The Model

by Memory Heap

Copyright© 2014 by Memory Heap

Erotica Sex Story: She was supposed to be posing for some profile photos and head shots. What she got was a whole lot more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Reluctant   Fiction   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   .

I was sitting on a bench at one side of the room, a small suitcase filled with clothes beside me. Beautiful girls and photographer's assistants swirled around me, although none of them paid any attention to me. I was there to try and start chasing a dream, although right now it seemed like little more than a foolish quest fueled by some stupid ambition.

I was a forty year-old divorcée, the mother of two boys, and I had always thought of myself as fairly pretty, at least in my own narcissistic way. Several of my friends had always suggested that I could model, and I had gone as far as having a couple of photo shoots done, mainly to get portraits for business, or with my boys. A couple of the photos of me had been quite dramatic, and made me look very beautiful, and that led to more comments from my friends that I should try modeling.

In the end, I found an on-line announcement of an open photography session being put on by one of the local fashion photographers. The session was being offered so that current and aspiring models could get new portfolio shots, and head shots for tear sheets and résumés. The cost was fairly reasonable, so on a whim I decided to sign up for it.

I got an e-mail with suggestions on how to dress, how to do my make-up and hair, and what kind of clothes to bring with me, including a couple of changes so I could get different styles of photo. One of the suggestions was a bikini, which made me a little worried. I had never seen myself wearing a bikini for photographs. I was, after all, forty years old, a mother, and not some dewy-eyed eighteen year-old. I had kept myself in good shape through hours at the gym and a lot of running, but I still had forty years of wear on my body. My legs were one of my best assets, and I had been told I had a really good ass, but my breasts were quite small. For modeling they might be okay, but they didn't help when it came to attracting men.

As I watched the parade of gorgeous girls go by, and saw the number of times the flash went off from the studio in the next room, I was getting more and more convinced that this had been a really bad idea. I was seconds away from picking up my suitcase, forfeiting the money I had paid, and walking out the door.

Without warning, someone dropped to their knees in front of me. Warm hands cupped my knees and I stared into deep blue eyes under a wild tangle of unnaturally red hair; it was obviously not a colour that existed in nature, but on this girl's beautiful face it was a perfect fit. "So, you're here for the shoot?" I nodded, not quite capable of speech given the shock of her appearance in front of me.

"Great!" Eyes scanned me up and down. "This what you're wearing?" Another nod. "Okay, let's see what we've got." 'This' was a dress that buttoned all the way down. It was fairly tight, and showed the shape of my body fairly well. It was also somewhat short, since it only came to mid-thigh.

"I think we need to undo some more buttons ... let a bit more of you show through. Are you wearing a bra?"

"N-No." I finally found my voice as I shook my head.

Her next move surprised me as she simply started undoing the upper buttons of my dress, finally stopping when it was opened to at least the level of my nipples. She pulled the sides open a little, watching my cleavage, such as it was. My shock increased when she slipped a hand in the opening and found my nipple on that side. She squeezed it for a moment, then rolled it a bit. When it was fully erect and very hard, she did the same with the other one, then withdrew her hands and smoothed the front of my dress over my breasts. When she could see the tents my nipples were making, she smiled and muttered, "That's better."

The buttons at the bottom of my dress were next. When she stopped, I was sure she could discern the colour of my panties. "What kind of panties are you wearing? A thong, bikinis?"


"Lift up. They'll leave marks. Either wear a very small thong, or go without." Without even realizing what I was doing, I had raised my hips while she spoke, and I felt my panties sliding down my thighs. She dropped them on my suitcase, then put her hands back on my knees and eased my legs apart. I didn't feel the hand going between them until her fingers touched my pussy, pressing in to split my labia, seeking out my clit. Her thumb swept over my shaved mound, and I saw a hint of a smile cross her lips.

When her middle finger found my clit she started rubbing the tip of my little man, and I flinched at the initial contact. Her eyes locked back on mine, and she could see the fear I was undoubtedly feeling, along with the arousal that made me moan just then.

"When I shoot you, I want you to be hot, and aroused, and wet. I want you to think about my hands on your body. I want you to long for that feeling. I want you to call to me through the camera. I want you to want me, to want me to fuck you and make you come, screaming your way into an orgasm."

I had never been with another woman in my life, not even for a little friendly masturbation as a teenager, yet this beautiful person was making me so turned on that I was ready to undo the rest of my buttons and offer myself to her right now. "I ... I'm not gay..."

