The Banker's Wife

by neff trebor

Copyright© 2014 by neff trebor

Fiction Sex Story: Typical of my stories. Lucy is used as a pawn by a man who is taking advantage of her and her husband. Beautiful older wife is tormented, humiliated and embarrassed.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Wife Watching   BDSM   MaleDom   Light Bond   Humiliation   Group Sex   White Couple   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Size   .

I saw this story called "The Banker's Wife" on another site.

It was by the author called "loveking."

I told him that I liked his story and wanted to re-write it for my own amusement. I offered to send it to him for him to use as a variation of his own.

I never heard from him; one way or the other. I emailed him more than once. The message said it had been sent and detected no errors.

I offer this story as a variation of his. I have substantially kept the dialogue close to the original.

I think that I have adjusted the plot in a number of ways. The setting is similar; based on the original.

I feel that the context of the sex is different. Please read his also to see the difference. If I hear from the original author objecting to the use of his story in this way, I will remove it.

I have done two variations of his story, this is my second. I have not edited it for spelling or grammar very much.

If readers are sticklers for these things, you will not like it.

Lucy had everything; a husband with a very well paid job in the banking industry, a beautiful house, two adorable young kids, a holiday villa in Europe, platinum charge cards and expense accounts at all the top stores.

Although she was now forty-two years old and had had two children, she still had a perfect figure. Her breasts were still firm and pert which matched the rest of her youthfully toned body. This was no doubt helped by her daily visits to the exclusive health center where she had her own personal trainer. She did regular exercise and indulged in all the expensive pampering and beauty therapies that were available. Her husband would often comment that her figure was the same as the young Lucy he had married ten years previously

All of her friends envied her or maybe they were just jealous. She liked to think it was envy. In truth she enjoyed the feeling of her friends envying her. It fed her vanity and reinforced her superior attitude.

She had of course seen and read the news headlines regarding the financial crisis that was spreading around the world but did not take much notice of it. Her vanity and arrogance acted like a mental block to the realities of the real world.

Now, in an acutely embarrassing moment, the truth suddenly hit home. The manager at her favorite department store was doing his utmost to be polite and not cause any embarrassment.

"I'm afraid that we cannot extend your credit," he said quietly to her, your account balance is at the maximum we allow and nothing has been paid for the past four months.

Lucy replied, with an arrogant tone, "I'm sure there has just been some error by one of your young clerks. Here, charge it to my Platinum card."

She handed over the card and waited impatiently as the manager swiped it in his machine and waited for confirmation.

The wait felt like an eternity and then she saw the look of dismay on the manager's face as he looked at her and quietly said, "I'm afraid your card has been refused."

She stormed out of the store, leaving her purchases behind. When she arrived home she was surprised to see her husband Andrew's car in the driveway. She walked to the front door, unlocked it and stormed inside.

She started talking before she could see him. "You'll never guess what has just happened to me," she shouted, "that department store has made some stupid error with my account and to add insult to injury there was some kind of mistake with my Platinum card and I could not pay for--."

Her voice trailed away to silence as she saw her husband appear from the kitchen with a very worried expression on his face.

He just looked at her and said, "Sorry, I'm so sorry". "What does that mean?" she replied, "it's not your fault. It's just some stupid little clerk's mistake somewhere."

"No its not," he replied, "the bank has suffered huge losses and I have lost my job." He was almost sobbing as he continued, "I have been trying to find the courage to tell you. Every day, for the past six months, I have been leaving for work, pretending that everything is okay but there is no work. There has been no money coming in for the past six months."

Lucy looked and felt stunned. "We have savings, the holiday home and other assets. Surely we can just sell a few things.

Andrew looked at her with sad eyes like a puppy. "The bank owned everything we had and is calling it all in. I have managed to make an arrangement with the house but we need to find some money very soon to pay Paul.

She looked at him, puzzled, "Paul? What has it got to do with Paul?"

