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Erotica Sex Story: You ever see one of those deals at the grocery store where if you buy one can of beans you get a second one free? Yeah.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   DomSub   .

Seeking Enlightenment through Bondage

I'm not sure if this is a uniquely US thing or if it happens all over the world, but marketing specials where you buy an item at whatever price and get to take a second one home with you for free are pretty common around here. Certainly in the grocery stores with cheap stuff like a can of beans, and occasionally in other places too. The ads refer to the offer as 'BOGO', for "Buy One Get One".

It's usually done for product awareness with items that aren't selling well, since if you like whatever it is you are likely to come back next week and buy however many you want at their regular prices after the special is over. And if no one buys more? Well, you have unloaded your inventory a lot faster that you would have, and you can use that space for something that does sell.

I picked up a rather good BOGO deal at the local Wally World yesterday. I wasn't even looking for it, I just happened to notice it on my way out. I had gone in to get yet another headset for my phone, because I put them down someplace stupid, then forget to pick them up again until I'm somewhere else. There's no point in paying for a nice one if I'm only going to have it for a couple of weeks, so I get one at Wally World. Or maybe, I lose them because my subconscious doesn't care about something that only costs $13 and will probably break in a month anyway.

Anyway, I was checking out when I realized that the cashier was acting like a scared little mouse forced to work around the cats. So I smiled at her and asked how she was doing. She smiled back and said she was fine, how was I? Doing pretty good, but it gets lonely at night without a wife to talk to. She brightened up at that, so I asked if she had anyone to go home to. "Just my two babies".

By now I'd noticed that her name tag said she was Amber and she could "do more for less" which I guess is Wally World's current slogan but sounded to me like something a discount hooker would say. And, well, frankly, a discount hooker was my greatest need at the moment. So, I asked if she had anyone her age to have dinner with. No. Would she like dinner when she got off? Yes. When is that? Four o'clock or so. I got her cell phone number and let her go, since the line was piling up behind me.

She couldn't answer if I called, but I could call and leave a message, and she could call me back when she got free. As soon as I got back to my truck I called her. I wanted to use my new headset, but it had to charge for a while first.

"Hi Amber, this is Eric. Give me a call when you can. We can go wherever you want for dinner; I'm a guy and I'll eat anything." I gave my number in case her phone didn't let her just return the call, and went looking for a car wash. Let's see ... back to the hotel for a shower and change, then to an ATM for some cash.

Amber called while I was driving around pretty much aimlessly, just learning the town. She would get off at 4:15 if there were no schedule changes, and she needed to be at her mom's house by 6.

No problem, I'll be there. Call me when you are ready and I'll pull up to the door for you.

When Amber called me the second time I was waiting beside the building. I didn't drag her over to me, but I did hold my hand out for her to hold for a second. She gave me a smile.

I was going to be open-minded about where we ate, but she didn't want to tell me where to go. We finally decided to eat at the IHOP right across the street, since it was right there. Sure, anyone can find something good to eat there.

We talked about the town. Amber had been here all her life. I was new in town, sent to supervise an auto parts warehouse's construction and initial stocking, and then manage it once it was complete. I expected to be here for a while, maybe even long enough to retire. When we were done eating I asked her if she could show me all the sites on her next day off. She said she would be happy to if she could bring her children.

That gave me an excuse to ask about them, and it gave her an excuse for talking about them. By the time we were done eating I knew that Sally was 8 and a handful and always wanted attention; she would act up if that's what it took, and Billy was 4 and getting into everything; he was always trying to get away from the attention so he could cause trouble in peace. I tried to pay attention and remember everything she had told me.

Now, don't get me wrong, Amber really wasn't a hottie. She looked kind of dumpy and no one ever called her a genius, but she acted like a puppy who would do ANYTHING, learn any kind of silly trick, to please her owner, and that kind of thing got my attention. If she was really willing to do anything to please me, I was willing to be her owner.

When we were done I made a point of asking her how much we should leave the waitress as a tip. The service wasn't anything to remember, neither good nor bad, but wait staff usually don't get even paid minimum wage like Amber probably was. They depend upon tips, and unless they really screw up badly I try to give them the standard 15%. Part of the point was that I could afford to do that, so I had money. Another part was that I had fairness rules and I treated those fairly who treated me fairly. I could almost hear the gears slowly grinding inside her head.

