It's Time

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2014 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: For Lynne Neery it was time. Her Charlie had died in that test flight accident. She'd taken time to raise their twin daughters, Brittany and Suzanne. Now both girls were on their own, had jobs and their own apartment. Now it was time for Lynne to go to work. She looked at the ads and responded to one that she thought would be just right but a 'wardrobe malfunction' sent the entire relationship with her new boss, Brian Seecroft, in a totally different and romantic direction.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   White Couple   .

Lynne Neery decided that it was finally time. The girls were now graduated and on their own. That part of her self-imposed but totally necessary concern was taken care of. She was also really pleased that they were out now and had gotten jobs, were on their way to setting up their own lives. It was even okay with her that they'd moved out into their own apartment. Getting out from 'momma's wings', she thought, would be good for them.

She realized how fortunate she'd been with it all. Right up to and after the death of her Charlie in that plane crash, she'd been okay, taken care of. Her grand, grand Uncle Mel had seen to that.

With his help, after the insurance stuff was settled, Lynne was able to make it along fine with a part time job, since being a full time Mom to her two toddler, twin girls was so demanding.

Prior to the pregnancy, which came only after she and Charlie been married a few years, she'd been an office manager and loved the work. During the ensuing years, especially while the girls were in school, she did that kind of thing part time and also did some accounting work at home. She felt that it was important to keep her skills up and sharp.

She was certainly clear sighted about the fact that she would have a life of her own, once the girls were away and settled, as they were now.

It was with all of this in mind that she began to peruse the papers for job opportunities. With the way that she'd been taken care of by Uncle Mel, she had no real need to work but she knew herself well enough to be aware of the fact that just sitting around wasn't her style at all.

It was certainly different, when the girls were in school but now they were out, had jobs, their own apartment and she needed to be busy with things for herself.

There were a few things that looked interesting, including one at the firm of Whales and Seecroft. It seemed that they were looking for a combination executive secretary and office manager there. She thought that she might apply.

Lynne Neery was just then 45 years old. She'd had the girls, lovely twin girls, at 25, after she and Charlie had been married a few years. She was an active woman and not one to allow herself to become idle. She did do her periodic workouts, and, at those times, had to put up with comments from Brittany and Suzie about 'Momma going out to show her booty'.

The girls had insisted on 'keeping Momma up to date' with her workout clothes. So that it wasn't baggy running pants for Lynne. They shopped with her and outfitted her with tight white and black running capris. There was no end of giggling from the girls, and, to tell the truth, from Lynne too, when they were taunting her with their jibes.

She took down all the information about the job that was offered in the paper and made it an afternoon task to redo her resume to get it up to date.

She had a 'date' that evening with Brit and Suzie to have dinner out. They were meeting at a favorite pizza place.

During their dinner, she told them of her decision to get back into an active, employed life style. They were interested in what she had in mind to look for and the three of them spent some time talking about the job that Lynne was most interested in.

"You're just looking to meet a man!" Suzie said, with a giggle.

Lynne gave her a mock serious look and said: "Am not!"

"Wish you would," Brittany said then.

"Brittany!" Lynne expostulated then.

"Well, Momma," Brittany went on, "It would do you good. Daddy is gone for such a long time now."

"I know, honey," Lynne said softly, "But I'm not looking and am not necessarily in the market."

At the end of their dinner, they agreed among themselves that they'd get together to talk about the interviews, if and when they happened. But the two girls were sure that, with their Momma's skills, and, they said 'good looks and booty', she'd find something. Naturally it ended with the three of them giggling together.

She submitted the application for the job and her resume and hoped. Sure enough in a few days, she was called in for an initial interview.

It was with the personnel woman at Whales and Seecroft, the woman's name was Mary. She was very pleasant and laid out for Lynne what they'd be looking for with this position in mind.

"We're kind of in flux just now," Mary said. "The position that we're looking to fill isn't fully defined and we're hoping to attract someone who will help us to further define the position and make it a reality that will help the company; someone to bring good skills to help us with our plans for the company.I'm afraid that many, if not most of the applicants are pretty short on experience in this kind of field."

