Cheating, It Can Happen to Anyone

by PTBzzzz

Copyright© 2014 by PTBzzzz

Fiction Story: One half of a couple decides to cheat, it ends it all.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   .

"We're going to have the best time tonight! Right lover?"

I heard the voice loud and clear as they came in the front door to the bistro. The voice was one I was very familiar with. They were seated about 20 feet behind me, their reflection was clear in the mirrored wall. Most of the light in my booth came from the light that hung just behind me, leaving me in the shadows unseen.

I pulled out my cell phone and sat there at the ready to record their activity. I only needed to wait until they were seated and began to record the most painful scene it had ever my misfortune to witness.

I am Kelly, I was out of town for the last 3 days and was not due to return until tomorrow. I called home to speak to my spouse, Whitney. No one was not there so I decided to eat dinner at our favorite place. It had been some time since we had been in, the place had changed (not for the better). The crowd was younger, rougher and mostly drunk on their asses. There had been a fight at the far end of the room just after I was seated and the place never really settled down afterward. I liked the fact that they sat me at the end of a long row of booths, it was quieter back here.

They were seated together on the same side of the table facing the mirror, it was a cozy fit. Their conversation was loud enough to be heard over the din of the room, I heard it all. As I sat there I saw his had creep slowly up under Whitney's dress, only token resistance was offered. They had been "swapping spit and tickling tonsils for a long time. The camera on my phone was recording everything. I was stuck in that corner until Whitney got up to use the restroom. They had been talking about going to our home for a night of "fun" as they put it. I quickly left.

I raced home to get there before them. Early in our relationship we had installed cameras in our bedroom to record the excitement. I knew the cameras were there, I had looked at them last week. I put new disks in the recorders set them to run and left before they arrived. I broke a window pain in the kitchen door and left the door unlocked, turning the thumb knob with my hankie in my hand. The door was only open an inch or so.

Soon a message arrived on my phone informing me of a security breach at the house.

I had parked down the block a few houses under the shadow of a tree and away from the streetlights. Five minutes after they arrived I called to report someone had set off a silent alarm on the back door of the house that was left to me by my mother's parents when they died. I told them I had received the report on my cell phone and was concerned that Whitney might be alone in the house

We lived outside of town quite a ways and the police take, what seems like, forever to get there. Ten minutes later three police cars rolled up in front. They had few lights on, the approach was slow and silent. Soon two more cars rolled onto the block. The front door was guarded by two of them and most of the rest went in the back door. I soon saw flashlights sweeping quickly around the rooms of the first floor.

Another eight to ten minutes later the shit hit the fan. Whitney and Mike, as I found out his name was, were escorted out of the house while the police finished searching for the intruder. They were only wrapped in sheets. Finally after being allowed to return to the house Mike dressed and left immediately. I guess I spoiled their evening. Awww!

Soon I received a call from Whitney. "Why did you call the police? Whitney was completely embarrassed when they threw the bedroom door open the rest of theway ... had just finished getting ready for a shower, was completely naked ... never been so embarrassed before. It continued for about five minutes, without allowing me to get a word in.

After the ranting died down I responded "The alarm system called my phone to report a break in at the kitchen door, I was worried for your safety and called the police. Sorry you were embarrassed, it was better than being killed or assaulted. Did they find anything unusual in their investigation?"

Whitney told me about the glass being broken out of the door. Daddy had come over to bolt some plywood over the opening to secure the door for the evening and would spend the night there on the sofa in case someone returned. "I need to set him up for the night, I'll be alright now. Thank you for caring, I love you."

I almost gagged when I heard that. I just said "OK." and hung up. I turned off the phone in case there was a return call.

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