When we got back to the truck I opened the door for her, helped her in, and closed the door for her once she was out of the way before I went around and got in on the driver's side. Hey, I got manners. With people who haven't fucked me over, at least. I put the key in, but then I pointed to the dash clock and pointed out that we had some time. Did she ever get to just relax for a few minutes? No, not really. Okay, I'll set my alarm so we aren't late. Pulled my phone out, did that. Then I sat back and held my hand out for her.

She took it, and the rest was pretty much a foregone conclusion after that. I pulled her to me where she could rest, if she wanted, and I started petting her. Stroke her arm, run my fingers through her hair, trace her face with my fingertips. It was obvious she liked it and didn't want me to stop giving her positive attention. Good puppy!

After a few minutes I moved to her chest. She was wearing a choking truss of a bra, but that just told me that she had big fat titties that needed support. And attention. She made a half-hearted attempt at pushing my hand away, but I held both of her hands in one of mine and went back to stroking those big fat titties through her blouse and bra.

At least she had taken her Wally-World tunic off when she got off work. She had a choice between getting up and leaving, or letting me play with her breasts. Or, at least, stroke her blouse, which had a bra under it, which had titties under it. She let me play. I tried to be gentle and relaxing. It's just a nice massage. I'm sure she knew what I was doing, but it WAS relaxing, laying against an assertive strong man who liked her. It DID feel good.

After a few minutes I murmured "I want the real things." She knew what I meant, and she leaned forward to help me take her blouse off. She looked unhappy when I undid her bra, too, but she didn't object beyond making the face. I pulled her back down to lay against me, and now I used both hands to fondle her breasts. Part of it came from her being overweight, but who cares? They are still nice big fat titties, she is still young and they don't sag too much, and I love playing with them. I did tell her "These are beautiful. I could hold them for you all day."

Eventually I could tell that I was doing it right. She didn't go to sleep because I was giving her a relaxing massage; she started to squirm because a man was playing with her titties and gently pinching and pulling on her nipples.

I slowly slid my hand down her belly to between her legs and started rubbing her twat where she was squirming. She responded well to that, too, alternately squeezing my hand between her legs and letting them go as I rubbed her twat with one hand and pulled her nipples with the other. Before long I had her pants down around her ankles and a couple of my fingers in a nice hot wet snatch.

I was starting to squirm, too. So, I told her "We don't really have enough room here for me to take care of you right now, but I'd love to tonight, if you want. On the other hand, I can't drive like this. Have you ever given a man head?"

I didn't ask if she wanted to, and I didn't ask if she was any good. All I asked was if she ever had before. It was a far simpler question, that she could answer 'yes' to without thinking too much. I wasn't going to ask any questions that she could answer 'no' to.

We got her turned around, and she finished pulling her pants off to make it easier to move around. Then she knelt on the bench seat beside me, watching as I struggled to pull my pants down to my own ankles. When I was ready, I reached out and fondled her titties again for a few seconds before pulling her head down to me. She didn't fight much, she just did what I wanted. As a wife or mother she would be a disaster, but as a girlfriend she's going to be great.

Amber wasn't the best I'd ever had, but it's all good. She took direction, she tried hard, and when I held her head in place and exploded she swallowed it without making much of a mess, everything you could ask of a fat girl you had picked up on a whim. She was still there, gently nursing while I held her head in place with one hand and played with her titties with the other, when my cell phone alarm went off.

She jerked and I let her up while I was finding my phone and turning it off, but when she reached for her clothes I pulled her back to me. It's hard to hug when you're sitting down, but I did the best I could, rubbing her back and telling her she was beautiful and wonderful and I wanted to keep going tonight if she was willing. Eventually I let her up to kneel beside me, and I stroked her face. "You're beautiful. Please just stay right there for now. I don't want you to get dressed yet. You look too good."

So, Amber was still kneeling naked beside me when I drove back over to the Wally-World to find her car. I kept her nipples hard, and I verified that her snatch was wet a couple of times, too. When she pointed out her car, though, I had to let her get dressed. I ran my fingers through her lower lips one more time and asked "Please tell me I can have this tonight. I'm sure it's even better than what you just did." She nodded, so I pulled her to me again and hugged her, before pushing her away enough to look her in her eyes and demand "Tell me I can have your pussy tonight."

I was smiling when I said it, but it was still an embarrassing thing to say to a complete stranger you had just met that morning. She turned red and shook her head.

"Amber, would you rather be spanked?" I was still holding her, and I moved my hand around to her ample ass. I rubbed it a couple times, then popped one side. "Tell me I can have your pussy tonight." I rubbed it some more, then popped both cheeks again, harder. "Tell me!"

