An Afternoon With Frank and Grace

by GR

Copyright© 2014 by GR

BDSM Sex Story: Frank and Grace spend the afternoon together, but Frank never leaves the bed, not that he is able nor willing to leave.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   BDSM   .

Frank and Grace: Frank's POV

Frank strained at the ropes which bound him, making sure that escape was not possible. He lay there in anticipation seeing nothing - his eyes were closed under the blindfold - and saying nothing - the gag in his mouth would keep him from saying anything intelligible, so he chose to say nothing. He could hear Grace in the distance rummaging through a box (at least he imagined it was a box).

At these moments, Frank has found himself thinking about a lot of things - the car, Grace, the house, Grace, what he had done that day, Grace, what he will do tomorrow, Simone, Grace ... Grace was his favorite, not just because she was naturally good at this, but because they had tied each other up enough to know just how to tease and when to give in. Frank's thoughts were starting to turn to the idea of their spending the next few decades with each other when he heard her utter, "Aha! There it is."

Frank heard Grace's bare footsteps approach and he tried to guess where she would start on him. When he knew that she was right beside him, he started to say something, but with the gag, all that came out was a modulated string of vowels.

Frank drew a quick breath as he felt something very cold touch his right nipple - she is starting with ice. He could feel the ice balance right on his nipple as he heard her walk away. It was incredibly cold. When he squirmed, the ice slid down off his chest onto the bed.

"Naughty boy," Frank heard Grace say. He heard her footsteps return. "You shouldn't do that." Frank tried to say that he was sorry, but it didn't come out that way. "I guess that was too cold," Grace continued. Frank felt Grace's warm breath just before he felt her lips and tongue caress his nipple. Frank felt really good, moaning quietly. This was followed by a sharp pain, as Grace then bit his still cold nipple with her front teeth. Frank jerked at the ropes, but didn't move very much. Blood had already started to flow to his penis when she was going through the box, but the pain increased the flow. He could feel his lust building, but he knew he wasn't fully erect yet. Grace kissed his nipple gently and let her tongue flick across it as she stood upright. Frank felt the ice again.

Frank decided to move the ice off once more, hoping for more of the same treatment. As the ice hit the bed, Grace decided that she wasn't playing that game. "Oh, you must be taught a lesson," she said. Frank heard the duct tape being pulled from the roll and felt the ice cube being taped to his nipple. It was really cold.

As Grace walked around to the other side of the bed, she let her finger nails scrape gently down his body, dragging across his half erect penis, down his right leg, up the left leg, across his penis again, up his torso to the left nipple. Frank felt Grace's warm breath just before feeling her lips and tongue. Again, she bit - not drawing blood - but enough for Frank to feel the pleasure and pain. As before, an ice cube was taped to his nipple.

Frank winced from the cold. "Poor baby," Grace mocked. Frank's body rocked as Grace got onto the bed. He felt her step over him - now she was standing over him, but he wasn't sure which way she was facing. She squatted down, letting her ass touch his cock, nestling it between her cheeks. She leaned down, moving her ass along his shaft and letting her pussy touch just above the base of his cock as her hands went to the tape on his chest. With one quick motion, she ripped the tape off, letting the remaining bit of unmelted ice roll off to the side. She leaned further, taking his right nipple into her mouth as her right hand started to play with his left tit.

Frank moaned as Grace played with his nipples, her breasts pressed against his stomach, and her pussy grinding gently against his cock.

Grace sucked deeply on Frank's tit, lightly holding it with her teeth as her tongue flitted across it. Meanwhile, her right hand was rolling and squeezing his other tit.

Frank's cock was getting more and more erect. Before he was fully stiff, Grace pulled back, and switched nipples, her teeth holding his left nipple and her left hand playing with his right one. Frank squirmed trying to get his cock into her, knowing full well that it wasn't going to happen. All he ended up doing, was rubbing the length of his cock against her cunt, but he was okay with that. After a minute of this Grace released Frank's tits. He expected her to get off him, but felt another sudden jolt of pain as Grace applied nipple clamps to him. He bucked at the ropes again, but still knew that she was in total control. He felt a light chain across his chest connected to both clamps.

Grace dismounted, leaving Frank to enjoy his pain. He heard her stand beside the bed. She seemed to be humming to herself, as if she were enjoying watch him squirm. Frank calmed himself down and waited.

Lost in his own pleasure, he lost track of where she was. He strained to hear, but to no avail. Then he felt her tongue licking from the head of his cock to the base and back. When she returned to the tip, she paused for a moment, followed by quickly taking his head into her mouth. She held it there a moment, swirling her tongue around it. Then she let the cock fall from her mouth. After about a half minute, Frank felt this ritual repeated. As she took his cock head into her mouth again, he pushed up with his hips trying to force more of his cock into her mouth, but she anticipated this and moved back. As a result, she let his cock fall again. This time, Frank waited a minute before she licked his shaft. Again Frank attempted to get her to take more in, and again she let it fall.

Frank didn't hear Grace walk away, but she was silent for a few minutes, apparently as a punishment. After a few minutes, he felt her grab his cock and stroke it a few times. His breathing became shallower, and he started moaning a little louder than before. When his cock was just the right stiffness for her needs of the moment, she stopped and climbed onto the bed between his outstretched legs. She started to climb on him straight up the middle. First her long hair swept over his cock, then her nose, lips and tongue. As she continued, her hair continue to sweep ahead of the her beautiful body. By now, his cock was sliding between her breasts. When her mouth reached the light chain, she grabbed it with her mouth and pulled back. Frank took a very deep breath as the pain hit and he moaned very loudly.

Grace then moved so she was sitting on his stomach. She reached down with her right hand and pulled up on the chain, causing more pain. At the same time, her left hand went behind and grabbed his cock. She stroked his cock as she pulled on the chain. She seemed to want to make sure that he associated pain and pleasure. However, Frank already did.

After a few tugs and strokes, she stopped and starting to slide up his body, rubbing and grinding her ass on him as she went. Frank could feel what she was doing and opened his mouth. Soon her ass was on his chest, her knees were on his arms, and her pussy was inches away from his mouth. Frank could smell her beautiful pussy. She reached down with her right hand and started to play with her cunt as Frank lay there helplessly. Her breathing became quicker as her fingers rubbed over her clit ... Slowly at first, then a quick penetration with two fingers to moisten them, followed by faster rubbing of her clit. As she realized that she might cum, she slowed down. She put her wet fingers under Frank's nose and let him inhale deeply. She undid the ball gag, and let him lick her fingers, which he did by quickly sucking them in, letting his tongue explore each one, getting all that he could from them.

Grace inched closer. A little of the wetness she had produced dragged across his neck. Soon her pussy was planted firmly on his mouth. His tongue shot into the cunt as far as it would go. He buried his face as well as he could, letting her juices cover his chin, mouth, nose, eyes ... Frank alternated between extending his tongue into her and licking her clit. He could hear her moaning quietly.

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