Third Time Pays for All

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2014 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: It was always terrible decisions for Karon Sugarman, at least that's the way it seemed, first with her husband Lief, who ran off with a secretary, and then with the new young boyfriend, Jay, who proved to be rough and wanted to 'pass her around'. Their argument left her homeless. But an angel was waiting for her right around the corner, for it was then that she met Dr Evers.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Spanking   .

Clint's Intervention:

He was eagerly wondering how the new ear things would work. Clint Evers, Dr. Clint Evers, chief of surgery at the University Hospital, a teaching hospital, had read information about a new brand of hearing aid. The hype about them was that they would make you hear better than your natural ears.

He had been noticing lately, though he was only 45 years along in life, that his hearing had been dimming a bit. And, not being one to fool himself, Clint began to look into getting some kind of aid. He wasn't just sure if it should be actual hearing aids or what. Then he read about these new devices and decided to try them out for himself.

He was treated very well at the place where the devices were sold and they were anxious to learn what kind of experience he'd have with them.

Clint promised to get them and try them out and talk to the people who handled them later to evaluate how they were working for him.

At 45, Clint Evers was at the 'top of his game'. He was a good surgeon. There had been women, a few of them, even a few affairs but no one that he considered 'a keeper'. He was also content with that. He lived a quiet life and devoted himself to the work that he did. He knew that about himself, and waited, he had decided, until 'she' came along.

He'd had a busy day that day, he'd done three surgeries, though one of them was extremely minor and had decided to treat himself out to dinner. For his dinner, he selected a quiet place that had a basement dining area that was sectioned off into alcoves. It was quiet and peaceful.

He settled down there and ordered a glass of Stout for himself and just began to ruminate about his day.

His 'ear machines', as he called them, had various levels of sound enhancement that could be used. As he sat there, he heard murmuring from the next alcove and decided that, though it wasn't polite to eaves drop, it would provide him with a grand opportunity to see how the 'ear machines' worked. He turned them up to make them super receptive and could hear the conversation in the next alcove, as though he were sitting there with the couple. After a few moments of hearing the conversation, he sat agog and listened.

Karon Sugarman had agreed to take Jay out to dinner. It was one of the things that he liked to press her to do now and again. It inflated his sense of his being 'kept' in a way by this 'middle aged' bitch—- what he called her to himself —- that he'd latched onto.

They were seated in an alcove in a new restaurant for them, and Jay had an agenda to press with Karon. She knew it, or at least suspected that he did and wasn't sure that she wanted to hear it at all.

The worst part of it, for Karen, was that she suspected that she was in the middle of her second great terrible decision in her life; second disaster of her 43 years.

Her Lief was the first. They'd been married for 12 years, when he 'ran off', she guess that, that was the terminology for it, with a secretary, a 22 year old blonde, from the secretarial pool where he worked.

Karon discovered, to her chagrin that the house was totally in his name. It had never seemed like a problem for her. He insisted on paying her off for what her half might be worth, and against the mortgage that remained, it wasn't a huge amount that she ended with.

She stored her stuff and was faced with the task of looking around for a place to live. She was hurting and, she should have known, vulnerable. That was her mood, when she made her second disastrous decision for her life. That decision was Jay.

He was a grad student and had met her at a kind of a party that she'd been talked into attending. She was staying with a friend at the time, who had the party.

Jay kind of swept Karon off her feet, and, after talking with him during the evening of the party, was invited to his place for a drink.

Karon, no drinker at all, had had a couple glasses of wine at the party and was functioning in a kind of fog.

They went to Jay's 'pad', as he called it, a fairly nice apartment, that was paid for by his parents, and had another drink.

He complimented her on how lovely her body was. They embraced and he ran his hands down her back and clutched at her butt cheek.

Karon, at the moment, was too hazy with drink, and hurting from Lief's betrayal to say anything at all.

"Nice ass on the old lady!" Jay quipped.

Karon giggled, and tried to ignore what he'd called her. She was determined to show Lief that two could corral a younger person.

She did nothing either, when he slapped her ass. It made her shriek and jump.

"Hmmm," he said, "Like that noise!"

He slapped her again, and got another shriek.