Andrew continued, "Because of our situation I was unable to get a mortgage on the house. Think about it. Who would give a mortgage to an out of work banker? The only solution I could come up with was to persuade my old friend Paul to help us."

Lucy looked shocked and stunned. "Paul, why Paul? You know how he makes my flesh crawl. I know he is your friend but he just gives me the creeps whenever I see him."

"Paul was the only friend I could find who was willing to help us. It's as simple as that. No Paul, no mortgage, no house! Lucy felt as though her whole world was suddenly being taken away from her.

She tried to stay positive and, if need be, she knew she could fight hard to save the house at least. They both went to the kitchen and Lucy put on some coffee.

"So what is the plan?" she asked, "how can we pay Paul?" she said, as she sat down next to Andrew with two large mugs of coffee.

"I know how much you detest Paul but he is our only chance. He has invited us over to dinner tonight so that we can discuss what to do next."

Lucy had always disliked Paul. It was nothing particularly tangible. He was a handsome enough guy and always got on well with Andrew and their other friends.

He flirted with Lucy whenever they met. The flirting in itself was not the problem, all Paul's friends flirted with her. It was always reassuring for anyone to be flirted with innocently. The problem for Lucy was that Paul's flirting never felt innocent. It always felt as though he was somehow sexually assaulting her. He always made her feel uncomfortable by making it obvious that he was mentally undressing her. She would see his eyes unashamedly roam over her, pausing at her breasts before moving on downwards. He would stare directly into her eyes and then push his tongue out and lick his lips.

Lucy was no prude. She realized very early on that all of Paul's facial expressions and eye movements were of a sexual nature. The problem for Lucy was that he was possibly the last man on earth that she would like to have sex with. There were many other male friends that flirted with her and she was always flattered, but not Paul; definitely not Paul.

It was only a few years back that Lucy had discovered how Paul made his living. She had often wondered what he did because he was obviously a very wealthy man. She had assumed that he was in banking, the same as her husband. However, at a dinner party about two years previously, she had overheard him talking with Andrew and some of the other male guests.

She had not heard exactly what was being said but it was obvious that he was inviting the other men to some special male only occasion.

When they got home Lucy quizzed her husband about the conversation. Andrew was reluctant at first but as they lay in bed together it was obvious that she was not going to let it go.

They had now been married for about ten years and he still enjoyed her feeble attempts of seducing him. As they both lay naked in bed she cuddled up next to him and tenderly kissed his ear.

He felt her hand move down slowly over his chest and then onto his belly.

His cock was already stiffening in anticipation of her touch. "Tell me what Paul was saying and I'll make it worth your while," she said. She didn't want to do it, but knew what it would take to unlock his deepest secrets. She had to dig down deep to overcome her reluctance.

He felt her hand brush reluctantly past his partially erect cock and onto his thigh.

She squeezed his thigh, brushing the back of her hand against balls and said, "Tell me what Paul was saying and I'll give you what you want."

Andrew hesitated and then felt her hand move over his erection and her fingers brush lightly along it. "Pleeeeeease,"she whispered, please tell me.

Andrew still resisted as she moved her head down over his body. He felt himself weakening as she rained a series of small kisses all over his belly.

He wasn't sure how she would react if he told her what Paul had been saying to the men. Equally he was beginning not to care about what she thought with her nose grazing the side of his shaft.

He felt her hot breath very close to his erect cock and then the moist warmth of her lips as she teased the head with her closed lips.

"Okay, I'll tell you." Lucy lay there with her cheek resting against his lower belly and head of his stiff cock so close to her lips; listening intently to her husband's words.

As she lay there Andrew explained that Paul made and distributed porno movies and was very successful at it. Somehow Lucy was not surprised. This would explain the creepy feeling she always got whenever they met.

"So what was the invitation for? Was it to go and watch some dirty movies?" Andrew hesitated before replying, "No, not to watch some movies. It was to go and watch some girls audition for parts in his movies.

Paul said he always auditions the girls with a small audience of about six men to make sure that they don't waste his time later on a film set by turning shy in the presence of the film crew."