They had an initial discussion about the job then, based on the information in Lynne's resume about her previous office management experience.

The interview seemed to go very well, and she left with a kind regard for Mary and the way that Mary represented the attitude of the company, and a good feeling about the whole episode.

Lynne got a chance to talk to Brit and Suzie about it that night. They came over to hear about it from their Mom and brought a chocolate cake with them, for an informal party.

They certainly gave Lynne a good deal of encouragement with the project.

She waited for a few days knowing the kind of pace that such decisions at most companies would take. She did indeed hear from Mary, the personnel lady, three days later. Mary asked her to come in and have a follow-up interview. Lynne was pleased.

She dressed carefully for the interview. She didn't want to go in wearing a killer suit that proclaimed that she was overconfident about the job. She opted instead for plain black, a-line skirt and a blouse with frills down the front. She also wore sensible heels.

She checked herself out in the mirror before leaving for the interview and approved of the way she looked.

Then, before she left the house, she had a call from Brit wishing her luck. Brit said that Suzie wanted to add her wishes also, since she was at an all day meeting.

Lynne was fifteen minutes early for her appointment. She always felt that it was more polite to be on time or a bit early than just barely on the minute.

Mary was waiting for her. They had a chat for a few minutes and then Mary went to let Mr Brain Seecroft know that Lynne was there to meet with him.

"Oh, the big boss?" Lynne said with a smile.

"Yes," Mary said back, "But he doesn't bite that I know about."

Mary showed Lynne into Brian Seecroft's office and introduced them.

As it turned out, Brian Seecroft was 48 years old and a very attractive man. Like Lynne, he paid attention to his physical workouts. He was, at his age, a company man, having learned the ropes from his uncle, John Whales, from whom he then inherited the company.

He had a marriage that had failed, in his background and, since the failure of the marriage, had paid attention almost entirely to the company, learning about it and becoming rather good at it, as he got on in age.

He rose from his desk, as soon as Mary brought Lynne into his office and introduced her. He met her half way across the office and they shook hands in a very cordial way.

"Thank you, Mary," he said, "I'll be calling on you, perhaps, in about an hour or so."

"Won't you please sit down, Ms Neery," he said.

"It's Lynne, sir," she said pleasantly.

"And it's certainly not 'sir'," he said, "Not around here. Please, Brian."

"Thank you," she said.

He waited until she sat and then he sat himself. A bit self-conscious, she tugged at her skirt to pull it down and get her knees covered a bit.

"I see from your resume that you have had a good deal of experience with office management. I like that. Will you please tell me about it?"

They went on from there, with Lynne talking about her experience as an office manager, what the tasks were, the difficulties and the opportunities.

"Can you please, if you don't mind, give me a little personal information?" He asked next. He held up a hand then and said; "I know some people resent that but I try, we try here at Whales and Seecroft to keep our working atmosphere as close to a family atmosphere as possible."

"Does your husband work locally?" he asked.

She smiled a rueful smile and said: "My Charlie was a test pilot for the AirForce. He died in a plane crash, oh, about fifteen years ago."

"Oh," he said, "I'm sorry to hear that!"

She went on: "Since then my task was that of a mother to raise to lovely twin girls, my Brittany and Suzanne. At the same time I did do some accountant work and some office management consulting, to keep my hand in at it."

"I see," he said.

"Now, let me talk to you about Whales and Seecroft," he said, "And what we have in mind. But be aware, as Mary might have told you, that we are still developing the ideas about this right now."

"Yes, she mentioned it," Lynne said, leaning forward a bit.

The conversation, a very cordial one, went on from there. Brian went to great lengths to describe the company and their business and manufacturing process. He also highlighted some of the ways that they believed their efficiency could be improved by having the right personnel on board.

As they progressed with the conversation, Lynne felt free to ask questions and make suggestions, both of which, pleased Brian Seecroft.

Sitting and ruminating in the back of his mind, during this part of the interview, was the notion of how really attractive Lynne Neery was. Brain, assiduously worked, however, to put those kinds of idea 'on hold', not wanting to be inappropriate right at the start with someone, with whom he might be working closely in the future. But the thought was certainly there.