It might have been a function of her tendency toward doing what she was told, which Karon had never questioned with Lief but, when Jay told her to take her skirt and blouse off, Karon complied. She knew that she wanted to be loved and was determined to go ahead with this handsome young man.

He watched her, though she'd said that she'd go into the bathroom and come out in a moment. He had objected and said, in a fairly cold voice: "Do it here!" She did.

She was a bit shaken by it but went along. This was going to happen, that's what she kept telling herself.

Finally, she was naked. He told her to stand there and he walked around her. As he walked around her, he always had his hand on her, on her breast, grabbing a nipple, on her butt cheeks, or riffling through her pubic hair.

"Hmmm, pubic hair on the old lady!" he said, putting a kind of a comic tone in his voice. It caused her to giggle at the time.

Then on one turn of his walk around her, he slapped her ass again.

She jumped and shrieked.

"Love that!" he said, "The feel of it; the sound of my hand hitting your ass; the squeal that you make. Love it!"

She pressed herself against him then and kissed him. Rubbing herself against him, fairly desperate in her need, right then, to be wanted, wanted in some way, even if it were his rough spanking of her naked ass.

"You gonna be a good girl?" he asked, looking down at her.

"Yes," she said. "He slapped her ass again!"

"Yes, what?" he said in a rough voice.

She knew and amended the statement to: "Yes, sir!"

"Better!" he said, "But you've earned yourself a spanking for not addressing me properly."

"Spanking?" she asked, trying to emerge from he fog.

"Here," he said, pouring her a small glass of some kind of liquor. He took a glass of it also. He demonstrated to her how to drink it and she just down it, as he had done.

It made her world fuzzier.

"Now we're ready," he said, and Karon submitted but she wasn't really ready for what he had in mind.

He grabbed her and propelled her over his lap and began to slap her ass. As she writhed and wailed, he kept slapping her harder.

He finally took her panties and made her open her mouth and stuffed the panties into her mouth, to keep the sound down. Then he spanked her harder.

In the end, her ass cheeks were a bright redish-purple from the spanking. He almost ripped his own clothes off and took her lying on the floor. Her ass hurt terribly but she was totally lost in the fucking that he was doing.

The thought flashed across her mind: "Take that Lief!"

He kept at her, until she came, and toward the end, he had a nipple in his mouth and was scraping his teeth along it, and, just as she was cumming, bit her nipple, sending her into an orgasm that was earth shaking.

Afterward, he held her. He became tender and took care of her. It was part of the way that he dealt with her for that time and the times to come.

He was only periodically rough but the roughness emerged again and again. But the times of tenderness were calculated and meant to keep her bound to him.

Karon, making her, later admitted, second terrible decision in her life, agreed to stay with him and lived with him for a good half year.

It was then that things changed. Jay told her one day that he was going to have some friends, two of them, come to live with them and share expenses. She had argued against it but he asserted himself and threatened to throw her out.

It made her back down and agree. Then they'd had one of his rough sessions. He had her naked, and put a belt around her wrists, behind her back, and then attached the belt to a hook on the wall. It raised her arms up in the air. He produced a kind of rod and attached it to her ankles, keeping her from closing her legs. Then he used a belt on her. Half way, with her chewing on her panties again, he moved her and used the belt on her breasts and nipples. Karon almost fainted from the pain. Still she did nothing. Afterward, as was his practice, Jay took good care of her, knowing how far he'd pushed her.

But this evening, at the restaurant, he had a new wrinkle to introduce to their relationship.

It was at that time that Clint Evers began to listen in on their conversation.


"I can't believe what you're saying, asking," the woman's voice said, in a low but urgent whisper.

Normally, Clint would not have been able to hear them but he was realizing that his new devices were indeed super sensitive.

"Shouldn't be that much of a problem, babe," the young man said.

"Problem! I guess!" she shot back at him, both of them still trying to whisper to keep the conversation quiet.

"They're my buds," he said next, "They'll be moving in over the weekend. It's just a little bit of sharing!"

"Just a little bit of sharing," she shot back at him. "You're inviting friends to live with us and want to share me with them, want me to fuck anyone and everyone that you tell me to."

