make math, science, or engineering their major. Even the Business majors were getting the shaft in the dampened economy.

I won't mention the name of the firm that finally hired me but it was on the Fortune 500 list and was renowned for having a CEO who was both female and under the age of 40. Her name was Madison Large and she had been beating the "good old boys" at their game for the last decade. When I was going through the interview process, she visited the ninth floor to get a look at the potential future employees. It was one of those touches that made her stand out as the perfect boss.

She stood up on the platform in her six-inch high heels and made a point about giving all the males in the room a good angle on her perfectly shaped behind tucked in neatly inside her custom-fitted trousers. I looked around the room and saw that the female applicants were also enthralled with seeing her in the flesh and I suspected most of them would do anything she wanted just to get an intern's job.

I had done my homework and read up on her and the firm before going to the interview and I had a good sense of where she was coming from. She had not gone to an Ivy League college but to a city university with no tuition. Her rise was not achieved by spreading her legs on her back but by good old-fashioned hard work and creativity. She had developed several patents that were so important to her previous businesses that they hated to see her go. Her achievements were many and memorable. Her personal life was absolute chaos. She had an abortion when she was a teenager and her father had deserted the family at an early age. Her brother was a drug addict who overdosed on something that he was concocting in a lab at school. Madison had been married twice. The first time was to a college professor at least 20 years her senior. That had ended in a messy divorce when she found him in bed with a male student her own age. Fortunately, she was not the sort of person to dwell on failure and just moved on to bigger and better things in the business world.

Her second husband was a commercial airline pilot and he looked a bit like a Greek God in the glossy photos. She was only married to him two years when his flight from Athens to Yemen disappeared off the radar in a mystery that had never been solved. That was seven years ago and he was officially declared dead just recently, but she had known that fact for most of that time already. Madison had no children which was probably a good thing because she was really married to the job.

With a name like Large, Madison was actually about the most petite female person I had ever come in contact with. We were all introduced to the CEO and when it came my turn, I had to bend over pretty far just to shake her hand as I was on the north side of six foot three in my bare feet. I was so nervous that I mumbled my name so badly that she looked down to her notes to see who she was actually talking to.

"Oh, Harry Kaminski, well, that is an easy name to remember. What is it you do, Harry?"

My tongue was getting all muddled up now but I managed,

"I am applying for a position in executive office support."

I saw her looking up at me smiling down at her with a silly grin on my face.

"Hope you get it, Harry that would mean you would be working directly under me. Would that be any problem for you?"

I am ashamed to say I stammered a little bit being somewhat flustered and assured her it would be no problem at all.

At the end of the session, I was informed that I had the job and should report to the executive office suite first thing in the morning. I was so relieved that now I had an opportunity to pay back my student loans without falling into default like so many other of my classmates.

The firm owned the entire building and they had their own cafeteria on the first floor only for the employees and approved visitors and guests. There was even a fully equipped gym and swimming pool above the penthouse suites for upper management. I was instructed to report to the executive conference room for further instructions. To my shame, I was sitting down nervously gulping down a powdered donut and a cup of really good coffee when the CEO herself came into the room followed by an even shorter Japanese girl wearing a kimono. I did my best to hide the white powdery evidence and tried hard not to stare at the exotic-looking Asian female.

"Glad you got the job, Harry, you will be working directly for me and we need to know each other a little better before we start. I am going to ask you some personal questions and I want you to be completely honest. Try not to think of me as a woman but as your boss."

The Japanese girl giggled behind her hand but Madison did not even crack a smile so I figured it was serious business.

"It says here that you will be twenty-one next month, is that correct?"


She pushed her glasses back on her pretty upturned nose just a bit and looked at me closely.

"When addressing me, Harry, you are to use the term Miss. Am I understood?"

"Yes, Miss"

The Japanese girl was writing things down on a small pad with great efficiency but I could not make out what it meant because it was in some squiggly lines that made no sense to me at all.

"You are not married and have no current fiancée or girlfriend, is that right?"

I was going to just nod my head but thought better of it and responded,

"That is correct, Miss."

"Do you like girls?"

I wanted to tell her that I absolutely adored females and hoped desperately to get into some girl's pants as quickly as possible but just managed a firm,

"Yes, Miss"

Madison took out a small compact and held out her hand to the Japanese girl who she called Uma and received a gold tube of lip gloss in return. She looked closely into the small mirror and traced a fine line around the edges of her already perfectly painted lips and smacked them with a satisfied look of confidence. I found that my cock was beginning to rise with a mind of its own and I hoped that neither girl could see my shameful tented trousers under the glass top table.

"I want the truth now Harry, have you had carnal relations with a girl?"

I was real nervous now because I didn't know if I should tell my automatic lie or actually tell the truth. It was a difficult decision but I decided to go with the truth because I was fearful of being caught in a lie.

