The Cuckolded Professor

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Anthony was a shameless cuckold. His beautiful spouse Betty expands his horizons and makes him quite content. Now it is time to move on and he decides to continue in the same role only with a different trigger to his excitement.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   FemaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Teacher/Student   School   .

Anthony Wiggins was above all a gentleman. His hard-working parents had raised him to be honorable and honest. He was of good character and yet he had a weakness that he kept well-hidden from the eyes of the public and most of his friends and family.

Anthony was a shameless cuckold!

Some readers will be shocked by that assertion and others will just giggle and pity a fool. In all honesty, the only one most comfortable with the fact would be his stunningly beautiful spouse Betty who had married him just because she knew he would be forever wrapped around her little finger.

Betty Montgomery was everything that her husband was not. She was a cheat and an adulteress. Every other word out of her pretty kissable mouth was an outright lie. She masturbated outrageously even when she knew he was looking at her busy fingers. Her dresser was filled with the kinkiest of sex toys and she had a list of male friends whose common denominator was the excessive lengths of their shafts.

Her hobby was to have her accommodating husband take revealing photos of her being used by her many friends with huge cocks. They had taken so many of them that he had already started a volume two after the other large portfolio was completely filled with interesting angles. She also had a closet with neatly stacked used condoms notated with the name, phone number and cock length of her many cuckolding partners during ten long years of marriage.

Anthony was a Professor of Literature at the University and he had only recently secured tenure for life. He specialized in Medieval Period works and had written a textbook on the use of early devices to heighten the sexual experience. He had done extensive field work to compile his book which was illustrated with real models dressed in medieval costumes. Some of his colleagues had proclaimed it to be more pornographic than educational but the students seemed to enjoy reading it from cover to cover.

It was shortly after he joined the University staff that he married his charming wife. She had been a student at the University but he was not one of her instructors. They met at a party for an elderly Professor's retirement and she was the evening's entertainment all laid out face down on the padded cushions in the center of the room. The elderly Professor was happily poking her backside with a tired-looking tool and a big wide grin on his wrinkled face. The all-male party of guests informed him that she was a notorious teacher groupie who would bend over for anyone with tenure.

One look at Betty's contorted face was all Anthony needed to make up his mind that this was the one for him. When he talked to her later after she had adjusted her clothing and held a drink in her hand, he found out that she was due to graduate in a few months and had no plans for the future. Knowing that the benefits of a Professor having a beautiful wife who was more than willing to offer her favors to the senior staff would insure his own tenure, he propositioned her with the stipulation she must be readily available for any professor or administrator who vied for her attentions.

Betty thought it a "marvelous" idea and they were soon wed. The honeymoon was a disaster because he was unable to maintain a stiff stand more than once a night and almost never in the daylight hours. Still, he was able to poke her in all of her openings and she seemed to be satisfied with the taste of his seeds.

The very first cuckold experience was exciting to Anthony because he thoroughly enjoyed watching his Betty gobble up ten inch monsters with her greedy vaginal lips. She was able to flog up a wilting cock with her over-active mouth and he witnessed middle-aged men performing feats of amazing stamina when she held her ankles over her head.

Sometimes, when the lucky fellows got carried away and started to batter her flanks with their stinging palms, she looked at him with a pitiful glance wanting his support in the degrading humiliation. He just took more photos and she hid her tears and her internal shame.

Being a perfect gentleman, Anthony would always clean her thoroughly after each encounter and massage the kinks from her battered backside and long shapely legs. On rare occasions, she would allow her husband to mount her but only gave him permission to poke until she had a satisfactory release. It was a bit frustrating to Anthony but he muddled on hoping he might be able to achieve his ejaculation at the same time or just before she blew off her steam.

After a vacation to the Greek Isles, Betty decided to add a little variety to their cuckolding routine. She introduced the use of a newly arrived female student to the mix with an appreciation for feminine companionship. Then, she would encourage the girl to use a strap-on on Anthony whilst he was poking her own puss from above. It was noticeable to her that her husband became frenzied in his strokes when he was being entered from the rear at the same time. It also allowed her to look up into her new friend's eyes with her husband's energized cock roaming about in corners seldom touched.

A variation on the mix was when she offered her own flanks to the heated young female student for anal poking and her Anthony sampled the girl's own anal opening for a tightness test. The weight of the two of them on her back was sublime and she managed to experience waves of pleasure seldom achieved before in generic copulation.

Betty was convinced the trip to the Greek Isles and the viewing of the lusty statues in the name of art and not porn had triggered her sexual needs to levels that obsessed her with her basic instincts.

Anthony just went along with the ride and was happy for the opportunity to poke her pretty bottom when she was in the mood and without other sources of satisfaction. Her newest excursion into Sapphic pleasures was astonishing to him because he knew her constant need for cock in any form.

Budgetary cutbacks at the University meant that his salary would be reduced by ten percent in the coming instructional year. He happened to be putting some of the latest risqué photos into their special album when he had a flash of insight that these photos could be put to a money-making source of income.

Anthony knew that most of the male Professors were in the same financial boat with him and that they were not a viable target for any blackmail scheme that would use their sexual peccadillos against them. In fact, most of them would welcome the exposure as it would remove them from suspicions of having secret urgings directed more at the male students. As in every University there was a fair smattering of female tenured Professors who tended to keep their own counsel and shunned the male staff. He decided that he would combine his Betty's new-found inclinations for female interaction to the generally assumed predilections of the female staff for young female pussy. He made of list of likely candidates and right at the top was the name of Professor Florence Hemingway, the assistant dean of Women's Studies.

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