"You can have it tonight."

"What can I have?"

"You can have my pussy tonight."

When she said that I pulled her to me again and kissed her on her lips. When I let her go I said "You are a beautiful young woman, and I really want you. Now, I have to let you go so you can get dressed. I'd rather you didn't, I want you to always stay like this, but I bet your Mom would get upset if you were still naked when you got to her house."

I touched her, fondled her, and generally just got in her way while she was trying to get dressed. She finally had to ask me to let go of her breasts so she could put her bra on. I grumpily agreed, but I insisted that she had to let me hold them again tonight. She finally exasperatedly said "You're like a child!"

I grinned and told her "Yes. And you just took my favorite toy away. I may cry. I want it back again tonight so I can hold it while I sleep." She smiled brightly at that. Everyone likes being told that they are irresistible.

I followed her to her Mom's house. She parked in the driveway, but I thought I shouldn't block anyone. I parked in front, half off the road. Amber waited for me, though, so I told her that. "I don't know who else is coming, or who has to leave when, so I didn't want to block the driveway." She held my hand, walking up to the front door.

Amber rang the bell, saying "I have a key but I don't want to just walk in on Mom with you. It should be okay, but I give her enough trouble with the children."

A woman answered the door. A little older than me, but looking enough like Amber to be her mother. Overweight like her daughter, but distributed better than Amber. Unlike Amber, she was wearing a frilly blouse with a million buttons and a simple skirt. That's more like the way men like women to dress.

"Hi, Mom, I brought a friend by to meet you. This is Eric Anderson. Eric, this is my mother."

"Please call me Sharon."

She stuck her hand out, so I took it and said "Certainly. It's good to meet you."

Sharon invited us in and asked if we would like something to drink, but Amber answered for both of us. "We just had dinner but thanks."

Amber pushed past us, I assumed to go find her children, leaving me with her mother. Kind of rude to just abandon a man you just blew. Still, that's the right priority, isn't it? If she didn't think her kids were important I probably wouldn't like her very much even if she DID do anything I asked. Sharon asked "Where did you go?"

"I offered to take her to dinner but she couldn't decide where she wanted to go so we ended up at the IHOP across the street from her Wally-World. Maybe next time we can go someplace nicer."

"If she doesn't tell you, she loves seafood."

"Hey, thanks. What about you? I figure that by this weekend I'll be taking all four of you out to dinner."

Sharon looked pleased at that. "Well, anything will do for me, as long as someone else is cooking."

"You're just like your daughter, If you can't make up your mind all you get is IHOP."

"Oh. Well, I like Italian food, steak, seafood, oriental, really just about everything. I'll be happy wherever you take me."

"That's better." 'wherever you take me'? How about to bed? Would she be happy with that?

About then Amber brought her two children to meet me. Sally said "Hi" but stayed beside her mother. Billy didn't say anything when he was introduced but I knelt down to be his height and he took my hand when I held it out to shake.

Amber went back to getting the kids ready to go home while I talked with her mother. I was thinking about Sharon really being just like her daughter. When it was time to go out the door I told Amber that she had a routine to get her children fed and I would just be a distraction until dinner was done. Instead of following her home, I should spend a few minutes getting checked out by her mother so she could decide if I was acceptable or not.

They both laughed at that, but it was a serious issue. We would be a lot happier if her mother approved of her dating me. I expect that there had been men who hadn't received the 'mother's seal of approval'. And, if I didn't get it, well, I could walk away with a blow job. Or, I could keep seeing Amber anyway, if she really made it worth my while.

Sharon walked out to the car with Amber, holding Sally's hand. Amber held Billy with one hand and she held mine in her other. I stood back while they loaded the kids, though. I pointed out that I've sold child car seats, but I've never actually put a child in one so I needed to let the experts do their thing.

I could help Amber get in the driver's seat, though. I knew how to do that! Amber liked that. I held the door for her, and before I closed it I gave her a kiss, cupping one of her breasts. "I'll be over as soon as I can find your place. Will your mother give me your address?"

"Mom! Please be positive. We can do this."

"Okay, dear. I'll give him directions, too."

"Thanks Mom!" Then she kissed me again and pushed me away. "I have to get the kids fed before they eat the car."

"See you soon!"

"Don't let her scare you off!"

I stepped back beside Sharon as Amber backed out of the driveway. "'Don't let her scare you off'? How scary are you?"