"Hey, babe," he said, "Don't get so upset. What does it matter to you, who it is that's between your legs, or standing in front of your face?"

"I don't believe it! Don't believe it!" she almost wailed.

"Here," he said, "Take a drink of this, it'll settle you down!"

"Yes," she said, "I take a drink, having no head for drinking and go along with it and then you take me back to the apartment, tie me up and beat my ass!"

"Thought you liked that!" he said.

"NO!" she said quickly and forcefully.

"Hell," he went on, "Old bitch like you is at least getting some attention, who else wants your old pussy and ass hole?"

Clint was stunned by what the kid was saying to what looked to him, in the few moments that he saw her as he went to his table, as a lovely woman.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY? ASSHOLE?" she said to him, her fury barely under control.

"Good," he said, "The bros are moving in but it'll be too crowded then for us to take care of an old bitch like you. Your stuff will be on the steps out from. Fuck you, you nasty old bitch."

With that he simply stalked out of the restaurant.

"Ohhh," Clint heard the lady groan. "Karon, you've done it again." she said, obviously on the edge of tears. "What are you going to do now?"

Just then the waiter arrived and Clint heard her order a shot of vodka on the rocks.

As he sat there, listening to her groan and talk to herself, and drink the vodka and another, it hit him that she was facing a disaster of major proportions that night for sure.


He got up from his table then and walked out of the alcove, in which he was sitting and went to her. He stood there and she raised her head to face him. It was obvious that the drink was having an effect on her.

"Excuse me, Ms," he said politely, "But I over heard what just happened. May I help? My card."

He gave her a card which said that he was Dr Clinton Evers, head of surgery at the University hospital.

"Need you to leave me alone!" she said, words sounding only slightly slurred.

"Of course," he said, walking away.

She spoke up immediately: "Sorry, please sit. My manners! Not like me!"

He turned and walked to the table. She was bravely smiling at him, as he sat down.

"So upset!" she said.

"Yes, I realize that," he said. "But first, we'll take this."

Saying that, he took the drink from her hand and, gave it to the waiter, who'd come back.

"Coffee for both of us!" he said, while she only looked on.

She just smiled and nodded.

"I apologize," he said to her, "But I have a new set of hearing aids and could hear your conversation fairly clearly."

"Yes," she said, softly, trying to slowly regain control of herself. "Heard that dork Jay announce that there were to more guys moving in and they expected this old bitch to provide sex for all of them."

There were tears on her cheeks, as she said this. He handed her a handkerchief to wipe the tears.

"Don't see any 'old bitches' anywhere around here!" he said earnestly.

"Ohhh," she said, sniffing into the handkerchief. "You're so nice."

The coffee came then and they drank slowly.

Karon didn't know why but there was a kind of calmness about his man that she appreciated. She found herself talking then about her two life shattering, disastrous decisions: Lief first, and then Jay.

"What's wrong with me?" she said, "Making such bad choices! At work I'm fine; I'm a 'go to' person. But with my own life I suck at making decisions."

She paused and sipped the coffee and the rest of it seemed to impress itself upon her mind: "Oh, yes, he said that he was throwing me out and my stuff would be at the curb!"

Then it seemed to get worse, and she continued to use his handkerchief.

"And he drove!"

"Wait, wait!" he said, and she raised her face to look at him. "Before you give way to all of it, I'm going to take you to retrieve your stuff from the apartment steps."

"So nice!" she said. She looked at him then and said: "You're not a mad strangler, are you?"

She even giggled at the end of the question.

"No," he said calmly, "As my card says, I'm a doctor."

"Yes," she said then, "Dr Clinton Evers."

"At your service!" he said, and she grinned at him.

"Well, doc," she said, the last of the booze speaking a bit again, "Let's you and this old lady go and get her things!"

"As I told you," he said, "And you need to listen!"

He reached out and cupped her chin then and raised her face. She looked at him.

"No old ladies or old bitches around here! None at all! Just the pretty lady that I'm chatting with!" he said.

She smiled and the tears came again. "Thank you!" she said.

"Okay, rescue the stuff now from Jay's clutches!"

"Yes, rescue!" he said.