She smiled, beaming at me. I wasn't sure if it was a predatory look. "That's okay. I am, and for today only one of us needs to be. You're going to try to seduce me while I shoot you. Maybe later we'll try some other photos, after you finish the seduction. By the way, my name's Tina."

I smiled at the similarity of our names. "Mine is Nina."

She stood up and smiled at me again. "Relax. I think you're going to work out perfectly. Someone will be out to get you in a few minutes." She strode off to the studio room, leaving me as suddenly as she had appeared.

I was a storm of emotions, oscillating between being incredibly aroused and intrigued, and incredibly scared and ready to flee. I was looking around wildly when one of the assistants appeared before me and helped me to my feet, then grabbed my suitcase and led me away. My panties were still draped over the suitcase, but she didn't say anything about them.

In the studio I was positioned in front of a backdrop, in the midst of a collection of lights and umbrellas and softboxes. Tina appeared before me, about eight feet away, and started firing instructions at me as assistants did last-minute things to my hair, and straightened out any wrinkles in my dress.

Tina started shooting, posing me in various ways, getting me to look in one direction or another, smile or not smile, hands on my hips, hands in my hair, hands behind me, knees bent, one leg kicked out or striding forward. She was firing commands at me as often as the flashes were going off. Each time they went off they made a loud popping noise and the room filled with light.

I had no idea how long this went on, but suddenly she paused and loudly said, "Where's Eric?" I looked to my left as a blond Viking stepped up to me. He was wearing a tuxedo, but the tie was undone and hanging over his unbuttoned shirt, and he had the jacket slung over his right shoulder. He had a two-day growth of beard on his chin, and I was ready to have all of his children; I felt a strong pulse of something go through my lower abdomen when I felt him step behind me, so close that we were touching.

Tina brought the camera back up to her eye at the same time as she said, "Okay Eric, hold her." As she started shooting, his left arm came up to wrap around me, but his hand went right in the unbuttoned top of my dress and continued until I felt it close firmly on my right breast. He used the grip to pull me into his body, and opened his fingers just enough to allow my nipple to slip between two of them. When he brought the fingers back together, my nipple got squeezed hard and I opened my mouth to say something.

I heard Tina yelling, "Perfect ... just like that," and I realized that the shocked expression on my face was what she wanted. Eric started massaging my breast as he worked on my nipple, and I felt another twinge in my pussy; I wondered if she would shoot me while I massaged his cock, or just draped my naked body over his.

After a couple of more shots, Tina yelled, "Susan, get in there." A girl who looked sixteen but was probably in her twenties stepped into the shot and went to one knee by my right leg. Her left arm reached up to hold the back of my thigh, under my dress and very close to my ass. Her right arm swept the flap of my dress toward her, exposing my entire leg.

She must have pulled it too far, as Tina said, "Not so wide. We're getting out of PG territory." Susan moved my dress back a little, and I realized that she had probably opened it far enough to allow the lower parts of my bare pussy to show in the photos. I felt her right hand sliding up the inside of my thigh, and knew that if she went much higher we would once again be out of PG territory.

Tina took another series of photos as Eric and Susan kept their hands on my body, sometimes with one of my hands covering theirs. All I knew was that my breast and my leg were both getting thoroughly massaged, and I could feel myself getting wetter by the minute. For a few of the shots my left hand was on Eric's hip; what I really wanted to do was to move it behind me so I could massage his muscle the way he was doing to my breast.

Tina called for a quick break while she changed some of the lights. Looking at Eric and Susan, she said, "Keep her warm, but don't push it." This must have been some kind of signal, for Eric started playing with my breast a little harder, and I felt Susan's hand go all the way up my leg until her fingers began sliding over my wet labia. A few seconds later two of those fingers went right into my pussy, and my hips canted forward on their own.

Eric actually took his hand out of my dress and took hold of my left hand, pulling it behind my hip. As he pressed the hand to the front of his pants, I could feel his large cock through them. He closed my fingers around his muscle and helped me to hold it. "Go ahead," he whispered in my ear, "I know you want to feel it. You can play with it all you want, but you can't take it out yet." I felt it growing under my hand, and was having a hard time believing how big it seemed. I wanted it naked, and throbbing, and I wanted to feel it inside me.

