Tied in the Dark

by Evestrial

Copyright© 2014 by Evestrial

BDSM Sex Story: This is an erotic story centered around the concept of bondage. It is about the fulfillment of being used and it starts in the thick of it. It also includes elements of science fiction.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   BDSM   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   .

I sat in the dark, staring at the black nothingness around me. The cool air stinging my skin as a gentle breeze sifted into the stall from somewhere unseen. I tried to curl up and cover myself as best I could, but the strain just made my wrists and throat hurt as I strained against rope that tied me to the toilet. The strain heated me slightly but only made the cool air prick at my bare abdomen and legs even more. How long had I been left here, in the dark, unable to move, not hearing a sound?

The wait was over though; I heard the door open and felt a hand brush up my thigh and gently stroke my balls, causing my cock to harden again. As it did so the hand trailed up my shaft, balancing one gentle finger onto the tip of my dick. The hand then ran down my cock again, tickling my testicle as the nails slid gently over the recently shaved skin. Then there were two hands, brushing my thighs, fingertips tracing lines up my stomach, making the muscles spasm with gentle tickling caresses. They continued up, tracing the edge of the rope on my neck, gently touching my cheek and lips around the bit that kept me from speaking. Then they slid back down to my shoulders where they gripped hard, fingernails digging into my skin, I gasped at the sudden shock of pain, little as it actually was, having been deprived of stimulation for so long, everything was so intense I almost screamed through the leather that was in my mouth, forcing me to bite down on it.

I strained to see who was touching me, but the blackness was absolute, how they figured out where to touch me I can only guess. But I felt lips press into my chest, a grazing of teeth as the mouth lowered down inch by tantalizing inch across my abdomen. Then the tongue came out and the warm, wet softness of it circled the base of my cock, the side of their face brushing against the shaft of my hard cock. Then the tongue slid up my shaft and the soft lips parted to slide over the head, slowly my cock was enshrouded in a warm, moist embrace. The tongue circling around my cock as the mouth slid up and down. The tip of my cock touching the back of their throat just as the muscles contracted and they tried to swallow, rippling over the tip of my penis. I could control it no more, I groaned so loudly I could hear it echo in the empty space outside of this stall.

One of the hands came up from where they rested on my thighs and wrapped itself around my dick, replacing the warm space where the mouth was as it moved slowly back toward the head. The hand started stroking my slippery, wet shaft, working it faster and faster; my breathing starting to match the motions. The lips still fastened to the tip of my dick, started to play gently with my head, teeth grazing, tongue flicking. The hand rubbing me harder and faster, the lips parted, letting the cool air shock the tip of my dick. The other hand was now gently caressing my balls, rubbing gently along the bottom. I felt the tongue come back out at the bottom of my shaft, gently circling there as the hand continued to work me, then suddenly it moved up to the tip and the shock and change was too much for me, I came with a convolution and a moan, my semen spraying out in three hard bursts, hitting, I'm sure, whoever is sucking me off, in the face.

After the third hard spray I felt the hands, tongue, and face start to rub my cock again, as it was still half hard, the slippery ejaculate being spread across their face as they continued to rub me. The sensation was overwhelming; I was convulsing with every movement, every twitch of their hands and face. Then it stopped. And I was left panting and wet in the cool air as I heard the stall door open again.

At first I thought it was the first person leaving, but then I felt a hand on the side of my face, I felt the bit be unbuckled and removed. For the first time in however long I could breathe properly. I opened my mouth to stretch out my jaw, but then something firm and warm was pressed into my mouth. It pulsed and throbbed as I explored the cock with my tongue. It was huge, filling my mouth, and pressing into my throat. I felt it slide out a bit, the foreskin catching on my lips and rolling over the head, then it thrust back in and unrolled again. I felt a hand on the back of my head and suddenly the cock was rubbing further inside me, I had to suppress gagging against every quick thrust, the warm cock filling my mouth and throat. Then suddenly it was pulled out, leaving my mouth gaping and spit hanging from my lips. And just as suddenly my head was pulled to my left and another cock was shoved into it. This one with no pretense, it was just fucking my face hard. Again and again it thrust into my mouth as someone held the back of my head. I then felt the first dick, the one directly in front of me slap the side of my face while I sucked. It really is massive, covering all of my cheek and eye. The warmth of it was incredibly erotic, especially while I was sucking another dick.

The they both pulled away suddenly and my head was pulled right, a third cock getting shoved into me. This one was also quite large, shoving so deep I started to gag a bit, but the hand on the back of my head never moved, it held me against the rope at my neck, keeping me from moving as the third dick just pounded deeper and deeper into me till I could feel the balls slapping my chin. While this was happening I felt someone reach down and start rubbing my cock, it was fully erect again, hard and smooth.

After a few moments of being face fucked I felt the dick pull out again and then all three large, hard cocks slapped against my face and I felt the trembling as they were being masturbated. I turned my head and started to lick one of them just as all three mean groaned as one and they came on my face, covering me in hot, moist, slippery, white semen. It was so exhilarating that I came on the hand that was sill jerking me off. The hand, covered in my own cum, came up and rubbed it off on my chest, then the door opened again and I felt very lonely but good, well used.

I then felt a gentle rush of air move across my face, cooling the cum that covered me. There was then a strange clicking sound, like a chain being drawn across a ratchet wheel, and suddenly my legs were being lifted from where I thought they had been tied to the floor. It dragged my body forward, resting my spine a bit uncomfortably on the seat, my ass now cold again, to the open air, my shoulders stretched to the limit; I could not move at all anymore.

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