"Will you go?" she asked. "Would you object?"

Lucy did not answer. She ran her tongue reluctantly along the underside of the head of her husband's stiff cock and started to gently suck. "I've got to do this if I am going to extract these secrets from him." She said to herself as she steeled her mind to accept what she knew she had to do.

As she fondled the tip with her tongue, her mind started to fill with lewd images. She visualized a young woman in a dingy room. She saw Paul, Andrew and his friends all sitting round in big comfortable chairs watching her. Paul had his usual creepy expression as she imagined him asking the girl to take off her clothes. Lucy felt Andrews cock stiffen further as she went on to imagine that she was in fact that young girl.

Although at first she found the idea quite repulsive she felt the revival of thoughts that started many years ago. It would reappear in different forms but was always the same basic idea. Sometimes when she was getting changed at the gym, in her bedroom or anywhere where she could see the reflection of her naked body in a mirror, she would fantasize that men were watching her; lusting for her. She always tried to suppress the humiliating thoughts. She pretended to herself that she was very proud of her naked body and teasing men by letting them see what they could not have. It was a fantasy of course; the idea that she had this power over men. In truth, they terrorized her; especially the huge black men who were on the local professional football team but came to the gym in the offseason to keep fit.

Now as she reluctantly fondled her husband's cock she used this fantasy of being in control to continue. She imagined she was the willing center of attention and the object of men's lust. It was also about being used as a sexual object. That was why Paul annoyed her so much. He made it obvious each time they met that she was the center of his lust, a female body that he wanted to use and abuse for his selfish pleasure. Deep down she used this fantasy of a man that repulsed her; hoping it would give her the strength to continue.

Unknown to her, Andrew also had a long held fantasy. As she nibbled around the edges of his cock, his mind was full of lewd images of her. His need was becoming more and more urgent as he indulged in his own long held fantasy of watching Lucy being used by a group of men. Now he was visualizing Lucy being the young starlet in the audition. He imagined he was watching from a safe distance as Paul and his other friends forced her to strip for them. This idea of other men with his wife had always turned him on. He doubted that he would want it to happen for real but in his mind, right now, he was imagining her completely naked and surrounded by the men. He could see her being passed around them and the men taking turns pulling her onto their laps. He imagined them running their hands all over her naked body, squeezing and pulling her breasts and making crude comments as they pushed their hands up between her thighs. Finally he imagined all of the men were naked, their cocks erect, standing in a circle with his wife kneeling in the center and sucking off each one while masturbating two others at the same time.

Lucy could feel that he was about to erupt. She had no idea what images were filling his mind but she felt his hands grip he head and force himself deeper into her mouth. She fought off the feelings of humiliation and degradation knowing what was about to happen. She sucked reluctantly and forced herself to remain calm as his hot semen filled her mouth.

She stayed there for a while until she felt it slacken. She licked off the last drops and let it slip from her mouth. "Ummmmm..." she whispered to herself as she wiped a few drops from her cheek with the edge of a sheet. She tried to convince herself that as long as he didn't see any of it, it hadn't really happened.

"If you ever insinuate to anybody that I have ever done this, I will deny it and this will never happen again." She had told him early in their marriage.

She lifted herself up and, after kissing him tenderly on the lips, lay back, bent her knees up and let her thighs relax and fall open.

Andrew did not need a second invitation. He moved down between her outstretched thighs and spent a few seconds gazing at her moist exposed labia.

He reached up with his mouth only inches away from her wet lips and gently opened her with his fingers. He was soon hungrily licking her and listening to her moans of anguish and interpreting them as signs of pleasure. He eased one of his fingers inside her as he sought out her sweet smelling clit with his tongue. He listened with delight to her moans thinking and mistaking them for orgasms.

Since that time a few years back Lucy's dislike of Paul had grown but the dark fantasies kept returning.