He offered her his arm and she walked out of the restaurant with him, surprised that the owner, on seeing them walk out the door, said a very pleasant: "Good night, Doctor."

He returned the 'good night' and the went to the restaurant's parking lot, where his car was.

"Is this where you have your way with me?" she asked, softly smiling.

"Is my name Jay?" he asked, in an equally pleasant voice.

"No, it's not," she said, "I'm sorry; I keep letting my misery speak for me and you're rescuing me."

She cried then. He turned to her, as they stood by his car and he gathered her in and let her cry. It was a storm for her that represented the ending of a life phase. She knew that and there was sadness in it.

They talked in the car, as she gave him directions to where the apartment was. She told him about Jay's continued rough sexual ways with her, and how much she didn't like that.

They arrived at the apartment and there, at the top of the steps was a suitcase and some boxes. They fit into his car very well.

They got her things, with her mentioning that most of her stuff was in storage, and then he drove away.

It all caved in on her then and she simply fell asleep, her head against the head rest of the passenger seat.

He made a phone call through the car's call system.

"Hello, Dr Evers' residence," said the voice.

"Mrs. Meers," Clint said, and he went on to explain quickly that he'd 'rescued' Ms Sugarman and was bringing her home, since the person with whom she'd been living had thrown her out.

"Of course, Dr Evers," Mrs Meers said. "I'll get a room ready for her."


By the time that Clint and Karon reached his house, Karon was long asleep, her head resting against the head rest of the passenger seat.

He carried her into the house, after putting his car in the garage. The combination of what she'd had to drink and the problems that Jay had raised in making demands of her and then throwing her out, had simply wasted her and she didn't wake up, as he carried her in.

Mrs. Meers was there, showing her concern right away.

"She's so pretty,"Mrs Meers said.

"She is," Clint said, "And she's had a really hard time of it. I'll explain, what I know, after we get her settled."

"I'll get a tee shirt of mine," He went on, "To use with her as a nightgown. That should do. Let me just carry her upstairs."

He took her upstairs and then went to get her bags and things, which were still in the car. He took the bags to the big guest room, where Mrs Meers had put her, and by the time that he got the bags there, Mrs Meers already had Karon in bed. Karon was sleeping soundly and peacefully.

"Mrs Meers," he said, "I'm going to have a nightcap; may I fix you one?"

"That would be so nice, Dr Evers," Mrs Meers said, and went to put on a light in the guest suite bathroom, to give Karon light, if she got up.

"We'll turn on the intercom," Clint said, "So that we'll hear her, if she wakes and has a problem."

"Fine," Mrs Meers said, and then, putting the lights in the room out, they left Karon, who didn't indeed wake during the night.

They sat then, over a glass of brandy and he filled her in on what he'd heard of the conversation between Jay and Karon at the restaurant.

He blushed, once he'd told it and admitted: "Was testing my new ear things."

"Well," Mrs Meers, said, grinning at him, as he grinned in return, "I guest that your listening in was for the best. Someone certainly needed to help that lovely woman."

"She is, isn't she?" he responded and Mrs Meers nodded her head.

Karon only woke, when Mrs Meers entered the room the next morning with coffee and rolls on a tray. The smell and the sound of the knock on the door, did bring her around out of her sleep fog.

"Ohhhhh," Karon said, seeing Mrs Meers with the tray. "Where am I?"

She hesitated and said: "Oh, yes, I remember, the kind doctor last night."

"Yes," Mrs Meers said, "Dr Evers; this is his house. I'm his housekeeper, Mrs Agnes Meers."

"I am Karon Sugarman," Karon mentioned, wiping her hand over her face. "And I'm so ashamed."

"Now, don't you be like that!" Mrs Meers said, kindly. "We all need a helping hand now and then! It's just nice that a kind man like our Dr Evers was there for you."

Karon then realized that she was wearing a tee shirt.

"The tee shirt?" she asked, blushing now.

"Yes, it's his," Mrs Meers replied. "I got you ready for bed last night."

"Oh, thank you so much!" Karon said. "You must think that I'm terrible."

"No such thing!" Mrs Meers answered. "You just need a little time to get your things straight."

"Where's the doctor?" Karon asked next.