It might also be said that Lynne Neery had the very same kind of thought bouncing around in her mind. She too, however, kept that thought at bay.

After they'd been talking for about 45 minutes, Lynne excused herself to go and use the ladies. She was excited about this, and feeling vaguely sweaty and wanted most of all to wash her face.

Brian told her where she'd find the ladies. Lynne got up and moved to go to the door. He'd said that they'd finish, when she came back.

But after she got up and turned to go, Brian was struck dumb and all but rooted to the floor. It seems that in the process of getting herself settled, and tugging at her skirt, the zipper in the back of the skirt had broken apart. It was still zipped all the way up but had separated all the rest of the way down. The effect, to Brian Seecroft at least, was galvanic.

The zipper was a long one and with the gap that had occurred Lynne's pink panty covered butt was clearly on display, and as she walked away, he could watch the twitch, the wiggle of her ass cheeks. He was, for a few seconds, mesmerized.

He initially, for a second or two, didn't know if he should tell her or let her find it out herself. But he was more determined to limit her embarrassment and not have her exposed to others, so he decided to act.

"Ms Nerry," he said and she stopped, smiling and said: "Lynne, please!"

"Yes," he responded, "Lynne."

He kind of stuttered then but got on with it: "Um ... your ... um..."

She had a concerned look on her face then at his change in manner, so he decided to plunge right in with it: "Your skirt zipper is broken. It's at the top and your zipper is open all the way down."

Two things happened at the same time. She got a horrified look on her face and reached around, realizing right away that he was correct. And he, pretty involuntarily, smiled. It was an obvious 'goody for me' smile.

The thought that instantly raced across her mind was what Brit and Suzie had been saying to her about showing her booty to some man. It almost made her giggle from sheer reaction.

"Ohhhhh," she said, "My ... my..."

"Pink!" he said softly, again with that smile.

"Panties are on display!" she finished.

She played with the zipper, her back turned now to him but realized that it was broken and it wasn't going to be tugged back down and righted.

He had his suit jacket off immediately and handed it to her. She took it gratefully.

Then, when the disaster was at least taken care of for the moment, she grinned at him.

"Peeking!" she said, before she realized it, but still grinned.

"Flashing!" he retorted and she giggled outright.

("Wait 'til I tell the girls about this!" she thought but then wondered if she'd written 'paid' to this job opportunity because of the gaff with her zipper and her panties.)

She began to apologize immediately, trying to claw her way back into contention for the job.

He held up his hand: "Lynne," he said, "It seems that 'wardrobe malfunctions' are a common occurrence these days. It's certainly not your fault; please don't think you need to apologize."

She smiled at him and said a soft 'thank you'.

"Do you, uh, need to go home and change or are you comfortable?" he asked.

"Much more time?" she asked then.

"Well, we're almost through here but I'd like to talk to you about the salary and benefits that we're offering you," he concluded.

It was obvious to her then that she was going to get the job and the joy almost overwhelmed her.

(It needs to be said that Lynne Neery had an ornery streak in her make up and was bound, it seemed, now and then to let that pop to the surface. It was one of the things about their Momma that her girls loved. It caused endless giggle sessions among the three of them and it surfaced right then.)

"You're just offering me the job because you saw my panties!" she shot at him, and immediately put her hand over her mouth in exasperation.

"Oh, Mr Seecroft," she said, beseechingly, "I'm so sorry that just rolled out!"

"Pretty much the truth," he countered with a wide grin on his face, "But you forgot to mention the wiggle; that was part of it too!"

Now she was giggling into her hand and shaking her head, and blushing!

"Okay," he said, "I'll stop being inappropriate!"

"And so will I," she said, and, grinning at him, concluded: "For now!"

"Well, let's have Mary show you to the ladies. Maybe she can help you fix your skirt," he said, walking to her and taking her arm.

"Yes," she said, "Show's over!"

He shook his head and said: "With you on the team, I'm going to need to be on my toes!"

"Yes, boss," she said, "You are!"