"I'm not scary at all. I just want my daughter to be happy, and I want her children to grow up in a good home."

"Well, that all sounds reasonable, but I don't think that she's going to be able to do much for them working at Wally-World. Would it be rude to ask where the men are? There should be a good man living in this house helping you with the bills, and another one living with her helping raise those children. Where is the kids' father? Where is Amber's father?"

"The children never had fathers. Both of them left when she got pregnant. Amber's father left when Billy was born. He couldn't handle a second grandchild with no father."

"So instead of stepping up to the plate and helping his daughter, he ran?"

"I think it was more that he could kill her or he could leave."

"Well, if those were his only choices, then yes he was right to leave. What happened to the kids' fathers? Are they helping pay for their children?"

"No. We didn't have the money to take them to court."

"Hmmm. I bet supporting the two by herself is costing her more than going to court would have."

"Well, yes, but we didn't have it."

"Hmmm. Well, would it hurt anyone's feelings if they started paying? If nothing else, the money can go to a college fund."

"We'd be delighted if they started paying for their children. How would you do that?"

"If you don't know how I did it, you can't very well tell anyone in a courtroom. If I stay with Amber, though, they're going to start paying. Or die, I'm good with that, too, if they prefer."

"I don't want to know what you're going to do."

"Good girl."

"What about my husband? Amber's father?"

I took a couple of deep breaths before I answered. "What he did may have been wrong, but some people just can't handle things and they break. Better that he left than hurt his own daughter. If he never hurt you or Amber I shouldn't bother him. The kids' fathers, though, they can start paying or they can die."

I patted Sharon's ass and said "Let's go back inside." Once she was moving I asked "So, when do I meet your boyfriend?"

"I don't have one. Men are trouble."

"Well, that's true enough. Although, it can just as well be said that women are trouble, too."

"I'm not trouble. I never cause any trouble. I just want to be left alone."

"And people won't leave you alone, will they?" We were inside by then, and Sharon led me to a cozy family room with a couch and some comfortable-looking chairs. I went to the couch and pulled her down to sit beside me. Her skirt rose to just above her knees when sitting.

"Sharon, your daughter is a sweet girl but she needs a man in her life. She's a sheep. She does whatever she's told to do, and there are a lot of bad people out there who will take advantage of her. She needs a man who will stand up for her and tell her she doesn't have to listen to the troublemakers. I'm thinking of taking her in, but she's got a job and two children. She doesn't have time to take care of me the way I want. If I'm bothering her all the time I'm not doing her any good. She needs a man who helps her, not one who keeps her from getting any sleep."

"You, on the other hand, don't have two little children running you ragged. And you're closer to my age anyway. If I keep you up all night taking care of me it's okay, you can sleep all day. Here, stand up." I tugged on her until she was standing in front of me.

"Okay, put one knee here..." I pointed beside my leg and pulled her leg to where I wanted it " ... and the other knee here." I pointed to beside my other leg. That took some effort, since her skirt was too long to sit like that. Well, that's part of why I did that, to give her a good reason why I was lifting her skirt up. She ended up sitting on my knees with her skirt over both of us, and close enough that if we had both been naked we'd be fucking. I was sure she realized that, too.

Once she was where I wanted her, I started undoing all the buttons on her blouse. She brought her hands up to stop me, but I took her hands and put them on my shoulders. "Sharon, you are going to be my reward for taking in an unwed mother with two children. We aren't cheating on your daughter. You're just helping her out with one of the things that have to be done, like feeding the kids. Neither of you needs the headache of a full-time man. Instead, you are sharing a man so you only get half the headaches. It isn't going to be a secret. Neither of you needs to hide what we are doing from the other. I'll help around the house here and help pay the bills, and help take care of Amber's children, and the two of you will share taking care of me."

Sharon had tried a couple more times to get me to stop undressing her, but I kept putting her hands back on my shoulders. Eventually I held both of her hands in one of mine and finished undoing buttons with the other. When I was done I had to let go of her hands to spread her blouse open, and she covered her bra with her hands.

That's okay. While she was trying to keep me from seeing her bra I reached around and undid it, then slid my hands under it to cup her breasts. "Sharon? How long has it been since a man held these?" Sharon had nice big fat titties too!

"Well, my doctor checks me for breast cancer every six months..."

I snorted. "Is he just checking for breast cancer, or does he fondle them the way I'm going to?"