My grip tightened on it when Susan put her thumb on my clit, and again when Eric breathed into my ear, "Imagine yourself on your knees sucking it deeply into your mouth. Imagine how it will feel when I slip it into your hot pussy. Maybe Susan can help too; maybe she can rub your little clit while I fuck you deeper than anyone has ever gone before." I started moaning and swaying as he spoke and I gripped his cock in my fist while Susan kept stroking fingers in my pussy and rubbing a thumb over my clit.

Just then Tina re-appeared in front of us, looking us over critically, then staring into my eyes as our little tableau continued. No one stopped what they were doing; I should have felt ashamed, but for some reason I didn't. I only knew that I wanted to come, and I didn't really think that I cared about the number of people who might be watching when I did.

She leaned in close to my face, locking my eyes with hers. "You want to come, don't you? You want Eric to fuck you hard, and you want Susan to lick your little pussy to get you ready. You're ready to let the two of them have you right now, aren't you?"

My mind was a fog of arousal and I couldn't think about what she was saying, or what I was doing. Yes, I wanted to come. Yes, I wanted to feel Eric fucking me; I wanted that huge cock, even though I had never seen it. I didn't want to admit it. I wanted to hold on to the last shred of what I had been before Tina put me under her spell. In the end, I just lowered my head and whimpered, "Yes. Yes, I want to come. Yes, I want to fuck Eric."

She put a finger under my chin, and lifted my head so our eyes met again. "Soon, baby. Soon. Not yet." She spun away from me, and took a camera from one of her assistants, then swung to face us, once again firing orders in rapid-fire style.

"Undo the rest of the buttons. Susan, get your fingers out of her pussy and dry them off." An assistant brought a towel to Susan at the same time that I felt Eric undoing the remaining buttons on my dress. "Nina, hands behind your back. Eric, hold the dress wide open." I was now fully exposed to everyone in the studio as Tina started shooting again. She only took a few shots of my full nudity before she barked more orders. "Susan, cover her pussy. Eric, do the same for her tits."

Susan moved one hand to splay widely over my pussy, blocking it from view, but my engorged clit was rubbing against her palm, and she moved the hand just enough to keep me fully aroused. Eric folded my dress behind me, then wrapped his arms around to cover each of my breasts with his hands, taking the opportunity to massage both of them. We held this pose through a few more shots, then Tina had Eric remove my dress completely.

A few more shots and Tina called for several new people to come to the set. Eric and Susan left, although not before Susan took one last opportunity to rub my pussy. As they moved off, I saw Susan reach over to rub the front of Eric's pants, and I wondered if she were going to be the lucky one who got to deal with Eric's obvious need.

Two new women joined me. They were both completely naked, while I was only wearing my heels at this point. A moment later, an ebony version of Eric walked over. He was layer upon layer of muscle, and was wearing only the tiniest little bathing suit; it barely contained his cock, which even at rest looked bigger than Eric's. He was covered in a coat of oil making his skin gleam under the lights, and I could imagine myself sliding up and down his body, repeatedly impaling myself on his cock.

Tina started sorting out the pose she was after. The naked women each stood beside me, at right angles to my body. They pressed in close and arranged themselves so that their nipples were not visible, nor were their pubic regions; my body provided the cover they needed. They each took one of my breasts in a hand, covering it from view, but of course that didn't mean that they didn't play with it; each breast, and its attached nipple, were getting a thorough massage. Each of the other hands had a cheek of my rear in it, also getting a thorough massage.

In the meantime, the black god, whose name was Dave, knelt behind me and put a massive hand between my legs, then up to cup my entire vulva and cover my mound. His fingers splayed widely over my lower abdomen, and I imagined that the contrast between his black fingers and my white belly probably made for an interesting image. He was probably strong enough to lift me off the ground by just my pussy; an image of me submitting to him went through my mind, and I moaned involuntarily.

Tina was shooting continuously, moving around the four of us, watching carefully to make sure that all of the 'naughty bits' stayed covered in each frame.

When she paused in her shooting, and looked over to once again say, "Keep her warm," I knew that I was about to be molested again, tortured to the point of an orgasm, but not over the edge into one. Before anyone did anything, I was moaning, this time out of the frustration that I was sure was about to come.