The feeling right then between them was one of great cordiality and went a long way toward establishing a very, very good working relationship. The informality of it, and downright friendliness of it was exactly what Brian Seecroft was looking for in his 'right hand' person.

Lynne was back in a few minutes with the skirt pretty much fixed, though not dependable. Mary had helped with that. She gave him his suit coat back again and they sat for the rest of their talk.

He went over with her the package that they were offering, and she thought it very generous. She was pleased.

"Would you like lunch?" he asked, and she indicated that she would.

He took her to their cafeteria, a big plus for workers there, and bought her lunch. They talked generally over lunch and afterwards concluded the interview.

He finished by definitely offering her the job.

"On your merits!" he said with a grin.

She only grinned in return. They made plans for her to begin the following Monday with a general orientation to their entire operation, and she left. She was meeting the girls for dinner that night to discuss the interview. As soon as she was home, however, she called each of them at work to tell them that she'd been offered the job. They were pleased.

After she left, Mary appeared at his door, smiling. She said: "Had a show did we?"

"I guess!" he said. "Need to watch myself, the woman's gorgeous!"

"My, my," Mary said, as she turned away from the door, "Either you or she are in trouble! Or both!"

He only smiled, and thought his thoughts about it.

Lynne met Brittany and Suzie at Rubio's, a local popular Italian place for dinner. They wanted all the lowdown on her new job and the process that took place with today's interview.

They had their heads together and were giggling about her skirt 'accident', almost immediately.

"Did he really notice?" Britanny asked.

"Are you kidding," Lynne replied, "My ass was hanging out; what man wouldn't?"

They went into a raft of giggles then about the whole thing.

"What happened?" Suzie asked, and Britanny remarked: "I notice that you did get the job!"

They giggled again then and Lynne went on with her story.

"Well, he proved then that he was a gentleman. He took his suit coat off and gave it to me. It covered the skirt problem totally."

"Too bad!" Suzie said and the three of them giggled again.

They had just finished their dinner and were contemplating dessert, when Lynne let out a small surprise noise.

"Momma?" Suzie asked, wondering what was the cause.

"There he is!" Lynne said.

"Who?" Brittany asked.

"Brian! Brian Seecroft!" Lynne said.

"You mean the boss?" Suzie asked.

"The panties man!" Brittany, who tended to be the more outrageous of the two twins, chimed in with.

"Yes!" Lynne said. "What do I do!"

"Play it cool, Momma," Suzie suggested.

"And make sure that your underwear is showing!" Brittany added, getting more giggles from the group.

Then they noticed that Brian, who'd embraced Rubio at the doorway, like old friends, which they in fact were, had seen them and was making his way to their table, a smile on his face.

"Lynne!" he said with great cordiality.

She stood and gave him a quick hug, ignoring his outstretched hand.

"These are my girls," Lynne said. "Brian Seecroft, this is Brittany and Suzanne, my pretty girls!"

In this case, Brian did get a hand shake from each of the girls and a raft of smiles from them.

Lynne told him that they were about finished and would have dessert and coffee, and asked him to join them. They ordered the coffees and desserts and he ordered a drink for himself.

"Come here often?" Lynne asked.

"Yes," he said, "Rubio and I go way back to the old neighborhood; we've been friends forever. Don't tell anyone but I'm part owner."

That got a smile from Lynne and giggles from the girls.

It was Brittany, who could restrain herself no longer. She said, a grin on her face: "I understand that you were peeking at our Momma's undies today!"

"BRITTANY NEERY!" Lynne said in a soft but exasperated voice.

But Brian was equal to the challenge: "Not at all!" he asserted. "As a matter of fact, it was your Momma who was flashing the boss today!"

Lynne put her face in her hands but the girls just giggled.

"Showing her panties!" Brittany said with great glee.

"Flashing the new boss!" Suzie said.

Lynne looked up then, a look of determination on her face but Brian interceded: "Girls," he said, "I am in enough trouble with my new assistant as it is; I think it's best to back off. You don't have to be at the office with her on Monday!"