"I think he touches them more than he has to."

"I bet his wife isn't as well endowed as you are. All men love breasts. Now, I've got these. You go ahead and take your blouse off." I supported her titties while she did that. "Your bra, too." I got elbowed in my face while she was doing that, but she apologized and I had to apologize for getting in her way. She wasn't used to having a man in the way while she undressed.

When she had put her bra down she put her hands on top of mine, covering her breasts again. "Sharon? You're still trying to cover yourself. Put your hands behind your head." I helped her, then lightly stroked her arms while those big fat titties hung free between us. "Now, you have beautiful breasts and I want you to share them with me. Look me in the eyes and tell me you have beautiful breasts."

"I have beautiful breasts."

"Tell me I can look at them whenever we're alone.

"You can look at them whenever we're alone."

"Tell me that no one has held them the way I do since your husband left you."

"No one has held them the way you do since my husband left."

I went back to holding them, stroking them, rubbing her nipples. She flushed even deeper, and they sprung up hard very quickly.

"Tell me you have beautiful big fat titties."

"I have beautiful big fat titties."

"Does it feel good to have a man playing with them?

"Yes it feels good."

"Tell me I can play with them whenever I want."

"You can play with them whenever you want."

"I love to play with big fat titties like these. As long as you let me have these whenever I want, I won't go anywhere else looking for titties to play with. And, I don't want you to go anywhere else, either. I don't want you showing them to any other men, and I don't want any other men playing with them. Now tell me that these big fat beautiful titties are mine."

"These big fat beautiful titties are yours."

"Tell me no other man gets to look at them or play with them."

"No other man gets to look at them or play with them."

I kept playing with them for a few minutes, then I started kissing and licking them, and gently nursing. Sharon loved that. All women do.

When she couldn't hide her squirming any more I stopped nibbling on her nipples and pulled back to look at her face again, still cupping her breasts. "Why don't you lead me to your bedroom?"

"Eric, we shouldn't do that."

"Sharon, stand up." I helped her balance while she did that. "Now, drop your skirt. And your panties. Now stand still. No, spread your legs. More. Right like that. Now, where do your hands go? When you're standing like this in front of me, they go behind your head or behind your back." I helped her put her hands behind her back.

I started by stroking her breasts, which she had already accepted I could do. Then I ran my hands down her sides to her hips, sliding them around to touch where her panties had been. Then I ran them on down to her knees before I moved them inside her legs and back up again.

"This is part of how you keep me happy. After you have given me your beautiful big fat titties and I've played with them, you take the rest of your clothes off."

I was stroking between her lips, and they were getting wet. "Sharon, tell me how many years it has been since you had a man inside you here."

"It's been almost 5 years."

"Don't you think that's long enough? Your husband is not coming back. Saving this for him is senseless. You need a man."

I stood up and held her to me, pulling her arms around me. I whispered in her ear "Tell me I made you wet."

"You made me wet."

"Tell me you can feel my erection."

"I can feel your erection."

"Sharon, my cock is going inside you. If you want, we can do it here on the couch, but our first time should be in your bed. Now, say 'Eric, let's go to bed.'"

"Eric, let's go to bed."

"That's what I want to hear you say to me whenever you want me. You need to say it at least once a week. And, you need to be naked and holding me when you say it." I pulled one of her legs up and around me so that her soft little bush was grinding against my hip. "Now ask if we can go to bed."

"Please, can we go to bed?"

"I want that very much, but you need to take your shoes off, too. I want you to be completely naked when you lead me to your bed." I had to hold her up while she took her shoes off.

"Now tell me you're naked and wet, I have an erection, and we're going to bed."

"I'm naked and wet and you have an erection and we're going to bed."

"That's the kind of thing I love to hear from you. Let's go."

She led me to her bedroom and I had her undress me. She had to kneel to get my shoes and socks off. When I was naked, too, I directed her head to my cock. "Kiss it. Tell it that you will be good to it and you want it to be good to you, also."

After she did that I asked "Do you like to give head?"

"No, that's disgusting."

"Okay, that's not what we're here for today, but sooner or later you're going to have to learn how." I got on her bed and rolled over on my back and pulled her on top of me.

"Sharon, I want you to be on top first. Get your legs under you and sit on it." I held her up as she was getting organized, then watched her face as she sank down onto me.

When she was all the way down I asked her "Sharon, where is my cock?"

"It's inside of me."

"What part of your body is it inside?"

"It's inside my ... my vagina."

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