"Oh, he's been gone for hours already; has a busy schedule at the hospital today. He'll be home for dinner at about 5 PM. He left a note for you though."

Karon sipped the coffee, which was helping, along with the good night's sleep, in reviving her, as she read the note:

Ms Sugarman:

Mrs Meers will take care of whatever you might need. Please feel at home here and stay as long as you wish or need to. We're not in a hurry to hustle you along at all.

If there is anything that you need, Mrs Meers will see to it. I have a busy day at the hospital but will be back for a drink before dinner at 5 PM. Welcome to my home.

By the way, I've taken the liberty of calling you in sick for the day.

Dr. Clint Evers

She put the note down, just as Mrs Meers came back in to ask if she wanted more coffee. Karon had tears on her face.

"I simply can't believe how nice he is!" she said, wiping the tears.

"Yes, he is, our Dr Evers!" Mrs Meers said but then she went to the bed, where Karon was sitting up and beginning to cry.

Mrs Meers put her arms around Karon and let her cry.

"You do this, honey," Mrs Meers said, "You get all that old, bad stuff out, just right out and throw it away. That's all past and gone."

"Ohhh," Karon wailed and said, while sobbing: "What a wreck I've made of my life; two bad decisions right in a row!"

Mrs Meers kept holding Karon and said: "Maybe third time is a charm!"

"Ohhhhh," Karon said and began to calm down a bit. "Thank you, thank you, Mrs Meers," she said, "For being so nice to me."

"And I need to say a 'thank you' to the Doctor too," Karon said next.

"Well, let's get you all cleaned up and then you can settle your things and be all snazzy, when the doctor comes home," Mrs Meers suggested.

"Yes, the best advice," Karon said.

"Bath, honey?" Mrs Meers asked.

"Oh, how nice that would be!" Karon said, and Mrs Meers went to get the bathtub in the guest suite bathroom ready, as Karon opened her suitcase and got out some underwear for herself and selected clothes, from her hanging clothes for the day.

The bath did a great deal to revive Karon's feelings and her outlook. When the bath was finished and she was turned out in a manner that pleased her, she went to find Mrs Meers, who suggested a combination breakfast and lunch.

Karon thanked her and Mrs Meers told her to simply wait a bit and she'd have the brunch ready for her. Karon opted to sit on a chair in the kitchen breakfast nook and talk to Mrs Meers, as the food was being prepared.

Karon then spent the afternoon wandering around the house and then around the grounds, enjoying herself.

"It's so lovely here," Karon said to Mrs Meers.

"I'm so glad you like it," Mrs Meers answered, "It seemed very important to Dr Evers that you do."

"Oh, I see," Karon said, smiling softly.

"That man is one in a million," Mrs Meers said then, "Please be kind to him."

Karon looked at Mrs Meers and nodded, the tears threatening again. She simply, in response to what Mrs Meers had said, opted for a hug and held on, while she got her sobbing under control.

During the entire day, Clint Evers, when not in surgery, was going over and over in his mind what had happened the day before.

He knew one thing for certain: he never expected the simple 'rescue' of Karon Sugarman to affect him as much as it did. The picture of her loveliness was never far from his mind, during the entire day.

He chided himself time after time to stop being adolescent about this whole thing.

"She will probably be gone, by the time you get home, boy!" hew said to himself, over and over again.

His nurse practitioner asked him if anything was on his mind, and he answered: "Oh, something at home. I'll get it straightened out and be right as rain by tomorrow."

"Doesn't seem to effect the way you did the surgeries today," the nurse practitioner, Patti said.

"No," he said and smiled.

"Well, tell me, if it's something that I can help with!" Patti said then and he promised that he would do that.

So, it was part of his mental climate for the entire day. He approached the house with almost a sense of foreboding. He expected her to be gone. Then he would have missed a chance. At least that's the way that it felt, once he'd parked the car and went into the house.

Mrs Meers and Karon had spoken about the Doctor coming home and Karon had asked if it were okay, if she greeted him, when he arrived.

"Yes, dear," Mrs Meers said, "I usually have a glass of white wine ready for him, when he comes in. You can have that for him."