"Yes, but we'd better be there at home to make sure that she's not exposing anything, when she gets ready for work," Suzie said and then, turning to her Momma, continued: "Yes, Momma! We'll stop now!"

"Well," Lynne answered, "I doubt that."

The girls looked at each other and giggled then.

The talk then was pleasant. Brian had intended to have dinner but wanted to not impose on Lynne and her girls any longer. He finally excused himself but was rewarded with hug from each of them, as he was leaving.

He went and explained to Rubio, why he wasn't staying for dinner and went home.

There was an immediate flurry at the table with Lynne and her girls.

"Momma," Suzie said earnestly. "He's gorgeous."

"He's my boss!" Lynne answered resolutely.

"Yes, but he's already seen your pink panties," Brittany said, "And with a booty like yours, he's more than half hooked."

It had them giggling again right away.

Finally, they were ready to end the evening.They signaled for the waiter but Rubio came over himself and told them that their dinners had already been paid for.

"Ohhh," Lynne said, pleased.

"Momma!" Suzie said, "He's got you in his sights!"

"Yes, it must be the pink panties effect!" Brittany said.

"What am I going to do with you two?" Lynne asked, in mock exasperation.

"Just love us!" Suzie said, getting a hug from her Momma, when they were back at their cars. The hug was then joined by Brittany, who whispered, seriously now: "Momma, I hope you get him!"

"Hush, love," Lynne said.

"I hope it too!" Suzie added.

"Good night, girls!" Lynne said, leaving the hug then and getting in her own car.

The two of them stood and smiled, waving at Lynne, as she drove off.

The phone rang at Lynne's, just as she was ready for bed. She wore, for bed, that night, only a pair of pink panties. She'd had a long and leisurely bath that night, after her dinner with the girls, and gave herself the luxury of letting all of it float through her mind, as she lay in the tub of hot water. It was grand. She was determined, however, not to let any silly ideas creep into her working relationship with Brian Seecroft, no matter what her girls were saying.

She picked up the phone, which showed, on the screen, that it was Brian Seecroft calling.

"Hello, Brian?" Lynne said, in a soft voice.

"Hi, Lynne," he said, "Just wanted to tell you how marvelous I thought your girls were!"

"Thank you," she said with great pleasure.

"They are a handful!" he said with a chuckle.

"You should get the needling from my point of view!" she said then with a laugh.

"I can imagine!" he said.

"Maybe I shouldn't tell you!" she said.

"Oh, go ahead," he countered, "One of them or the other probably will anyway."

"Yes, you're right," she said, "They seem determined."

"And?" he prompted.

"They told me to go and get you!" Lynne admitted finally, giggling.

"Well, we'll just hold onto that thought!" he said.

"In bed now," she offered, and then immediately: "Don't know why I said that!"

"For the same reason that you were flashing those pretty undies!" he said with a laugh.

"Oh, I'll never live that down!" she wailed.

"I hope not!" he said, "It was the greatest show that I can ever remember!"

"Well, aren't you the smooth talker!" she said.

"Okay," he said, "I'm going to stop being outrageous now!"

"Oh, don't!" she said. "It's so much fun!"

"Almost as much fun as seeing your..." he began.

"Brian!" she warned.

"Yes, yes, manners and all that!" he said. "It'll me goodnight then. I just have a huge amount about this to reflect on."

"Yes, good idea," she agreed, as they hung up.

"Almost told him I was wearing the pink panties to bed!" she said and the phone rang again.

It was Brian again.

"Yes?" she said, humor in her voice.

"Almost asked you what you were wearing!" he said.

"You bold, bold man!" she said, mock outrage in his voice.

"One of my charms!" he answered.

"Yes, only one, I assume," she replied. "But don't think I'll tell you what I'm wearing."

"I'm going to pout now!" he said.

"Okay, okay, same kind of panties, same color, same material same cut!" she said softly.

"Ohhhh," he said, "Give me something to work with here!"

She only giggled at that.

"Brian," she asked then earnestly, "Is this the wrong thing for us? I mean with work and all?"

"I don't think so," he said, "Because it feels so good but that's what I need to think about. Good night, lovely Lynne!"

