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Erotica Sex Story: The story of a man who seeks education to understand women. He puts a challenge to the lecturer to convince his wife that sex is OK. The lecturer accepts the challenge and gradually takes the wife over the edge into depravity - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Slut Wife   Rough   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   Teacher/Student   .

It was word of mouth that decided Howard to attend the 'relationship' classes that were being conduced as part of an adult education course. He knew that his relationship skills were not good, especially in contact with women and especially with his wife; this association was almost a non event.

In a way he wasn't surprised to find that the class was all men, there were a couple of women but they kept much to themselves and made no endeavour to engage with the men in the class for they were part of the catering team that was organized to distribute supper after a class. The lecturer was a very smooth individual, very nicely dressed and the way he put his argument and methods to alter one's self image or to engage with others, could not be faulted. Howard was impressed but in his thoughts he couldn't visualize the arguments put forth by the lecturer having an impact on his wife. The lecturer told them that all women were open to phrase and acceptance and were not totally opposed to sexual adventures. "It is the way you approach them, that matters", he said. "You also have to have confidence in yourself, paint yourselves as 'useless' and that will mushroom in others and they will reinforce that opinion and avoid you like the plague".

Howard thought about 'the confidence part' of the lecture. He knew he lacked that for he knew even from his school days that he just didn't have that 'sexual attraction' he still remembered the comment a woman had given him that 'he had the sex appeal of a piece of concrete'. After a class a couple of weeks later as the lecturer was gathering his notes and the supper had been cleaned away and almost all of the class had gone, he approached the lecturer. "I hear what you are saying", he said to the lecturer. "But I don't think it would work with my wife. She is very set in her ways, has a deep religious upbringing and as far as intimacy that you have mentioned as being a desire of all women, just doesn't exist with her. I have been married for decades and I could count on my fingers the number of times we have embraced and as far as actual sex in concerned that is a subject that she avoids for she considers that act is only for 'reproduction', pleasure or comfort is a definite 'no', 'no'".

The lecturer was shocked, he put down his brief case and for several seconds was silent then he said. "Your wife does interest me, for I doubt that she is as bad as you describe. I have know many women and many were very hesitant in regards sexual behaviour, however, over time and it wasn't long I have encouraged them to think positive and I can assure you Howard that I fucked every one of them and each woman sucked me off many a time. Your wife just needs to be approached from a different angle and I'm sure Howard that given the right circumstances she would willingly spread her thighs".

"She wouldn't for me, we don't even sleep together", Howard replied. "I know her too well but I would be happy if you would like to convince my wife that being fucked wasn't evil and to take a cock in her mouth was almost as good as a sweet". The lecturer couldn't help but give off a very welcoming smile and agreed to the challenge. A date and time was set.

The lecturer applied his after shave lotion, put a comb through his hair and smiled at the coming encounter; an encounter that he knew would be successful. The only question was how long would it take. The quickest achievement with a total stranger was just over an hour. He got into conversation with a woman in a coffee shop and before that hour was out was fucking her behind an array of cars in the car park. 'I don't think the problem is with Howard's wife', he muttered as he tied his tie. 'I think it is with Howard for he is the most negative man I have come across, has no value in himself and really is a drain on the class. I'll enjoy his wife and if she is co-operative I will tolerate him as long as she fucks. In fact if she is like other women virtually crawls to get cock I will use her as I did another woman as a EXHIBIT in a class, she accommodated all the men, they fucked her till she was dripping cum, from her mouth, down the insides of her thighs and running down the cheeks of her bum then they all pissed over her and she delighted in the golden spray, proving that she could be manipulated into any activity if the circumstances were favourable.

The idea of a guest was welcomed and Howard's wife did what she always did when others arrived, was the smiling host. Howard introduced her to the lecturer who, not quite slobbering over her but pulled out all stops in making a good impression to such an extent that she was all giggles and was constantly offering him the array of nibbles and drinks; it was almost as though her husband didn't exist.

The lecturer didn't take Howard into any pre activity information; in fact he ignored him and delighted in the way the wife was making herself available. The wine would have helped soften her up but he was sure that it was the attention and phrase that he constantly gave her that resulted in her becoming clay ready for a moulding. He was sure that she, like women he had met, was starved for affection. He helped her put the used dishes in the sink and then without any warning cupped her very ample tits, her reaction was what he expected a slight gasp of surprise and then a gentle purr as he massaged them. All Howard did was shake his head in disbelief as the lecturer left one tit and worked at her groin, unzipping the slacks and pulling them and her panties down till that large forest of hair was on display. The expression on his wife's face as fingers found the lips of her cunt and began to play chop sticks was something that he had never witnessed, it was as though she was on another planet, but when she was pushed over the table and the lecturer drove his hard, thick and not small cock up to his balls, her cry was not of horror but of pure delight.

They fucked for well over ten minutes, every thrust by the lecturer has his wife uttering her reply in gasps and grunts that echoed around the kitchen. She would rise as he pumped, enabling him to remove her blouse and bra so by the time he gave the thrust that emptied his balls, she was naked and her tits were bouncing to be almost a blur of activity. For seconds after he had pulled out he collapsed over her, crushing her tits against the hard table, but she showed no sign of discomfort and from her mouth dribbled a tide of saliva. He then lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom. Howard followed but he was like a spirit, totally invisible to both wife and lecturer. The wife was dumped onto the bed and the lecturer removed what clothes he still had on and then fell onto those wobbling mounts of flesh, almost devouring the hardened nipples while driving his fingers up that cum stained cunt.

There was nothing Howard could do; it was almost as if the woman he knew as his wife had been transformed into a creature of depravity. As the lecturer sucked and fingered she erupted, pushing her groin up hard against the invading finger while pulling the lecturer's head hard against her tits trying to force more of that wobbling flesh into his hungry mouth. Finally with his balls refilled and his cock again on fuck alert he altered his position and dragged her head down towards his erection and pushed his lubricated cock against her lips and with a "Suck it cunt, suck my cock", her mouth opened and despite her struggle forced his length down what would be for a sucked cock a virgin throat.

She struggled but he held her till saliva totally covered his length and was gushing from her mouth, he then pushed her back, yanked her thighs apart and drove in one thrust his cock to the limits of her cunt and she responded with a cry that would equal any whore and rose and fell, working in rhyme to the fucking her cunt was receiving. There was no use in just standing, hovering around like a bad smell, for despite the activity Howard knew his cock wouldn't budge; he just couldn't join in and slowly removed himself. He didn't hear the continuing slap of flesh against flesh or the howl as the lecturer emptied his balls for the second time. He didn't observe his wife finally taking a load in the mouth as her head was crushed into the groin of the lecturer nor did he observe the almost comical reaction when she copped for the first time a cock up her bum.

He was just sitting, his mind a smorgasbord of confusion and despair when the lecturer appeared; he was buckling his belt but on his face was an expression of absolute satisfaction. "I have fucked many women Howard", he said. "Your wife tops the list. She is now an expert cock sucker and her bum, boy Howard her bum is a fuck I could keep accommodating." As he turned to leave he gave a parting shot. "Oh! She has agreed to partake in further education for despite her introduction to what is available there are still chapters in the sex education manual that has to be examined". He was laughing as the door shut.

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