The Avalanche of Wobbling Flesh

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A request to help a friend in regards his slightly mentally unstable Aunt resulted in a desire being met, that turns into a full on orgy that ends up with a not surprising result.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Aunt   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   Size   Big Breasts   .

There were a couple of reasons why the Pandora box of desires could have been opened – one because a friend asked for a favour or because the institutions that were set up to house individual with a mental condition, no matter how slight were closed. However for Warren it was a situation that he didn't want to become involved with because the individual who had been released was the Aunt of the sister of a very good friend.

He had met the Aunt one afternoon when he went to help his mate with some maintenance and if it wasn't for the close bond of friendship he could have got quite interested in the Aunt; she was his type of woman, reasonably attractive, plump but not overweight, large sagging tits and a nice round bottom. His interest was immediately focused on her tits for not only were they his first point of interest, the way they wobbled proved that she was braless and she also was very friendly and seemed to take a liking to him to such a point that a certain section of his anatomy was beginning to become very interested and if it wasn't for that bond he would have taken the opportunity that she seemed to be offering take her aside and fuck her. Instead he kept his distance and was relieved to finish what he was doing and depart.

The phone call came a few weeks later; he knew that his mate and his sister were going overseas and that the Aunt was considered by the 'department of human resources' capable of existing without a carer'. She was given a small unit at a reasonable rent and was left to run it by herself. The call was from his mate who apologized for the inconvenience but stressed that it was important that the documents that he had forgotten and were on his dining room table had to be signed by the Aunt if she was to receive additional government assistance and would he take them to her, witness what she was to sign and have them posted off before the allocated time. Naturally he agreed but as he put down the phone he gave a groan and muttered. 'What has to be has to be I supposed'. He knew the Aunt barely left the small unit, did a bit of gardening but certainly would be home when he took the papers around.

It was just after two in the afternoon when he knocked on her door. A couple of minutes passed before a voice asked behind the closed door. "Who is that?"

"Warren Aunty Grace", he replied. He used her full title for that was the way he had originally been introduced to her and in the time he was helping with the maintenance as his mates, she was called by her own relatives 'Aunty Grace'. The door opened and he was greeted with a great smile and an excited squeak for that is what her welcome sounded like. She grabbed him and pulled him inside and literately danced around the table. He wasn't a mental doctor and had no idea of her state of mind, but she was behaving like a kid at a party, but she was no kid and the bounce of her tits was evident to that, this was a grown woman behaving in a very suggestive way.

"Dance, dance", she called as she grab him and pulled him up, crushing him against those wobbling mounds of flesh. He pulled back, holding her at arms length. "Aunty Grace I have some papers for you to sign and I have to witness, they are important if you want to get additional government assistance", he said. For seconds her enthusiasm wanned, she was confused but then seemed to consider her desire to 'dance' took priority and she again pulled him into her ample breast. "Dance, dance", was her excited call and literately began to pull him around the table. Being so close to such mounds of flesh and locked in the grip of a woman he secretly desired was the final straw. As they swayed in some sort of unrecognizable dance step he worked her dress up and pushed his hand hard against her groin, naturally expecting to feel the fabric of her panties, not expecting to find a heavy bush of hair, Aunty was wearing no panties and in seconds his finger found the lips of her cunt and seconds later he began to ram his fingers home, to such extent they were like a minor thrashing machine and Auntie's response was a long drawn out cry of 'Ohhhhhh!'

He manoeuvred her against the table, pushed her against it, pulled her dress up and managed to drop his trousers, revealing an already throbbing hard-on. He pushed her thighs apart and Auntie's cried of 'Ohhhh!' were replaced by an 'Ahhhhh!' as he drove his cock in one thrust to the utter depths of her cunt. Now totally buried he undid her blouse and fell onto those mounds of flesh, taking a surprising hard nipple into his mouth and with that firmly held in the soft embrace of his mouth, his cock began to move and the fucking began. In those seconds he realised that Aunty was no virgin and wondered who the first man to open her up was, was it a carer in the institutions or was it a boy in school? As he pumped he remembered his school years and a very slow girl, not an attractive one either but every boy in the senior class had been through her, she earned the nick-name 'the bike' for every lunch time either in the store room of the school or behind the shelter sheds she was ridden and sometimes repeatedly, taking on at least half a dozen boys in the one sitting. She never finished school but was taken out and in those seconds he wondered if she was now in the same position as dear Aunty Grace, spread wide with a cock pleasuring every fibra of her willing cunt.

Every thrust bought forth a grunt from the Aunt but by the time his balls were ready to burst she, maybe subconsciously was working in rhyme, lifting her bum to receive his plunge and when the thrust came and he sent burst after burst of hot cum into the depth of her belly, enough to made a dozen babies, her backside lifted off the table and her cry bounced off the surroundings wall. He stayed joined for a couple of minutes and then pulled himself off, the plop of separating flesh sounded, his cock fell free and he wiped it over that growth of now wet hair at her groin. "That was fantastic Auntie Grace", he said. "The best fuck I have had in months". He helped her up but in do doing removed her blouse and just let the dress fall onto the floor, she was now totally naked and his response was a smile of appreciation for she was definitely his sort of woman.

She was definitely confused but made no attempt to retrieve her clothes, she just stood rather awkwardly unsure of what to do. "How about a shower Aunty", he said. "You have cum running down the inside of your thighs, your tits are covered in saliva and your stomach is lathered in sweat and my cock and balls still have traces of cum all over them. He led her like a docile dog but when the hot water embraced them both and he soaped her up, spending a lot of time on those melons of tits and between her thighs, rubbing that forest of hair and playing chop sticks on the lips of her crack. She whispered. "I like the fuck we did". He paused and replied. "If you like we can fuck again, but first I would like you to suck my cock". Whether she had sucked a cock before he didn't know but as she made no protest as he pushed her down so that her head was level with his fast growing erection and she opened her mouth as he pushed that throbbing head against her lips and took it into her mouth, he suspected that Aunty Grace had sucked a cock before.

She sucked and sucked and each time he pulled her head further into his stomach so when he gave the thrust and filled her mouth, not a fraction of cock was on display. Sure she struggled but he held her till she drained his balls and saliva and cum was dripping from her lips, he then pulled her up and just let the shower wash away to deluge that was pouring from her mouth. "You are one terrific fuck Aunty Grace", he said as he helped her out of the shower cubicle. "You are also a fantastic cock sucker. I have been sucked off many a time, but you were tops". Maybe it was the way he said it or maybe it was the phrase but she was grinning and danced around the bathroom letting off an excuse of a song. "I nice fuck, I nice cock sucker. I nice fuck, I nice cock sucker". He took her into an embrace and silenced her with a kiss. "Lets have some refreshment and then I will fuck you again. Would you like me to fuck you again?" Her response was a nodding of her head, accompanied with a big smile and a grab for his genitals.

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