"Good night, Brian," she said, "See you at work on Monday."

"Yes," he said.

"Only me and my pink panties here!" she said.

"Stop it!" he complained, "That's cruel!"

"I've got game!" she said.

"Yes, I guess!" he said and they hung up.

Then Lynne immediately called the girls. They were afraid, when seeing who was calling, that there was a problem. But they were all giggles, when she described to them what had just happened.

"Got him on the run, Momma," Suzie said.

"Oh, I just don't know!" Lynne almost wailed.

"Don't take any cards off the table" Britanny said and they exchanged phone kisses at that point and Lynne hung up.

She didn't get to sleep right away; she, like Brian Seecroft, was thinking about all of it, what it meant, how it felt and the strange, strange thing that had popped up so quickly and effortlessly between them.

That Monday she knew that she had to deal with it, with him in some way, and was a bit nervous about it.

She gave him a smile, when she entered the office and then, marshaling her courage, she launched into it:

"Brian, Mr Seecroft," she began.

"Brian," he said kindly and she nodded.

"I know that this began inadvertently and there is no blame for anyone but I am so aware of my being inappropriate here. I'm not exactly sure what to do. My sense of what might be right even prompts me to resign on my first day. I have such mixed feelings about what has happened: I mean my Charlie, and the enthusiasm of the girls, the accident and the way that you've responded and that I've responded. It's such a mixup."

"Okay," he said, when she was finished. "We're not going to do anything precipitate, like you resigning. I am more than pleased that I've found the right person for the reorganizing that we want to do, and I'm extra pleased that it's you. I'd be lying through my teeth, if I said that I've already forgotten what happened last week. I don't think that's going to go out of my mind or imagination for a long time. That's simply the truth. At the same time, I don't want you to be uncomfortable. Why don't we take a week and concentrate on getting the job underway; doing our reorganizing and we'll see how it feels then."

"Yes," she said with vehemence, and went to hug him.

They stayed that way for a few moments, and all of what had already happened sailed through their minds. Then they broke apart, and she went in the direction of her office.

He stood there and she looked over her shoulder and said: "No, nothing is showing, you bad man!"

He grinned and said: "Rats!"

Their week of thinking had begun.

The week turned out to be both a matter of intense introspection and also progress. During the course of the week, Lynne applied herself to a design for the reorganization that they were interested in at Whales and Seecroft. Her efforts were certainly productive. This was the kind of thing that she really enjoyed doing and had kept current on for all those years, since the death of Charlie.

She was in conference with Brian frequently during the week with her thoughts and the direction of the design and he was constant in his praise and in telling her how pleased he was with her design.

Brian's week was a tumble, as it became more and more a reality to him about how wonderful he thought she was. He knew full well that his initial focus was captured by the vision of her panty covered butt in that skirt accident, but his estimation and value for her grew during the week and he found himself less and less able to put off the reality of how much he cared for her. It was a long week for him.

The work that week was sensational and exactly what Whales and Seecroft were looking for. But that was only a part of her week. A bit of it, a good bit of it in fact, took place late at night. She had a habit, when things needed serious thought or 'talking over' to do that with Charlie late at night.

She spoke to him out loud and was honest about her growing affection for Brian Seecroft. It was one of the first things that she needed to admit to herself, and in talking to Charlie about it, late at night, she was doing just that. It took, in fact, a few sessions for her to work through it all but she ended realizing that she really did have a kind of longing for her boss, Mr Seecroft.

It was a bit of a teary night, when she came to that conclusion.

"Thank you so much for always being there for me," she whispered to the darkness and the night and her Charlie. "I will never not love you! But there is this chance for me to move on and I'm going to take it." She cried then but felt a comfort in what she'd said to him and what she felt was his response.

Then it was time to talk to the girls about it. She called them the next day and invited them to dinner.

She hugged each of them, when they arrived and opened a bottle of wine.

But they noticed the difference in her, and the lack of her usual carefree, kidding attitude.

"Momma, what is it?" Suzie asked, concern in her voice.