Now they were in Andrew's car and driving to Paul's house. Lucy had still not come to terms with the events and revelations of the past few hours. She realized that her cozy world of wealth and privilege was falling apart but she felt determined to salvage whatever she could and the house was top of her list.

Despite her dislike of Paul, Lucy always liked to look presentable when they were invited out. It was spring time and the sunshine had been pleasantly warm during the day. Lucy was wearing an expensive summer dress from her favorite designer. The material was pale blue silk and it was cut so that it flattered every feminine curve of her body. It had a Décolletage neck, cut quite low. As they pulled up in to Paul's driveway, she began to regret the revealing nature and knew he would be leering at her, trying to get a glimpse of her blue lace quarter cup bra. She wore a thin, full length, hooded wool cape over the dress to keep out the evening chill.

They parked the car and walked up the impressive driveway to the front door.

Paul was already waiting to greet them. As they entered the huge house Paul said, "May I take your coats?"

Andrew took off his coat and Paul quickly helped Lucy take hers off. As he lifted her coat from her shoulders she immediately felt his gaze fix onto the front of her dress as he said, "Beautiful dress Lucy, it really suits you."

It was a button-front dress that her husband had, as an afterthought, unbuttoned the last button just above the hem. The hem barely came to the edge of her thumbs. Her matching blue leather high heeled boots made her slender frame almost as tall as the 6'-4" host. With her ¾ length sleeves covering her, most of the focus of her dress was the tanned and toned section of flesh between the top of her boots and the hem of her dress. It was obvious to everyone that she was a runner. The muscles of her legs flexed tantalizingly when she walked.

He was taller than her and she could feel his eyes exploring the deep Décolletage neck searching for signs of a bra that did not seem obvious. The quarter cups barely came to the bottom edge of her long stemmed coral pink nipples that jutted provocatively out against the thin fabric; essentially announcing to the observers that nothing could contain them. She didn't need a bra.

Her breasts were solid melon sized and had no sag. They jiggled tantalizingly when she walked. "Please come in to the dining room," he continued, "The meal is ready."

They sat down and enjoyed a pleasant meal and perhaps more wine than they should have had. After the meal they were enjoying some coffee and still sitting around the table.

"So Andrew, said Paul, "Have you spoken with Lucy yet about my proposition?" Lucy turned swiftly to look at her husband, uncertain as to what this proposition was.

Andrew looked suddenly flustered as Paul continued, "Oh, never mind I'll tell her." "Tell me what?" Lucy said. The room fell silent for an uncomfortable few seconds before Andrew said, "No Paul, I'll tell her."

Lucy was starting to feel annoyed and said, "Please, whatever it is that you are supposed to have told me, just tell me!"

She looked directly at her husband, watching the awkward and embarrassed expression on his face as he mumbled, "You know Paul has kindly taken over the mortgage on our house."

"Yes," said Lucy, you told me earlier. "Well we need to work out a way of paying him," Andrew continued. The room then went silent again as Andrew tried to find the courage to tell Lucy what Paul had in mind.

The silence was broken by Paul as he said, "Lucy, you already know what I do for a living. I have been offered a very large sum of money to make a new film based on the collapse of the banking system." Lucy looked puzzled, "I thought you made dirty films, skin flicks, and porno?"

"Oh, I like to think they are better than the general run-of-the-mill skin flick," replied Paul, "But yes that is exactly what I do." Lucy either didn't understand the direction this conversation was headed or refused to accept it. "So why have they asked you to make a film about the collapse of the banking system?" she asked.

Paul looked at her, his eyes roaming over the thin silk covering the youthful curves of her breasts and said, "The collapse of the banking system is just the starting point of the film.

The reason they will pay me a huge amount of money which, by the way, will easily pay off your outstanding mortgage, is that the main story will feature a real banker and his young attractive wife.

An outline of the plot is that the banker has not only lost his job but also lost most of the life savings of his friends. He reaches an agreement where he pays them with all he has left; his wife."

"What do you mean pays them?" Lucy asks. "You really don't get it yet do you Lucy," said Paul.