"No, Miss, I have been taken off by hand a few times and dry-fucked some girls in a hallway but not actually going inside and all."

The Japanese girl Uma was writing like mad and I wondered why she seemed to be all flushed and squirming in her chair.

"Now, Harry, this is an important question. Do you have any problem with dipping your big fat cock into either Uma's vagina or my own if the need should arise?"

It didn't take me long to understand her meaning and I answered almost immediately. The advice of thinking of her as my boss and not as a female was not working and all I could think about was what her heart-shaped bottom would look like if she was bending over in front of me.

"No problem at all, Miss"

Madison and Uno both stood up and Madison told me that Uno would show me my office and that I was to follow her instructions as if they were coming from Madison herself and I nodded my head to show complete assent.

I followed the Kimono-clad female down the hallway to a nicely-appointed office suite with its own personal bathroom connected and featuring a large window that looked out onto the river and the ships moving in both directions. She positioned my chair so I could look out at the glorious view and sank down to her knees directly in front of me in a submissive posture that made me aroused in anticipation. Uma opened me up and pulled me out and I had no doubts about her intentions.

When she wrapped her soft sweet lips around my cock I shuddered in joy and patted the top of her perfectly coiffured hair. Her head was bobbing in perfect rhythm into my groin and when I looked down her dark eyes looked at me with promise of more fun to come. I looked up to the river and the boats and the dark smoke rising from chimneys on the other side and then quickly back down to confirm her pretty face was still hard at work sucking my pre-cum leaking cock. When I was ready to spill my seeds into her waiting face, she pulled away and hit my cock with her pinky right at most sensitive spot and my erection wilted without my demanding ejaculation.

"This is training for you, Mister Harry, I will always prepare you for the boss just like this and you will keep your seeds for her vagina not for my unworthy mouth. The boss wants baby real bad and you are to be the donor for her baby-making. You will see it is all nice-nice for you and I will make you feel good when you attend to your duties. Do you want to play with my bottom now? I like you touch me there if you don't mind? Just stick your hand under Kimono right here."

I was almost in a trance as I followed her instructions. I not only found her "bottom" but her very hairy snatch as well and I worked it pretty hard driving her into a grunting orgasm that made me pretty proud of my recently acquired skills in pleasing horny females.

Uno told me that I must only follow two rules. I must never spend my seeds with either her or any other female until the mission was accomplished and I must never put my cock in her vagina or rear door opening because the boss liked to lick her there and would sense the presence of my cock there right away causing me to get fired.

It was a most unusual position but I was so happy to finally be employed that I was more than willing to do anything necessary to remain employed.

In all honesty, I was worked up into such a state of arousal that the prospect of depositing my creamy load inside the bosses pretty vagina made me almost frantic to begin to get down to work without further delay.

The red light on the phone lit up.

Uma told me,

"It is time for the first session with the boss, Harry. Don't worry I will be there to help you."

This was definitely a job that I was glad to have. I just hoped I would be able to make the boss happy.



The fact that I had finally gotten a regular full time job and didn't have to spend my days looking through the help wanted ads in the newspaper or hanging out at the Employment Office checking the listings made me feel like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

My new boss Madison Large was the CEO and also sat on the board of directors because she owned a sizable chunk of the company common stock. Her personal assistant Miss Uno was the person to whom I reported and she relayed my instructions from my boss. They had both lost no time in "fitting me in" to their routine and my cock was still vibrating from the fantastic head that Miss Uno had administered to give me a taste of what my duties would be under the beautiful and petite Madison Large.

They both seemed satisfied that I was in full agreement with the agenda and was prepared to give my all to keep my job.

I was excessively nervous at the first session in my bosses' executive office suite because the perfectly attired Madison and the kimono-wearing Miss Uno were a bit out of my league for several different reasons. I had been happy just to get to first base on rare occasions with tired-looking waitresses or bored friends of my sister horny after break-ups with their fuck-buddies.

Madison's office was sort of art-deco and Miss Uno's kimono looked odd in the surroundings. I was a bit surprised when she threw the bolt on the door and made certain the security cameras were turned off in the ceiling. Her very next move was the slow removal of her kimono in an almost ceremonial process that soon revealed her superbly fit body and neatly trimmed snatch. Madison motioned for me to sit on the leather sofa and pushed Miss Uno down into a kneeling position with her face resting right in the middle of her pussy mound like a dog at heel.

"My dear Harry, kindly remove everything from the waist down and show me that cock that Miss Uno has reported as way too big for my little slit."

I laughed nervously and made haste to let my big fellow hang out like a hound dog catching the scent. I had no control over it at this point because Miss Uno's pretty bottom was spread open and I had a bird's eye view of her pulsating pucker hole.

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