He entered the house, trying not to give in to an anxiety that was, right then, becoming amazingly real to him, and she was there. She looked radiant. She wore a pair of beige, raw silk slacks and a lighter beige over blouse. It all, then ensemble, made her look lovely, sexy —- at least that's what went cascading though his mind.

"Ms Sugarman!" he said with pure joy.

"Karon, please to my rescuer!" she said, handing him the glass of wine.

"And this is for the rescue!" she said next to him and encompassed him, after he'd set the wine glass down, with her arms, pulling him into a hug.

She held on, telling herself, giving herself the message that she would not fall apart. "It's the only way he's seen me," she had admonished herself earlier, "At my positive worst!"


"My, my," Clint said, "Coming home was never like this!"

Mrs Meers appeared then, her face radiant with a smile. "Doctor Evers," she said, "Welcome home."

"Thank you, Mrs Meers," he replied, his arm still around Karon's waist, "And thank you very much for taking such good care of our guest today."

"She's a positive treat!" Mrs Meers said.

"Hope you didn't mind," he said, turning now to Karon, "That I called you in sick for work today."

"No," she said with a smile, "After all it's an excuse from my doctor!"

He laughed and said: "Yes, it was that. Was everything okay for you here today?"

"Oh, yes," she said. "It almost is enough to make my head swirl; I mean out on the streets to this wonderful comfortable house all in one move! I still keep threatening to pinch myself to make sure that it's real."

"Well, I at least hope that dinner is real," he said, getting a laugh from both of the ladies.

They walked together then in the direction of the kitchen.

"Mrs Meers," he inquired, "Dinner?"

"An hour and a quarter, Doctor," she said.

"Good," he responded, "Time for a shower for me, to rinse off the hospital and all of the day."

He turned to Karon and said: "Will you excuse me, while I go and shower?"

They were out of the kitchen by then and she said, grinning at him: " Need any help?"

He laughed, and said: "I see that you have recovered; I'm glad of that and thank you for the thought. We can play doctor some other time."

They both laughed at what he said and he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, as he left for the master suite to have his shower.

He took his shower, thinking all the while of her offer, and smiling about it, and then he was back downstairs, where Karon was waiting for him.

"Hmm," she said, "All clean and smart looking."

"Thank you," he said, "Sit for a few moments."

They sat and he said: "Plans?" Immediately he held up a hand and said: "Please don't think that I'm trying to push you out of here or push you to make quick decisions about where you'll go or stay. I'm not."

"I know that," she said, "And I appreciate it. It just feels right now like it's time for me to get my feet on the ground, and I adore the fact that you've provided me with a place to do that, an opportunity to get myself in order again."

"My pleasure!" he said, and then she was shaking her head.

"What?" he said.

"Oh, it just makes me morose to think of what bad decisions I've made for my life, I mean first with my husband Lief and then with Jay! When I even allow myself to think about it, I find it appalling."

"Then concentrate on this present reality, your present reality and let those past things sit for a awhile. They can be taken care of, thought out from a position of greater awareness, greater strength and better self integration later on," he suggested.

She reached out and put her hand on his: "You're so nice to me; so nice to deal with! I appreciate it!"

She looked at him intently and both of them realized, right then, that she almost kissed him.

"Oh, dear!" she said.

"Hold that thought!" he countered and were then called by Mrs Meers to come to the dining room for dinner.

The reality was growing for Karon Sugarman; it was the reality that she was being given the chance, the opportunity, almost the third opportunity, to get her life on the right track, one that would produce happiness for her.

She made a decision to take him at his word and do just that. She would take advantage of what he was offering and get herself mentally in order, leaving the nagging thoughts about Lief and his dolly and Jay and his friends simply behind, not to be dealt with until some later time, when she was far better integrated.

"Will you have wine with dinner?" he asked.

"Yes, a glass, thank you," she said, "We both saw how well I cope, when I drink too much, and I swear that those days are in the past."

"Good idea!" he said. "Well," he said then leaning his glass toward hers, "Here's to the future!"

"Yes," she replied, "The future! It seems to be here for me now! I like that!"

They clinked glasses and then drank their toast and went on with dinner.

Their evening was pleasant with a movie to watch and then they went to their separate rooms for the night.