"The film will not be a fictional story. The film I am going to make will be sold to pay off all of your husband's friends who have lost their investments.

Lucy looked at Paul in disbelief as he continued, "You, Lucy will be the star of the film. Just think about it; We make a few films. You get half of the income from the films credited towards the money your husband owes. In no time at all, the house will be yours."

Lucy immediately stood up and shouted, "You must be mad; both of you. You want me to be some slutty porno actress to satisfy the perverse desires of you and your friends? You can just forget it. It is never going to happen!

Come on Andrew, we're leaving right now." She grabbed his arm and started to try and pull him up but he stayed where he was. She continued to shout and scream at him to get up and take her home but he just sat there. Eventually she quietened down and Andrew said, "Lucy, it's the only chance we have of keeping the house. We have so much equity in it; we would basically lose our whole net worth that is tied up in that house."

Paul then spoke saying, "Lucy, I know it must be a shock but at least just go away and think about it. It is the only way you are going to be able to pay off your husband's debts and keep the house." "Okay then, I'll think about it," she said, "but the answer will still be no!" With that she managed to grab Andrews arm again and persuade him to leave.

They drove home in silence. Lucy's mind was racing. She was furious that Andrew had not even had the courage to warn her in advance of Paul's Plan. She was also furious that they had even considered the plan in the first place. They arrived home and walked into the house still without speaking.

Finally Lucy turned to Andrew and said, "Would you really want to see me used in that way with the whole event recorded for the titillation of other sad men to watch and masturbate while looking at me?"

Andrew was silent for a few seconds before looking at her and saying, "Actually; No, but what other choice do we have? Can we sell the house and run away? He has the title. We would be breaking the law. I'm open to any suggestions you have."

Lucy just stared at him, rage filling her and said, "I'm going to have a long hot bath and hopefully wash away the feelings of disgust that you and made me feel earlier. She ran the bath and then locked herself in before undressing

She stood in the shower; trying to wash off the anger and humiliation she felt from the conversation that evening. When the water began getting cold she got out and dried herself. She unlocked the door and went to join her husband who was already sitting in bed reading a book. He looked at her apprehensively, unsure of her mood. "It's okay now. I feel better now that I've had a nice warm bath."

"Andrew," she said, "About earlier at Paul's house. Would you actually feel okay if I was to take part in this wild idea?" Secretly she had hoped to see signs of outrage. She wanted to hear him say: "No, honey. I would rather die than share you. The idea that he would make you do something that repulsive makes me want to vomit. I would kill him before I let him get to us like that." At least that was what she had hoped for.

Andrew hesitated, uncertain as to how he should respond. Finally he said, "If necessary we can sell the house and I can find some kind of job that we can live on."

That made her decision a little easier. She had thought it over in the shower. Lucy paused for an eternity; measuring her words. "Honey, I think I can get through it on one condition. I need to know that whatever he makes me do; you will still love me no matter what. Can you live with me after he makes me do some horrible things?" Her lips were quivering. She couldn't bear to look up at him as she whispered the revolting words that were echoing back and forth within her head. She looked up for a millisecond to see what his eyes might be saying.

"You mean you would do it; make the film with Paul?"

"I don't see what choice we have. If I don't we'll both be ruined. I might change my mind by the morning but if you were there to keep an eye on things then I will try to get through it." She wiped a tear from her face as she looked up at him.

Andrew was speechless. All the while that Lucy refused to do it he did not have to face up to his own fears of whether he could cope with watching her. Now there was every chance that he might have to. They both fell asleep and in the morning got up and had breakfast as though nothing had changed.

After breakfast, Andrew was reading his newspaper when he heard Lucy answer the telephone.

She looked at the caller ID number. She hesitated, not sure she should pick it up. "Hello Paul," he heard her say, "Yes ... Yes; I've thought about your proposal overnight. Yes; I talked to my husband. No; I don't think we have much of a choice. Tell us what we have to do next." What wasn't said was: "Yes, I'll do it." But there it was.