"We have to talk, my loves," Lynne said.

"Yes?" Britanny said, equally concerned.

"It's about your father, and me and Brian Seecroft," Lynne said.

The tone was set and the girls were totally there for their Momma and immediately drawn into her concerns.

"Girls," she began, "I need a talking to."

"It's that man, the Boss?" Suzie asked.

"Yes," Lynne answered, "And I need to tell you that I've talked at night to your father about this, to kind of settle my mind."

They talked for a bit then, and the main question boiled down to which was more important the man or the job.

"Good point," Lynne said, "It's beginning to really seam like the man is more important than the job. You know that your uncle took really good care of me, after Charlie died, and I'm in excellent financial shape. I don't really need the job but I'd like to do it. But when I weigh these things, It occurs to me that the man is more important to me than the job."

"I'd say then try it out," Brittany ventured.

"Yes," Suzie agreed.

"And if for any reason he isn't interested," Brittany said next, "Which I don't think is possible here, then you back off and do the job or, worse case scenario, go looking for another job."

"Yes, but let's hope that the worst case scenario, losing the job and the man, don't occur!" Lynne said.

"They won't, Momma," Suzie said, "You're such a babe and we saw how he was looking at you, wondering what kind of panties you were wearing!"

"He was not!" Lynne said, blushing as the other two giggled, delighted with themselves.

"Was so!" Brittany said, "We both saw him. Almost threw you down and took your skirt off!"

They were giggling loudly at that point and Lynne had joined them.

"You two are terrible!" Lynne said vehemently. They only giggled the more.

"Okay, okay, I give," Lynne said. "If this doesn't work, you two are grounded!"

They giggled again and reminded her that she couldn't 'ground them' because they didn't live there any more.

"Drat!" Lynne said, and hugged each of them.

"Okay it's out for ice cream for us!" Lynne said and they all piled into a car and went out for a treat.

Monday, the next week, saw the end of their 'week' to think. Lynne, after her talk, especially with the girls, felt that she was ready for an encounter with Brian Seecroft.

On his part, he was wondering where she ended with her time for thinking. He knew his own mind well enough to be aware of his continuing and growing interest in and longing for Lynne, for her not as an asset for the company but for her, for herself.

That's the way the thoughts and expectations lined up for them on Monday morning. Lynne was a bit nervous that morning but totally determined, her whole previous week, with the various 'talks' she'd had with her Charlie and the girls, sat in her mind clearly. She made sure that she was at the office early. She was wearing the same skirt with the zipper fixed. She took time to type a note to Brian, and when he was there an in his office, she realized that it was time.

She went into his office, with the letter that she'd written in her hand.

He stood and smiled broadly, when she entered. He also notice, right away, that the skirt was the same.

"Brian," she began softly, "I have this for you." She handed him the letter.

"What is it?" he asked in return.

"It's my resignation, if you need to accept it," she said. "I've thought his out and have talked to my Charlie about it, about you. I've hashed it out with the girls and this is where I am!"

Having said that, she went to him, taking the few extra steps that were needed, seemingly huge steps for her, and put her arms around him. She kissed him.

He was momentarily shocked and then pulled her tighter into his arms, and returned the kiss.

It was all that was then needed. The kiss was soft, and wet, with lips open and tongue active and it declared for the two of them where they'd ended at the close of the 'week'.

When they broke apart, she said: "If it's you or the job, then I want you, though I admit that I love the job. That's the way it is. Accept this resignation if you need but I'm going to keep on kissing you. Know that!"

He smiled and she turned on her heels and began to stalk out, moving her hips sensuously in the process.

"Oh shit!" he said.

"I heard that, Mr Seecroft!" she said, looking at him over her shoulder.

Then she stopped, put her hands on her hips and said: "And don't you go looking to see if my zipper failed again. I fixed that, Mr Nosy Rosy!"

"Ohhh," he said, almost wailed, just shaking her head.

"So there!" she said next and then, what she did next, for both of them, was world shaking.

She simply grabbed her skirt by the hem and pulled it up, until the skirt was around her waist, showing her thigh high stockings, and a pair of delightful violet panties, which hid nothing at all.

