The Naked Vegetarian

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Nudist...Vegetarian...Pole Dancer. What more can I say.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   .

My name is Serena. I am a naked vegetarian. I once considered becoming a vegan but the rules were far too strict and I knew I would be a complete failure. My parents don't suspect I am a dedicated Nudist and they just think my abstinence from eating meat or dairy products is just a passing fad. I have to laugh when I consider their complete naiveté.

Even when I was small, I liked to run around the house without a stitch on my back. It was real cute when I was quite small but as I grew older, my parents enforced a dress code that was more appropriate to a convent than to a private home in the suburbs.

I have two room-mates in my spacious apartment in the city. They are both females. I found it necessary to have female room-mates only because the one time I had a male room-mate, he sported a raging erection whenever I was in the same room. I felt sorry for him because he couldn't help himself but it was so depressing that I had to give him thirty days' notice to pack his shit and get lost.

At least with girls, repressed desire or lust is not readily visible and they are able to conceal their needs from others. My current two room-mates are Gloria and Rose.

They are completely different from each other but deep down inside I suspect they are both very similar to myself. My primary rule in the house to complete nudity at all times for the three of us. Guests are allowed to choose their own mode of dress all the way from completely nude to fully dressed.

I also insisted that we adhere to a vegetarian diet at all meals because I personally cannot stand the sight of a human being eating meat right in front of me.

Gloria was kind of a successful businesswoman with a booming real estate office in the center of the city. She spent a lot of time getting dressed and putting on her make-up in the morning and both Rose and I were in awe of the change from her plain big boob and big ass normal nude persona into a really hot number in a tight skirt and lots of eye shadow. It was strange that she didn't seem sexy at all completely naked but as soon as she had her war-paint and her tight-fitting duds stretched across her heart-shaped backside, she looked pretty devastating in a sexy sort of way.

Rose was a policewoman and she was in charge of the prisoners at the precinct which was within walking distance of our apartment. She told me that she was the only girl and that she had six brothers all older than her. I loved it when she told me that by the time she was of legal age, she had seen so much cock that she didn't quite understand why she wasn't issued one at birth. That was when she announced to me that she was a lesbian and that I shouldn't worry because she was very passive. I tried not to laugh because if nothing else, poor Rose was not in the least bit sexy and I found it likely that she would have difficulty in attracting attention from either gender.

After Gloria left for work, Rose and I were sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. She had a day off from her duties at the precinct and I worked a night shift at the Exotic Dragon Gentlemen's Club as a premier pole dancer and private lap-dancing girl. Needless to say, my body was a temple and I kept it in tip-top shape to attract more customers and cash carrying followers. I never thought about the morals of my line of work because I was not one of those girls that spread their legs for money or sold actual sex for cash or favors. I had a strict rule about not kissing any stranger on the face or lips and insisted my customers kept their cocks inside their trousers when I gave them a ride.

I last time I had sex with a member of the opposite sex was when I got rid of my male room-mate. I felt so bad about kicking him out for simply having a hard-on all the time that I let him mount me as a sort of farewell present of good will. I will admit that the size of his thing was probably the main reason for my decision and I never regretted it. His recovery time was astonishing and even though our time was limited, he managed to do me three times in about an hour and a half. When I went into work that night I was noticeably slower and more tenuous on the pole and the other girls gave me a "knowing" look that told me they knew exactly what I had been doing.

Gloria told Rose and me that she had just signed this well-known rock star to a contract on a seven-figure residence with both a pool and a hot tub for entertaining purposes and she had committed all three of us to join in the "housewarming" ceremony on Saturday night. It seemed like a nice idea and we were all enthusiastic about the upcoming party.

The place was almost a mansion and had iron gates and cameras with a long circular driveway just like in the movies. Gloria was greeting people at the door and I figured she had invited most of the guests since the rock group called "The Iron Triangle" was only newly arrived in the area. The group consisted of three members from diverse backgrounds. Luong was an ethnic Hmong tribesman from Indochina; Amelie was from Paris, France and the leader Simon was from somewhere down around New Orleans in one of those places that you can't get to from here. They looked like vinegar and oil but when they made music everyone shut up and just listened.

I saw a couple of looped female teenagers on a corner sofa and I hoped they were of age because I didn't want to get rounded up in a raid that made me an accomplice to "corrupting the morals of a minor". Gloria laughed and assured me they were all over the age of eighteen and just looking to have a good time. The Leader of the rock group sort of stuck on me like a tube of glue right from the get-go and I didn't make a big deal out of it because he was kind of cute with his little goatee and bulging trousers.

Rose blew my cover right away by declaring me a "wonderful pole dancer" after she had a couple of glasses of Chianti without eating. I could see everyone looking in my direction wondering when I would start to strip and give them some entertainment.

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