There was a pause for a few seconds as Paul obviously said something and then Lucy said, "O ... Oh ... Oh ... Okay, we'll be there." Andrew thought he heard a sob as she slammed the phone down. Another pause and then Lucy said, "You filthy bastard, I already do."

She then put down the telephone and returned to Andrew at the breakfast table. "Wow!" he exclaimed, "What have we done; you done," he corrected himself.

"I'm in a kind of daze," Lucy said but I have agreed to go to his offices/studio tomorrow. You know what he wants us to do." "So soon!" Andrew exclaimed. "Why did you call him a filthy bastard? What did he say to you?"

"You really want to know?" she asked, "The actual words?" "Yes," said Andrew, "What did he say; the actual words?"

"She paused before saying, "He told me to make sure I shaved my cunt because he hated pubic hair spoiling an otherwise perfect view."

What hurt so much was that the remark brought everything into focus. It was real. She was going to play the starring role in a dirty film and, to make sure she knew exactly what would be expected, he had told her to make sure her 'cunt' as he so crudely put it, would be ready for the camera.

The rest of the day passed in a blur. Andrew was feeling nervous; full of doubt about actually watching his wife being used by other men for real. His nervousness was only made worse by Lucy's apparent calmness.

That evening she started to get out the clothes she intended to wear the following day. She asked his advice on what he thought she should wear. They both chuckled nervously realizing the contradiction of what she should wear knowing that it would soon be taken off.

However, Lucy thought it was important to look the part. Perhaps subconsciously, she had not fully accepted what was going to happen. She told herself to dress to impress. Subconsciously she was still trying to ignore the possibilities of actually going through with her humiliation.

They eventually agreed on the silk dress that she had worn the night before, with the same fitted lightweight hooded wool cloak over the top. Somehow, the hooded cloak gave her some assurance that she was going to be covered. Lucy then laid out various items of underwear on the bed for Andrew to choose.

Her husband felt that no panties would be better. "There would be no lines under the thin silk." He tried to tell her. Actually he knew that just the thought that she had no panties would be captivating to the men. Also, it was another step in the direction of trying to get her mind acclimated to what she was going to be doing.

They chose the same delicate pale blue quarter cup bra she had used before. She allowed Andrew to pick the silk stockings that had a decorative band of lace elastic at the top. The lace held the tops of her stockings just below her crotch. The boots, dress and hooded cloak tended to focus all attention, again on her beautiful long legs. With her dress so short and one button open, her legs would flash a nanosecond every time she took a step; parting the long wool cloak. Andrew had bought her a new pearl necklace; as though that would make everything alright. It did add a certain amount of dignity to her ensemble. She also had a pair of matching earrings to go with it.

Andrew walked in as she was slipping the long strand of pearls twice around her neck. The long pearl earrings and necklace framed her face beautifully. She was braiding her long hair into a French braid and had just tied off the end with a rubber band. With her hands up and behind her head, one long stem pink nipple poked up over the top of her scooped front. She had to remember to keep her arms down when she did anything. "Wow, you look fantastic." He said; trying to boost her ego and confidence.

"Thanks," she replied. She sat in her underwear as she applied her makeup and then finished dressing, putting on some high heels as she left the house.

They both felt nervous and apprehensive as they left the house and set off for Paul's office.

When they arrived outside he turned to her and said, "Are you sure about this? We could just turn around and go." "I ... I ... I ... I'm as sure as I'll ever be," she stammered, trying to present an image of defiance she didn't have; trying not to bite her lip noticeably.

They left the car and entered the building. Paul was waiting for them inside the plush looking entrance. He gave Lucy a huge beaming smile as he said, "You look fabulous!" He guided them to an elevator and they were soon travelling up to his offices on the top floor.

"You're the first persons here," he said as they entered the office. It was like a huge loft apartment with windows all along one wall overlooking the city.

Lucy looked around and noticed a bar in the far corner with three men she assumed must be the film crew. One of them was a large black man and Lucy felt her anger rise as he blatantly leered at her, checking her out. A few months ago she would have given him a mouthful of indignant abuse.