Sure enough, each of the girls uncovered my breasts, but then cupped each one as they bent their heads to suck on my nipples, lightly chewing them with their teeth, then squeezing the tissue of my breasts with their hands. Their other hands started pulling on the cheeks of my ass, and I felt fingers in my cleft, starting to reach for my anal opening. Dave pulled his hand back between my legs, but then curved his middle finger and pushed slowly forward again, impaling me on the finger. As it slid all the way into my vagina, I cried out; his finger was filling me more than some cocks I had experienced.

Between what the massive black man was doing to my pussy, and what the two girls were doing to my breasts and my ass, I was going crazy with desire. I had no idea what Tina had in mind for me, but I knew that I was ready to agree to almost anything just to end this torment.

When she returned everyone stepped back from me, leaving me quivering with the need for an orgasm. She sent the two girls off the set, and then positioned Dave in the middle of the space. She had him stand with his legs spread widely, then she told me to drape myself over one side of him, with one arm in front and one arm behind, and one leg wrapped around his massive thigh.

She photographed the two of us in this position a few times, then had me put my forward arm on his chest with my hand flat, fingers spread. As she continued to shoot, she kept telling me to move my hand lower and lower. Ultimately, it reached the waistband of his bathing suit. She lowered the camera and looked at me. "Go ahead, Nina. You know you want to. You've wanted to since Dave first walked out here. Slip your hand into his suit. Wrap your fingers around that magnificent cock. Let him know how much you want it. If you do a good job with your hand, maybe he'll let you have it."

She had me, and she knew it. I was desperate for something, anything. My hand was an inch away from his cock, and I just gave myself over to her demands. My fingertips slid under the edge of the waistband, and the rest of my hand followed slowly. I could feel the skin of his shaft, and my hand just naturally followed the curve of the thick tube, filling my grip with its magnificence.

"Do you want that cock, Nina? Do you want to worship that cock? Do you want to suck that cock? Do you want to feel that cock slide into your pussy? Is that what you want, Nina?"

The feel of it in my hand, after hours of being teased, knowing that it was so close that I could simply bend over and skewer myself on it was just too much for me to handle, and I yelled, "Yes. Yes, damn it. You bitch, you know I want it. Give it to me."

She laughed. I thought it was a particularly cruel laugh, and I looked at her with a fierce expression on my face. "Soon, Nina. Soon you can fuck yourself silly with that cock, but there's something more you have to do for me first. I need to take a few more pictures of you."

"Haven't you taken enough pictures already? I can't use most of them in my portfolio."

"Oh, actually you can. None of the shots are pornographic; they're all rather artistic. You look really good in them."

"But ... but I'm naked in them."

"Yes, but nothing is visible—a bare arm, a bare leg, that's about it. Now, for the pictures I need to take, for those you will be visible. The client will pay a lot of money for them, but you'll be naked."

"I-I don't know if I can do that. People might see them."

"Yes, maybe. But think of this—you'll get to fuck that wonderful cock you're holding. You'll get to have all kinds of wonderful sex. The payment is a few photos of your body."

I hadn't realized that I was still holding Dave's cock, nor that I was rubbing and squeezing it while Tina spoke. I could feel it hardening in my grasp and I wanted nothing more than to have it in front of me, bare and angry and ready to do wonderful things to my body.

I was standing there, daydreaming about how good that cock might make me feel when Tina sharply said, "On your knees, Nina. Dave, move up closer to her." I didn't realize that I had done as she asked, but suddenly that magnificent bulge was right in front of my face. I heard Tina barking orders again, and knew the flashes were popping again, but I was still in a sexual fog as I followed her directions and started pulling his suit down the tree trunks of his thighs.

His third tree trunk popped into view, bobbing in front of my face, and I gasped, then licked my lips when I saw it for the first time. There was a drop of moisture at its head, and I was sure I could taste it in my mouth as soon as I saw it. I dragged his suit to his feet and he stepped out of it, then spread his legs wide apart. My eyes had never left the tip of his cock; from the number of photos that Tina had been taking, that seemed to be the reaction she had wanted.

"Okay Nina, now you get to taste it. Do a good job, and we'll get some nice pictures, and then Dave will give you a present before he fucks you blind."

I wasn't sure what she meant by 'a present' since the only present I could think of was getting fucked by that massive pole. Before I could clear my head enough to ask, Dave had stepped up closer and placed the tip of that cock at my lips, smearing the drop of moisture on my lower lip. I automatically opened my mouth to lick my lips, and he pulled my head forward so that the head of his cock suddenly filled my mouth.

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