He was not very calm in his spirit and he wandered, in his pj bottoms and robe to the kitchen, where Mrs Meers was just finishing up and getting things ready for the next morning.

"Doctor Evers," she said, "Is something wrong?"

"Oh, Mrs Meers," he said, "Can't sleep."

"It's that woman!" Mrs Meers ventured.

He shook his head 'yes'. "Seems like it's not fair for me to make any kind of move, when she's here to recuperate from terrible relationships in her past."

"Yes," Mrs Meers said, "But she has you here, and that is a great deal."

He just looked at her and said, kissing her on the brow: "Mrs Meers, you are an angel!"

"Spoken by the head angel himself," Mrs Meers said.

"Thank you," he said, and wandered up stairs.

While he was on his way to his room, he heard moaning coming from the guest suite, where Karon was, and having, apparently a bad dream.

She was writhing on the bed and mumbling. He couldn't pick up much of it but realized that she was telling someone, probably Jay, that she didn't want to be beaten any more.

He sat on the bed and gathered her in, putting his arms around her and simply pulling her to himself. She woke then with a start, and seeing him, clung to him and began to cry.

"Oh, Clint," she said through her tears, "It's all so damn sordid; I mean the decisions that I made for my life! I went from a problem almost directly, without passing 'go', to a worse problem.

"He liked to beat you!" he said, a statement rather than a question.

"Yes," she said, "It's how he got off in the strongest way."

"You don't have to tell me," he said, kissing her brow.

"But I do!" she said, crying again, "So damn sordid!"

She cried and he wiped her tears and then she struggled on: "It started that first time that he took me to his place. I was so hurt by Lief leaving me for a younger woman, and it felt so nice to be, you know, wanted. We went to his place and, he told me to take my clothes off. I did. It was as though, if he gave orders, I'd respond to them."

She shuddered then and he kissed her forehead again.

"And that night he beat me; I mean he beat me until I was crying and begging and my ass was purplish and black and blue. He loved it. He finally stopped and came all over me: my face, my breasts, stomach. I had a hard time sitting the whole next day. I had to call into work sick."

He held her tightly then and she went on a bit: "Then he was nice. It went that way. He'd be nice for a long period of time and then he wanted the rough stuff, and I'd get my ass beat. He used a belt as often as not, and he began to use the belt on my breasts and nipples too, and damn it, I didn't leave him. What the hell is wrong with me?"

"No one is immune from making terrible decisions, especially if it involves the way someone else thinks of them," he said, and she cried again.

"You are such an angel!" she said, "And I wonder who it was that put me in your path."

"Well," he said, with her looking up into his face, "I promise that I'll never beat you!"

She smiled and said: "Unless I ask you to!"

He hooted then and said, solemnly: "Unless you ask me to!"

It made her giggle. But then the giggle was cut off and they both realized that it was time. He simply lowered his head and met her face half way. They kissed then. It was soft, it was sweet and wet, with her mouth opening in invitation to him, and his tongue responding by licking her lips and then entering her mouth to playfully entwine with her own tongue.

It left them breathing heavily then but then he kissed her forehead and said: "I want you to sleep now."

"Doctor's orders?" she asked.

"Yes," he said, "Doctor's orders."

"Gee," she said, fading a bit, "Two bad, bad choices and then you."

"Well," he said softly to her, kissing her lightly, "It's like Frodo says in 'the Lord of the Rings'."

"What is that?" she wanted to know.

"Third time pays for all!" he pronounced.

"Ohhhh," she sighed, "Is that who you are, Clint? Are you my third time?"

"Yes," he said, "Third time, right choice this time!"

"Mmmmmmm," she said and snuggled down into the bed but still against him.

His mind was immediately active and he realized that he had a raging erection but he snuggled down against her, loving the softness of her, the feel of her thighs against him, and her breast pressing against him.

He realized that he hadn't taken a good look at what she even wore to bed, but senses that it was thin and very soft feeling. "Like she is!" he said, and he said his night prayers then, giving thanks to the Lord and all the angels for bringing her his way.

It was how they were in the morning. He woke and found that she was smiling up at him.

"Weren't you a gentleman last night," she said.