"They're going to be here soon," Paul announced as he led Andrew and Lucy toward the chairs. "Oh, Lucy, honey; you aren't ready for the evening yet. "Take your clothes off." Lucy gritted her teeth and looked over at the camera men leering at her. The words seemed so brutal; so business like; so humiliating.

Lucy looked around, trying to find a room she could use for some privacy. "Do it here, hon." Paul said with a glare. Somehow, Lucy didn't think it would start quite like this; so brutal; so demeaning. Lucy turned briefly to her husband for some emotional support she didn't see. She was looking; somehow, for some assurance that things would be okay.

She wiped a tear away and picked up the hem of her dress. Slowly, like a small child that wasn't ready to go to bed, she pushed the lowest button through the eyelet. She still couldn't believe this was happening. One by one, she pushed each of the buttons through the garment until there was nothing left to do. She stood there, waiting one last time for an imaginary reprieve that never came.

She looked up, hopefully at Paul; waiting to hear this was all some cruel joke. He stared at her. Goosebumps washed over her as she arched her back. The garment slipped off her shoulders and she trapped it between her ribcage and elbows; unwilling to let it drop.

Paul held out his hand; palm up. Lucy gathered the dress and folded it into a small pad. She walked over to him and put it in his hand. Lucy had no panties. Her long stem coral pink nipples were peeking over the top of her quarter cup bra. She put one forearm across them and one hand over her crotch.

"Now the bra." He said. Lucy had her head down and one hand fingering the end of her French braid; as though it might help cover her. She looked up first at Paul and then over at her husband. "Look what your idiot actions have done to us" her look was saying as she reached back for the clasp.

She was not going to give up her dignity. She refused to be humiliated as she pulled the bra off and handed it to Paul. "They can fuck me; they can rape me. They can make me suck his cock; but I will not give up my dignity." She tried to tell herself. "I will not let them see me cry. I will not beg for mercy." She told herself.

"Turn around, hon." Paul said. "Let them fucking look." She told herself as she turned. Paul pulled her hands behind her and she heard a "click." Handcuffs. He had locked her hands behind her in handcuffs.

"P ... P ... Paul; please don't do this to me. I said I would cooperate. Why are you treating me like this?" So much for the dignity part she told herself as she whimpered her indignance to him.

"Go sit in the wooden chair." He said. Lucy was shaking almost too much to stand. Andrew went over to stand beside her. With one arm around her back, he guided her to the oak captain's chair. He helped her to sit down. Once she was seated, Andrew saw Paul motion with his head to someone he hadn't notice up until now.

There was a tall, black man with some boxes. He walked over, pulled up a chair and set his equipment next to the captain's chair and began to unpack. "Wow, I'm going to enjoy this." He said casually. Lucy was too devastated with her situation to try to understand what was going on. She was naked. "How could it get worse?" her mind screamed.

As Andrew watched, he realized the man had an air brush, small compressor and a number of bottles of candy paint. He didn't say anything as he set up. He used some clear light tack tape around the edges of Lucy's face. He was masking her face off. Mr. Paul said there are going to be people that you know fairly well, that will be here tonight, Miss Lucy. He wants to dress you up a bit so it might not be quite as obvious who you are. Frankly, I think you are going to look beautiful." He said as he loaded some black food dye into his airbrush.

Using some stencils, he traced some fine lines around her face to form the start of an eye mask. He used some pieces of lace and sprayed through it to create a texture of black lace to her mask. Andrew had to admit that she was quite stunning. A woman who is naked is stunning anyway. Then to add a layer of mystery, the mask obscured her identity yet revealed her fantastic figure.

Perhaps in some strange way, Paul had done her a favor. While stripping her naked, the mask gave some obscure form of anonymity. Paul went over to where her hooded cloak was and brought it over and draped it over her. It was not buttoned. They stood her up and brushed the cloak down over her so she was covered; somewhat. "That will do for a while." Paul said.

