Auntie May

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A jovial woman becomes a carer in a home for the mental disturbed. She learns that the other carers are into sexual relations with those under their care. She is introduced to what the carers call 'perks' - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   .

Aunty May was a woman in her fifties; she was plump but not out of proportion for although she was heavy breasted her bottom acted as a counter weight. She was very jovial and because of her pleasant manner was considered a 'benefit' as a carer in one of the homes for the disturbed that was opened to accommodate the residents from the closed institutions.

Qualification were really not necessary, all that was required from the volunteer was a pleasant nature and an understanding of those who were put into their care. The reason for the volunteer was that they didn't have to be paid and costs and the savings were of prime importance to balance the books in the government's accounts. She was shown the outlay of the home, there were six patients of which four were men, she was shown what was required of her and where all the medications and the necessary toilet facilities were including the showers. "You will have to shower the patients for some finding even washing a burden", she was told. She was introduced to the other carers and left. "You won't get much more help from her", another female carer said as she introduced herself. "I'm Clare".

"I agree with what Clare said", a male carer who came up and gave her a cup of coffee and introduced himself, "Warren is the name; "Our so called supervisor is paid, goodness knows what for, she sits on her backside in the office playing with her computer and shuffling a lot of paper, makes everyone things she is busy, a trained monkey could do what she does and do it better". Clare laughed.

"However, this place does have its perks", Warren said as they all sat down. "Perks how do you mean? May asked. Both Clare and Warren had a giggle. "What Warren means May", Clare said. "He fucks the women. He tells me they may be as nutty as a fruit cake but they appreciate a cock.

"Don't give me all the credit Clare", Warren smiling said. "You give the males a decent feel. You told me you have sucked them all off and that bloke who was transferred some weeks ago you said he fucked you, in your room regularly".

"Ah!" Clare moaned. "He was so off the tracks for a normal existence but when I got his cock up nice and hard and got him between my legs, boy did he know what to do. I enjoy fucking but that bloke not only had a cock that would rival a horse but he knew how to use it and when he emptied his load I was off the planet. I sure miss him".

May was shown her room, she shared it with Clare. "The men have a room at the end of the house" Clare said as she help put away May luggage. "Well lets go and meet our charges", she grinned. "I will show you what Warren meant by perks". Together they helped one of the charges into the bathroom. "Shower time Merv", Clare said as she helped him undress and then to May's surprise she totally stripped herself. "If we stayed dress we would get soaked. Once water hits these nitwits they almost go berserk. Why not join us May, the cubical is big enough. You can wash his back and I'll operate on his front, especially his cock and balls."

So shocked by what was happening it was only when both patient and carer were in the shower that May gave a shrug and undressed. "Get a gander of this", Clare giggled as May squeezed in. She was massaging his cock and May was astounded as it grew and thickened and even more astounded when Clare went down and began to suck it. She pulled away from the throbbing cock. "Hold him May, once I start on his cock he flaps like a sail in the wind and many a time I get a clout, especially when he shoots his load", Clare said. May did what she was asked and as she washed she had to hold the patient as his balls exploded for as Clare said he was like an uncontrollable whirlwind.

The patient was very docile as he was dried and dressed, but nothing could dismiss the great smile on his face. "The next patient due for the shower is Bill, he is older and a little more restrained, doesn't knock me almost out when I suck him off. However, I have an idea", Clare said as they went into Bill's room. "You work on his front, suck his cock and I'll do his back. These are the perks working with these nuts brings; we don't get paid so as Warren says lets get our rewards sexually. After all May we are not hurting them but giving them enjoyment that they would never otherwise get."

So used to having a shower with a naked woman meant that Bill was already sporting a hard-on before the shower was turned on. It had been ages since May has sucked a cock, but it didn't take long once her mouth closed over the cock head to get back into practice and the bloke was 'Oooooing! and Ahhhhhing' with every action of her mouth, Clare paused in her washing task. "When he blows you will know about it", she said with a giggle. May continued with her task, maybe she heard, maybe she didn't for Bill had pulled her head into his groin and thrust himself forward and let fly. It wasn't the first mouth full May had received but it certainly was the first that had her struggling for the amount of cum that flooded her mouth took her breath away. Finally he released her with a continuous comment ' Nice suck, nice suck, now fuck, now fuck'.

May sat on the floor of the cubical as the water washed off the cum that poured out of her mouth and over her tits. Her face was flushed and as she finally stood up she was still spitting out the essence of Bills balls. "When I first copped a mouthful I was shaking like a leaf for he held me till I had sucked every drop. I was gasping for breath when he released me", Clare said as Bill was dried and put back into his room. "He said fuck", May said. "Do you fuck him?" Clare smiled as they proceeded to the next client. "Yes I do", she said as she opened the door. "This is Trevor". The man was middle aged, but he was showing far greater indication of 'mental disturbance', he was shaking and uncontrolled in his laugh and giggle. On top of that he was naked for like Bill so used to his shower and the fruits that it produced that his cock was erect and throbbing with anticipation because the women hadn't dressed. It took Clare minutes to calm him down and it was as though she was commanding a dog to do its tricks. "Down Trevor", she snapped. "Down, lie down like a nice boy for your reward", she smiling said as she saddled that lance of a cock, inserted into her waiting cunt and gave a long gasp of pleasure as she dropped totally taking the length, right up to the balls and as she began to rise and fall, gasped between her groans of pleasure. "Drop ... drop your tits over his face May, he will suck and nibbles on your nipples till you are almost tearing your hair out with delight". May did and while Clare fucked draining every drop of cum from the balls, she grit her teeth and pushed her tit further into the face of the patient for Clare was right, fuck he could suck to the point that she would undertake the suggestion Clare made as she pulled herself off that now drained cock.

Trevor can refill his balls very quickly so by the time we shower him he will be ready to go again. He then takes me 'doggie style' in the bathroom, so instead of me, let him 'doggie' you. May has already experienced and introduction to what was on offer and the thought of that enormous cock sliding up inside her already throbbing cunt was an offer to good to miss. They showered Trevor, both giving his cock a nice suck and then, even before they dried May bent over and as Clare giggled and clapped Trevor drove his cock to his balls into May willing cunt and as he fucked her gasps bought Warren into investigate. Clare being naked was quickly accommodating Warren already lubricated cock for his charge a fat slop of a woman named Helen had already given it a decent suck. He took Clare into the same position and for the next fifteen minutes patient and carers fucked each other off the planet.

The next patient, using a nice phrase for all the carers considered them 'nutters' was Standley, he was black, as black as coal but all May did as they came to shower him was gasp, never before has she come across such a cock, he was fucking enormous and by the way Clare was licking her lips she had already experienced it and even before they hit the shower Clare had positioned her self and Standley so used to what was now required got between her thick thighs and rammed that length all the way up Clare's accommodating cunt and boy did she erupt. May just stood in utter amazement that a woman could take such a length but by the expression on Clare's face was enough to make her determined to get a piece of the action.

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