"Yes, that's who I am," he said, "A gentleman!"

"But I felt that thing poking me!" she went on, giggling, and he chuckled.

"Thought I hid it well!" he went on.

"Not hardly, doctor!" she said.

"But really," he went on to give his excuse, "All your softness and beautiful, nifty parts were pressed up against me. What is a poor doctor going to do?"

"Oh, are you my poor doctor!" she asked, grinning.

He gave her a grin in return and said: "Well, no, I'm actually a very rich doctor but that's not what I was talking about!"

She moved then and got into a position so that she was half lounging on top of him.

"Rich or poor, I want you to be mine!" she said, "It's that Fodo third time paying for all thing for me!"

"Yes, third time pays for all!" he said.

"And I also want that to be the last celibate night for us!" she said.

"Oh, hot time in the old town tonight!" he said and she giggled.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Ms Karon?" Mrs Meers asked.

"Oh, come in, Mrs Meers and save me from this wicked Doctor!" Karon said.

Mrs Meers entered then with a breakfast try with coffee and fresh made scones.

"Shame on you, Ms Karon, calling our Doctor wicked!" Mrs Meers said.

"But I am," Clint said, grinning, "Was going to have my way with her!"

Then Karon was giggling and even Mrs Meers was giggling too.

"Well, here's your breakfast and I'll get a cup for you, Doctor Evers," Mrs Meers said, "Then I'll leave you two lovers alone!"

Clint was laughing then but Karon said: "Mrs Meers, help!"

"No, Ma'am," Mrs Meers answered, "You're on your own!"

"Goodie!" Karon said then, "I get the doctor."

"You do!" Mrs Meers said, and then Clint spoke up: "Mrs Meers, help, this wicked lady is going to get me!"

"I hope she does!" Mrs Meers said, leaving after having brought him another coffee cup.

Both of them were in the bed and grinning at Mrs Meers, as she left, saying, as she went out the door: "Bless you both, and don't you look nice together there."

He looked at Karon then, and both of them were grinning.

"Goose!" he said, and kissed her nose.

"Goose yourself," she said, and kissed him back.

"Work today?" he asked.

"Yes," she said, "You?"

"Lighter day," he said, "Rounds and only one surgery scheduled. Will be home, hopefully fiveish."

"I think that I'll be here by then," she said.

"I can hardly tell you what a treat that is for me!" he said.

She put the breakfast tray aside then and, partially lounging on top of him again, kissed him.

"Rubbing my parts against you!" she said.

"Get you in trouble one of these days soon," he said.

"Looking forward to that," she said.

"I'll take the tray to the kitchen," he said.

"I'm for a shower myself," she said.

He got to the door with the tray and she said, in a soft voice: "Doctor!"

He turned only to find her naked and on her way to the shower. She blew him a kiss from across the room.

"Oh, am I in trouble!" he said, shaking his head. Then he said: "Breathtakingly beautiful!"

She squealed, when he said that and she hustled, naked, across the room, setting her breasts to bouncing and swaying, and put her arms around his neck to kiss him, while he held the tray.

As they kissed, she reached down and took hold of his erection.

"Got me at a disadvantage," he said.

"Yep!" she replied, "Good for me!"

She kissed him again, and, while kissing him, squeezed the erection in her hand.

"Do that and you'll have a mess in a moment!" he said.

She giggled and flitted off to the shower, stopping only long enough to bend from the waist and shake her booty at him, causing him to shake his head again.

"Poor Clint's in trouble," he said and she giggled at that, as she went into the bathroom for a shower.


The day went well for him, and quickly it seemed. Toward its end, he sat in his office and Patti, his nurse practitioner came in with coffee for both of them.

"Boss," she said, "You've been distracted all day; what is it?"

"Well," he said, "Let me tell you." It had all been on his mind all day and he thought that getting a chance to put it into words might help.

He told her all of it, how it happened, what he discovered about Karon, how she was homeless with only her few things and taking her in.

"Really struck by her?" she inquired.

"Yes, really!" he said.

"It seems to be a growing thing?" Patti asked.

"Yes," he said, shaking his head.

"Never saw you this way!" Patti said softly.

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