Soon there was the sound of the doorbell. The tall, black camera man went over to answer it. Paul went over to greet them. He turned to Lucy and Andrew: "Stand the fuck up, cunt. We have company. Be nice to them and act like you are thankful to be here."

Lucy looked around and started to feel panic as she watched six men come through the door. The huge camera man had answered the door and ushered them in. They were all dressed similarly, wearing dark business suits, white shirts and ties.

Lucy felt herself blush as she recognized all of the faces. Some were friends; others were business acquaintances of Andrews that she remembered seeing before. Andrew felt useless as the men gathered around his wife. He just stood nearby and watched, full of mixed emotions.

There was an awkward silence for a while before Paul said, "Gentlemen, let's go over to the bar and have a drink while the crew sets up the cameras and lights."

They all drifted across the room towards the bar. Lucy thought it a bit like a wedding, lots of familiar faces meeting to enjoy a drink at the bar. The humiliated naked woman bit down on her lip; nervously thinking the big difference was that at a wedding, only one person has sex with the bride.

She had never felt this humiliated in her life. When they had left the house, she had been determined to present a calm exterior but as she looked around at these men she wondered how she was going to get through it.

Her husband had guided her over to a couch. She had her eyes closed and her face down on her knees; unable or unwilling to be a part of this initial exposure of her body. She listened nervously as lights were placed around the area. Big chairs and various cameras were being staged on tripods around the couch.

After about an hour of conversation Paul called for silence. "Before we start I would like to explain the plot." The men chuckled, interrupting Paul. He smiled as he continued, "Yes, there is a plot!"

Paul continued, "All of you here know Andrew and his wife Lucy. You also know that Andrew was responsible for losing most of your investments." Andrew gazed at the floor suddenly feeling deep regret about his own recklessness in the handling of his customer's investments.

"So," Paul continued, "In the first scene Paul will apologize for his mistakes and then offer you all the use of his wife Lucy as compensation.

Lucy listened and cringed as Paul said "the use of his wife." She felt butterflies in her stomach as the real truth of the situation hit her. They were going to use her for their demented, selfish pleasure.

"We are almost ready to start," said Paul. He then looked at Lucy and said, "Before we make our way to the chairs and the film set we need to get a good look at you, Lucy. We want to see what you are wearing."

Suddenly the room was silent and all eyes were on Lucy. She teetered as her husband helped her struggle to stand. Andrew looked at Paul and without a word being said, He pulled the hood off of her head; exposing her face to let them get a good look at her. He removed the hooded cloak. This was the first time the men were aware the puddle of wool scrunched down on the couch was actually a woman; a beautiful woman. Lucy glared at her husband, then over at Paul. The naked woman struggled with her emotions. Humiliated and embarrassed with her nakedness, she struggled with her emotions. "I will not let them break me over this." Her mind screamed. Then, looking defiantly at Paul said, "When I came in I was wearing a blue lace bra, silk stockings, earrings, necklace and high heeled boots. You made me remove most of that and put me in handcuffs." Her voice started to crack as she said "handcuffs."

"Mmmmmm," that sounds very nice," said Paul, as he walked over to her and said, "Just to get us all in the right mood I think we should have a look. I think your beauty justifies the way you are presented. Nobody who looks this good; especially at your age, should be wearing clothes."

She felt her face blush hearing the men all make appreciative noises; low whistles and grunts as they all gazed at her. Lucy looked around at the men, feeling very nervous but aware of that old dark fantasy lurking in the back of her mind.

As she teetered unsteadily in front of the men, Andrew felt guilty as though he had somehow betrayed her. He used his hands to try and make his erect penis more comfortable under his trousers and realized that all of the others were doing the same.

"Lucy, you look sensational," said Pau. She watched his lust filled eyes roam all over her. He leaned down with his nose almost touching her long-stemmed coral pink nipple. "Mmmmm, you smell beautiful; I think we are ready to roll."

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