She grinned at him and stalked out of the office, being careful to place one foot directly in front of the other, as she moved, giving her hips an even greater amount of movement.

"Damn!" he swore as she left.

He simply sat for a few seconds but then he was motivated right away and went storming out of his office into hers.

She looked up, momentarily surprised by the furor with which he entered.

"Damn it, woman," he said, "The next time that you pull a trick like that, I'm going to get my phone out and take pictures!"

She grinned at him and said: "I dare you, big boy!"

He went closer to her desk and, just above her waist basket, tore the letter of resignation into ices. Then he went back into his office shaking his head and mumbling.

She gave a totally satisfied smile, and said a brief, 'Thank you, girls!'. She had an updated manufacturing report to pass on to him and, grinning, decided to take it in to him right then. She went to the door and knocked politely.

"Yes?" he said, his voice guarded.

"Mr S," she said, "I have the monthly manufacturing round up."

"Good," he said, a sense of relief flooding his voice, it seemed.

Lynne only grinned and reached down, pulling her skirt up to her waist again. This time she was presenting to him, through the violet haze of her panties, her pubic hair, her pussy.

She was grinning from ear to ear, as she went into his office.

"Have it here, sir," she said, her politeness obvious and overblown.

"Damn it, you're doing it again, woman!" he stormed and, with her squealing immediately, he had his phone out and was taking pictures of her with her skirt raise and her pussy showing.

"Turn," he almost bellowed and she did as she was told.

Then he took a picture of her shapely ass, winking at him through the panties.

He smiled then and said: "Now what was it, Ms Neery."

"Nothing," she said, "Nothing at all."

She dropped the report on his desk and went behind the desk, not giving him a chance to rise from his chair.

She grabbed his head and pulled it to her stomach, pressing his face against the violet nylon of her panties.

His arms went around her waist and he held onto her and kissed her stomach. He whispered into her panty covered stomach: "Yes!" He hesitated and kissed her stomach some more and said again: "'Yes', to everything! Just 'yes' to everything!"

He kept kissing her, and she smiled, as she kept her hands in his hair, pressing his face against her.

"You siren! You totally lovely, bewitching panty assed lady! You absolutely wonderful woman! I want you, want you as my own!" he almost cooed into her stomach.

"Yes," she said, "It's what I want too! Come to me now!" she said, "And I'm not going to lower my skirt yet at all."

"No!" he said, and was standing and kissing her her, with his hands rummaging around on her panty covered ass, sliding inside the waist band of her panties and holding her ass cheeks, playing with them, as if to weigh them and separating them a bit, making her giggle into his lips.

"Like that!" she said into his lips.

"Gives me ideas!" he admitted.

"Goodie!" she said, "Ideas! I like that!"

She reaffirmed then what she'd said briefly before: "I talked to my Charlie at night, please don't mind! I talked to the girls and it's brought me to where we are!"

"Yes," he said, "I'd never, ever want you to lose your love for your Charlie! That's just not part of the picture for us!"

"Lovely, wonderful man!" she said and kissed him again.

Then, during the kiss, she reached down and pushed her panties down to her knees, giving him free access to her.

"Better and better!" he said.

She looked at him and grinned, as he played first with her ass cheeks and then with her pussy hair.

"And for the attitude that you showed before, when you had your skirt up, there is this!" he said, and slapped her ass.

She squealed and jumped around. "Do it again! Do it again!" she said with vehemence.

"Oh, damn, I'm so far out of my league!" he wailed but he slapped her ass again.

"Glad you recognize that, Mr Seecroft!" she said into his lips. "More spanking later! Work now!"

"Yes," he sighed, "Work now! Please pull your panties up and your skirt down."

"Didn't either pull my skirt up!" she said, grinning at him.

"Remember," he responded, "I have pictures!"

"Rats!" she said giggling. Then he swatted her ass again.

"Wait a few seconds," she said and went to the middle of his room. She put her hands in the air and modeled for him. Then she turned around and bent from the waist, with him simply expostulating sounds from across the room.

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